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American Indian Oral Histories

Below is a listing of oral histories pertaining to American Indian topics from the OHS Research Division collections.


Becker, Mr. Glenn 96.027.A-B
Cleghorn, Mrs. Mildred V87.076
Gibson, Dr. Arrell cLL738.1.A-B
Killsfirst, Mrs. May V87-007
Lutz, Mrs. Ella LL977
Marriott, Miss Alice cLL824.1.A-C
McRill, Mr. Leslie A. cLL58.1.A-B
Mithlo, Mr. Watson V87.238
Red Bone, Wallace and Frank (Tslee) V87.005
Tselee, Mr. Nathan (Red Bone) V87.003
Tyson, Dr. Carl LL801


Arapaho Memorial Dance V93.040
Arapaho/Cheyenne Tribal Separation Meeting V94.064.A-C
Berthrong, Dr. Donald 83.046
Berthrong, Dr. Donald (OHSAM 1992) V92.046
Little Bird, Rebecca Tall Sun 83.038
Nicholson, Harvey E. cLL501.1.A-B
Tall Sun, Rebecca Little Bird 83.038
Timmons, Dr. Boyce cLL736.1
Welge, Mr. William (OHSAM 1992) V92.043
Whitham, Louise Morse LL206


Caddo Tribal Dances, Songs, Celebrations V98.084.A-C
Caddo and Kiowa Gourd Dance and Peyote Songs 91.021.A-G
Edge, Mrs. Julia V90.064
Edge, Julia V88.099
Fait, Mr. Russell LL472
Mooney, Mrs. James K. LL795
Reynolds, Rev. Ted 84.085.A-C
Shemayme, Mr. Henry 84.113.A-B
Tyson, Dr. Carl LL801


Adair, Mrs. Janie Ross cLL716.1
Alberty, Susie Martin Walker cLL219.3
Allton, Mrs. Cherokee Jones LL598
Andrews, Mrs. Minnie Ward cLL598.1
Arrington, Dr. Ruth LL741
Barber, Mr. Joe 84.003.A-B
Brown, Mrs. Frances Rosser 84.032.A-D
Brown, Jack cLL213.1.A-C
Brown, Mr. Jack cLL608.2
Brown, Jack LL739
Budd, Mrs. (Archer) Jean A cLL626.2
Campbell, Mr. Charles LL946
Cherokee National Holiday (1994) V94.068
Cherokee Stomp Dance by Tommy Wildcat 98.02
Cherokee Voices: Songs and Flute by T. Wildcat 98.018
Cobb, Irvin S. cLL118
Cohan, George M. cLL118
Commons, Lura Chandler LL640
Crow, Nelson T. LL739
Crow, Nelson LL741
Darrough, Mr. William V85.163
Davis, Sallie Toney cLL668.1
Doering, Mrs. Mavis 83.045.A-B
Duncan, Mrs. Florence 83.088.A-B
Duncan, Mr. R. S. (Bob) cLL219.4
Eaton, Mrs. Lelia cLL598.1
Fischer, Dr. LeRoy LL967
Fite, Gilbert LL743
Fletcher, Mr. Wren cLL664
Franks, Kenny LL674
Fry, Bee McIntosh cLL598.1
Fullerton, Eula LL674
Garmon, Mary LL831
Garner, Mrs. Marguerite 83.179.A-B
Garvin, Mr. and Mrs. Ben T. LL411
Gerrard, Mrs. Ruth Haynes cLL598.1
Ghormley, Maurice and Mrs.Ghormley cLL860.1.A-B
Gibson, Dr. Arrell M. LL661
Gibson, Dr. Arrell LL711
Gibson, Dr. A.M. LL801
Gibson, Cecil (Mrs.) cLL219.2.
Green, Arthur LL232
Green, Dr. Donald LL714
Gregory, Dr. Jack LL747
Hagerstrand, Col. Martin LL548
Hagerstrand, Col Martin cLL323.1
Hagerstrand, Col. Martin cLL31.1
Halliburton, Dr. Rudie cLL714,1
Keeler, W.W. cLL817.1.A-B
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Anna cLL741.1
Lane, Miss Gazelle cLL598.l
Leigh, Mrs. Frankie V87.001
Love, Paula (McSpadden) cLL197.3
Love, Paula McSpadden LL598
McCrea, Joel LL403
McCrea, Joel LL600
McSpadden, Mr. Herb 87.139
McSpadden, Mr. James W. cLL215.2
Poole, Mrs. May McSpadden cLL598.1
McSpadden, Sally Rogers cLL89.2
Maheres, Evelyn Suagee cLL219.1
Menken, Dr. on Samuel Wooster LL737
Moulton, Gary LL721
Musick, Mrs. Ruth 85.130.A-B
Navwooksey, Clydia cLL447.1
Nigh, George LL389
Nolton, Mrs. Alta Ward LL598
Oklahoma Historical Sites cLL599.1
Oklahoma Historical Spots (K.T.O.K.) LL398
Oklahoma Tourist Tape LL432
Owen, Robert L. cLL89.1
Owen, Robert cLL119
Peck, Major Herbert M. LL505
Penoi, Dr. Charles 84.089.A-B
Penoi, Dr. Charles 84.089.A-B
Pierce, Earl Boyd cLL63
Pierce, Earl Boyd LL658
Pierce, Earl Boyd cLL747.2
Reynolds, Ted LL752
Riggs, Juliette LL598
Rimstidt, Mrs. Katie 85.045
Rogers, Will (record) LL323
Rogers, Will (record) LL453
Rogers, Will (record) LL600
Rogers, Will (recording of broadcast) LL629
Rogers, Will (record) LL753
Rogers, Will (Rogers' Days 1969 and 1973) LL615
Rogers, Will's Day 1970 LL634
Rogers, Will Jr. LL615
Rogers, Will Jr. LL599
Rogers, Will Jr. LL394
Rogers, Will Jr. LL598
Rogers, Will Jr., James Whitmore LL598
Rogers, Will Jr. LL389
Rogers, Will Jr. LL296
Rogers, Will Jr. (Record using Will, Sr. cuts) LL205
Rogers, Will (by Dr. Joe Stout) LL674
Rogers, Will (NBC program on Will Rogers )LL601
Rogers, Will Forum with Pendleton Woods, et al LL938
Sanders, Mrs. Dayle Ward LL598
Sark, Mr. Elmer J. LL399
Self, Mrs. Ruth 83.09
Shirk, George H. LL661
Smullin, Mrs. Kate Fite LL233
Spybuck, Mr. Thomas Woodrow "Woody" 87.079
Stepp, Mrs. Lennah 85.05
Stone, Willard LL613
Stout, Dr. Joe LL674
Swift, Adrian W. cLL819.1
Thames, Mr and Mrs. Rufus M. 84.161.A-B
Thede, Marion with Jack Luker and Burl Reed LL913
Thompson, Mrs. Annie V85.074
Tiffany, John V20.012.A-B
Timmons, Dr. Boyce cLL736.1
Timmons, Boyce LL789
Timmons, Dr. Boyce LL801
Victory, Mr. Charles C. LL658
Wadley, Marie LL747
Walden, Mr. and Mrs. Rufus 83.089. A-E
Watie, Stan by Kenny Franks LL674
Wear, Susan McClellan LL598
Whitmore, James LL598
Whitmore, Mr. James LL599
Whitmore, James with Will Rogers, Jr LL598
Wildcat, Tommy V98.017
Williams, John LL743
Youngblood, Mr. Houston 84.097
Worchester, Samuel (about) LL737


Arapaho/Cheyenne Tribal Separation Meetings, 1994) 94.103.A-C
Berthrong, Dr. Donald 83.046
Berthrong, Dr. Donald, OHSAM, 1992 V92.046
Bigfoot, Delores Subia V90.007
Bust, Chief Black Kettle (Dedication) V90.033
Black Owl, Mr. John 83.029.A-B
Bull Coming, Kathryn 99.032.A-B
Cherry Creek Encampment Dedication V90.031
Cherry Creek Encampment Dedication 1990 90.03
Cheyenne/Arapaho Tribal Separation Meeting V94.064.A-C
Cheyenne/Arapaho Tribal Separation Meeting 94.103.A-C
Cheyenne Bowstring Society-Honor Dance V94.037
Cheyenne Church Hymns 90.012
Cheyenne Hymns, with Questions On Sources 88.121
Cheyenne Panel with Mrs. Cleo Sipes, Mrs. Bertha Wilson, Chief Evert Wilson 92.095
Cheyenne Peace Ceremony 90.029
Cheyenne Reburial of 18 bodies from Smithsonian V93.032
Cheyenne Reburial Ceremony for Victims of Battle of Washita V87.272
Cheyenne Re-naming Ceremony Honoring Justice Yvonne Kauger V88.118
Cheyenne Sand Creek Massacre Descendants
Pow Wow V90.032
Cheyenne, Southern- Variety of Historical Info 94.087.A-E
Cheyenne Story: Translated into old Cheyenne 93.004
Cheyenne Sundance Ceremonies 88.095.A-B
Cheyenne (Tsistsistas) Sacred Arrow Songs 94.09
Cheyenne Sundance Songs (Southern Cheyenne) 94.054.A-D
Cheyenne, Southern -German Family Peace Cerem.92.112.A-B
Cole, Mrs. Mary Ethel 84.073
Franklin, Dr. W.A. LL834
Gardner, Mr and Mrs. William 91.053
German Family - Cheyenne Peace Ceremony 92.112.A-B
German/Sipes Famiy Reunion 90.029
Hagan, Dr. William T. (OHSAM 1992) V92.046
Haney, Mike with Dr. Stan Hoig and John Sipes Jr 90.013
Hart, Mr. Lawrence (OHSAM 1992) V92.047
Hart, Mr. Lawrence 99.013.A-B
Harris, Mr. George LL58.1
Hoig, Dr. Stan with Mike Haney and John Sipes Jr. 90.013
Hoig, Dr. Stan V90.033
Lucas, Mrs. Sudye cLL53
Marriott, Miss Alice cLL824.1.A-C
Nicholson, Harvey E. cLL501.1.A-B
O.H.S.A.M. Luncheon 1992 - speaker L. Hart V92.047
Oklahoma Historical Spots (K.T.O.K.) LL398
Peace Ceremonial with German Family and Cheyenne 92.112.A-B also 90.029
Rachlin, Carol LL824
Rymer, Rolland LL939
Sand Creek Massacre Descendents - Officers' Meeting 1/6/90 92.103.A-D
Sand Creek Massacre Honor Dance 90.027
Sand Creek Massacre Site Ceremonies 90.028
Sand Creek Massacre Honor Dance 90.027
Sand Creek Massacre - 125th Ceremonial Powwow 90.065.A-B
Shepherd, Mr. Pete W. V89.012.A-F
Sipes, Mrs. Cleo with Mrs. Bertha Wilson and Chief Evert Wilson 92.095
Sipes, Mrs. Cleo V94.108
Sipes, John Jr. with Dr. Stan Hoig and Mike Haney 90.013
Sipes, Mr. John donor of Southern Cheyenne Songs 93.007.A-C
Sipes, John : see Cheyenne Wedding Ceremony V90.007
Sipes, John (Cheyenne Peace Ceremony at Sipes and German Family Reunion 90.029
Sipes, Mr. John with Mrs. Cleo Sipes, Mrs. Bertha 92.095
Sipes, Mr. John L.(plus manuscript on Hymns) 88.121
Sipes, Mr. John L. Jr. (Southern Cheyenne Hymns) 90.012
Sipes, John L. Jr. (Cherry Creek Camp Dedication) 90.03
Sipes, John L. Jr. (Cherry Creek Encampment) V90.031
Sipes, Mr. John (German Family Cheyenne Peace) 92.112.A-B
Smithsonian repatriation of 18 Cheyenne Bodies V93.032
Southern Cheyenne Church Hymns 90.012
Southern Cheyenne Songs 93.007.A-C
Southern Cheyenne Sundance Songs 94.054.A-D
Sundance Songs 94.054.A-D
Tall Sun, Rebecca Little Bird 83.038
Tallchief, Mrs. Maria Paschen cLL427.2
Tate, Mrs. Virginia V87.123
Thede, Marion (History of the fiddle) LL909
Thede, Marion LL912
Thede, Marion with Jack Luker and Burl Reed LL913
Tracy, Judy (OHSAM 1992) V92.042
Tsistsistas (Cheyenne) Sacred Arrow Songs 94.09
Welge, Mr. William V92.043
Whiteshield, Mr and Mrs. Henry V86.087
Whiteturtle, Roger cLL938.2
Wilson, Chief Evert and Mrs. Bertha with Mrs. Cleo Sipes 92.095
Wilson, Chief Evert and Bertha (Cheyenne Story) 93.004
Wilson, Mr. Marvin (An Honor Dance) V91.075
Wilson, Mr. Terry - Sacred Arrow Pow Wow V92.034


Anderson, Joe cLL738.2
Burns, Annie LL862
Capshaw, Mrs. Eleanor LL377
Fisher, Mrs. Clyde LL966
Gibson, Dr. Arrell M. LL661
Gibson, Dr. Arrell LL736
Gibson, Dr. Arrell LL711
Gibson, Dr. A. M. LL801
Hall, Mr. Ira DeVoyd V88.001
Hall, Mrs. A.C. (Eliza Jane Cruce) cLL489.1.A-B
James, Overton LL734
Keel, Mr. Earl 84.002
Kitchell, Mrs. Willie LL211
Lewis, Gen. Fitzhugh Lee LL802
Parker, Mr. Simon 85.162
Scott, Eula Pearl Carter 99.024.A-B
Semple, Mr. Charles cLL487
Short, Mr. Ode 85.158
Short, Robert P. LL726
Thacker, Mrs. Mary Ann (OHSAM 1993) V93.017
Thede, Marion LL910


Adkins, Mrs. L. F. Sr. LL300
Alford, Mrs. Pocahontas 84.025
Anderson, Mrs. W.M. 56.008
Baker, Mrs. Melvina 84.023.A-B
Belvin, Dr. B. Frank 84.055 A-B
Brower, Mrs. John Rudell (Edna Lunsford) 82.008
Brown, Mrs. Frances Rosser 84.032.A-D
Burwell, Mr. John 84.033.A-C
Capshaw, Mrs. Eleanor LL377
Chatha Heritage Society (Choctaw Singers) 84.03
Chatha Heritage Society (Traditional Dinner) V84.061
Chubbee, Mrs. Lucinda 84.026
Codetalker's Decoration Ceremony V90.009
Coppock, Mrs. Mary Blue LL607
Crews, Mrs. Roxie V85.161
Eastern Okla. Hist. Society (Speakers) LL875
Fisher, Mrs. Clyde (Te-A-Ta) LL966
Frizzell, Mrs. John D. LL785
Garland, Mr and Mrs. Raymond 83.153. A-B
Gibson, Dr. Arrell M. LL661
Gibson, Dr. Arrell LL711
Gibson, Dr. A.M. LL801
Gilbert, Mr. Claude 84.059
Hudson, Mr. Isham V87.012
Hicks, Mrs. Lucinda 84.05
Hartshorne, Mrs. David McCurtain 87.138.A-H
Hall, Mrs. A.C. (Eliza Jane Cruce) cLL489.1.A-B
Jacob, Mr. Randy 84.051.A-C
James, Mr. Henry V86.045
James, Rev. Issac 84.044
James, Mrs. Ruth 84.058
Kaniatobe, Mr. Dave 84.052
Lyons, Mrs. Tony LL712
McIntire, Colonel William Forrest V86.080.A-B
Merrell, Bice LL238
Mike, A. H. LL657
Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Ainsworth LL875
Moore, Mr. E. Ainsworth 84.047.A-B
Muldrow, Fisher LL309
Nance, Mr. Gideon 84.015
Pierce, Earl Boyd cLL747.2
Pierce, Mrs. Sarah 84.049.A-B
Rennie, Mrs. Wanona V87.274
Scott, Mr. George 84.048.A-B
Scott, Mr. McCurtain 84.024.A-B
Semple, Mr. Charles cLL487
Song Keepers (The),Yvhiketv Vhecicvlke: 98.062.A-B
Stevenson, Dr. George 84.057
Statham, Mrs. Allie 84.028
Thames, Mr. and Mrs. Rufus M. 84.161.A-B
Walkabout, Mrs. Lillian 84.031
Walking, Orlando cLL438.A-E
Wallace, Sgt. Ezra Homer LL929
Wallen, Mr. Absolum 84.013
Ward, Mrs. Beulah 84.022
Webb, Mr. Wayne 85.01
West, Mr. C. W. (Dub) 87.126
Wright, Muriel (Tribute to) LL784
Yvhiketv Vhecicvlke, The Song Keepers 98.062.A-B


Becker, Mr. Glenn 96.027.A-B
Chappabitty, Edwin Jr V20.023
Codetalkers' Decoration Ceremony V90.009
Codynah, Mr. Hadden (Red) V87.016
Gibson, Dr. Arrell cLL738.1.A-B
Gilles, Judge Albert S. Sr. LL300 also LL722
Thede, Marion with Jack Luker and Burl Reed (History of the Fiddle) LL913
Greve, Don cLL168
Tyson, Dr. Carl LL801
Saupitty, Mr. Carnie V87.206
Saupitty, Carney Sr. 99.025
Routh, Mrs. Audrey 87.075
Riddles, Leonard LL974
Niedo, Reverend Wilfred R. 96.012.A-B
Tate, Doc Nevaquaya cLL447.2.A-B
Tate, Doc Nevaquaya LL782
Mitchell, Dr. Irene with Mrs. Ella Lutz LL737
Mitchell, Dr. Irene E. LL508
Karty, Mr. William V88.075
McCasland, T. H. LL983
Red Elk, Mr. Roderick V88.090
Red Elk, Mr. William Kosepeah V88.084
Red Elk, George G. V88.091
Red Elk, Mrs. Helen V88.085
Ware, Tom 98.016


Alder, Chaplain Louis 83.021
Alireza, Mrs. Marianne LL473
Carter, Mrs. Katherine 86.002
Catlett, Stanley cLL93.2
Checotah, Mr. Luther 84.104
Coser, Mr. George 84.105. A-B
Cox, Hon. Claude 84.106
Derrisaw, Mr. and Mrs. R. T. 84.108
Elephant, Mr. Edward E. 86.004
England, Mr. Porter LL630
Fields, Mr. Solomon 84.103
Fischer, Dr. LeRoy LL967
Gibson, Dr. Arrell M. LL661
Gibson, Dr. Arrell LL711
Gibson, Dr. A.M. LL801
Hengst, Mr. Thera 98.075
Irving, Fleetwood and Troy Knighton V98.038
Kelly, Mrs. Nan LL712
McIntosh, Chief Dode LL599 also LL744
McIntosh, Mr. Dode cLL744.2.A-B
Moore, Thomas Ephriam cLL781.2
Oklahoma Creek Nation Candidate Forum V91.076
Pierce, Earl Boyd LL658
Roberson, Dr. Glen LL710
"Alice Robertson" by Mr. Earl Boyd Pierce LL658
Seigel, Ralph LL664
Shunatona, Mrs. Louise cLL237.1
Sorethumb, Mrs. Bessie V85.154.A-D
Spears, Mr. William L. 90.053.A-C
Stewart, Mr. Roy P. LL592
Thomas, Mrs. Virginia Watson 84.107.A-B
Timmons, Dr. Boyce LL801
Warde, Dr. Mary Jane 94.030.A-B
Whitham, Mrs. Louise Morse LL206


Barcell, Mr. James LL518


Piethmann, Irvin LL808


Crow, Mrs. Mary 84.005
Davis, Mrs. C. O. (Anna) cLL390.2
Exendine, Albert A. (on Jim Thorpe) cLL488.1.A-B
Exendine, Albert cLL488.1.A-B (dup on LL426)
Exendine, A.A. cLL331.A-B
Hurt, Mr. Myron cLL599.4
Nichol, Mrs. Jo Ann 91.047
Rennie, Mrs. Wanona V87.274
Sark, Mr. Elmer LL399
Sark, Mr. Elmer J. LL399
Thompson, Mr. Edward 84.018.A-B
Thompson, Mr. Leonard 91.046.A-B


Ioway Tribal Parade V98.083
Kent, Mr. Solomon 84.064.A-B
Murray, Mr. Lawrence 86.010.A-B
Dennison, Tom (Kaw Tribal Council) cLL450.1
Thompson, Ernest (by Mrs. Glenn Paris Thompson) LL384


Blanchard, Cecelia 85.003
Thede, Marion LL912
Spybuck, Mr. Thomas Woodrow "Woody" 87.079


Anquoe, Mrs. Mabel Given 96.007
Becker, Mr. Glenn 96.027.A-B
Bushyhead, Jerome LL482
Doyeto, Frank LL518
Ellis, Mr. Clyde V92.043
Grimm, Richard and Rosy cLL622.6
Kiowa and Caddo Gourd Dance and Peyote Songs 91.021.A-G
Kiowa Peyote Meeting Songs 98.056.F-G
Kiowa Songs 98.056.A-B
Kiowa Tonkon Gha (Songs) 91.021.C
Kiowa Traditional, Pow Wow and Native
American Church Songs 98.056.A-G
Kiowa Veterans Day Celebration cLL538
Kiowa Victory Club (WNAD Program) 91.021.D
Kiowa-War Dance and Round Dance Songs 98.056.D-E
McKenzie, Mr. Parker Paul V99.004
McKenzie, Mr. Parker 91.031.A-C
Pinezaddleby, Rev. Robert 96.018.A-B
Rachlin, Carol LL824
Sankadota, Mr. Clarence V87.004
Smalling, Ms. Linda 96.007
Stumblingbear, Mr. Reuben V87.251
Thompson, Mrs. (P.A) Marynette cLL413.2
Tsatoke, Rev. John and Rev Cecil Horse cLL158.1
Tyson, Dr. Carl LL801
Ware, Tom 98.016
Whitehorse, Florene 98.039.A-B
Williams, John LL743


Wildcat, Tommy V98.017


Estes, Mr. Van LL452
Hillerman, Mr. Tony V91.039.A-B
Navajo Marker Ceremony LL863
Plew, Mrs. Edd LL452

Nez Perce

Nez Perce Music Archive 96.013.A-B


Baker, Mr. Leonard 82.057 A-B
Breaux, Mrs. Elwyn E. LL550.1
Carter, Mr. Alva (Red) V87.010
Chouteau, Ms. Yvonne V91.078
Chouteau, Mrs. Yvonne (Terekhov) cLL427.2
Clymer, C.W. (Curtis Wilber) LL722
Edwards, Ms. Nancy V94.031
Hurt, Mr. Myron cLL599.4
Labadie, Mr. and Mrs. Robert 82.07
Lawver, Mr. Mrs. A.E. cLL1.2.A
Marriott, Miss Alice cLL824.1.A-C
Rachlin, Carol LL824
Richard, Mrs. R.R. (Edith) LL759
Standingbear, Mrs. Mary 83.117.A-B
Terekhov, Mrs. Yvonne Chouteau cLL427.2
Terekhov, Ms. Yvonne Chouteau V91.078
Tinker, Mr. Sylvester 82.022.A-B
Tinker, Mr. Tom V87.009
Warden, Mrs. Grace Cook LL507


Buffalo, Lloyd 86.078
Dickson Mounds, 1991 V92.030


Murray, Mr. Lawrence 96.010.A-B
Otoe Indian Songs 91.042.A-N
Shunatona, Bat LL465
Treeman, Mrs. Irene LL83.048.A-C
Wildcat, Tommy V98.017


Ottawa Tribal Presentation V94.028


Banks, Mr. Larry LL736
Tyson, Dr. Carl LL801


Bryan, Mrs. Frances 91.016.A-B
Eppler, Mrs. Myra 90.010.4
Horsechief, Mr. Elger 90.010.3
Sharp, R. W. LL989
Whitham, Mrs. Louise Morse LL206

Peyote Use

Caddo, Kiowa Gourd Dance and Peyote Songs 91.021.A-G
Clark, Mr. Ben III 83.033.A-B
Timmons, Dr. Boyce cLL736.1
Watchetaker, George S. LL482 1


Soatikee, Mr. Leeds 87.006

Plains Tribes

Black, Mr. Kenneth LL805
Mitchell, Dr. Irene E. LL669


American Indian Cultural Soc. Meeting V99.003
Harris, Mr. George LL58.1
Ponca War Dances (Ponca Indian Singers) 98.040.B
Roye, Mrs. Doris V85.085
Treeman, Mrs. Irene 83.048.A-C


Neddeau, Mrs. Marjorie L. 86.005.A-B
Peltier, Mrs. Oliver (Ozetta) 83.139.A-B
Tacker, Mrs. Letha Melott 86.001


Brock, Nora B. 85.077
Buffalo, Lloyd 86.078
McWatters, Mrs. Odestine 83.180.A-F
Whitebird, Mr. Robert 83.176.A-B

Sac and Fox

Carter, Mrs. Katherine 86.002
Hunter, Mr. Harrison 83.137.A-B
Long, Grover cLL488.2
McGee, Burl LL832
Mills, Mr. Harry LL83.174
Ray, Ms Beth 91.043
Robbins, Mr. Charles P. V85.108
Roberts, Henry cLL428.A-B
Roberts. Mr. Henry cLL428.A-B
Roberts, Rose LL428
Thede, Marion LL910
Spybuck, Mr. Thomas Woodrow "Woody" 87.079
Sutton, Mr. Charles W. V89.005
Unzner, Charles LL989
Wheeler, Eugene I. cLL723.1.A-B


Aldrich, Gene LL745
Brown, Mrs. Frances Rosser 84.032.A-D
Carter, Mrs. Pearl 82.035
Coker, Mr. Thomas cLL842.1
Davis, Abraham LL483
Gibson, Dr. Arrell M. LL661
Gibson, Dr. Arrell LL711
Gibson, Dr. A.M. LL801
Haney, Mike (with Dr. Stan Hoig and John Sipes) 90.013
Haney, Mr. Woodrow 83.127.A-B
Harjo, Edmond story by Peithmann LL765
Harjo, Edmond Andrew 98.015.A-B
Harjo, Edmond Andrew 83.138.A-B
Hoig, Dr. Stan (with Mike Haney and John Sipes) 90.013
Kiker, V.L. LL483
Kiker, Mrs. Vernon LL749
McKellop, Miss Luch B. LL483
Miller, Mr. T.B.(Tuskahoma Brown) LL236
Miller, Tuskahoma Brown "Mutt" cLL749.1
Moulton, Dr. Gary LL736
Peithmann, Irvin LL762
Peithmann, Irvin LL762
Peithmann, Irvin LL762
Peithmann, Irvin LL763
Peithmann, Irvin LL763
Peithmann, Irvin LL763
Peithmann, Irvin (Brighton Church songs) LL763
Peithmann, Irvin - Deaconess Bedell LL764
Osceola, Billy - Irvin Peithmann LL764
Peithmann, Irvin - Billy Bowlegs LL764
Peithmann, Irvin (Seminole Lullabys) LL764
Peithmann, Irvin (Green Corn Dance) LL765
Peithmann, Irvin (Mikasuki Language) LL765
Peithmann, Irvin (songs and sermons) LL765
Peithmann, Irvin (Corn Dance—Songs in Muskogee tongue) LL766
Peithmann, Irvin (Big Cypress Baptist Church) LL766
Peithmann, Irvin (Brighton Mission Church) LL766
Peithmann, Irvin (Ind. Baptist Church) LL766
Sipes, John Jr.(with Dr. Stan Hoig and Mike Haney) 90.013
Sitton, Lucy B. cLL958.1
Sullivan, Miss Ada LL483
Timmons, Dr. Boyce LL801


Crow, Archie 85.081
Nuckolls, Mrs. Carolyn Sue 85.047


Elephant, Mr. Edward E. 86.004
Thede, Marion with Jack Luker and Burl Reed LL913
Reynolds, Ted LL752
Walking, Orlando cLL405.2


Carter, Mrs. Katherine 86.002
Musick, Mrs. Ruth 85.130.A-B
Spybuck, Mr. Thomas Woodrow "Woody" 87.079


Bushyhead, Jerome LL482
Harmon, Fred cLL92.3
Redfox, Chief cLL2.2.A-B
Tyson, Dr. Carl LL801
2nd Battle of Wounded Knee (audio) 91.064.A-F


Williams, Roy LL753


Tyson, Dr. Carl LL801


Swift, Mr. Virgil (OHSA meeting, 1992) V92.051
Tyson, Dr. Carl LL801
Vance, Vanessa (OHSA meeting, 1992) V92.051


Bearskin, Chief Leaford V1988.114
McQuiston, Juanita 1997.002.A-B
Nesvold, Artie Pecore V1988.115
Reed, Mrs. Eliza Reed V1988.116
Wright, Mr. Hugh V1988.117
Wyandotte/Huron Songs 1996.202.A-K
Wyandotte Tribal Annual Meeting (1991) V1991.068


American Indian Exposition 1998 V98.046
American Indian Policy Review Commission Meetings 1976 92.107.A-D
Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 91.010.A-C
Ashton, Ms.Sharon Standifer 94.058
Autry, Riley LL682
Baker, Bill and wife cLL654.3
Barefoot, Mrs. Bert cLL229.1.A-B
Bartlett, Charlie cLL721.1
Beibee, Harry cLL121.B
Blue, David (ITIO Reunion) cLL1.2.A-B
Boggs, H. O. cLL970.1.A-B
Brown Bag Lecture Series #2 92.113
Brown, Mrs. Dolly LL486
Brown, Mr. Jack LL658
Brown, Jack (Part II) LL214
Brown, Mr. Jack cLL740.1
Brown, Mr. Russell LL475
Bryan, Nobel LL631
Bryan, Stuart LL804
Buffalohead, Mr. Harry and Mr. Geroge Harris 87.194
Butler, Mr. Harry LL878
Capps, Benjamin cLL125.1
Carter, Allen E. LL719
Cass, Frank LL482
Chandler, Mr. Ben cLL215.1
Chilocco Indian School Reunion 1984 87.277.A-B
Clayton, Mrs. W. E. 56.025
Cloud, James W. cLL315
Confederate Occupation of Indian Territory, 1861 V93.019
Conner, Mr. U.S. LL613
Corbett, Dr. William 94.030.A-B
Cornett, Ed G. cLL16.1
Correll, Mrs. Lawrence E. (Florence) 86.088
Cotner, Mr. Harrell 83.134.A-B
Cox, Mrs. James (Marie) LL666
Cox, Mr. James M. cLL857.1.A-B
Cox, Miss Maude cLL605.1.A-C
D.A.R. Visit to Nuyaka Mission 91.006
Dale, Dr. Edward Eveerett 94.057.A-D
Davis, Rev. Charles 87.053.A-B
Davis, Mrs. Etta LL550
Dearborn, Mrs. Zelma LL83.075
DeCameo, Mrs. LL599
Dews, Dana LL753
Dickson, Mound, Illinois Protest by A.I.M. V91.044
Dickson, Mr. Nolan B. LL594
Donaghe, Mrs. Rovilla 83.024
Dorchester, Mr. Sam 82.032.A-B
Easley, Mr. John F 56.024
Eaton, Frank cLL121.A
Elliott, Mr. Jerry 92.102
Elliott, Robert LL662
Emerson, Mr. Guy cLL101.1
End of the Trail dedication, 1970 cLL178
Ewing, Mr. B.T. LL448
Faulk, Dr. Odie LL956
Fertile Frontier: Rise of Indian Territory Intellectuals - OHSAM 1993 V93.018
Finney, W. D LL805
Fischer, Dr. Leroy LL956
Flag Plaza Dedication OK State Capitol 1996 V96.014
Flag Plaza Ceremonies 1991 V91.048
Flores, Bill LL482
Gamon, Bill cLL493.2
Great Spirit by High Eagle (music recording) 92.102
Hagerstrand, Col. Martin LL747
Hall, Mrs. Ira cLL993.1
Haney, Mr. Mike V91.044
Harris, Mr. George and Mr. Harry Buffalohead 87.194
Holleyman, Dr. Charles LL518
Homrig, Pat 974
Horinek, Mrs. Jeri (Werneke) V90.057
Houston, Mr. Mack LL602
Hunter, Dr. Kermit LL297
Hurley, Ruby LL849
Indian Sesquicentennial Commemorative Record LL157
Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 V91.069.A-B
Indian Dances LL510
Indian Dance Songs -tribal variety 87.172
Indian Hall of Fame Ceremonies cLL161.A-B
Indian Music LL450
Indian Policy, American 92.107.A-D
Indian Response to the Land Runs 92.113
Indian Singing LL596
Indian Symposium 1991 V91.092
Indian territory Illuminating Oil Co. group LL3
Kent, Mrs. Ethel B. LL475
Libke, Mrs. Frederic LL952
Linderman, Mrs. Carrie M. LL633
Long, Grover LL429
Lyon, Clifford D. LL464
McClellen, John Foreman cLL599.2
McCombs, Marshall cLL13.5
McDonald, Harold LL656
McMillan, Myrtie LL465
McPherson, Mrs. William H. and Mrs. Robert H. Sherman LL952
McRill, Leslie A. cLL58.1.A-B
McRill, Leslie cLL58.1.A-B
McSpadden, Herb LL599
Massingale, Mrs. B. H. LL469
Meredith, Dr. Howard (Lecture - Indian response ) 92.113
Methvin, Marvin LL465
Mitchell, Mrs. O. L. 56.032
Montgomery, Dr. Merle LL896
Mooreland, Wilbur and James LL870
Morris, Dr. John LL800
Morse, Mr. Don cLL699.2
Morton, Roy cLL747.1
Moseley, Mr. Tom cLL551.5
Moss, Mrs. Ray 87.06
Murray, Franklin M. LL726
Naturalist in Indian Territory V93.018
Native American Policy Review Commission Meetings 1976 92.107.A-D
Nichols, Senator Al LL486
Nicholson, Harvey E. cLL501.1.A-B
North, Mrs. Georgia 82.042
Palmer, E.S. LL940
Paschen, Mrs. Maria Tallchief LL427
Peithmann, Irvin M. LL777
Peterson, Dr. Royce LL508
Pogue, Orville LL680
Pond, Mrs. J.C. cLL994.3.
Prickett, Morgan cLL581.3
Redbone, Mr. Frank (with Mr. Albert Chalapah) V87.014
Red Earth, 1993 98.080.A-C
Ed Elk, Mr. George Gerald V88.091
Red Elk, Mrs. Helen V88.085
Red Elk Pow Wow V94.055
Red Elk, Mr. Roderick "Dick" V88.090
Red Elk, Mr. William Kosepeah, Sr. V88.084
Reuter, Jack LL303
Reyes, Mrs. Rena 84.029.A-B
Rice, Mr. Dick cLL492.6
Richardson, Mr. Leonard cLL549.5
Ringleman,l O.K. LL480
Ringo, Dr. Wm P Jr LL390
Roberts, Mrs. Rose LL482 (Dup on LL428)
Robinson, Judge Clarence cLL461
Seabourn, Bert LL482
Segar, Genevieve cLL546.1
Shirk, George LL463
Shirk, George H. LL661
Sipes, Mr. John 90.027
Sipes, John L. Jr. 90.028
Slaughter, Mrs. Edna R. LL397
Smith, Marie Kirsh LL664
Snell, Rev. William LL799
Snoddy, Dorothy cLL414.2
Soatikee, Carol LL482
Southall, Jim and wife Mary LL451
Starr, Hickory LL734
Stephens County Historical Society LL974
Stewart, Edgar M. LL821
Stonum, Paul Thornton LL464
Tatman, Dr. Clarice LL740
Temple, Susie cLL551.2.A-B
Thede, Mrs. Marian LL901 to LL928
Thomason, Miss Sara 84.067
Thompson, Mr. Kent V93.019
Timmons, Dr. Boyce LL801
Tingley's Indian Store Inventory V91.026
Tribal Flag Plaza Ceremony V91.048
Turnbow, Calvin LL739
Unknown woman LL974
Vinyard, Mrs. Mary Dickson LL446
Wadsworth, Edward H (Dick) LL202 and LL203
Walker, Dr. Agnew A. cLL933.1
Walkling, Orlando cLL438.A-E
Warde, Mary Jane V93.018
Warrior's Spirit by Tommy Wildcat 98.019
Wasserman, Miss Soshanna and Mr. Dennis Zotigh V91.062
Wasson, Mr. Garland LL779
Watkins, Mamie 85.075
Watson, Parman B. cLL622.1
Werneke, Mrs. Mary Frances (Barbour) 90.025.A-B
West, Mr. and Mrs. Marland LL750
Wheatley, Ruth 82.004.A-B
Wheatley, Ruth 82.004
Wilson, Charles Banks LL807
"Wordpath" #49 V1998.042
Wolfe, Mrs. Dora 1983.026
Wright, Muriel LL111
Wright, Muriel cLL88.A-B
Wright, Muriel LL539
Youngblood, Mrs. Laura 1984.084.A-D
Zotigh, Mr. Dennis and Miss Soshanna Wasserman V1991.062