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Summary of Holdings

Five Civilized Tribes Pages Volumes
Cherokee Nation 430,000 740
Chickasaw Nation 17,510 106
Choctaw Nation 54,083 499
Creek Nation 55,973 88
Seminole Nation 228 12
Dawes Commission 242  

Other Tribes Pages Volumes
Cheyenne & Arapaho Agency 566,686 886
Cantonment Agency (C&A)
Chilocco Indian School 127,357 140
Kiowa Indian Agency 749,335 519
Mekusukey Academy 64,314 30
Pawnee Indian Agency 211,200 907
Quapaw Indian Agency 26,089 5
Shawnee Indian Agency 485,362 623
Executive Library Cherokee Nation 1400

Notable Collections

  • Grant Foreman transcripts of records in Office of Commissioner Indian Affairs and Five Civilized Tribes (Foreman Transcripts, Superintendent of the Five Civilized Tribes reports, 20 volumes)
  • Grant Foreman Collection of letters, notes, newspaper clippings, etc. (#M1983.229)
  • Frederick B. Severs Collection of account books as trader, Creek Nation (#M1996.045)
  • Indian-Pioneer History, Grant Foreman Collection (Interviews, WPA Project 1937-38)
  • John Meserve Collection regarding Chiefs of Five Civilized Tribes (#M1982.088)
  • John H. Adair Collection of early Cherokee papers (#M1981.101)
  • G. A. Root Collection of newspaper clippings regarding Oklahoma Land openings (#M1982.102)
  • Ann Eliza Worcester Robertson Papers (Alice Robertson Collection #M1982.086)
  • Alice Robertson Papers (#M1982.086)
  • Edwin Ludlow Collection (M#1997.078)
  • Eva Lewers Collection: Eufaula Boarding School (#UP00215)
  • Peter Hanraty Collection (M#1984.063)
  • Katie Edwards Bemo Mitchell Collection (M#1989.011)
  • Thomas J. Harrison Collection (M#2003.015)
  • Joseph B. Thoburn Collection (M#1986.001)
  • Amos Hopkins-Dukes Collection (M#1997.074)