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The pride and history of Oklahoma is alive and well in the Oklahoma History Center. Volunteers are an active part of the mission of the History Center, providing invaluable resources through educational programs, assisting in the daily operations of the building and assisting with long-term goals. The Volunteer Services Program provides volunteers with social and networking opportunities through daily interaction, field trips and the annual appreciation gala, as well as, continuing educational benefits through presentations, lectures and demonstrations.

Realizing that volunteers seek a variety of experiences, they may volunteer their time in a myriad of ways. Volunteers are called on to assist patrons with transactions, interpret educational materials to the public, assist museum staff behind-the-scenes with exhibits, cataloguing, and research as well as host galleries, help with special events and interpret history through the Living History Docent program. For anyone with a desire to give their time, there are hundreds of ways he/she can serve at the Oklahoma History Center.

Come join the fun!


Application Proceedure

How Do Interns Apply?

Anyone interested in becoming an intern at the Oklahoma Museum of History will go through an application process. This process is designed to evaluate the intern and his/her skills, needs, and commitment level, as well as, to give the intern the opportunity to see where he/she could operate best within the museum.

The following must be sent to the Oklahoma Museum of History the semester before the requested internship.

  • Student Letter of Introduction
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Resume
  • Writing Sample


Upon review of the above materials, a representative from the Oklahoma Museum of History will contact the student and advisor to schedule a required student interview. The interview is a two-way communication process for the student and staff. It provides an opportunity for both parties to assess each other. The interview will determine if the candidate is properly qualified for the task under consideration. When the internship term is agreed upon the student must sign the Internship Memorandum of Understanding.

Background Checks

In order to ensure a safe environment, all interns will be required to submit to a criminal history background check prior to acceptance as an intern. Individuals who refuse to comply with this request will not be accepted as interns.

Contact Info

Submit internship information to Sarah Dumas at sdumas@okhistory.org