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El Reno Homesteader Filings

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168 Charles F. Baumblatt KennettMissouri
5605 Henry M. W. Baumer ElmOklahoma Territory
6138 Hans H. Baumgard KingfisherOklahoma TerritorySubj. S. D. S. 242
7344 Fred Baummann SegarOklahoma Territory
2832 Albert H. Baxter Mountain ViewOklahoma Territory
13 Frederick Baxter EagleKansas
4697 Will E. Bayless ParklandOklahoma Territory
6122 Herman S. Beach MincoIndian Territory
4767 Robert R. Beachboard SalemOklahoma Territory
5761 Hampton Beadle WarmackIndian Territory
1950 Augustus A. Beal WinfieldKansas
2159 George W. Beal WichitaKansas
6974 James W. Beal SicklesOklahoma Territory
3419 James F. Bean SinnettOklahoma Territory
3633 Edgar Beard DavisIndian Territory
1360 Henry Beard WichitaKansasCancelled by Rel. Oct. 28
3863 Mack Bearden DecaturTexas
1071 Arthur F. Beardsley CaldwellKansasRel. Nov. 20
4317 Emma Beardsley ProphetstownIllinois
688 James N. Beatty PiedmontKansas
2669 Clara L. Beaty Caldwell Kansas
2412 Michael H. Beauchamp HoweNebraska
4407 Alphonso P. Beaver HarrahOklahoma Territory
5240 Eli D. Beck MincoIndian Territory
5974 John C. Beck HennesseyOklahoma Territory
6355 Leon P. Beck WinnekotIndian Territory
5102 Charles W. Becker ChaseKansas
3935 George G. Becker LehighKansas
5612 Jacob A. Becker El RenoOklahoma Territory
290 Jacob A. Becker (Soldiers Declaratory Filings)Samuel Johnson
7524 John C. Becker HeastonOklahoma Territory
507 Louis V. Becker KingmanKansas
7477 Otto I. Becktel BritonOklahoma Territory
132 Daniel E. Beckwith (Soldiers Declaratory Filings)George Graves
522 John E. Becton Mountain ViewOklahoma Territory
6768 Henry P. Beebe HobartOklahoma Territory
197 Victoria Beechmer widow of H. W. Beechmer(Soldiers Declaratory Filings)
6842 Victoria Beechner Mountain ViewOklahoma Territory
7082 Paris Beeler AnadarkoOklahoma Territory
5472 Carrie E. Been CalumetOklahoma Territory
7582 Simon Beesley El RenoOklahoma Territory
59 Simon Beesley (Soldiers Declaratory Filings)David J. Wallace
1415 James M. Beezley GreenvilleTexas
5261 Charles Beindorf LitchfieldIllinois
1725 Jerry Belcher El RenoOklahoma Territory
6059 John Belcher YukonOklahoma Territory
6901 Edmond J. Belding LexingtonOklahoma Territory
5580 Noah E. Belk Mountain ViewOklahoma Territory
1788 Arthur Bell NoconaTexas
4574 Frank Bell OttawaKansas

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About This Database

This database includes names printed in Names of the El Reno Land District Homesteader Filings, 1902 published by H. H. Edwards in Guthrie, Oklahoma. In late July and early August of 1901, land was opened for settlement in 13,000 160-acre tracts formerly located within the Kiowa-Comanche-Apache reservation and the Wichita-Caddo-Delaware reservation.

The lands were divided into two districts: El Reno and Lawton. Individuals registered and waited for the drawing. Those whose names were drawn could then go and stake their claim. This book lists individuals whose names were drawn in the 1901 land lottery held at the El Reno land office. Names listed in this El Reno Land Lottery index usually filed in 1901 or 1902.

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This microfilm collection offers information about homesteaders in Oklahoma Territory from 1889 to 1907. These seventy-two volumes include a physical description of the homestead, the amount of land, date and place of original registration, and the date of the final certificate. The Tract Books are arranged by township and range, not by surname.

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