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World War II


Second Lieutenant, U. S. Army Air Corps. Home address: Reed, Greer County. Mrs. Christine Brown Barker, Mother, Rt. 1, Reed. Born November 1, 1920. Enlisted October 13, 1940. Decoration: Order of the Purple Heart awarded posthumously. Graduated, Valedictorian of his class, Reed High School, 1937; in student activities, was president of his junior and his senior class, president of Student Council, president of 4-H Club, winning first place in Greer County in 4-H Club work for three years on his "Timely Topic." Attended Capitol Hill Junior College, Oklahoma City, and the University of Oklahoma, receiving appointment as flying cadet in his junior year. Commissioned at Stockton Field, California, May 29, 1941. Sailed for Australia on January 31, 1942, where he served with a Bombing Group. Funeral services were held at Fife Bay, Papua, in Lawes College, May 3, 1942. Died April 24, 1942, when his B-25, medium bomber, ran out of fuel and was forced down, at Mullens Harbor, Papua, New Guinea. Buried, with pilot's seat as a headstone, on seashore, Papua, New Guinea.

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