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World War II


First Lieutenant, U. S. Marine Corps. Home address: Tulsa, Tulsa County. Mrs. Harold J. Collis, Wife, Box 1274, Tulsa. Born April 22, 1917. Enlisted October 15, 1942. Decoration: Order of the Purple Heart; Citation of Honor. Graduated from Central High School, Tulsa, in 1935; and from Oklahoma A. & M. College, Stillwater, in 1939. Member First Methodist Church, Tulsa. The Citation for his gallantry in action stated in part: "When one of the platoons of his company was attempting to withdraw from an untenable position and suffering severe casualties from enemy weapons which controlled the route of withdrawal, First Lieutenant Collis unhesitatingly: exposed himself to the intense hostile fire to throw smoke grenades and provide an effective screen for the evacuation of the wounded. Completely disregarding his own personal safety, he rushed into a fire-swept ravine and, while working to remove casualties, was himself mortally wounded. ' , Died October 4, 1944, in action on Peleliu, Palau Islands, Western Pacific.

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