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El Reno Homesteader Filings

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6537 Sam H. Warren PortOklahoma Territory
2920 Thomas Warren OmegaOklahoma Territory
494 Thomas J. Warren BuschOklahoma Territory
307 Clare E. Warrington (Soldiers Declaratory Filings)Alonzo Warrington
4226 Stewart M. Warwsley YukonOklahoma Territory
3751 Harvey Washburn ChickashaIndian Territory
255 Napoleon B. Wass El RenoOklahoma Territory
7581 Roy M. Wass CobbOklahoma Territory
1195 Andrew J. Wasson NaplesIndian Territory
1678 Elias Wasthoffer EudoraKansas
7707 William P. Water Lone WolfOklahoma Territory
6866 Calvin W. Waters GearyOklahoma Territory
2287 GeorgeA. Waters PawneeOklahoma Territory
4944 Alexander Waterson VinlandKansas
5341 George R. Watkins StroudOklahoma Territory
7280 John R. Watkins HobartOklahoma Territory
3977 Mrs. Amanda Watkins SentinelOklahoma Territory
1864 Sanford Watkins Mountain ViewOklahoma TerritoryCancelled by Rel. Oct. 28
371 Sylvester E. Watkins AnthonyKansasCancelled by Rel. Oct. 22
4579 Jacob Watland New SharonIowa
5407 Lester D. Watrons Mount HopeKansas
922 Mrs. Glendora Watrous WellingtonKansas
1553 Loman Watrus White EagleOklahoma Territory
563 Clarence R. Watson HayesvilleKansas
3455 John W. Watson ChickashaIndian Territory
3818 Lena Watson Great BendKansas
1851 Robert F. Watson DentonTexas
7552 Samuel A. Watson Kansas CityMissouri
1175 Wesley Watson NeNwportOklahoma Territory
3177 William Watson IngalisOklahoma Territory
5294 Charles Watters KielOklahoma Territory
7335 Frank Watton Lone WolfOklahoma Territory
4966 David C. Watts BlackwellOklahoma Territory
947 Thomas H. Watts RanieyOklahoma Territory
5693 William C. Wauchope ColonyOklahoma Territory
4864 John F. Waugh FairfaxMissouri
647 JamesC. Way EmporiaKansas
345 William D. Wayt RosalinaKansas
1249 Lewis H. Weatherby MatysvilleMissouri
3702 Emily F. Weatherford ShawneeOklahoma Territory
5263 Stonewall Weatherly EulessTexas
1187 LeCompton Weatherman HurrahIndian Territory
318 Frederick Weaver DexterKansas
596 Gordon L. Weaver AmericusKansas
210 John W. Weaver (Soldiers Declaratory Filings)
4309 Thomas L. Weaver ChattongovilleGeorgia
2942 Ulysses S. Weaver KingmanKansas
6552 William H. H. Weaver YukonOklahoma Territory
912 John H. Webb CarterSouth Dakota
5174 William C. Webb MorrisonOklahoma Territory

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About This Database

This database includes names printed in Names of the El Reno Land District Homesteader Filings, 1902 published by H. H. Edwards in Guthrie, Oklahoma. In late July and early August of 1901, land was opened for settlement in 13,000 160-acre tracts formerly located within the Kiowa-Comanche-Apache reservation and the Wichita-Caddo-Delaware reservation.

The lands were divided into two districts: El Reno and Lawton. Individuals registered and waited for the drawing. Those whose names were drawn could then go and stake their claim. This book lists individuals whose names were drawn in the 1901 land lottery held at the El Reno land office. Names listed in this El Reno Land Lottery index usually filed in 1901 or 1902.

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