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Volunteer Application Process

Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer for the Oklahoma History Center (OHC) will be required to go through a formal application process. This process is designed to evaluate the volunteer and his/her skills, needs and commitment level, as well as, to give the volunteer an opportunity to see where he/she could be of service within the museum.

Requirements for Application

  • Must be 16 years of age or older; if under 18, must have parental consent.
  • Able to commit minimum of 72 hours in a calendar year or 36 hours if you are a student.
  • Have access to the internet.
  • Participate in training.
  • Pass a reference and background check.

Application Process

  • Fill out and submit an application Volunteer Coordinator.
  • The Volunteer Coordinator will assess the application.
  • The Volunteer Coordinator will schedule an interview with the applicant.
  • The volunteer will attend and complete orientation training.
  • A background check will be preformed.
  • The volunteer will be added to the scheduling website.
  • The volunteer can then schedule and participate in the designated assignments.
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