The Oklahoma Century Chest

In 1913, members of the First Lutheran Church of Oklahoma City raised funds for the church by selling space in a time capsule. They called this capsule “The Century Chest” and buried it in the basement of the Church for 100 years, to be opened in April of 2013. The idea of leaving messages and items behind for future generations inspired church members and people across Oklahoma City and the State of Oklahoma. Space in the chest was purchased at $3.00 per inch by individuals, organizations, business, tribal governments, and even schools, so we today might know what life was like for our ancestors over a 100 years ago.

Join us as we examine the items in the chest and what life was like in Oklahoma, the United States, and the world in 1913. How has life changed in 100 years? How is it the same? What did the people of 1913 think of their lives and times? What do you think of the 1913 we can see with the help of these objects and documents?