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El Reno Homesteader Filings

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6370 Pink Tickel HydroOklahoma Territory
5375 Joseph Tiday RogersOklahoma Territory
4781 Katie P. Tidball TyronOklahoma Territory
6953 Hester A. Tidwell ChickashaIndian Territory
5930 Joseph Tidwell CalvertTexas
2009 Fred Tiedtka LeavenworthKansas
7162 Sarah F. Tighe EnidOklahoma Territory
430 Henry D. Tillerman El RenoOklahoma Territory
508 Frank J. Tilley Liberty Oklahoma Territory
6470 Joseph B. Tilley GearyOklahoma Territory
426 L. F. Tilley GearyOklahoma Territory(Rel. Nov. 14.)
201 Herbert Tillinghast ViningKansas
1139 Chris C. Tillman MangumOklahoma TerritoryRel. Nov. 4
1315 John A. Tils AmericusKansas
3708 Nellie S. Tilton OxfordKansas
1274 William Timbs SpeedOklahoma Territory
4673 John M. Timlin Oklahoma CityOklahoma Territory
2025 James H. Tincher TopekaKansas
70 Dan Tindel PowhuskyOklahoma Territory
6379 Samuel B. Tiner CameoOklahoma Territory
271 Allen G. Tingley VerdonNebraska
441 Thomas K. Tingley GuthrieOklahoma Territory
3718 John W. Tinkel Oklahoma CityOklahoma Territory
4229 Cord Tinker DillyOklahoma Territory
3392 Andrew Tinney TonkawaOklahoma Territory
532 George T. Tinsdale KeysvilleMissouri
6203 John M. Tinsley HarrisonOklahoma Territory
770 Barry G. Tipton VandaliaMissouri
5716 George W. Tipton Mountain ViewOklahoma Territory
2603 Charles F. Titterington LawrenceKansas
1136 William B. Titus OskaloosaIowa
5904 Casper M. Tobias BillingsOklahoma TerritoryRel. Nov. 14
2936 Samuel Tobias EnidOklahoma Territory
3102 John Tobin CaldwellKansas
6999 Charles H. Todd El RenoOklahoma Territory
5968 Frank A. Todd CalumetOklahoma Territory
7639 Ira J. Todd GuthrieOklahoma Territory
5177 Mary Todd El RenoOklahoma Territory
5512 Stephen A. Todd ChickashaIndian Territory
6927 Ulysses D. Todd AnadarkoOklahoma Territory
2045 William H. Todd NaplesIndian Territory
6440 Fritz Toelle HobartOklahoma Territory
419 Abraham K. Toews El RenoOklahoma Territory
7451 Thomas E. Toldtrap Lone WolfOklahoma Territory
1764 Allen Toles SpringerIndian Territory
295 Percy L. Tolin SoldierKansas
6744 Russell C. Toliver El RenoOklahoma Territory
1183 Carrie M. Tolle GearyOklahoma Territory
2505 Lucy Tomilson FayOklahoma Territory
6752 Frank D. Tomler Oklahoma CityOklahoma Territory

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About This Database

This database includes names printed in Names of the El Reno Land District Homesteader Filings, 1902 published by H. H. Edwards in Guthrie, Oklahoma. In late July and early August of 1901, land was opened for settlement in 13,000 160-acre tracts formerly located within the Kiowa-Comanche-Apache reservation and the Wichita-Caddo-Delaware reservation.

The lands were divided into two districts: El Reno and Lawton. Individuals registered and waited for the drawing. Those whose names were drawn could then go and stake their claim. This book lists individuals whose names were drawn in the 1901 land lottery held at the El Reno land office. Names listed in this El Reno Land Lottery index usually filed in 1901 or 1902.

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This microfilm collection offers information about homesteaders in Oklahoma Territory from 1889 to 1907. These seventy-two volumes include a physical description of the homestead, the amount of land, date and place of original registration, and the date of the final certificate. The Tract Books are arranged by township and range, not by surname.

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