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About this Database

DNB = Died Non-Battle
DOW = Died of Wounds
DOD = Died of Disease
DWC = Died While Captive
DWM = Died While Missing
FOD = Finding of Death
HA = Hostile Action
KIA = Killed in Action
MIA = Missing in Action
OC = Other Causes

The Oklahoma War Memorial Collection (2004.001) covers World War I to the Korean War. The collection is based on the efforts to collect information after the approval of the Oklahoma War Memorial in 1955. The bulk of the collection is comprised of information sent to the Historical Society by family members of soldiers who served during WWII. The information on soldiers who served in WWI and Korea comes mainly from newspaper articles and from the War Department, so there is less detail on those individuals.

In the 1980s, Archives director Mary Lee Boyle enlisted the assistance of the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs, Mike Mullins of the Vietnam Veterans Association and students from Francis Tuttle VoTech to update and make available as complete a list as possible from various records held by the Society plus what files were available from Veterans Affairs.