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World War II


Private, First Class, U. S. Army. Home address: Ardmore, Carter County. Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Bailey, Parents, 617 4th St., N. W., Ardmore. Born September 6, 1918. Enlisted, March 13, 1940. Great-great-grandson of Cyrus Harris, first Governor of the Chickasaw Nation. Served one year in Heavy Field Artillery at Fort Sam Houston, Texas; volunteered for service in Philippine Islands, sailed in April, 1941, and was stationed at Fort Mills on Corregidor in the Coast Artillery. Wounded in the Battle of Corregidor, he was taken prisoner by the Japanese in May, 1942. Died December 14, 1944, in the massacre of American prisoners of war by the Japanese at Perto Princessa, Palawan, Philippine Islands.

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