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Image #21412.M30.22 Map #2B

Huckins Hotel; Huckins Garage

Address: 22 N. Broadway Ave.

View: Southeast on Broadway from Main St.

Image Date: August 1952

Built: 1909 (The Oklahoman; Date 1971 Jul 12; Page 2)

Destroyed: 1971 (The Oklahoman; Date 1971 Jul 12; Page 1)

"The Annex was redesigned and opened in the early 1930s as a connecting garage to the Huckins Hotel, with the advertising slogan: 'Drive Right Into the Huckins Hotel.' Originally an extension with more hotel rooms, this seven-story garage held two hundred automobiles, and guests were able to drive in, register, and be taken at once to their rooms. By [this] time...the hotels were probably starting to feel the competition of the auto courts and early motels that permitted people easy access to their automobiles. At the Huckins you had the best of both worlds, and had the advantage of being near the center of downtown Oklahoma City as well." (Edwards and Ottaway, Vanished Splendor II 275)

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Parade on Broadway
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