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Volunteer Application Process

Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer for the Oklahoma History Center (OHC) will be required to go through a formal application process. This process is designed to evaluate the volunteer and his/her skills, needs and commitment level, as well as, to give the volunteer an opportunity to see where he/she could be of service within the museum.

Requirements for application:

  • Must be 16 years of age or older: if under 18, must have parental consent.
  • Able to commit minimum of 72 hours in a calendar year.
  • Have access to the Internet.
  • Participate in training.
  • Pass a reference and background check.
Application process:
  • Fill out and return an application and Skills Inventory sheet to the Volunteer Coordinator.
  • The Volunteer Coordinator will assess the application and Skills Inventory Sheet.
  • The Volunteer Coordinator will schedule an interview with the applicant.
  • The Volunteer will attend and complete Orientation Training.
  • A background check will be preformed.
  • The volunteer will be added to the scheduling website.
  • The volunteer can then schedule and participate in the designated assignments.

The interview is a two-way communication process. It provides an opportunity for both parties to assess each other. It is important that the volunteer knows how they will fit in the overall picture of the operations of the Museum. Volunteer candidates should feel free to use the interview to ask candid questions about the OHC Volunteer Services program.

Items to be discussed during the interview:

  • Your interests, skills, and past experiences
  • Availability
  • Time commitment to the OHC Volunteer Services Program
  • Active Service Policy
  • Volunteer service areas
  • Background check form
  • Liability waiver form
  • Medical release form
  • Training
  • References

After the interview the Volunteer Program Manager will check the candidate's references. This is a good time for the volunteer to decide if the OHC Volunteer Services program will fit their needs and if he/she will be able to adhere to the time commitment required. The Volunteer Program Manager will evaluate the volunteer candidate on suitability to the program, interest and commitment level, in regards to volunteer positions within the museum.

If the Volunteer candidate has indicated an interest in volunteering "Behind-the-Scenes", an interview with the appropriate department will be scheduled. All Behind-the-Scenes volunteers are placed into volunteer service by each individual department for which they are applying and not by the Volunteer Services Office. Behind-the-Scenes volunteers will clock their hours in the same manner as other volunteers. They are subject to the same Volunteer Policies and Procedures as well. Any questions should be directed toward the Volunteer Program Manager.

Once the Volunteer candidate has been accepted into the OHC Volunteer Services program, training will be scheduled, after which the Volunteer will be assigned to a service area. Volunteers will have a background check prior to service and are asked to commit one year of service to the Oklahoma History Center. Acceptance to the program does not guarantee placement.

Volunteers interested in becoming a Docent for the Oklahoma Museum of History are subject to the same application and training process as general volunteers. In addition to the regular training schedule, Docents will be required to participate in additional training, pass an oral and/or written proficiency test in their chosen subject area and conduct a sample tour for staff for evaluation purposes. They will be required to maintain training within their subject area. Prospective Docents will need to be a general volunteer for the OMH for at least three months before applying to the Docent Training Program.

To apply, please fill out the following forms, and return them to:
Volunteer Program Manager
Oklahoma History Center
800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Phone: (405) 522-0791
Fax: (405) 522-5402
Email: volunteers@okhistory.org

Download the Volunteer Services Application: PDF.
Download the Skills Inventory Sheet: PDF.