Important Leaders



Nazi Germany
Adolf Hitler, 1889-1945
Leader of the National Socialist German Workers (Nazi) Party, 1921 - 1945
Chancellor and Dictator of Germany, 1933 - 1945

The Italian Empire
Benito Mussolini (left), 1883-1945
Leader of the National Fascist Party of Italy, 1922 - 1943
Dictator of Italy, 1930 - 1943

Absolute Monarchy

The Empire of Japan
Hirohito, 1901-1989
His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor of Japan, 1926 - 1989


Representative democracy

The United States of America
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1882-1945
32nd President of the United States of America, 1933-1945

Harry S. Truman, 1884-1972
33rd President of the United States of America, 1945-1953

Constitutional Monarchy

The United Kingdom
Sir Winston Churchill, 1874-1965
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, 1940-1945
Minister of Defense, 1940-1945
Leader of the Conservative Party, 1940-1955


The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Joseph Stalin, 1878-1953
General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, 1922-1952
Chairman of the Council of Ministers, 1941-1953
People’s Commissar for the Defense of the Soviet Union, 1941-1946