Kenton Caves

Located in Cimarron County, the Kenton Caves were discovered in 1928 by an amateur archaeologist. There are seven different caves or shelter sites within the entire site. Because of the dry climate many artifacts from thousands of years ago survived and were collected and studied. Some of those artifacts include bone and wooden beads, hide and yucca-fiber sandals, shell, squash rinds, beans, baskets, stone arrowpoints and spearpoints, and a wooden atlatl (spear throwing tool).

Before archaeologists excavated, they surveyed the site and looked for evidence of artifacts and features. They also made cuts as they excavated so they could examine the stratigraphy. After they surveyed, they excavated the features they found and recorded their context. After excavation, the archaeologist went back to the lab and placed the artifacts into classifications, typically using seriation, so they could better understand the evidence.

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