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Oklahoma Military Deaths


This compilation of records was originally a project of the OHS editorial department during World War II. Under the guidance of Miss Muriel H. Wright, volunteers clipped from newspapers from all over the state when mention was made regarding a service man or woman had been killed or was missing in action.

The snippets of data where in some cases either typed on to a 4" x 6" index card or taped to a card and placed in a the official "War Memorial" collection. A modest attempt was made to do the same for the Korean War.

In the 1980s, Archives director Mary Lee Boyle enlisted the assistance of the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs, Mike Mullins of the Vietnam Veterans Association and students from Francis Tuttle VoTech to update and make available as complete a list as possible from various records held by the Society plus what files were available from Veterans Affairs.

The following lists were prepared through Francis Tuttle Vocational Technical School in Oklahoma City. Every effort was made to find information regarding those service personnel who paid the ultimate sacrifice. No doubt there will be names missing from these lists, for that we humbly apologize.