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Folklife For The Classroom

Folklife studies offer opportunities for inter-generational interaction, diversity studies, and an opportunity to document family folklife. Encourage your students to learn more about their family's quilts. What do you eat on Thanksgiving Day? Do you know someone who plays or sings traditional music? How does your family celebrate the Fourth of July? What were the games played by your parents when they were in school? Bring parents and grandparents into the classroom to talk about their family folklife.

Oklahoma Folks is a journal published online only. It is updated periodically. Photo essays are documentation of Oklahoma's folklife. The Oklahoma Folklife Center and "Oklahoma Folks" are part of the Oklahoma Historical Society's effort to collect, preserve, educate, and exhibit Oklahoma's rich and diverse traditions. All photos are from the collections of the Oklahoma Historical Society unless otherwise noted.

For fieldwork assistance or to submit an article contact:
William D. Welge
Research Center
Oklahoma History Center
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Oklahoma City, OK 73105
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Interior of 1910 schoolhouse at Rosehill