Oklahoma Folks Photo Essay Format

  1. Images: 5 to 12 images, images numbered as a part of their file name, jpg only.
  2. Captions for images should be in a separate file with numbers that correspond to the numbered images.
  3. All images must be original by the person doing the documentation.
  4. A narrative of the documentation should include: Name of event (give the event a name if it doesn't have a formal name), date(s) of the images and or event, names of the event planner if appropriate, and the author's name with a biographical sketch of up to one paragraph.
  5. The remainder of your essay should explain the activity documented:
    1. How did the participant learned to do the activity?
    2. A description of the activity.
    3. Is a culture, religion, or region of Oklahoma represented?
  6. All submissions should be about Oklahoma traditions. That is, traditions or folkways represented currently or historically in Oklahoma.
  7. You may include an organization you represent such as a school club, society, etc.
  8. Please include your phone number with each submission.
  9. Please send via email. Oklahoma Folks will convert for web page use.
  10. Please review sample photo essay. The editorial staff will construct the article and return for your approval before posting to Oklahoma Folks

Send your submission to: William D. Welge, Research Division Director