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El Reno Homesteader Filings

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6095 Harry M. O'Brien HumboldtKansas
4485 Joseph O'Brien OssawatomieKansas
2192 James C. O'Conner PerryOklahoma Territory
2168 William O'Conner Mount PleasantIowa
7332 Fred O'Dell Lone WolfOklahoma Territory
307 Samuel O'Hara MoranKansas
4379 Michael F. O'Malley Greeley CenterOklahoma Territory
78 Patrick L O'Mara Kansas CityKansas
7300 Claud C. O'Neal MarlowIndian Territory
2460 James L. O'Neal GuthrieOklahoma Territory
5096 Richard M. O'Neil StillwaterOklahoma Territory
7142 Curtis M. Oakes HydroOklahoma Territory
5059 Cora L. Oakley WeatherfordOklahoma Territory
652 William H. Oakley CherokeeOklahoma Territory
7229 Margaret Oaks Kansas CityMissouri
1059 George Oblinder OkeeneOklahoma Territory
1772 Adam Ochrle GlobeKansasCancelled by Rel. Oct. 28
830 Cancelled by relinquishment Oct. 07
822 Cancelled by relinquishment Oct. 09
817 Cancelled by relinquishment Oct. 10
825 Cancelled by relinquishment Oct. 10
4030 Ernest W. Odom RockyOklahoma Territory
5508 Walter D. Oeclisle ChickashaIndian Territory
4718 Frank A. oerke CaldwellKansas
3744 Thomas J. Oglesby OglesbyIndian Territory
5562 Austin N. Ohler LincolnNebraska
2698 Alonzo Okerson skidmoreMissouri
3675 George A. Okeson GuthrieOklahoma Territory
7374 Enoch F. Olive CowdenOklahoma Territory
2106 Robert C. Olive RockyOklahoma Territory
902 Henry D. Oliver SenecaMissouri
386 Hiram C. Oliver JohnsonIndian Territory
2146 Sam P. Olkjer FordiaIowa
7337 St. Clair M. Olney HobartOklahoma Territory
1135 Charles S. Olson EurekaKansas
3179 Ed E. Olson ChandlerOklahoma Territory
3485 Thomas L. Olson AssariaKansas
3784 William Oltman SalinaKansas
2913 William Oman NewkirkOklahoma Territory
3308 Henry Ommen OsecelaOklahoma Territory
7673 William C. Ondler HobartOklahoma Territory
3294 Richard Onez DallasTexas
276 Arthur G. Ong FranklinOklahoma Territory
795 Carrie A. Oplinger Oklahoma CityOklahoma Territory
2408 Charles I. Opperman Baxter SpringsKansas
1598 Arthur E. Orchard West PlainMissouri
2465 Clinton W. Ordway ZybaKansasCancelled by Rel. Oct. 8
6382 Edward Orendorf DouglasKansas
592 Frank Orine WaterlooKansas
3810 George V. Orndoff WatongaOklahoma Territory

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About This Database

This database includes names printed in Names of the El Reno Land District Homesteader Filings, 1902 published by H. H. Edwards in Guthrie, Oklahoma. In late July and early August of 1901, land was opened for settlement in 13,000 160-acre tracts formerly located within the Kiowa-Comanche-Apache reservation and the Wichita-Caddo-Delaware reservation.

The lands were divided into two districts: El Reno and Lawton. Individuals registered and waited for the drawing. Those whose names were drawn could then go and stake their claim. This book lists individuals whose names were drawn in the 1901 land lottery held at the El Reno land office. Names listed in this El Reno Land Lottery index usually filed in 1901 or 1902.

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This microfilm collection offers information about homesteaders in Oklahoma Territory from 1889 to 1907. These seventy-two volumes include a physical description of the homestead, the amount of land, date and place of original registration, and the date of the final certificate. The Tract Books are arranged by township and range, not by surname.

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