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El Reno Homesteader Filings

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3754 Wm. A. Davis El RenoO.T.
556 Wm. C. Davis StillwaterO.T.
5560 Wm. L. Davis ClauqO.T.
6237 David D. Davison El RenoO.T.
2354 Edw. W. Davison O'FallonIll.
2589 Homer S. Davison TerrellTexas
4164 Clement P. Dawson ChickashaI.T.
262 Henry M. Dawson (Soldiers Declatory Filings) - by Jas. W. Dawson
6332 Jas. O. Dawson Cloud ChiefO.T.
6886 Lewis J. Dawson ChickashaI.T.
3454 Paul C. Dawson RudyArk.
5775 Wm. Dawson HennesseyO.T.
171 Wm. A. Dawson PurcellO.T.
3728 Wm. D. Dawson Cloud ChiefO.T.
338 Albert H. Day CastletonKan.
1485 Everett C. Day JuliaKan.
5255 John B. Day LawtonO.T.
1474 Ross R. Day LyonsKan.
7382 Fred R. Dayton El RenoO.T.
3072 Enoch De Weese SenecaMo.
4915 Clinton C. Deal HarveyIll.
5594 Jos. Deal El RenoO.T.Sub. S. D. S. 82
3081 Major W. Dealy Red RockO.T.
2712 Green Dean CerealO.T.
6837 Lemar Dean ChickashaI.T.
3939 Rose Dean ChickashaI.T.
1182 Walter A. Dean SentinelO.T.
5706 Irene Deardoff El RenoO.T.
800 Jno. C. Dearing DurantI.T.
7544 John A. DeAtley El RenoO.T.
6250 Abraham E. Deaver ChickashaI.T.
124 Nora A. Debaun El RenoO.T.
7379 Blanche DeBois GuthrieO.T.
6049 Jno. D. DeBois GuthrieO.T.
6181 Albert F. Deck MincoI.T.
1002 Nellie M. DeCou LongwoodO.T.
104 Ulysses S. Dedrick HazeltonKan
1624 Josephns B. Deen WanetteO.T.
4647 John Deer KildareO.T.
7281 Frank Deiter HobartO.T.
7223 Elmer E. Delano LawtonO.T.
534 Anna DeLashmutt PerryO.T.(Cancelled by Rel. Oct. 5.)
470 Alva Delay HennesseyO.T.
4004 John Dell RoscoeO.T.
684 Reece V. Dellano OttawaKan.
103 Wm. Delley (Soldiers Declatory Filings) - by Geo. W. Newley
187 Lewis Delmony Can. Oct. 12(Soldiers Declatory Filings) - by Millard D. Carson
7724 Florence W. Delzell Pond CreekO.T.
4421 Wm. H. Demick WaverlyNeb.
1085 Chas. H. DeMoss Kansas CityKan.Can. by Rel. Oct. 15

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About this Resource

This database includes names printed in Names of the El Reno Land District Homesteader Filings, 1902 published by H. H. Edwards in Guthrie, Oklahoma. In late July and early August of 1901, land was opened for settlement in 13,000 160-acre tracts formerly located within the Kiowa-Comanche-Apache reservation and the Wichita-Caddo-Delaware reservation. The lands were divided into two districts: El Reno and Lawton. Individuals registered and waited for the drawing. Those whose names were drawn could then go and stake their claim. This book lists individuals whose names were drawn in the 1901 land lottery held at the El Reno land office.

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This microfilm collection offers information about homesteaders in Oklahoma Territory from 1889 to 1907. These seventy-two volumes include a physical description of the homestead, the amount of land, date and place of original registration, and the date of the final certificate. The Tract Books are arranged by township and range, not by surname.

The Research Center offers a $15 express service to search the Land Tract Books. Researchers must include the individual's name and the year or county in which they received land. Names listed in this El Reno Land Lottery index usually filed in 1901 or 1902. Use the express order form to order by mail. If you wish to order by phone call 405-522-5225; please have your credit card ready.