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Oklahoma Resources

The Gateway to Oklahoma History

Search, browse and view historic Oklahoma newspapers online for free. gateway.okhistory.org

The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture

Read more than 2,500 entries exploring Oklahoma the people, places, and events that shape Oklahoma history.
View the Encyclopedia.

Symbols and Emblems

Do you know our state beverage, state colors, or motto? Oklahoma has adopted many symbols to celebrate the wonders of our state. View the full list.


A complete listing of governors from Oklahoma Territory to present-day. View list.

Constitution of the State of Oklahoma

There are numerous ways to explore Oklahoma's constitution online:

Counties and County Seats

A listing and map of Oklahoma's seventy-seven counties and county seats.

Oklahoma's Route 66 Repositories

There are multiple Route 66 repositories in the state of Oklahoma. Learn more.

Tulsa Race Riot Report

The Final Report of the Oklahoma Commission to Study the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921 is online.
Download the full report (PDF - 4.96MB)

Territorial Incorporation Records

View scans of incorporation tecords for Oklahoma and Indian Territories 1890–1907. Search now.

Oklahoma Resources Online