Adult Books

Ashmore, Wendy and Robert J. Sharer. Discovering Our Past: A Brief Introduction to Archaeology. McGraw-Hill. 2009.
Gilbert, Claudette Marie and Robert L. Brooks. From Mounds to Mammoths: A Field Guide to Oklahoma Prehistory, Second Edition. University of Oklahoma Press. 2000.
Stark, Rebecca. Archaeology: Teacher Edition. Educational Impressions. 2001.

Juvenile Books

Collins, Terry, Cynthia Martin, and Barbara Schulz. The Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellers: An Isabel Soto Archaeology Adventure. Capstone Press Inc. 2010.
Duke, Kate. Archaeologists Dig for Clues. HarperCollins.1996.
Ferguson. Archaeology: Archaeology. Facts on File. 2010.
White, John R. Hands-on Archaeology: Real-life Activities for Kids 9. Prufrock Press. 2005.

Website List

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Society for American Archaeology/SAA Archaeology for the Public:
Society for Historical Archaeology:

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