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Smith's First Directory of Oklahoma Territory

Last NameFirst NameNote or Other NamePage
Aaron May S220
Abbey Frank S225h
Abbey George N. Abbey, Geo N. S225h
Abbott Albert L. S225h
Abbott Charles S. Abbott, Chas S. S225h
Abbott George W. Abbott, Geo W. S225h
Abbott James L. S225h
Abbott Lemuel S225h
Abbott Robert J. Abbott, Rob't J. S225h
Abbott William J. Abbott, Wm I. S225h
Abbott William J. Abbott, Wm J. S225h
Abercrombie Samuel D. Abercrombie, Dan'l D. S225h
Abercrombie Theodore G. Abercromie, Theo G. S225h
Abernathy J. L. S117
Abernathy J. M. S117
Abernathy John N. S225h
Abernathy Thomas A. S225h
Ables Samuel Abler, Samuel S225h
Abram Andrew S225h
Abrames Lafayette S225h
Acers Arthur D. Acers, A. D. S206
Ackerman John C. Ackerman, John S33
Ackerman John C. Ackerman, John S33
Ackers Elias Ackars, Elias S225h
Ackleberry James S33
Ackley Dr. Francis M. Ackley, F. M. S33
Acord James L. S225h
Acre John T. Acre, J. T. S225h
Acton Osborne Beeler Acton, O. B. S225h
Acuff John S178
Adair Alpheus A. Adair, A. A. S33
Adair James S. Adair, Jas S. S225h
Adair Thomas J. Adair, Thos S33
Adams Alonzo J. Adams, A. J. S225h
Adams C. F. S33
Adams Charity S225h
Adams Christopher Adams, Chris S117
Adams Dr. Joseph H. B. Adams, Dr. J. H. B. S178
Adams Frederick Fred S225h
Adams G. F. S33
Adams G. W. S117
Adams Garland H. S225h
Adams George W. Adams, Geo W. S117
Adams Harry Henry S225h
Adams Herbert E. S188
Adams Homer M. Adams, H. M. S33
Adams J. W. S171
Adams Jack Jack Jr. S225h
Adams James H. S225h
Adams James M. S225h
Adams John B. Adrams, J.B. S117
Adams John C. S225h
Adams John M. S225h
Adams John Q. S225h
Adams John S. S225h
Adams Jones Adams, J. S117
Adams Lawrence G. Adams, L.G. S178
Adams Martha C. S225h
Adams Martin L. S225h
Adams Mary Ann Adams, Mary A. S225h
Adams Mary E. S225h
Adams Miss Ella S33
Adams Mrs. C. E. S171
Adams Nero Adams, Mero S225h
Adams Rachael L. S225h
Adams Sylvester S33
Adams William S225h
Adams William A. Adams, Wm A. S225h
Adams William F. Adams, Wm F. S225h
Adams William H. Adams, Wm H. S225h
Adams William H. H. Adams, Wm H. H. S225h
Adams William M. Adams, Wm M. S117
Adams William M. Adams, Wm M. S225h
Adams William R. Adams, Wm.R. S225h
Adams William W. Adams, Wm W. S225h
Adamson Isaac R. S225h
Adamson John Q. S225h
Addington Thomas F. Addington, Thos F. S225h
Addison Samuel J. Addeson, Saml J. S225h
Addrus Mary S225h
Addy James S225h
Addy John W. S225h
Ade Christian S225h
Adkin Haward S33
Adkins Pryor S225h
Adkins Samuel S225h
Adkins Thomas J. Adkins, Thos J. S225h
Adkins U. S. S117
Adkinson Andrew Atkinson, Andrew S228
Adkisson Mrs. Lizzie Adkisson, Mrs. Lizzie C. S117
Admire Jacob Veach Admire, J. V. S13
Admire Jacob Veach Admire, J. V. S188
Admire Miss Mina S188
Admire Mrs. Emma R. Admire, Mrs. E. R. S188
Agee Francis M. S225h
Ahrens Edward F. S225h
Ahrnsbrake Annie M. Ahmsbrake, Annie S225h
Ahrnsbrake John S225h
Ains Thomas Ains, Thos S117
Ainsworth Dr. Richard M. Ainsworth, Richard M. S225h
Ainsworth Neal S117
Airheart Basel S225h
Airheart William H. Airheart, Wm H. S225h
Aker James B. S225h
Aker John W. C. S226h
Akers Jacob P. Akers, Jacob R. S226h
Akin John B. S226h
Akins Clark S226h
Akins James S226h
Akins James T. S226h
Alair William M. Alair, Wm M. S226h
Alauay Jesse S33
Albert James W. S226h
Albert Philip K. S33
Albertson Thomas W. Albertson, Thos. W. S226h
Albin Joseph C. S226h
Albin Mary V. S226h
Albright Frank M. S226h
Albright James T. Albright, J.T. S206
Albright James T. S226h
Albright Mary A. Allright, Mary A. S226h
Albright Massie L. Massie, L. Albright S284
Albright Vachel H. Albright, Vachels W. S226h
Albright William H. Albright, W.H. S226h
Alcorn James W. S226h
Alcorn Stewart T. Alcorn, S.T. S33
Alcorn Warren S226h
Alcorn William D. Alcorn, Wm D. S226h
Alderson Matthew S226h
Aldred Elizabeth S226h
Aldridge Charles L. Aldridge, C. L. S188
Aldridge Laura A. S226h
Alexander Albert S226h
Alexander Alexander C. Alexander, A.C. S34
Alexander Archibald J. Alexander, A. J. S117
Alexander Archibald V. Alexander, A. V. S164
Alexander Archibald V. Alexander, A. V. S34
Alexander George Alexander, Geo S226h
Alexander George I. Alexander, Geo J. S226h
Alexander George J. Alexander, Geo J. S183
Alexander Hamon D. S226h
Alexander Hopson S226h
Alexander James M. S226h
Alexander Joel S188
Alexander Joel S188
Alexander John E. Alexander, J.E. S118
Alexander John E. S226h
Alexander Mrs. Catherine S34
Alexander Preston G. S226h
Alexander Thaddeus T. Alexander, Thadeus T. S226h
Alexander William Alexander, Wm S188
Alford Charles M. S226h
Alford William H. S226h
Alger Edward S226h
Alger Henry S226h
Allard Charles Allard, Chas S226h
Allard Lyman S226h
Allbright Felix D. S226h
Allegre John D. S226h
Allen A. P. S33
Allen Abraham B. S226h
Allen Arthur M. S226h
Allen Augustus D. S226h
Allen Charles E. Allen, C.E. S226h
Allen Charles M. Allen, Chas M. S226h
Allen Elias B. Allen, E.B. S214
Allen Flora S33
Allen Francis E. S226h
Allen George D. Allen, Geo D. S226h
Allen George E. Allen, Geo E. S226h
Allen Harvey R. S226h
Allen Heber S226h
Allen Henrietta L. S226h
Allen Henry C. S226h
Allen Ira B. Allen, I.B. S33
Allen Ira B. S226h
Allen J. C. S33
Allen J. C. S33
Allen James Allen, Jas S226h
Allen James S226h
Allen James C. Allen, Jas C. S226h
Allen James K. S226h
Allen John K. Allen, J. K. S188
Allen John P. S226h
Allen John R. S226h
Allen Josiah E. Allen, Josiah L. S226h
Allen Lafayette S226h
Allen Levi Alba, Levi S226h
Allen Miles W. S226h
Allen Miss D. A. S171
Allen Oscar L. S226h
Allen Pleasant R. Allen, Pleasant L. S226h
Allen Roderick J. Allen, R.J. S226h
Allen Samuel S226h
Allen Samuel W. Allen, S. W. S185
Allen Samuel W. Allen, Sam'l S188
Allen Samuel W. Allen, Sam'l W. S226h
Allen Ulysses G. Allen, N. G. S226h
Allen William Allen, Wm S34
Allen William L. Allen, Wm L. S226h
Allensworth Simon S226h
Aller Anderson A. S226h
Alley _____ S118
Alley John W. S226h
Alley William S. Alley, Wm S. S226h
Allgood William M. Allgood, Wm M. S226h
Alling Charles C. Alling, Chas. C. S226h
Allison John J. S226h
Allison John P. Allison, J.P. S34
Allison John W. S226h
Allison Kerner W. S226h
Allison Smith R. S226h
Allison Thomas Allison, Thos S226h
Allison Wesley M. S226h
Allison William M. Allison, W. M. S13
Allison William M. Allison, Wm M. S34
Allitizer Joseph Allitger, Joseph S226h
Allman John H. S226h
Allnutt James S226h
Allston Hanson T. Watner, H. J. S324
Allston Hanson T. S226h
Alma Frank A. S226h
Almond C. A. S171
Aloisa Sister S34
Alphonsa Sister S34
Alsbury Edward R. S226h
Alsip Horatio S226h
Alsop Edwin S226h
Alsup Joseph S226h
Alter Lacy E. S226h
Alyea John W. S226h
Ambrose J. T. S34
Ambrose Mrs. Tillie S34
Ames Charles F. Ames, Chas F. S226h
Amey Henry S188
Ammons Charles Ammons, Chas S171
Ammons David M. Ammons, David S171
Amos Harrison G. S226h
Amos James Amos, Jomer S226h
Amos Luther J. S226h
Amos Pinkney R. S226h
Amrein Carl S226h
Amrein Karl F. Amrien, Karl F. S226h
Amy Mrs. Olia S118
Ancker B. S118
Anderson Allen S227
Anderson Andrew G. Anderson, A. G. S226h
Anderson Andrew J. S227
Anderson Benjamin L. Anderson, Benj L. S227
Anderson Carrie I. S227
Anderson Carrie I. S34
Anderson Charles Anderson, Chas S227
Anderson Charles A. Andrews, Chas A. S227
Anderson David S227
Anderson E. A. S220
Anderson Edward R. S227
Anderson Frances S227
Anderson Frank S227
Anderson Frederick S227
Anderson G. A. S34
Anderson George Anderson, Geo S227
Anderson George Anderson,Geo S34
Anderson George L. Anderson, Geo L. S227
Anderson George S. Anderson, Geo S. S118
Anderson Henry S227
Anderson Henry H. S188
Anderson Isaac S227
Anderson James C. S227
Anderson James H. S227
Anderson James N. Anderson, J. M. S227
Anderson James W. Anderson, J. W. S118
Anderson Joel B. Anderson, Joel B. F. S227
Anderson John S227
Anderson John S227
Anderson John S227
Anderson John A. Anderson, John S188
Anderson John A. S227
Anderson John A. S227
Anderson John M. Anderson, J. M. S118
Anderson John S. S227
Anderson John V. S227
Anderson Joseph S118
Anderson Louis Anderson, Lewis S227
Anderson Mae S34
Anderson Mrs. Louisa S34
Anderson Naomi E. S227
Anderson Napoleon B. Anderson, Nap B. S227
Anderson Nels L. Anderson, Ellis L. S227
Anderson Perry N. Anderson, T. N. S227
Anderson Peter H. S227
Anderson Peter T. S227
Anderson Pleasant S227
Anderson Porter S227
Anderson Robert Anderson, Rob't S227
Anderson Sarah W. S227
Anderson Sidney Anderson, S. S227
Anderson Solomon C. Andershore, S. C. S226h
Anderson Thomas J. S227
Anderson Thomas M. Anderson, T. M. S206
Anderson Thomas M. Anderson, Thos M. S227
Anderson Vincent S227
Anderson Walter S. S227
Anderson William Anderson, Wm S227
Anderson William Anderson, Wm S227
Anderson William Anderson, Wm S227
Anderson William Anderson, Wm S227
Anderson William L. Anderson, Wm L. S227
Anderson William O. Anderson, Wm O. S227
Anderson William T. Anderson, Wm T. S227
Anderson Winfield S. S227
Andrew Cassius W. Andrew, Cassius S227
Andrews Arthur O. S227
Andrews Barbara A. S227
Andrews Charles H. Andrew, C. H. S227
Andrews Florian E. "Raz" Andrews, Florian E. S227
Andrews George M. Andrews, Geo M. S227
Andrews Jacob S227
Andrews John W. S227
Andrews Mary E. Anderson, Mary E. S227
Andrews Moses B. S227
Andrews Rena S34
Andrews Samuel Andrews, Sam'l S227
Andrews Theodore L. Andrews, Theo L. S227
Andrews William Anderson, Wm S34
Andrews William B. Anderson, Wm B. S34
Andrews William B. Andrews, W. B. S227
Angerman William E. Angerman, Wm S171
Angerman William E. Angerman, Wm E. S227
Anglea Hardy C. Anglew, Hardy C. S227
Aniol Charles Aniol, Chas S206
Aniol Mrs. B. Frances Aniol, Mrs. B. F. S206
Aniol Robert Aniol, Robt S206
Ankeny Elmer G. Ankeny, E.G. S34
Ankerman Elzy A. Ankeman, Elzy A. S227
Annabil Frank D. Annabil, F. D. S34
Annabil Frank D. Arnebil, Frank S. S228
Annis Andrew Addison Annis, Andrew A. S227
Annis Emmett Glee Annis, Emmet G. S227
Annis John T. S227
Annis Lurid Plutard Lurid, P. Annis S282
Annis Orr William Annis, Oro W. S227
Anthis Charles H. Methis, Charles H. S288
Anthis Leo James Anthis, Lee J. S227
Anthis Madison C. "Chartey" Anthis, Madison C. S227
Anthony Merrit S227
Anthony Mrs. Louisa M. S171
Anthony Thomas J. Anthony, Thos J. S227
Anthony Wallace S227
Antler Edmund R. S227
Anton Joseph S227
Appleby Alfred S227
Appleby Andrew W. S227
Appleby James B. S227
Appleby James N. S227
Appleby William H. Appleby, Wm H. S227
Appleman J. C. S34
Applewhite John H. S227
Apsley John S118
Arb William S227
Arbogast John H. S227
Arbor George Arbor, Geo S34
Arbor Joe S34
Arbuckle Isaac C. Arbuckle, T.C. S34
Archambault Fred S227
Archdale Walter S227
Archer W. R. S34
Ardery Harry F. Ardery H.F. S34
Argo James M. S227
Argo William G. S. Argo, Wm G. S. S227
Arisman Jacob W. S227
Armentrout Ida Bell Armentrout, Ida E. S227
Armor James M. Armor, J. M. S118
Armor James T. S118
Armor Seaborne M. Armor, S. M. S118
Armor William B. Armor, Wm B. S118
Arms Thomas R. Arms, Thomas S227
Armstrong Albert J. Armstrong, Albert S227
Armstrong Anthony S227
Armstrong Bishop K. S227
Armstrong Charles Armstrong, Chas S227
Armstrong Charles W. Armstrong, Chas W. S227
Armstrong Elsie M. S227
Armstrong Harrison Armstrong, H. S227
Armstrong James M. Armstrong, Jas M. S227
Armstrong John H. S34
Armstrong Josiah H. Armstrong, J. H. S227
Armstrong Miss Emma C. Armstrong, Miss Emma S34
Armstrong Miss Melvina S34
Armstrong Richard L. S227
Armstrong Robert Armstrong, Rob't S227
Armstrong Robert L. Armstrong, Rob't L. S228
Armstrong Sebastian S118
Armstrong Sebastian S228
Armstrong Thomas J. S228
Armstrong William Armstrong, Wm S228
Armstrong William F. Armstrong, Wm F. S228
Armstrong William Henry Armstrong, Wm H. S228
Arnett Edward Frank Arnett, Edw F. S228
Arnold Albert S228
Arnold Charles D. Arnold,C.D. S34
Arnold Dr. Charles D. Arnold, C. D. S188
Arnold Frank J. S228
Arnold Isaac Bryant Arnold, I.B. S34
Arnold Isaac Bryant Arnold, Isaac B. S228
Arnold James E. Arnold, James S228
Arnold John S. S228
Arnold Jones N. Arnold, James N. S228
Arnold Joseph E. Arnold, J. E. S228
Arnold Park E. S228
Arnold T. E. S118
Arnold W. S. S118
Arnold William Arnold, Wm S228
Arnold William C. Arnold, W. C. S118
Arnold William H. Arnold, Wm H. S228
Arnold Wootson H. Wootsoon, Arnold H. S330
Arp John S228
Arrell Samuel H. Arrell, S.H. S34
Arrington Lewis S228
Arthur Charles M. Arthur, Chas M. S228
Arthur William J. Arthur, Wm J. S228
Artman Dr. Byron E. Artman, Byron E. S228
Artwen John S214
Asbell Henry S228
Asbill Alonzo Assbil, Alonza S228
Ash John R. S228
Ash Lulu M. Ash, Lula M. S228
Ash W. S188
Ash William A. Ash, W. A. S188
Ashburn J. H. S118
Ashburn James S228
Ashburn R. F. S118
Ashburn Robert T. Ashburn, Robt T. S228
Ashby George W. Ashby, G. W. S118
Ashby George W. Ashly, Geo W. S228
Ashby Van Marshall Ashly, Van Marshall S228
Ashcraft Alva S35
Asher John J. Asher, J. J. S228
Asher John O. Asher, John A. S228
Ashlock George H. Ashlock, Geo H. S118
Ashman James S228
Ashman James W. Ashman, James S228
Ashmon James W. Washman, James S324
Asp Henry Edward Asp, Henry E. S35
Aspey Amos S178
Atchison Edward S185
Atchison James M. Atchison, James S185
Atherton Edward S228
Atherton Samuel P. Altherton, Sam'l C. S226h
Atkins Margaret L. Alkins, M. L. S226h
Atkinson Joseph S228
Atkinson William H. Atkinson, Wm H. S228
Atkinson William I. Atkinson, Wm I. S228
Atteberry Richard F. S228
Atwood Dr. E. F. Atwood, Dr. S204
Atzenhoffer Joseph Atzenhoffer, Jos S228
Auerback Lewis S228
Auerback Matilda A. S228
Aufleger John Amfleger, John S226h
Aughey Rev. John H. S171
Auld William Auld, Wm S228
Aulder William H. Andler, Wm H. S227
Auldridge Marion F. Auldrigde, Marion F. S228
Austian Charles Austian, Chas S228
Austian John W. S228
Austin E. W. S35
Austin Hiram S228
Austin Lester M. S228
Austin Lyman R. S228
Austin Solon S228
Austine James R. S228
Auwen John Aowen, John S214
Averyt Rev. Albert Norris Avery, Rev. A. N. S206
Axley George Adey, Geo S225h
Axley Isaac S228
Axline Willard S. Axline, Nillard S. S228
Axsom James R. Axsom, J.R. S35
Ayers Alvah S228
Ayers James F. Ayers, J.F. S35
Ayers John S118
Ayers John S228
Ayers Winfield Scott Ayers, W. S. S221
Ayers Winfield Scott Ayers, W. S. S228
Aylor William M. Aylor, Wm M. S228
Aymar James S118
Ayres Zadock Bowen Ayres, Zadock B. S228
Azbill Joseph H. Azbill, J. H. S222
Babb Clinto P. Babb, C.P. S35
Babb George H. Babb, Geo H. S228
Babb Isaac S228
Babb Thomas S35
Babb William C. Babb, Wm C. S228
Babbitt George W. S233
Babcock Edward B. Babcock, E. B. S35
Babcock Edward B. Babcock, E. B. S35
Babcock Edward P. Babcock, E. P. S35
Babcock Orlando S228
Babione Done S228
Babl Absolom M. S228
Bach Leopold S228
Back Green Trimble Back, Green T. S228
Back Herman S228
Back Levi M. S228
Backes John Backer, John S228
Backus Edward W. S228
Bacon Alonzo P. Bacon, A. P. S14
Bacon Asa L. S228
Bacon Elbert A. S228
Bacon Eugene E. Bacon, E. E. S118
Bacon Warlan B. Bacon, W. B. S228
Bacon William Bacon, Wm S228
Bacorn Fred S228
Badger D. S188
Badley Minor Bradley, Minor S235
Badraun Benjamin E. Badraun, Benj E. S228
Baechle Anton August Baechle, Anton A. S228
Baer Amos R. S228
Bagg Albert G. S228
Baggs John C. S228
Bagwell T. Jefferson Bagwell, T.J. S35
Bahruth John S327
Bailey Abdallah B. S228
Bailey Cloyd S228
Bailey David M. S228
Bailey David M. S228
Bailey Dr. Carson Bailey, Carson S228
Bailey Edward H. Bailey, Ed H. S35
Bailey Elmer S228
Bailey Frank S228
Bailey George D. Bailey, Geo D. S228
Bailey George H. Bailey, G. H. S228
Bailey Hanley P. S228
Bailey J. D. S35
Bailey James H. Bailey, James W. S228
Bailey Jasper N. S228
Bailey Jefferson P. S222
Bailey Louis S228
Bailey M. C. S118
Bailey Mathena (Nattie H.) Bailey, Miss Natie S206
Bailey Nathan A. Bailey, N. A. S206
Bailey O. P. S35
Bailey Oliver I. S228
Bailey Peter C. S228
Bailey Sidney S35
Bailey Thomas V. Bailey, Thos V. S228
Baily Asher S118
Bain Charles C. Bain, Chas C. S228
Bain John E. S118
Bain William E. Bain, Wm E. S228
Bair Jonathan D. S229
Baird C. C. S171
Baird Grant S228
BAIRD J. P. S119
Baird James S119
Baird James S35
Baird John P. Baird, John B. S229
Baird Lyman B. S119
Baird Miss Hettie S35
Bakehouse John S188
Baker Abraham S229
Baker Abram P. Barker, Abram P. S229
Baker Byron R. Byron, R. Baker S239
Baker Calvin M. Baker, C.M. S35
Baker Edward Baker, Edw S229
Baker Edward S185
Baker Elmer E. Baker, E. E. S204
Baker Emaline S229
Baker Frank W. S229
Baker George Baker, Geo S178
Baker George G. Baker, Geo S229
Baker Henry J. S229
Baker Henry N. S229
Baker Henry R. Baker, H. R. S119
Baker Isaac M. Baker, Isaac W. S229
Baker J. H. S35
Baker J. W. S35
Baker James S229
Baker James S35
Baker James E. S229
Baker Jasper N. S229
Baker John W. S229
Baker Miss May S119
Baker Mrs. Mary S188
Baker N. A. S171
Baker Rebecca J. S229
Baker Rufus N. S229
Baker William Baker, Wm S119
Baker William H. Baker, Wm H. S229
Baker William M. Baker, W.M. S35
Baker William Madison Baker, Wm M. S229
Baker William R. Baker, Wm R. S229
Baker William T. Baker, Wm T. S229
Baldock Ambrose S229
Baldozer O. T. S119
Baldwin Alva G. Baldwin,A.G. S35
Baldwin David P. S229
Baldwin Edward M. Baldwin, Ed M. S35
Baldwin F. W. S206
Baldwin Frank S206
Baldwin H. A. S119
Baldwin J. A. S119
Baldwin Joel A. S229
Baldwin John T. Baldwin, J. T. S229
Baldwin John T. S185
Baldwin Joseph B. Baldwin, J. B. S119
Baldwin Miss M. E. S206
Baldwin Samuel T. Baldwin, Sam'l T. S229
Baldwin Wilford S229
Baldwin William T. Baldwin, W. T. S229
Baldwin Winford S229
Bales David S229
Bales Francis M. S229
Bales Thomas K. S229
Bales Willis B. Bales, Wm B. S229
Ball Berne B. S229
Ball Charles H. S229
Ball Edward J. S229
Ball George W. Ball, G. W. S35
Ball Jacob E. Ball, J.E. S35
Ball James A. S229
Ball Oscar M. S229
Ball Rebecca C. S229
Ball Samuel W. Ball, Sam'l W. S229
Ball Spencer H. Ball, S.H. S35
Ball William H. Ball, Wm H. S229
Ballard Fannie E. S229
Ballard Luke G. Ballard,L.G. S35
Ballard Martha M. Ballard, Martha S229
Ballou Alexander D. Ballou, Alex D. S229
Ballou Gemmina J. S229
Ballou Missina E. S229
Ballow David S229
Baltimore Henry S119
Baly Wilson S229
Balzer Edward S119
Balzer Lucy S229
Balzer Valentine Balzer, F. S119
Bamford Enoch M. Bamford, E.M. S35
Bancom Cain Bancorn, Cane S229
Bandy Mary S198
Bandy Mrs. Mary S189
Bane Curus D. S229
Baney Isaac S229
Bangness John A. J. S229
Banks David F. S229
Banks George Banks, Geo S229
Banks John B. Banks, J. B. S119
Banks W. M. S119
Bannister Charles A. Bannister, Chas A. S229
Bannon John N. Bannon, J.N. S36
Baptist Jerry H. Baplist, Jerry H. S229
Baptiste Jesse S36
Baptiste Jesse W. S229
Barbee Allison C. S229
Barber John S229
Barber Melvern S119
Barber William Henry Barber, Wm H. S229
Barber Windsor Wilson Barber, Windsor S229
Barber Winfield Barber, Wm S229
Barbour John Buchanan Barbour, John B. S229
Barbour John O. S229
Barclay Eli S229
Barcroft John H. S229
Barcus Hyram T. Barcus, H. S119
Bardrick Elmer Elsworth Bardrick, E. E. S229
Barger George S. Barger, Geo S. S229
Bargue B. L. S36
Barker Charles M. Barker, Chas N. S229
Barker Dr. Eugene O. Barker, E.O. S36
Barker Harry N. Barker, Henry N. S229
Barker Henley W. Barker, Henry W. S229
Barker Isaac S. S229
Barker J. F. S214
Barker James H. Barker, Jas H. S229
Barker James M. Barker, Jas M. S229
Barker John S229
Barker Luke L. Barker, Luke D. S229
Barker Lunstace P. S229
Barker Mrs. May B. Barker, Mrs. M. B. S214
Barker Robert J. S229
Barker W. B. S152
Barker Washington M. Barker, Wash M. S229
Barker William M. Barker, Wm M. S229
Barker William W. Barker, Wm M. S229
Barker Winfield C. S229
Barklay M. H. S119
Barkley Mary A. S229
Barkley Mary A. S36
Barlow Jacob Barlom, Jacob S229
Barlow Lucien Herbert Barlow, L. H. S119
Barnard A. H. S36
Barnard Evan G. Barnard, E. G. S229
Barnard George W. Barnard, Geo W. S229
Barnard May Barnard, Mary S229
Barnard Oliver H. S229
Barnard Sheridan G. Barnard, Sheriden G. S229
Barnebey Melvil Barnaby, M. S36
Barnes Albert A. Barnes, A. A. S119
Barnes Benjamin Barton Barnes, Ben D. S229
Barnes C. T. Barnes, C. S119
Barnes Cassius Bartlett Barnes, C.B. S36
Barnes Cassius McDonald Barnes, C.M. S36
Barnes Charles T. Barnes, Chas T. S229
Barnes Charles W. Barnes, Chas W. S229
Barnes Edgar Pariah Barnes, Edgar P. S229
Barnes Eugene A. Barnes, Eugene S119
Barnes Frank S119
Barnes Frank S119
Barnes Franklin S229
Barnes George D. Barnes, Geo D. S229
Barnes Henry S229
Barnes J. A. S36
Barnes Jacob S119
Barnes John B. S229
Barnes John H. S222
Barnes John H. S229
Barnes Joseph C. S229
Barnes Levi Borner, Levi S234
Barnes Liona C. Barnes, Liona G. S230
Barnes McGannon Barnes, McGammon S230
Barnes Tav O. S230
Barnes W. S. S119
Barnett Enos B. Barnett, Enos S230
Barnett James S230
Barnett James J. Barnett, Jas J. S230
Barnett William Barnett, Wm S230
Barney Henry C. P. Barney, Henry C. S230
Barnhart Frederick Barnhart, Fred S230
Barnhill Alfred S230
Barnhill Lafayette P. Barnhill, Lafe P. S230
Barnhill Samuel Barnhill, Sam'l S36
Barnhill William G. Barnhill, W.G. S36
Barnhisel Stuard Barnheiser, S. S230
Barnicoat Joseph Barnacost, Jos S229
Barnthouse John L. Barnthouse, J. L. S36
Barnthouse Thomas J. S230
Barnum Alvah B. S230
Barnum Edward A. S230
Barnum Eli Marshall S185
Barnum George G. Barum, Geo G. S230
Barnum Mrs. Marshall Nelson (Mary) S185
Barok Annie S230
Barok Bill S230
Barok Joseph S230
Barok Mary S230
Barr Albert S. S230
Barr E. W. S36
Barr Ernst S36
Barr Esley S36
Barr George T. Barr, Geo T. S230
Barr George W. Barr, Geo W. S230
Barr James A. Barr, James S36
Barr James E. Barr, Jas E. S230
Barr James E. S230
Barr Naomi W. S230
Barr William F. Barr, Wm F. S230
Barrackman David Harvey Barrickman, H. D. S189
Barrett Benjamin Barrett, Benj S230
Barrett Charles Barrett, Chas S230
Barrett Charles G. Barrett, Chas G. S230
Barrett Christopher C. Barrett, Christo C. S230
Barrett Forrest F. Barrett, F. F. S230
Barrett Henry S230
Barrett James S230
Barrett John S230
Barrett John H. S230
Barrett Nicholas D. Barrett, N. D. S230
Barrett Seth S230
Barrett William R. Barrett, Wm R. S230
Barrier Patrick H. Barrier, Patrick S230
Barringer George P. Barringer, Geo P. S230
Barringer William Barringer, Wm S230
Barrow Aaron C. Barrows, Aaron C. S230
Barrow Josephus E. S230
Barrows Elva C. Barrows, Elva S119
Barrows John S119
Barrows John R. Barrows, J. R. S119
Barry John H. S120
Barta Frank S120
Bartell Samuel E. S230
Barth John J. S230
Barth Richard Barth, Richd S120
Bartholet Matthew S230
Bartholet Peter S230
Bartlett Frank E. S230
Bartlett George H. Bartlett, Geo H. S230
Bartlett James L. S230
Bartlett William E. Bartlett, Wm E. S230
Bartley Charles P. Bartley, Chas P. S230
Bartley Francis Marion Bartley, F. M. S230
Bartling William H. Bartling, Wm H. S230
Bartlow Sarah A. S230
Bartmess Jacob S230
Barto Alpheus C. S230
Barto John S230
Barto William W. Barto, Wm W. S230
Barton Albert M. S230
Barton Charles Barton, Chas S230
Barton James P. Barton, J.P. S36
Barton Jonathan Burton, Jonathan S238
Barton William Barton, Wm S230
Basey Lafayette Basey, Lafe S230
Basford J. W. S171
Bash Joseph H. Bash, J. H. S230
Basinger Joseph S. Basinger, J. S. S230
Baskins Ada S230
Baskins William M. Baskins, Wm S230
Bass Albert S36
Bassett Joseph E. S230
Bassford Beulah Bassford, Bulah S230
Batch William H. Batch, Wm H. S230
Bateman Joel Baleman, Joel S229
Bates James N. S230
Bates John S120
Bates John L. S230
Bates Lou B. Bates, L. B. S120
Bates Mortimer W. S230
Bates Mrs. L. V. S120
Bates Oliver W. Bates, W. S230
Bates Thadeous M. Bates, Thad M. S230
Bates Tony Bates, Toney S120
Bates William Bates, Wm. S230
Batey Robert Batey, Rob't S230
Bath Henry Both, Henry S234
Bathurst Dwight L. Barthurst, Dwight L. S230
Batrum David S230
Battles Levi M. S230
Baty Ira S204
Baty William A. Baty, W. A. S204
Baty William A. Baty, Wm S230
Bauer Jacob S230
Bauer Joseph S230
Bauer Mrs. Anna L. Bauer, Mrs. A. L. S120
Baugh Anderson S230
Baughman James H. S230
Baughman John B. Baughman, J. B. S204
Baughman John B. S230
Baughman Willis S. Baughman, W. S. S204
Baughn William Hamlin Baughn. W. H. S36
Baum James A. Baum, Joseph A. S230
Baum John H. S230
Baum Joseph S36
Bauman Nancy Ann Bauman, Nancy A. S230
Bauman Thomas Bauman, Thos S230
Baxley Oscar B. S230
Baxter A. C. S37
Baxter Hirah S171
Baxter James F. S37
Baxter Sylvester S230
Baxter William H. Baxter, W. H. S37
Baxter William H. Baxter, Wm H. S230
Baxter William H. Baxtor, Wm H. S230
Bay Edwin R. S230
Bayard Harvey L. Bryan, Harvey L. S237
Bayer Edward Bayer, Edwd S37
Bayles George W. Bayles, Geo W. S230
Bays William A. Bays, Wm A. S230
Bazemore Joseph Henry Bazemore, Henry S230
Beach Elijah P. S230
Beach John L. S189
Beach Quinton F. S231
Beacon Charles W. Beacom, C.W. S37
Beadles James B. Beadles, J.B. S37
Beadles Walter Scott Beadles,W.S. S37
Beadles William L. Beadles, W. L. S231
Beal Benjamin F. Beal, Benj S188
Beal Benjamin T. S231
Beal Matthew E. Beal, Matt E. S231
Beal Robert K. S231
Beal Robert R. Beal, Robt S188
Beal William B. Beal, Wm B. S37
Beal William L. Beal, Wm L. S231
Beale Dr. Andrew J. Beale, Andrew J. S231
Beale Dr. Andrew J. Beale, Dr. A. J. S120
Beale Robert W. S231
Beamer Henry C. Beamer, H.C. S37
Beamer William S. Beamer, Wm S. S231
Beamon Carter M. S231
Bean John S231
Bean John S231
Bean R. J. S120
Bean William H. Bean, W. H. S120
Beanblossom---see Beemblossom Beemblossom, Zem E. S231
Bear George W. Beas, Geo W. S185
Bear Nelson S231
Beard A. S120
Beard Alexander S206
Beard Charles W. Beard, C. W. S120
Beard David S231
Beard Henry G. Beard, H. J. S120
Beard Jerome P. S231
Beard John W. Beard, J. W. S120
Beard Lindley H. Beard, Linley S120
Beard Lyman F. Beard, Lyman S120
Beard M. B. S120
Beard Miss Lola G. Beard, Miss L. G. S120
Beard Phil S231
Beard Thomas B. Beard, Thos B. S231
Beardsley Stephen P. S231
Bearhs Christian E. Bearls, Christian E. S14
Beary Joseph S. Beary, J. S. S120
Beasley Edward S231
Beasley Philip S231
Beattie Ellis L. S231
Beattie John S231
Beaty Doc M. S231
Beaty George W. Beaty, Geo S120
Beaty James N. Beaty, J. N. S120
Beaty John H. Beaty, J. H. S120
Beauchamp Commodore Perry Beauchamp, C. P. S120
Beauchamp William P. Beauchamp, W. P. S120
Beaumont Lewis S231
Beaver Dr. S120
Beaver Dr. James D. Beaver, Dr. J. D. S189
Beaver Mehine C. Beaver. M.C. S37
Beavers Joseph M. S231
Bechtold Julius S120
Beck Albert S. S37
Beck Frederick Beck, Fred K. S231
Beck Harry M. S231
Beck Joseph Rev. Father S120
Beck Josiah S231
Beck T. L. S120
Beck Willis M. Beck, Wm M. S231
Becker P. S. S178
Beckley Montrose S231
Beckman John S231
Beckman William Beckman, Wm S231
Beckmire A. L. S216
Becknell Allie S37
Becknell Harvey S37
Becknell Silas A. Beclnell, S.A. S37
Beckner Aaron S231
Beckner George Beckner, Geo S231
Beckner Thomas A. Beckner, Thos A. S231
Beckner William Beckner, Wm S231
Beckwith George R. Beckwith, Geo R. S231
Beckwith William H. Beckwith, W. H. S231
Beckworth Charles S231
Bedermann Fred S120
Bedingfield Della A. S231
Bednash John Bedwash, John S231
Beebe John W. S14
Beebe John W. S37
Beecham Nathan S231
Beedle Jacob F. S231
Beegle Ollie V. Beegle, O. E. S185
Beel Henry S120
Beeler Charles G. J. Beelor, C. G. J. S231
Beeler George H. Beeler, Geo H. S231
Beeler Israel D. Beeler, Israel S231
Beeman Frank A. S231
Beeman John M. Beeman, John N. S231
Beemblossom Dr. Zeno Edward Beemblossom, Zem E. S231
Beemen Jestus W. Beeman, J. W. S231
Beers Charles W. Beers, C. W. S178
Beers Frank S120
Beers Mrs. Nannie E. Beers, Mrs. N. E. S120
Beesley Peter B. S231
Beesley Walker W. S231
Beeson Jesse D. Beeson, J. D. S183
Beeson John C. S231
Beeson William C. Beeson, Wm C. S231
Beffel Nicholaus Beffel, Nicholans S231
Beguin Henry R. S231
Beguin Oswald S231
Behan Thomas Behon, Thomas S231
Beidler Frank X. S231
Beidler George A. Beidler, G. A. S120
Beidler George A. Beidler, Geo A. S14
Beierschmitt Frank Biarschmidt, Frank S232
Beitman Alice V. Bietman, Alice V. S232
Beitman Charles E. Burtmen, Chas E. S238
Beitman William J. Britman, Wm J. S235
Beland Louis Irenus Beland, L.I. S37
Belcher Charles Belcher, Chas S231
Belcher Frank S231
Belcher Henry Belcher, Hy S231
Belcher Mack S231
Belcher Sallie S231
Belcher William H. Belcher, W. H. S120
Belden Eddie S231
Beleele Anthony S231
Beleele Joseph S231
Beleele Lewis S231
Beleele Peter S231
Beliel Archie H. Archer, H. Beliel S227
Beliel Joseph S231
Beliel Joseph A. S231
Beliel Mary A. S231
Belknap Orange Belknap, O. S37
Bell Abbie S231
Bell Abner C. S231
Bell Alfred S231
Bell James F. Bell, J.F. S37
Bell James Melvin Bell, James M. S231
Bell Jesse S231
Bell John A. S231
Bell Joseph E. Bell, J. E. S121
Bell Samuel T. S231
Bell Thomas Bell, Thos S231
Bellamy William H. Bellamy, M. H. S206
Bellamy William H. Bellany, Wm H. S231
Bellamy William H. S210
Bellmeyer Thomas H. S231
Bellomy Robert S. Belkney, R. S. S231
Bellomy Robert S. Bellomy, R. S. S189
Bellomy William E. Bellomy, Wm E. S121
Bellony Charles W. Bellomy, Chas W. S231
Bellony John M. Bellomy, Jno M. E. S231
Belt David Belt, D. S189
Belt Fred A. Belt, F. A. S189
Belt Harry E. Belt, H. E. S189
Belt James A. Belt, James H. S231
Belveal John Edgar Belveal, John E. S231
Belveal John J. S231
Belveal William Dodge Belveal, Wm D. S231
Bemiss Hallet R. S231
Benda John Bender, John S231
Bender Alexander C. Bender, Alex C. S232
Bender R. F. S37
Bender Samuel L. Bender, Sam'l L. S232
Benedict Clara L. S232
Benedict Mrs. Malinda B. Benedict, Mrs. M. B. S185
Benedict William L. Benedict, Wm L. S232
Benepe Dr. Leander Warfield Benepe, L. W. S121
Benge Harvey L. S232
Benge Theodore Beage, Theo S231
Benham Miss Lee A. Benham, Miss L. A. S37
Benight Charles D. Benight, C.D. S37
Bennett A. W. S37
Bennett Bunnberry B. Bennett,B.B. S37
Bennett C. T. S37
Bennett Charles Bennett,Chas S37
Bennett Daniel M. Bennett, Dan'l M. S232
Bennett David J. S232
Bennett Ernest Bennett, E. S121
Bennett George Bennett, Geo S37
Bennett George H. Bennett, G. H. S171
Bennett George H. Bennett, Geo H. S232
Bennett H. G. S178
Bennett James W. Bennett, J. W. S189
Bennett James W. Bennett, J. W. S232
Bennett Noah W. S232
Bennett William M. Belmett, Wm M. S231
Bennington James S232
Bennington William M. Bennington, Wm S232
Bennitt Lewis W. Bennitt, L. W. S232
Benson Abraham S232
Benson Benjamin Benson, Benj S121
Benson C. E. S37
Benson John S232
Benson John S. S232
Benson Joseph P. S232
Benson Robert A. Benson, Robt A. S232
Benson William L. C. Beason, W. L. C. S231
Bentley James H. S37
Bentley William D. Bentley, Wm S. S232
Benton Frederick W. Benton, F. W. S232
Berg Frank Berg, F. S121
Berger Charles A. Berger, Chas A. S13
Berger Charles A. Berger, Chas A. S37
Berglan Martha A. S232
Bergmann Cornelius A. Bergenann, C. A. S232
Bergstrom Andrew S232
Berkey Benjamin F. Berkey, B.F. S37
Berkey William M. Berkey, Wm S232
Berkley Edwin S. Berkeley, Edwin S. S232
Berkley James M. S232
Bernard Alvin G. S232
Bernard Charlie O. Bernard, Chas O. S232
Berndt Frederick H. Berndt, Fred S121
Bernstein Isaac Bernstein, Ike S178
Berousek James Beronsek, James S232
Berrian Clarence E. Berrian, C. E. S121
Berry A. A. S206
Berry Andrew A. S206
Berry Garett S232
Berry George G. Berry, Geo G. S232
Berry George W. Berry, Geo W. S232
Berry Isaac King Berry, I.K. S37
Berry J. A. S121
Berry J. J. S183
Berry James S232
Berry Joseph K. Berry, Joseph R. S232
Berry Julius Berry, Jake S221
Berry Martin S232
Berry Mrs. Mary Ann Berry, Mary A. S232
Berry Robert Berry, Robt S206
Berry Robert Crittenden Berry, Robt C. S206
Berry Robert Crittenden Berry, Robt C. S232
Berry Samuel B. Berry, S.B. S37
Berry Thomas E. Berry, Thos E. S206
Berryhill Henry S38
Bertholick Thomas Bertholick, Thos S38
Bertwell Fremont Bentwell, Fremont S232
Best Charles Best, Chas S204
Best Frank J. Best, F.J. S38
Best Isaac S214
Bettes Andrew J. Beetes, Andrew J. S231
Bettes John W. S232
Betts Harry T. Betts, H. T. S121
Betts William H. Betts, Wm H. S232
Beuchaw Amile Benchaw, Amile S231
Beuchaw Louis Benchan, Louis S231
Bevans Sidney B. Bevans, S.B. S38
Bevans Sidney B. S232
Bevery Dr. Henry H. Bevery, Dr. H. H. S121
Bevier Lewis H. Belvier, Lewis H. S231
Bevis Otis H. Bevis, O. H. S204
Bewley William D. Bewley, Wm D. S232
Beyer Albert Eugene "Eugene" Beyer, Eugene S232
Beyer Arno Owen Beyer, Arno S232
Beysinger Edward Baysinger, Edmond S230
Bezdechek John Bozdechek, John S234
Bias Jonathan H. Biar, Jonathan H. S232
Biberdorf Adolph Berberdorp, Adolph S232
Bible Solon A. S232
Biby Charles W. Biby, Chas N. S232
Bickell Robert M. Beckell, Robert M. S231
Bickford Charles B. Bickford, C. B. S121
Bickford Harvey L. Bickford, H. L. S121
Bicknell Isaac S232
Bidderback John C. Bilderback, J. C. S232
Biddle William S. Jr. Biddle, Wm S. jr. S38
Bieberdorf Edward Biebirdorf, Edwd S232
Bieberdorf Fredrich Biedirdorf, Fredk S232
Biederman Anton Beederman, Anton S231
Bierer Andrew Gordon Curtin Bierer, A. G. C. S38
Bierer Curt Bierer, A. G. C. S38
Bierwalter Joseph G. S178
Biggerstaff Porter F. S232
Biggerstaff Thomas J. S232
Biggs Bert S38
Biggs J. P. S38
Biggs Miss Ella S38
Biggs William R. Biggs, Wm R. S232
Biggs William R. Biggs, Wm R. S232
Bigham Eli T. S232
Bigham Robert R. Bigham, Robt R. S232
Biglow J. H. Biglow, J. C. S121
Bilderback Charles W. Bilderback, Chas W. S232
Biles George H. Biles, G. H. S121
Billings John W. S232
Billings William Billings, Wm S189
Billingsley George Bellingsley, Geo S231
Billingsley George Billingsley, Geo S171
Bilyen Isaac R. S232
Bilyen Peter M. Bilyer, Peter M. S232
Bilyen Sarah E. S232
Bilyen Simon N. S232
Binder William Binder, Wm S232
Bingham Daniel P. Bingham, Danl P. S232
Bingham John S38
Bingham John S38
Bingham Luther S232
Binkley Lafayette S232
Binns Andrew F. S121
Binns Benjamin E. Binns, B. E. S121
Binns George S38
Birch Alfred L. S232
Birchfield Charles McDowell Birchfield, Chas McD. S232
Bircket Elbin Allen Bircket, Elbin S232
Bird James S232
Bird James T. Bird, Jas T. S232
Bird Louis A. S232
Birdie Martin S232
Bishoff Louis S216
Bishoff Louis T. Bishoff, L. F. S216
Bishop Alexander C. Bishop, A.C. S38
Bishop David P. Bishop, D.P. S38
Bishop David P. S232
Bishop Edward W. S232
Bishop Francis S232
Bishop Homer R. S39
Bishop James M. S13
Bishop John H. Bishop, John M. S232
Bishop John Wesley Bishop, John W. S232
Bishop John Wesley Bishop, John W. S39
Bishop Philip S232
Bishop William E. Bishop, Wm E. S232
Bishop William P. Bishup, Wm P. S232
Bitsche Edward Bitche, Edward S232
Bivens Joseph S204
Bixby Herbert Bixley, Herbert S121
Bixler Levi Bixler, L. S13
Bixler Levi S232
Black Dr. Henry H. Black, H. H. S121
Black Francis M. S232
Black Hugh S232
Black John O. S232
Black John W. S232
Black Mary L. S232
Black R. S216
Black Robert Wilson Black, R.W. S39
Black William W. Black, W. W. S216
Blackburn Elizabeth S232
Blackburn Frank S232
Blackburn Henry L. S232
Blackburn John Alton Blackburn, John A. S121
Blackburn John Alton Jr. Blackburn, J. Alton S121
Blackburn Joseph G. S121
Blackburn Samuel Blackburn, S. C. S232
Blackburn Shelley H. Blackburn, S.H. S39
Blackburn William P. Blackburn, W. P. S121
Blackerby Frank Blackerly, Frank S232
Blackerby George W. Blackerly, Geo W. S232
Blackerby Henry L. Blackerly, Henry S232
Blackerby Thomas W. Blackerly, Thomas W. S232
Blackford Harrison S232
Blackford James L. S189
Blackford John H. S189
Blackford John W. Blackford, Jno W. S232
Blackman Wesley Blackburn, Wesley S232
Blackman William H. Blackmon, W. H. S206
Blackstone Charles M. Blackstone, C.M. S39
Blackwell Frances S233
Blackwell Graves S39
Blackwell Jesse A. Backwell, Jesse A. S228
Blackwell Marshall S121
Blackwell Miss Amanda Blackwell, Mrs. A. S216
Blackwell Robert Blackwell, Robt S233
Blackwell William H. Blackwell, Wm H. S233
Blackwood Ed L. S121
Blades Clara Belle Blades, Clara B. S233
Blades Duncan S233
Blair Francis M. Blair, F. M. S233
Blair George L. Blair, Geo L. S233
Blair J. H. S121
Blair Jerome W. S233
Blair John A. S233
Blair Marion F. S189
Blair Milton S233
Blair Needham S233
Blair Thomas Blair, Thos S233
Blair Thomas F. S233
Blaise Thomas Blaise, Thos S121
Blaize Thomas Blaize, Thos S121
Blake Charles L. Blake, Chas F. S233
Blake Cyril Carpenter Blake, C. C. S121
Blake George Blake, Geo S206
Blake George W. Blake, Geo W. S233
Blake Irwin S233
Blake James S39
Blake Mrs. Esther Blake, Mrs. E. S121
Blake Nicholas H. S233
Blake P. S207
Blake Tyler Blake, T. S206
Blake Tyler S13
Blakeney R. T. S121
Blakeney Robert Quarles Blakeney, R. Q. S121
Blakenship R. L. S121
Blakeslee Charles W. Blakeslee, Chas W. S204
Blakeslee Joseph Blakeslee, J. S39
Blakeslee Joseph Blakeslee, Jos S233
Blakesley Charles Blakesley, Chas S233
Blakesley John S. S233
Blakley Samuel R. Blakely, S. R. S233
Blanchard Addison G. Blanchard, A. G. S233
Blanchard Mary E. S233
Blanchard Thomas A. S233
Blanchett Thomas M. S233
Bland Julius W. S233
Bland Miss Della S39
Bland Samuel M. S233
Blaney William Blaney, Wm S233
Blank Isaac S233
Blankenship Charles Blankenship, Chas S220
Blankenship D. L. S121
Blankenship Harley Blankenship, Hailey S233
Blankenship Hiram S233
Blankenship William S. Blankenship, Wm D. S233
Blankinship Francis M. Blankinship, F. M. S121
Blanton John W. S233
Blanvelt Aden G. S233
Blasier John S233
Blasier Willie S233
Blass Oliver R. Blass, O. R. S233
Blass Peter P. Blass, P.P. S39
Blass Peter P. S233
Blazer Frank S233
Bleakmore Wylie H. Bleakmore, W.H. S39
Bleakney Robert W. Bleakness, Robt W. S233
Blecha Andrew S233
Bledsoe James F. S233
Bledsoe William L. Bledsoe, Wm L. S233
Bledson Frank Bledsoe, Frank S233
Bleeker Jonathan A. L. "Latin" Bleeker, J. A. S122
Blehm David Blehue, David S233
Bleschke Herman Bleschke, H. S189
Bleuler Charles Walter Blewler, C.W. S39
Bleuler Norman E. Blewler, N.E. S39
Blevins Ezekiel S233
Blevins Jacob S233
Blevins Solomon Belvins, Solomon S231
Blick Eli S122
Blincoe Edward L. Blincoe, E.L. S39
Blincoe William Blinco, Wm S39
Bliss Miss Nellie C. S39
Blivins Benjamin Blevins, Benj S233
Blizzard Margaret E. S233
Block Garrett H. Block, G. H. S185
Block Nathan N. S222
Blocker William F. Blocker, W.F. S39
Blood Frederick W. Blood, W.F. S39
Bloom James W. S233
Bloom John D. S233
Bloom John J. S233
Bloomer James F. Bloomer J.F. S39
Bloomer William J. Bloomer, W.J. S39
Blubaugh David S39
Blue Benjamin S122
Bly Benjamin Bly, Benj S233
Bly George Bly, Geo S233
Bly Hattie Hudson Hudson, Hattie S271
Board Edward S233
Boardman Andrew A. S233
Boatright Jack C. (Andrew J.) Boatright, Jack S233
Boatright Jackson M. Boatright, J. M. S214
Bobb Absalom W. Babl, Absolom M. S228
Bobo James S. Bobo, J. S. S122
Bock Henry Lewis Bock, Henry L. S233
Bock John J. S233
Bock Milton L. Bock, M. L. S122
Bock Milton L. S233
Bocock Camillus A. Bocock, C. A. S233
Bocock George D. R. Bocock, Geo D. R. S233
Bocock James H. S233
Bocock Norman S233
Bocock Sherman S233
Bocox Charles A. Bocox, Charles S233
Bocox John E. Bocox, John S233
Boddy William J. Boddy, W. J. S233
Bode Charles F. Bode, Chas F. S233
Bodenhamer Michael L. Bodenhamer, M. L. S233
Bodine Charles I. S233
Bodine James A. S233
Bodine Thomas A. S233
Bodine William T. Bodine, Wm T. S233
Bodle Alexander T. Jr. Bodle, A. T. S14
Body John S233
Boeme Francis H. Boerne, Francis H. S233
Boggs Joseph G. Boggs, Joesph G. S233
Boggs Myrtle S122
Bogle William E. Bogle, Wm E. S233
Bohannan Tolliver B. Bohannan, T. B. S122
Bohannon John L. Bohannan, John L. S233
Bohl Robert L. S233
Bohn Francis M. S233
Boies Thaddeus W. Boies, T. W. S216
Boies Thaddeus W. Bores, Thaddeus W. S234
Bolan Patrick S122
Bolend George C. Boland, Geo C. S233
Boles Ellis Boles, Elles S233
Boles John A. Boles, John H. S233
Boles John J. S39
Boles John T. S233
Boling Clarence G. Boling, Clarence S233
Boling George W. Boling, Geo W. S233
Boling Thomas S233
Bolinger Harrison A. Bollinger, Harrison A. S233
Bolinger Solomon Balanger, S. S229
Bollenback Gustavus Bollenback, Gus S233
Bollin Alfred Ballin, Alfred S229
Bolling James H. Bolling, Jas H. S122
Bolton Arthur T. Beltern, Arthur T. S231
Bolton George C. Bolten, Geo C. S233
Bolton Levi J. Bolten, Levi J. S233
Bolton Robert B. Bolten, R. B. S233
Boman Luke R. Boman, L. R. S122
Bomer J. A. S111
Bond Andrew J. S233
Bond E. J. S122
Bond John S233
Bond Joseph M. S233
Bond R. A. S122
Bond Simeon S. S233
Bonde Rasmus S233
Bone John L. S233
Bonfils Frederick Gilmer Bonfils, Fred G. S39
Bonnell Harvey S. S233
Bonnell Lewis F. Bonnell, L. F. S185
Bonner Francis A. Bormer, Francis S234
Bonner James V. S234
Bonner Rev. Reuben J. Bonner, Rev. R. J. S122
Bonnett William J. Bonnett, Wm J. S189
Bonney Edward S122
Bontty John S122
Boon Peter K. Boon, P.K. S39
Boone Daniel Bone, Daniel S233
Boone Reuben L. S234
Booth Harry A. Booth, H.A. S39
Booth James R. Booth, J. R. S189
Booth James R. S234
Booth John W. S234
Booth Joseph W. S234
Booth Josiah F. Booth, J. F. S234
Booth Martha L. S234
Booth Thomas H. Booth, Thos H. S234
Booth Wilson L. S234
Boothby Arthur Boothly, Arthur S234
Borchert Ernest Bonchert, Ernest S233
Boren William S. Boren, W.S. S39
Bort William Franklin Bort, W. F. S189
Bosley Emma Boster, S39
Bosley Harvey S234
Bosley Maggie S234
Boss George H. Boss, G. H. S122
Boss J. G. S222
Bost Fred A. S234
Boster Phillip M. Boster, P.M. S39
Boston Charley Boston, Chas S234
Boston George Boston, Geo S234
Boston James C. S234
Bostwick Adrian Lewellen Bostwick, Adrian L. S234
Bosworth George A. Bozworth, G. A. S234
Bota Peter F. Bata, Peter F. S230
Bota Peter F. S234
Bothel David C. Bethel, D. C. S14
Bothel David C. S221
Bothel David C. S234
Botkin Calvin Botkins, Calvin S234
Bott James H. S234
Bottoms Abram W. Bottoms, A.W. S39
Bottoms Abram W. Bottoms, Abrm W. S234
Bottoms David S39
Bottoms Tillie S40
Bottoms William F. Bottoms, Wm F. S234
Boucher Benjamin Boucher, Benj S234
Bouchner Vaclav Bouchner, Vaclar S234
Boughman Miss Lillie S122
Boughton James M. Boughton, J. M. S234
Boulson Dr. Isaac C. Bolton, I. C. S122
Bourdette Joseph R. S222
Bourger John J. S234
Bourn Marquis Lafayette Bourn, M. L. S122
Bourne Albert E. S234
Bourne Marquis Lafayette Bourne, M. L. S122
Bourne Nellie S122
Bouse Joseph W. Bouse, J. W. S122
Bowbeer Benjamin Bowbeer, Benj S234
Bowden Wiley F. S234
Bowe Jerusha H. Bower, Jemsher H. S234
Bowen Angie S234
Bowen Finley S234
Bowen Francis J. S234
Bowen Fremont Warren Bowen, Fremont U. S234
Bowen George M. Bowen, G. M. S234
Bowen George M. Bowen, Geo M. S234
Bowen Joseph S. Bowan, Jas S. S234
Bowen Theophilus S234
Bowers Austin H. S234
Bowers Harrison S234
Bowers Henry S234
Bowers R. S. S122
Bowers Rodolphus S234
Bowers Sam S40
Bowers Wesley S234
Bowhay Arthur S234
Bowles Joseph M. Bowles, Jos M. S234
Bowles Thomas A. Bowles, Thos A. S234
Bowls Henry S234
Bowman Benjamin Bowman, Benj S40
Bowman Charles J. Bowman, Chas J. S234
Bowman Cynthia E. M. Bowman, Cynthia S234
Bowman Eugene F. S234
Bowman Ezra Jacob Bowman, Ezra J. S234
Bowman Harold S234
Bowman Isaac F. S234
Bowman John S234
Bowman John S. S234
Bowman Milton S122
Bowman Philip V. S234
Bowman Rhinald Bowman, Rhinald H. S234
Bowman Truman O. Bowman, Thurman O. S234
Bowyer William H. Bowyer, Wm H. S234
Boyd Abner S234
Boyd Cornelius M. S234
Boyd George Boyd, Geo S234
Boyd George M. Boyd, Geo M. S234
Boyd Henry C. S234
Boyd John B. Boyd, J. B. S234
Boyd John J. S234
Boyd John L. S234
Boyd Joseph L. S234
Boyd Joseph S. Boyd, J. S. S189
Boyd Newton S234
Boyd Otto E. S234
Boyd Richard S234
Boyd Robert C. Boyd, Rob't C. S234
Boyd Thomas J. Boyd, Thos J. S234
Boyd Wiley W. Boyd, W. W. S122
Boyd William T. Boyd, Wm T. S234
Boyd Zachariah T. S234
Boydstun John Boydstem, John S234
Boydstun William Boydstun, Wm S234
Boyer David H. S234
Boyington Andrew A. Boyington, A. O. S234
Boyle Charles B. Boyle, C. B. S122
Boyle Harvey A. S234
Boyle James P. Boyle, J. P. S122
Boyle John H. S234
Boyle Manasses S234
Boyles Andrew J. Boyles, A. I. S234
Boyles Hiram S122
Boys Richard A. S234
Boys William Boys, Wm S234
Bozark Grant S171
Bozarth Benjamin Reeves Bozorth, B. R. S234
Brabson Jacob S40
Bracht Emil S122
Bracht Emil S234
Bracht Watson T. Bracht, W. T. S122
Bracken Joseph F. S234
Bracy Franklin H. S234
Bradbury John William Bradbury, John W. S234
Bradbury Samuel S. Bradbury, S. S. S234
Braden Andrew J. Braden, James B. S234
Braden Charles F. Braden, Chas F. S214
Braden Charles F. Braden, Chas F. S234
Braden Robert E. S234
Bradfield Elston E. Brodfield, Elston E. S236
Bradford Dr. Claudius B. Bradford, C. B. S122
Bradford Frank S234
Bradford Fred J. Bradford, F. J. S122
Bradford Stephen N. Bradford, Stephen S235
Bradford William Breadford, Wm S235
Bradford William R. Bradford, Wm R. S235
Bradley Carter S235
Bradley Daniel S235
Bradley Edward J. S235
Bradley James H. Bradley, Jas H. S235
Bradley John D. S235
Bradley John W. S235
Bradley Joseph S235
Bradley Mathew Bradley, Matthew S235
Bradley Miss Mabel S40
Bradley Stephen H. S40
Bradley William Bradley, Wm S235
Bradley William Bradley, Wm S235
Bradley William R. Bradley, Wm R. S235
Bradley Younger Berry Bradley, Younger B. S235
Bradshaw Albert S. S235
Bradshaw Eugene B. Bradshaw, E. B. S40
Bradshaw Eugene B. S235
Bradshaw George Bradshaw, Geo S235
Bradshaw Joseph S235
Bradwell Cuthbert S235
Bradwell Winfield C. S235
Brady Alexander C. Brady, Alex C. S235
Brady David S235
Brady Delia S40
Brady Frank S206
Brady Joseph J. S235
Brady Samuel M. S235
Braidwood Thomas P. Braidwood, Thos P. S14
Braithwaite Charles Braithwaite, Chas S40
Braithwaite Charles E. S40
Brake Bennett W. Brake, Bennett S235
Brakefield Elyphalet C. Brakefield, E. C. S235
Braker James W. S235
Braker John T. S235
Braman Alfred S. S235
Brame Robert H. S235
Brame Thomas Brame, Thos S235
Brandhouse Peter S235
Brandley Charles Brandley, Chas S235
Brandom Frank V. Brandom, F. V. S122
Brandon Isaac E. Brandon, I. E. S189
Brandon Isaac E. Brandon, I. E. S189
Brandon Isaac E. S189
Brandon Joseph F. S235
Brandon Nathaniel S235
Brandon Robert W. S235
Brandt Gustave Brandt, Gus S40
Brandt Gustave S235
Branen Charles A. "Arga" Branen, Chas A. S235
Branham Isaac O. S235
Branham James M. Branham, Jas M. S235
Branham Richard L. S235
Branham Richard L. S40
Braniger Francis Levi Braniger, Francis S235
Brannan Robert S235
Brannon Ancil G. S235
Brannon William A. Brannon, W. A. S235
Branson Jacob S235
Brant Romey S40
Brasmell William A. Brasmell, Wm A. S235
Bratt Frank E. Pratt, Frank E. S300
Braun Johan S189
Brauningen Martin S40
Brawdy Washington Bowdy, Washington S234
Bray Mrs. Josie S40
Brazel William Brazel, Wm S40
Breakfield Amos H. S235
Breckenridge Robert Breckenridge, R. S235
Breeden Cornelius W. Breedon, C. W. S235
Breeden John W. Breedon, J. W. S235
Brees Simeon N. Brees, S. N. S189
Breezley John W. S235
Breezley William J. Breezley, Wm J. S235
Bregenzer Joseph S235
Brengel Charles S. Brengel, Chas S. S40
Brengle John F. S235
Brengle Richard L. S235
Brennan Frank B. Brennan, Frank S235
Brennan Robert C. S235
Brennan Thomas J. Brannan, Thos J. S235
Brent James B. S235
Brenton Jacob S220
Brenton Mrs. Delia S220
Brestel George Prestel, Geo S300
Brewer Charles Brewer, Chas S40
Brewer Charles F. Brewer, Chas F. S235
Brewer E. R. S190
Brewer George B. Brewer, Geo B. S235
Brewer Jabez E. Brewer, J. E. S40
Brewer John C. S235
Brewer John W. Brewer, J. W. S178
Brewer Joseph S. Brewer, Joseph S235
Brewer Lyman S235
Brewer S. T. S183
Brewer Walter F. Brewer, W. F. S40
Brewer William A. Brewer, W. A. S178
Brewster Nathan A. S235
Brewster Oscar E. S235
Brezina John S235
Brian Rufus R. Brian, R. R. S40
Brian T. A. S40
Brian Tom S40
Brickner John Theodore Brickner, John S40
Briden Albert S235
Bridges John H. S235
Bridges Mortimore A. S235
Bridges William M. Bridges, Wm W. S235
Bridson Edward S235
Bridson Robert S235
Brierly Albert L. Brierly, A. L. S190
Brierton Henry E. Brierton, H. E. S41
Brierton Julius S41
Briggs C. G. S190
Briggs Hugh S. S235
Briggs Jacob N. S235
Briggs Joseph S235
Briggs Josiah S. S235
Briggs Rev. David S. S235
Briggs Russell S41
Briggs W. G. S41
Brigham J. W. S171
Brigham Margaret E. S235
Bright Columbus S123
Bright Dr. John A. Bright, J. A. S190
Bright Harry S41
Bright Joseph S235
Bright Robert S235
Brigman Robert S235
Brill John S235
Bringham Joseph W. Bringham, Joseph S235
Bringold Gottfrey Ringold, Gottfrey S304
Brink Jackson Burck, Jackson S238
Brink Mortimer S235
Brinkmann August Brinkmann, Aug S235
Brinkmann Herman S235
Brinley Luke S235
Brisco Alfred A. S206
Brisco Jeremiah S. S235
Brison James R. S235
Brissenden Clarence S235
Britt Anderson S235
Britt Winfield S. S236
Brittain Horace Brittian, Horace S236
Brittain James E. S235
Brittingham Jeremiah S236
Britton Erastus R. Britton, E. R. S236
Britton James W. S236
Broadfoot William J. Broadfoot, W. J. S41
Broadhurst Edward Broadhurst, Edw S236
Broadway Emma S236
Broadwell Patrick H. Broodwell, Patrick H. S236
Broadwell Richard L. Broadwell, Rich L. S236
Broady Joseph Brody, Joseph S236
Broback S122
Brobeck George R. Brobeck, G. R. S122
Brocht W. S122
Brock Benonia D. Brock, Benj D. S236
Brock Henry C. S236
Brock James M. S236
Brock Joshua B. S236
Brock Pearl Tucker, James S., guardian S321
Brock Richard J. S236
Brock Richard P. S236
Brock Samuel Brock, Sam'l S236
Brock Thomas R. S236
Brock William A. S236
Brockett Ben D. S190
Brockish Joseph D. S236
Brockman Charles E. Brockman, Chas E. S236
Brockman L. F. S187
Brodie John W. S236
Brodie Washington W. Brodie, W. W. S236
Brodt Charles E. Brodt, Chas S236
Brody James T. S222
Brogan James M. Brogan, B. M. S122
Brogan James M. Jr. Brogan, J. M. jr. S123
Brogdon William W. Brogdon, W. W. S214
Broke Lewis Brake, Lewis S235
Broll Carrie S236
Brones John M. S236
Brooke Miss Flora S178
Brooke Thomas H. Brooke, T. H. S178
Brookman Cyrus S41
Brooks Amos L. S236
Brooks Ephraim S236
Brooks George Brooks, Geo S236
Brooks George P. Brooks, Geo P. S41
Brooks George W. Brooks, Geo W. S236
Brooks J. H. Brooks, J. H. S41
Brooks James M. S41
Brooks Joseph S236
Brooks Joseph H. Brooks, J. H. S41
Brooks McHenry Brooks, McH S41
Brooks Miss Olive S41
Brooks Rev. Strange S41
Brooks Sheppard S236
Brooks Thomas Pierson Brooks, Thomas P. S236
Brooks Thornton S236
Brooks William S236
Brooks William C. Brooks, Wm C. S236
Brooks William G. S236
Brooks William L. Brooks, Wm L. S236
Brooks Willis S236
Bross Edward J. S236
Bross William F. Brass, Wm F. S235
Brothers G. W. S41
Brothers Robert Brothers, Robt S236
Brothers William F. Brothers, W. F. S236
Brouchoud Maurice Brouchond, Maurice S236
Brough John D. Brough, J. D. S123
Brower Malcolm P. Brower, Malcolm S236
Browl Miss Carrie S206
Brown Abraham L. Brown, A. L. S171
Brown Abraham L. Brown, Abraham C. S236
Brown Abram S236
Brown Aceanath S236
Brown Adam S236
Brown Addison O. Brown, Robt O. S237
Brown Adolphus L. Brown, A. L. S236
Brown Alfred S236
Brown Allen S41
Brown Allen T. S236
Brown Alonzo E. Brown, A. E. S236
Brown Alvah S236
Brown Anderson S236
Brown Andrew S236
Brown Andrew J. Brown, A. J. S123
Brown Andrew J. S236
Brown Anna H. S236
Brown Arminda E. Brown, Amanda E. S236
Brown B. A. S123
Brown Benjamin Brown, Benj S236
Brown Benjamin F. Brown, Benj F. S236
Brown Billie S41
Brown Charles Brown, Chas S236
Brown Charles Brown, Chas S236
Brown Charles Brown, Chas S41
Brown Charles B. Braun, Chas B. S235
Brown Charles C. Brown, Chas C. S236
Brown Charles O. Brown, Chas O. S236
Brown Charles O. Brown, Chas O. S236
Brown Charles W. Brown, Chas W. S236
Brown Charlotte S236
Brown Cora S41
Brown Daniel S236
Brown Daniel C. Brown, Dan'l C. S236
Brown Daniel D. Brown, D. D. S190
Brown Daniel G. Brown, Dan'l G. S236
Brown Edward S236
Brown Edwin F. S236
Brown Eli S236
Brown Elmer E. Brown, E. E. S123
Brown Ephraim Brown, Eph S236
Brown Erwin D. S123
Brown Eugene E. S236
Brown Frank S236
Brown Frank S236
Brown Frank S236
Brown Frank C. Brown, F. C. S41
Brown Frederick A. T. Bruns, Fred A. T. S237
Brown G. S207
Brown George Brown, Geo S236
Brown George Brown, Geo S236
Brown George F. Brown, Geo F. S13
Brown George F. Brown, Geo F. S236
Brown George J. Brown, Geo J. S41
Brown George R. Brown, Geo R. S236
Brown George W. Brown, G. W. S190
Brown George W. Brown, Geo W. S236
Brown George W. Brown, Geo W. S236
Brown George W. Brown, Geo W. S41
Brown Harriet S236
Brown Harry S171
Brown Harry S236
Brown Hattie A. S123
Brown Henry S236
Brown Henry B. S236
Brown Henry E. Brown, Eeny E. S236
Brown Henry G. S236
Brown Herbert E. S236
Brown Hugh T. S236
Brown Ira M. S222
Brown Isaac S236
Brown J. S171
Brown J. A. S41
Brown J. L. S41
Brown Jacob S41
Brown James S171
Brown James S236
Brown James S236
Brown James S236
Brown James S41
Brown James C. S236
Brown James D. Brown, J. D. S41
Brown James Jr. S171
Brown James L. Brown, J. L. S123
Brown James M. S236
Brown James M. S236
Brown James R. S236
Brown James W. S236
Brown Jane S237
Brown Jay K. S237
Brown Jeff D. S237
Brown Jerry M. S237
Brown Jesse F. Branen, Jesse F. S235
Brown Joel W. S237
Brown John S237
Brown John S237
Brown John S41
Brown John S41
Brown John A. S42
Brown John B. S237
Brown John F. Sr. S237
Brown John H. S237
Brown John M. Brown, J. M. S207
Brown John M. S237
Brown John T. Brown, John S237
Brown John T. S237
Brown John W. Brown, J. W. S207
Brown John W. S237
Brown Joseph S171
Brown Joseph S237
Brown Joseph S237
Brown Josie S41
Brown Kendrick G. S237
Brown L. A. S42
Brown L. D. S123
Brown Levi H. S237
Brown Lewis S123
Brown Lewis S237
Brown Lewis H. S237
Brown Luke M. S237
Brown M. L. S183
Brown M. T. S123
Brown Mary S42
Brown Mat Brown, Matt S237
Brown Math Brown, Matt S237
Brown Meredith W. Brown, Meredreth W. S237
Brown Milton S42
Brown Mrs. Anna S123
Brown Mrs. Elvina S41
Brown Mrs. Hattie A. S236
Brown Mrs. Mary S171
Brown Mrs. Minnie K. Brown, Mrs. Minnie S171
Brown Mrs. N. F. S42
Brown Mrs. Oneta S42
Brown Nellie S237
Brown Noble H. S237
Brown Octavius W. S237
Brown Orlin C. S237
Brown Orville S237
Brown Parker J. S237
Brown Perry T. S237
Brown Richard A. Brown, R. A. S42
Brown Richard P. S237
Brown Robert Brown, Robt S237
Brown Robert S237
Brown Robert S237
Brown S. S123
Brown Samuel H. S237
Brown Sarah S42
Brown Seth W. Brown, S. M. S190
Brown Thomas Bonn, Thomas S233
Brown Thomas J. Brown, Thos I. S237
Brown W. A. S42
Brown W. M. S42
Brown W. S. S123
Brown W. S. S42
Brown Walter W. Brown, Waller W. S237
Brown Warner S237
Brown Warren W. Brown, W. W. S42
Brown William Brown, Wm S123
Brown William Brown, Wm S237
Brown William Brown, Wm S237
Brown William S237
Brown William S237
Brown William A. J. Brown, Wm A. J. S237
Brown William E. Brown, Wm E. S237
Brown William H. Brown, Wm H. S237
Brown William H. Brown, Wm H. S237
Brown William Henry Brown, W. H. S42
Brown William J. Brown, Wm J. S237
Brown William P. Brown, Wm P. S237
Brown William R. Brown, W. R. S237
Brown William R. Brown, Wm R. S237
Brown William S. Branen, Wm S. S235
Brown William S. Brown, Wm J. S237
Brown William T. Brown, Wm T. S237
Brown William W. Brown, Wm S237
Brown William W. Brown, Wm W. S237
Brown Willis S237
Brown Willis P. S237
Brownice James S237
Browning Jennie S237
Browning William L. Browning, W. L. S237
Brownlee William Reed Brownlee, W. R. S190
Bruce Coleman R. S237
Bruce Cora B. S237
Bruce Henry S207
Bruce James S237
Bruce James A. Bruce, Jas A. S237
Bruce John W. S237
Bruce Oscar S207
Bruce Thomas S207
Bruce Wesley A. S237
Bruce William M. Bruce, Wm M. S237
Brumbaugh Daniel H. S237
Brumitt William Brumitt, Wm S42
Brummal John M. S42
Brumme August S237
Brummitt William Brummitt, Wm S42
Bruner Charles W. Bruner, C. W. S42
Bruner H. B. S42
Brunkhorst Henry W. Breuckhorst, H. W. S237
Brunner William Brunner, Wm S237
Brunson John H. Brunson, John S237
Brunson John H. S237
Brunson Jonathan Bunson, Jonathan S238
Brunton John A. Brunston, John A. S237
Brutenburger Theodor Breitenburger, Theo S235
Bruton Elias James Brutone, Elias J. S237
Brutus Riner S237
Bryan Allen M. S237
Bryan Gabriel M. Bryan, Gabe M. S237
Bryan James M. Bryan, James W. S237
Bryan James R. S237
Bryan Perry S237
Bryan Ulysses E. Began, Ulysses E. S231
Bryant James C. Bryant, Jas S204
Bryant James C. S237
Bryant James M. S237
Bryant John S42
Bryant John H. S237
Bryant John S. Bryant, J. S. S42
Bryant John W. S237
Bryant Lon S222
Bryant Mrs. H. Alice Bryant, Mrs. H. A. S214
Bryant Samuel A. Bryant, S. A. S42
Bryant William Bryant, Wm S42
Bryson John S237
Bubser Joseph S237
Buchan Arnold S42
Buchanan Matthew L. Buchanan, Matt L. S237
Buchanan Rev. William W. Buchannan, W. W. S42
Bucher Charles J. Bucher, Chas J. S237
Buchheit Henry Bachheit, Henry S228
Buck Bert W. Buch, B. W. S13
Bucke Adam Jr. Buckle, Adam Jr. S237
Buckingham Harry Brickingham, Harry S235
Buckingham Henry Buckingham, Harry S190
Buckley William Buckley, Wm S237
Buckman George Beckman, Geo S231
Buckmaster Wilson S. Buchmaster, Wilson S. S237
Bucknell Richard F. S237
Buckner Benjamin F. Backner, Benj F. S228
Budgere Herman Budgeon, Herman S237
Budzene William Bundzene, Wm S238
Buell H. E. S42
Buell Strong S237
Buerskens Alexander Burskens, Alex S238
Buey James Bucy, James S237
Buffington Abraham M. Buffington, Abram M. S237
Buffington Daniel W. Buffington, D. W. S237
Buford William S238
Bugg John L. S238
Bugg William S238
Bugher Lewis S238
Bulkley Edwin T. S42
Bulkley Henry S. S238
Bulkley Miss Ora S42
Bulkley Mrs. Annie S42
Bullard Miss Bertella S42
Bullard Sherman L. Bullard, S. L. S42
Bullen Harry Brown Bullen, H. B. S222
Bullington Benjamin F. Bullington, Benj F. S238
Bullock George W. Bullock, Geo W. S238
Bullock Hattie S238
Bullock Nellie S238
Bumage B. R. S42
Bunch George M. Bunch, Geo M. S238
Bunch Hellary C. Bunch, _____ S123
Bunch Walter V. S238
Bundy Herschel N. Bundy, H. M. S123
Bundy John G. S238
Bunge W. S178
Bunney William Bumely, Wm S238
Bunting William S. Bunting, Wm S. S238
Bunyan John S42
Bunyard William T. Bunyard, Wm T. S238
Buoy James A. S238
Buoy William Buoy, Wm S238
Burbank Clayton S. S123
Burbridge J. F. Burbage, J. F. S123
Burbridge J. F. S123
Burch Lucy S42
Burch Lucy J. S238
Burch Timothy C. S238
Burcham Andrew Burcham, _____ S123
Burcham Henry S238
Burche Miss Susan M. Burche, Miss S. M. S42
Burchett Burrell W. Burchett, Burrel W. S190
Burchett Burrell W. S238
Burchett James A. Burchett, J. A. S190
Burden Tilda S42
Burdett Preston Burdette, Preston S238
Burdick Hezekiah C. Burdick, Hezekiah S238
Burdick Milton S238
Burdick Sylvester S238
Burdick William H. Burdick, W. H. S123
Burdick William L. Burdick, W. L. S238
Bureman Emil S238
Burford Casper Bufford, Casper S237
Burg Frank S123
Burg Robert Burg, Robt S123
Burge James B. S238
Burger Henry L. S238
Burger Jackson S238
Burger Rasmus S238
Burgess Edmond Burgess, Edmond S. S238
Burgess Elmer F. S238
Burgess Henry M. Burgess, Henry N. S238
Burgess John L. S238
Burgess Joseph H. S238
Burgess Oliver J. S238
Burgess Thomas E. Burgess, Thos E. S238
Burgess William H. Burgess, Wm H. S238
Burgett Nealey Burget, Nealey S238
Burk Alpheus S238
Burk Ransom Bark, Ransom S229
Burk Ransom S238
Burk Vespasian Burk, V. S238
Burk William E. Burk, Wm E. S238
Burkart William M. Burkhart, Wm M. S238
Burke Alonzo Barnthouse, Alonzo S230
Burke Alonzo S238
Burke Charles M. Burke, Chas M. S238
Burke George W. Burke, Geo W. S238
Burke James S190
Burke John J. Burke, J. J. S123
Burke Mary S238
Burke Patrick S189
Burkett Albert S. S238
Burkhart John S123
Burks Garrett Burke, Garnett S238
Burley John A. S238
Burmeir Wilhelm Burmier, Wm S238
Burnett Asbury Burnett, Ashbury S238
Burnett Elisha S238
Burnett Elmer E. Burnett, E. E. S238
Burnett George H. Bennett, G. H. S171
Burnett George H. Bennett, Geo H. S232
Burnett Isham S238
Burnett James S238
Burnett John S. S238
Burnett Joseph S43
Burnett Rev. Charles W. Burnett, G. W. S238
Burnett Roland Burnett, Rowland S238
Burnham Byron B. S238
Burnham John H. Burnham, J. H. S43
Burns Edward S238
Burns J. A. S171
Burns James E. S238
Burns James H. S238
Burns James W. S238
Burns John F. S238
Burns John R. S238
Burns John W. S238
Burns Mrs. Mattie Burns, Mrs, Mattie S171
Burns Patrick S238
Burns Peter G. Burns, P. G. S123
Burns Roan W. S238
Burns Solomon S238
Burns Thomas L. S238
Burns William Burus, William S239
Burns William R. Barnes, William R. S230
Burnsides David S123
Burnsides George Burnsides, Geo S222
Burnsides Robert Burnsides, Robt S222
Burnsion Samuel S43
Burpee Luke H. S238
Burr Frank S178
Burrasal Peter S123
Burrell John H. Bunell, John H. S238
Burrell Thomas Burrell, Thos S238
Burrell William Burrell, Wm S238
Burright Charles Colby Burright, Chas C. S238
Burright Joseph Warren Burright, Joseph W. S238
Burright Orren Orren, Burright S295
Burris J. L. S43
Burris Robert S238
Burroughs Clara E. Burroughs, Clara S43
Burroughs Daniel G. Burroughs, Daniel G. S238
Burroughs Dennison D. Burroughs, D. D. S238
Burroughs Elmer S43
Burroughs Lulu E. Burroughs, Lulu S43
Burroughs Sherman T. S238
Burroughs W. R. S43
Burrows Abner V. S238
Burrows Alfred S238
Burrows Sylvester S238
Burson Martin L. S238
Burt Albert L. Bust, Albert L. S239
Burt Armstead S238
Burt Franklin J. S238
Burt Jesse S238
Burtch Byron D. S238
Burtis William T. Burtis, Wm T. S238
Burton Andrew Jackson Burton, Andrew J. S238
Burton Henry S238
Burton J. D. S43
Burton James M. S238
Burton John S123
Burton N. J. S171
Burton Richard Thomas Burton, Richard T. S238
Burton Sena S43
Burton William C. Burton, Wm c. S238
Burus Farance Burns, Terance S238
Busenbark John A. Busenbark, J. A. S43
Bush Cleveland S123
Bush Jay S. S239
Bush William F. Bush, W. F. S123
Bushey Louis E. S239
Busk Cleveland Busk, C. S123
Busk Cleveland S123
Buskirk Miss Josie Van Buskirk, Miss Josie S187
Buskirk Xenophon Buskirk, Xenophon S239
Buskirk Xenophon ("Xennie") Van Buskirk, Xennie S187
Bussard Joseph Bossard, Joseph S234
Butcher James M. S239
Butcher Martha J. S239
Butcher Mary E. S239
Butler Charles G. Butler, Chas G. S239
Butler Charles V. Butler, C. V. S239
Butler David M. S239
Butler Elizabeth S239
Butler Frank S239
Butler H. S. S124
Butler Hiram Franklin Butler, H. F. S124
Butler James W. S239
Butler John S239
Butler John H. S239
Butler Martin S239
Butler Preston L. S239
Butler Stephen S239
Butler Willard Butler, Williard S239
Butner Albert S. S239
Butner Sandy T. S239
Butt M. E. S124
Butt W. B. S124
Butter Joshua Butler, Joshua S239
Butterfield Albert H. Butterfield, A. H. S43
Butterfield John S239
Butterfield Nathan R. Butterfield, Nathan B. S239
Butterfield Walter S239
Buttke Ernest Battke, Ernest S230
Button John W. S239
Button Martin R. S239
Buttram Abe Burtram, Abe S238
Butts F. M. S124
Butts Frank N. S239
Butts James A. Butts, J. A. S190
Butts James A. S239
Butts Lewis N. Butts, Lewis W. S239
Buxton Henry S239
Buyken John A. S43
Buzzi Edward S239
Bydek Martin Bezdek, Martin S232
Byerly Francis O. S239
Byers George W. Byers, Geo W. S239
Byers Gordon Gordon, Byers S260
Byers Gordon S239
Byers Hilary W. Byers H. W. S239
Byington LeGrand S124
Bymaster Dimmit W. Bymaster, D. W. S239
Byrd Albert L. S239
Byres C. G. S124
Byrne Jefferson L. S239
Byrne John S239
Byrne Miss Agatha Byrne, Agatha Miss S239
Byrne Miss Maggie Byrne, Maggie Miss S239
Byrne Robert S239
Byrnes Edward S43
Byrum William R. Byrum. Wm R. S239
Cabble William Cobble, Wm S243
Cabiness Fred M. Cabines, F. M. S124
Cable Daniel N. Cable, N. David S239
Cable Hiram B. S239
Cackler Rhoda S239
Cade Cassius Marcellus "Cash" Cade, C. M. S13
Cadel Miss Sadie S124
Cadwalader Thomas T. Cadwalader, T. T. S190
Caesar P. T. S43
Caffrey Christopher S239
Caffrey John S239
Cagle Tyler Z. S239
Caha Anton Coha, Anton S243
Caha Joseph S239
Cail James W. S239
Cain Alexander S124
Cain Alfred S239
Cain James S239
Cain Joseph R. S239
Cairns John S239
Caldwell G. W. S183
Caldwell John S239
Caldwell John B. Caldwell, Jno B. S239
Caldwell Thomas Caldwell, Thos S190
Caldwell Ulric George Caldwell, Geo S190
Calhoon A. S124
Calhoun Calvin A. Calhoun, C. A. S124
Calhoun Calvin A. S239
Calhoun Charles W. Calhoun, C. W. S124
Calhoun John S. Calhoun J. S. S204
Calhoun Jonathan S124
Calhoun M. A. S43
Calhoun Sylvester J. Calhoun, S. J. S239
Calicoat Jack Calecoat, Jack S239
Call Edward Call, Edw S239
Callahan Benjamin Callahan, Benj S239
Callahan C. C. S214
Callahan William Callahan, Wm S190
Callahan William H. Callahan Wm. H. S239
Callahan William M. Callahan, W. M. S124
Callahan William M. Callahan, W. M. S190
Callasure William Callasure, W. S239
Callaway John S. Callaway, J. S. S207
Caller Steven W. Collar, Steven W. S244
Calligan M. S43
Callin John S. S43
Callison Bird S239
Callison George A. Callison, Geo A. S239
Callison John J. Callison, J. J. S204
Callison John J. S239
Callison Robert Callison, Rob't S239
Callow Charles W. S239
Calloway William T. Calloway. Wm T. S239
Calmes James B. Calmes, J. B. S43
Calvert James C. Calvert, J. C. S207
Calvert John L. Calvert, J. L. S43
Calvert Maggie S43
Calvert Thomas W. S239
Calvert Thomas W. S43
Cambers William Cambers, Wm S239
Cambron Aaron B. S239
Cambron Elijah A. Cambron, E. A. S207
Cambron William A. Cambrim, Wm R. S239
Camden E. A. S207
Camden James N. S239
Cameron Alexander Cameron, Alex S239
Cameron J. W. S124
Cameron James S190
Cameron John B. Cameron, John S239
Cameron John T. S43
Cameron Thomas Cameron. Thos S239
Cameron William H. Cameron, Wm H. S239
Cameron William J. Cameron, W. J. S124
Cameron William J. Cameron, Wm J. S239
Cammack John S239
Cammack John S43
Camp Madison B. S239
Campbell Alcinus B. Campbell, A. B. S239
Campbell Alex S43
Campbell Amanda S239
Campbell Arthur S239
Campbell Charles W. Campbell, C. W. S207
Campbell Christopher C. Campbell, C. C. S239
Campbell Daniel S43
Campbell Duncan H. Campbell, Duncan S239
Campbell Edwin G. S239
Campbell Frederick R. Campbell, Fred'k R. S239
Campbell George Campbell, Geo S239
Campbell George Washington Campbell, W. S239
Campbell Jesse Campbell, J. S178
Campbell John B. Campbell, J. B. S43
Campbell John B. S239
Campbell John J. Campbell, John S239
Campbell Lafayette "Bud" Campbell, Lafayette S239
Campbell Lettie Campble, Lottie S240
Campbell Mathew Campbell, Matthew S239
Campbell Miss Maude S124
Campbell Nathaniel Campbell, N. S190
Campbell Thomas I. Campbell, Thomas J. S239
Campbell Thomas Lopton Jr. Campbell, Thomas L. S240
Campbell William Campbell, Wm S43
Campbell William D. Campbell, Wm D. S124
Campbell William F. Campbell, Wm F. S240
Campbell William H. Campbell, Wm H. S240
Campion Thomas Campion, Thos S240
Canada Green L. S240
Canada Marshall Lafayette Canada, Marshall L. S240
Canaday M. J. S43
Canaday William Canaday, Wm S43
Cann James A. S240
Canning William G. Canning, Wm S240
Cannon Clement H. Cannon, C. H. S43
Cannon George W. Common, Geo W. S244
Cannon Harvey S43
Cannon John P. S240
Cannon Maria E. Cannon, M. E. S44
Cannon Maude S43
Cannon Thomas Cannon, T. S220
Cannon Thomas S240
Cannon Thomas B. Cannon, Thos S185
Cannon Van Bruce S44
Cannon William G. Cannon, Wm G. S240
Cannon William T. Cannon, W. T. S44
Canon John Morgan Cannon, John M. S240
Canon John Morgan Canon, John M. S183
Canon Miss Ruby Ann Canon, Miss R. A. S183
Canon Prestly C. S240
Cansey John V. S240
Cantral John S240
Cantrall Robert N. Cantrell, Robert N. S240
Cantrall Thomas J. Cantrell, T. J. S183
Cantrell James S44
Cantwell Patrick S124
Cantwell Thomas B. Cantwell, Thos B. S240
Capek Josef S240
Capen George W. S124
Caperis George Caperis, Geo S44
Capers Hickson S240
Capper Richard A. S240
Cappon John Jr. Cappon, John J. S240
Capshaw Benjamin F. Capshaw, Benj T. S240
Capshaw Enoch S240
Capshaw James D. Capshaw, Jas D. S240
Capshaw Milly C. S240
Carager Tennessee S240
Card John Core, John S245
Card Mrs. Lucy B. Card, Mrs. L. V. S124
Cardell Albert L. Cardwell, Albert L. S240
Carey Fred L. Carey, K. L. S124
Carey Fred L. S240
Carey James G. S240
Carey John T. S124
Carey John T. S240
Carey Lewis C. Carey, L. C. S124
Carey Oliver Perry Morton Carey, Oliver P. S240
Carey W. P. S44
Carfess Mary E. S240
Cargay Rev. Benjamin F. Cargan, Rev. B. F. S207
Cargill Cornelius W. S240
Carichoff Elijah D. Canchoff, Elijah D. S240
Carkins A. J. S44
Carleton Henry M. S240
Carlin Barney S124
Carlin Ralph R. S44
Carlin Richard S124
Carlin William P. S240
Carlisle Marcus L. S240
Carlock Andrew M. S240
Carlock Lemuel T. Carlock, L. T. S207
Carlock Lemuel T. Carlock, L. T. S240
Carlson August E. S240
Carlton David M. S240
Carlton Eugene S. S240
Carlton John O. S124
Carlton Leander P. S240
Carlton William T. Carlton, Wm T. S240
Carmichael David Carmichael, D. S220
Carmichael John S44
Carmichael W. S. S220
Carmon George Carmon, Geo S240
Carmon James M. Carmon, Jas M. S240
Carnahan Stephen P. Cornahan, S. P. S245
Carnes George M. Carnes, Geo M. S240
Carney James S240
Carney John S124
Carney Robinson S240
Caron Alfred S240
Caron Frank S240
Carpenter Albert S240
Carpenter Benjamin O. Carpenter, Benj O. S240
Carpenter Charles Carpenter, Chas S124
Carpenter Edward Carpenter, Edw S240
Carpenter Edwin W. S240
Carpenter Ella G. S240
Carpenter Frank Carpenter, F. S240
Carpenter Frank S240
Carpenter Hettie A. S240
Carpenter James B. S240
Carpenter John S44
Carpenter Marion S240
Carpenter Walter O. S240
Carr Albert Carr, A. S178
Carr Benton Carr, Ben S44
Carr Benton S240
Carr David Carr, Daniel S240
Carr E. H. S44
Carr Edward Carr, Edwd S125
Carr John S240
Carr John F. S240
Carr Joseph S240
Carr Mrs. J. F. S125
Carr Mrs. Zelina A. Carr, Mrs. Zelina S44
Carr Thomas Cane, Thomas S240
Carr William F. Carr, W. F. S44
Carr Zemri B. Carr, Zemri S240
Carrell Henry P. Carrel, H. P. S240
Carrick Winthrop C. Canick, Winthrop C. S240
Carrico George W. Canice, Geo. W. S240
Carrier George Carrier, Geo S240
Carrier George S240
Carrier Timothy W. Carrier, T. W. S125
Carriger Tennessee Caniger, Tenn S240
Carrington John C. S240
Carroll Alphonso S. Carroll, A. S. S240
Carroll Bennett S240
Carroll Edward S240
Carroll William D. S240
Carson Andrew J. S240
Carson George S204
Carson James M. Caison, James M. S239
Carson John M. S204
Carson Joseph L. W. Carson, J. L. W. S240
Carson Joseph P. S240
Carson Lit S204
Carson Maria S240
Carson Mrs. Maria S190
Carson Peter S. S240
Carstens Henry Casstens, Henry S241
Carter Cyrus E. Cyrus, E. Carter S240
Carter Eliza S240
Carter Frank S178
Carter H. E. S125
Carter Havillah S44
Carter Henry W. S240
Carter J. C. S44
Carter James M. S240
Carter James S. S240
Carter Job S240
Carter John S240
Carter John A. S240
Carter John F. S240
Carter John N. S240
Carter Martha S44
Carter Mrs. Margaret S44
Carter Nerius M. Carter, N. M. S44
Carter Nerius M. S104
Carter Nerius M. S113
Carter S. V. S125
Carter William L. Carter, Wm L. S240
Cartmill James S241
Carton James H. Carter, James H. S240
Cartwright James S241
Cartwright John P. S241
Cartwright Joseph F. Courtright, Jos F. S246
Caruthers Allen S44
Carver John F. S241
Carver William M. Carver, Wm M. S241
Cary Charles R. Carver, Chas R. S241
Cary Margaret A. S241
Cary Samuel R. Cary, Sam'l R. S241
Case Benjamin R. Cary, Benj R. S241
Case Bula S241
Case Charles Case, Chas S171
Case George W. Case, Geo W. M. S241
Case James R. S241
Case Jerome C. S241
Case John Blair Smith Case, J. B. S. S44
Case John Blair Smith Case, John B. S. S241
Case John R. S241
Case Mrs. Mary S171
Case Perry S241
Casebier Henry G. S241
Casebier James S241
Casebolt Henry C. S241
Casebolt Simon M. S241
Casebolt Thomas D. Cosebalt, Thos D. S245
Casebolt William S. Casebolt, Wm S. S241
Casey Edmund S44
Casey Edward S190
Casey Elizabeth V. S241
Casey George W. Casey, Geo. W. S241
Casey John S44
Casey Michael D. S241
Cash Henry H. Cash, H. H. S125
Cash Thomas C. Cash, T. C. S44
Cashen James C. S241
Casler Irving H. S241
Casperson John S241
Cassaday Edward Cassady, Ed S241
Cassell James H. S178
Cassell William M. Cassell, Wm M. S241
Casselman David Alexander Casseman, David A. S241
Cassey Andrew J. Cassey, Andrew S241
Cassidy Florentine S44
Cassidy Patrick S241
Cassidy Peter S125
Cassilly Miss Rose S45
Cassler John S125
Castanien Charles E. Castanien, Chas E. S45
Castell J. A. S45
Castell Miss Anna S45
Castell S. A. S45
Castiller George Castiller, Geo S45
Castle Alden L. S241
Castle James M. S241
Castleman John L. S241
Casto Charles E. Casto, Chas E. S241
Casto Henry R. S241
Castor George D. Castor, Geo D. S241
Castorater John S125
Catchpole Robert S45
Cate Ephraim S241
Cater Allie D. Cater, Alice D. S241
Cater William H. Cater, Wm H. S241
Cathan George B. Cathan, Geo B. S45
Catlett Thomas A. Cattell, Thos A. S241
Catlin William D. Catlin, Wm D. S241
Catlin Willie B. Catlin, Wm B. S241
Caton Noah Eaton, Noah S252
Catron Ephraim S. Catrin, Ephraim S. S241
Catts Samuel J. Cotts, Samuel J. S245
Caulfield John S241
Caultey Archibald S241
Cavanaugh Bernard S241
Cavanaugh Frank S241
Cavanaugh Harry G. Cavenaugh, H. G. S45
Cavanaugh Jerome E. S241
Cavanaugh John S241
Cavanaugh Patrick J. Cavanaugh, P. J. S45
Cavanaugh William A. Cavenaugh, W. A. S45
Cave Dr. T. R. Cave, T. R. S45
Caves James C. S241
Cavins Lorenzo Don S241
Cawkins Mrs. C. D. S45
Cease Frank P. S207
Cepler John A. S45
Cerny Anton Cemey, Anton S241
Cerny Charles Cemey, Chas S241
Cerny Joseph Cemy, Joseph S241
Chaffee Melvin J. Choffee, Melvin J. S242
Chalmers James D. S. S178
Chalmers James D. S. S241
Chalmers William Chalmer, Wm S185
Chamberlain E. H. S178
Chamberlain William Champerlain, Wm S241
Chamberlin John R. Chamberlin, J. R. S190
Chamberlin Kate C. S241
Chambers Benjamin F. Chambers, B. F. S125
Chambers Edward S241
Chambers Kennedy S241
Chambers Richard S45
Chambers Richard F. Chambers, R. F. S45
Chambers Robert L. Chambers, R. L. S241
Chambers Sterling P. Chambers, S. P. S241
Chambers William Chambers, Wm S241
Chamness David S241
Chamness Joseph S241
Champ Richard W. S241
Champion Fred C. S241
Champion Horace G. S241
Champion Mary E. S241
Champion Robert W. Champion, Robt W. S241
Champion Thomas F. S241
Chance Capt. Jesse C. Chance Capt J C S190
Chance James S241
Chance Joseph S241
Chandler Carrie (Caroline) Chandler, Miss Carrie A. S125
Chandler David M. Chandler, D. M. S125
Chandler David M. S241
Chandler J. S. S125
Chandler James M. S125
Chandler John S241
Chandler John S45
Chandler Robert Y. Chandler, R. Y. S125
Chandler William F. Chandler, W. F. S125
Chandler William J. Chandler, W. J. S125
Chaney Edward L. Chaney, E. L. S241
Chaney John W. Chaney, J. W. S190
Channell Alpha D. S241
Chapin Daniel M. Chaplin, Dan'l M. S241
Chapin John G. S14
Chapin John G. S241
Chapman Benjamin F. Chapman, B. F. S241
Chapman Frank S. Chapman, F. S. S178
Chapman George W. Chapman, G. W. S125
Chapman John B. S14
Chapman John B. S241
Chapman Leonidas Champion, L. S241
Chappel William H. Challel, Wm H. S241
Chappell Eli Cappell, Eli S240
Chappell William P. Chappell, Wm P. S241
Charles John S241
Charles John M. Charles, J. M. S207
Charles John M. S241
Charles Miss Alice S207
Charles Mrs. E. A. S207
Charles Mrs. J. B. (Theresa) Charles, Mrs. J. B. S125
Charles W. N. (Newton) Charles, W. N. S207
Charlston Albert F. S241
Charvat William "Will" Charvat, Will S241
Charvoz Francis Pierre Charvoz, Frank S241
Charvoz Joseph S241
Chase Addison H. Chase, A. H. S241
Chase J. C. S190
Chase John Q. Chase, J. Q. S125
Chase Louis S45
Chastain Earl Russell Chastine, E. R. S207
Chastain Jeptha M. S241
Chastain William Eugene Chastine, W. E. S207
Cheadle Nelson F. ("Ned") Cheadle, Ned F. S45
Cheatham Daniel Chateham, Dan'l S241
Cheatham Laura A. Cheathan, Laura S241
Cheatham Perry Jr. S241
Checkesfield George A. Checksfield, Geo. H. S241
Cheek John W. Cheek, J. W. S125
Cheevar A. B. S45
Chenaweth George W. Chenoweth, Geo W. S241
Cheney George I. A. Cheney, Geo I. S190
Cheney Martin S241
Chenowith Benjamin F. Chenowith, Benj F. S241
Cherrault Charles W. Chenault, C.W. S241
Cherrier H. A. S45
Cherry Boyd Boyd, Cherry S234
Cherry Jesse B. Cherry, J. B. S45
Cherry Marion B. Cherry, M. B. S45
Chesney Dr. Samuel Oliver Chesney, Sam'l O. S242
Chesnutt John W. Chusnutt, John W. S242
Chevalier Ernest S242
Chevalier Julia F. S242
Chevalier Mary C. Chivaleir, Mary C. S242
Chevalier Mattie S242
Cheves George M. Cheenes, Geo M. S241
Chew Richard S242
Chidester Elmer W. S242
Chilcott Justin S242
Childers Edward M. Childers, Edward L. S242
Childers Emmett S242
Childers George W. Childers, Geo. W. S242
Childers Jesse S242
Childers Reuben R. S242
Childers William L. Childers, W. L. S125
Childress Joel Childers, Joel S242
Childress John J. Childers, John J. S242
Childress Miss Jessie S45
Childress Polk S242
Childs Dr. ____ Childs, _____ S125
Childs Joseph S. Childs, Jos S. S242
Childs Samuel J. Chills, Sam'l, J. S242
Chillson William D. Chillson, W. D. S207
Chillson William D. S13
Chilson John G. S242
Chinn George William Russell Chinn, G. W. R. S125
Chipman William P. Chipman, W. P. S190
Chisam Benjamin R. Chesam, Benj. R. S241
Chisholm John W. Chrisholm, John W. S242
Chisholm Thomas R. Chisholm, T. R. S242
Chism John M. Chism, J. H. S45
Chism Nathan B. Chism, N. B. S125
Chittum James F. Chittum, James T. S242
Chitty Annison L. S242
Chitty Miles A. S242
Chitwood Charles R. Chitwood, C. R. S125
Chitwood Henry S242
Chitwood James A. S242
Chitwood John Wesley Chitwood, John S242
Chivington John S242
Choaf Alfred S242
Choate Louisa M. Choate, Louisa S242
Choate William L. Choate, W. L. S125
Choate William L. (Lin) Choate, W. L. S207
Choate William T. Choate, Wm T. S242
Chong Sam S126
Chown Robert Chawn, Robert S241
Chownis J. C. S126
Chrisen Lars Chrisen, L. S45
Christ John S45
Christburgh Rev. George C. Christburgh, Rev. G. C. S45
Christensen Mrs. S126
Christian Cass C. Christain, Cass C. S242
Christian George W. Christian, Geo. W. S242
Christian Miss Virgie S45
Christian W. S126
Christie Bell S45
Christie George Christie, Geo S45
Christie John S45
Christison Add W. S242
Christner Alex S242
Christner George W. Christner, Geo W. S242
Christner Joseph M. S242
Christner Moses S242
Christner Nelson S242
Christner Richard S242
Christopher Mable S242
Christy Andrew S242
Christy J. R. S126
Christy Taylor P. Christy, T. P. S191
Christy Thomas A. S242
Christy William A. Christy, Wm A. S242
Christy William H. Christt, Wm H. S242
Chun Charlie S45
Church Bertrand A. S242
Church Clinton D. S242
Church Mary T. S242
Church William O. Church, W. O. S126
Churchill Charles H. Churchill, Chas H. S242
Churchill David A. S242
Churchill Samuel S242
Churchwell George W. Chudrchwell, Geo W. S242
Churchwell James N. Churchwell, James S242
Ciegler John B. Cigler, John S45
Cimijotti Eberhard Eberhart, Cimijotti S252
Ciphers Lewis G. S242
Cissna George W. Cissna, G. M. S125
Cissna Robert M. Cissna, R. M. S125
Claborn William H. Claborn, W. H. S126
Clack Isaac H. S242
Clampitt Frank A. S242
Clander Jacob C. S242
Clander Thomas M. Clander, Thos M. S242
Clanton Elmere F. S242
Clanton John W. S242
Clanton T. J. S126
Clardy Isaac S242
Clark Absolom Clark, A. S191
Clark Absolom S242
Clark Allen Clock, Allen S243
Clark Alpheus Z. Clarke, Alpheus Z. S242
Clark Benjamin H. Clark, B. H. S242
Clark Chancie L. S242
Clark Charles Clark, Chas S126
Clark Charles S242
Clark Daniel S242
Clark David B. S242
Clark E. P. S191
Clark Edward E. Clark, Edw E. S242
Clark Edward F. S222
Clark Ezra J. S242
Clark Frank S242
Clark Franklin B. Clarke, Franklin B. S242
Clark George W. Clark, Geo W. S242
Clark George W. Clark, Geo W. S242
Clark George W. Clark, Geo W. S242
Clark George W. Clarke, Geo W. S242
Clark George W. S242
Clark Grace S46
Clark Harry S191
Clark Harry S46
Clark Harry P. S46
Clark Ira S. S242
Clark Isaac S242
Clark J. M. S126
Clark J. M. S183
Clark Jacob S46
Clark James Clark, J. S242
Clark James S46
Clark James B. S242
Clark James M. S242
Clark James P. Clark, Jas P. S46
Clark Jasper N. Clark, J. N. S126
Clark John C. S172
Clark John G. S13
Clark John G. S46
Clark John R. S222
Clark Josephine Clarke, Josephine S243
Clark Lauda L. S242
Clark Lewis E. Clark, L. E. S126
Clark Lizzie S242
Clark M. B. S126
Clark M. T. S220
Clark N. B. S146
Clark Napoleon B. S242
Clark Nelson S242
Clark Nelson S242
Clark Oscar A. Clark, O. A. S46
Clark Samuel W. Clark, Sam'l N. S242
Clark Sylvester A. Clark, S. A. S242
Clark W. C. S46
Clark Walter J. Clarke, Walter J. S243
Clark William Clark, Wm S242
Clark William Clark, Wm S46
Clark William H. Clark, Wm H. S242
Clark William H. Clark, Wm H. S242
Clark William L. Clark, Wm L. S242
Clark Willis S. S242
Clarke Burt S. S242
Clarke George Clarke, Geo S242
Clarke Joshua C. Clark, Joshua C. S242
Clarke Sidney Clark, Sidney S126
Clary Henry S243
Classen Anton Henry Jr. Classen, A. H. S172
Classen Anton Henry Jr. Classen, Anton H. S243
Classen Anton Henry Jr. S177
Clatterbuck Sidney C. Clatterbuck, S. S207
Claudle Clingman M. Candle, C. M. S240
Claunch Emma S243
Claunch William M. Claunch, Wm M. S243
Clawater John F. S243
Clay Benjamin F. Clay, B. F. S207
Clay Benjamin F. Clay, Benj. F. S243
Clay Charles E. Clay, Chas E. S243
Clay J. M. S46
Clay James H. S243
Clay Richard S243
Clay Rosa S46
Clay Samuel S126
Clay William A. Clay, Wm A. S243
Clayton Waddy Thomas Clayton, Waddy T. S243
Clayton William Clayton, Wm S178
Clearland William D. Cleaveland, W. D. S243
Cleaver Harvey M. Cleaver, Henry M. S243
Clee Edward Clu, Edward S243
Cleek Ivy J. Clark, Joy J. S242
Clegern Harry W. Clegern, H. W. S126
Clegern William S126
Cleland James Clelland, James S243
Clemens Peter S46
Clement Ambrose B. S243
Clement Henry S46
Clement Rufus Edward Clement, Rufus E. S243
Clements Henry V. Clements, H. V. S220
Clemmens Mollie S46
Clemons Henry C. S243
Clemons William H. Clemons, Wm H. S243
Clendenning Luther W. Clendenning, L. W. S126
Clennan James S126
Clesson George F. Clesson, Geo F. S243
Cleveland George C. Cleveland, Geo C. S243
Cleveland John L. S243
Cleveland Miss May E. S46
Clevenger Demarquis L. S243
Clevenger George S243
Clevenger John W. Clevenger, J. W. S46
Clevinger William G. Cleringer, Wm G. S243
Click Albert S243
Clifford Edna C. S243
Clifford Michael Clifford, Mike S243
Clift Leander B. S243
Clift William Allen Clift, Wm A. S243
Clifton William H. Clifton, Wm H. S243
Cline Charles E. Cline, Chas S46
Cline Ellis C. S243
Cline Emanuel S243
Cline Gus S126
Cline Joseph F. S243
Clines John P. Clines, John R. S243
Clingan Adonijah Clingan, Adonigah S243
Clingan William L. Clingan, Wm L. S243
Clingenpeel Harvey J. Chingenful, H. J. S242
Clinton Francis S243
Clinton John M. S126
Clinton Joseph R. Clinton, Joseph L. S243
Closen Mathias Jr. S243
Clothier Charles Clothier, Chas S243
Cloud Daniel S46
Cloud Harmon B. Cland, Norman B. S242
Cloud Miss Mamie S46
Clouse George W. Clouse, Geo W. S191
Clover John P. S243
Clover Joseph A. Clover, Jos A. S243
Cloyd Samuel Gloyd, Samuel S260
Cluck James S. Cluck, Jas S. S243
Clump Edwin Andrew Clump, Edwin A. S243
Clute Frank S178
Clute Frank S46
Clute William A. Clute, Wm A. S243
Clutter William H. Clutter, Wm H. S243
Coates John W. S243
Coats Edward P. Coats, Edw P. S243
Coats T. P. S46
Coats Ulysses S243
Coats William A. Coats, Wm A. S243
Cobb Frank M. Cobb, F. M. S220
Cobb Howell S243
Cobb Mary A. Cobb, Meary A. S243
Cobber Charles A. Cobler, Chas A. S243
Cobble Charles C. Cobble, C. C. S207
Cobble Oliver Gabble, Oliver S258
Cobbs Gilbert Cobbs, Gellent S243
Coblentz John H. Cobluntz, John H. S243
Cochran George W. Cochran, Geo U. S243
Cochran H. D. S223
Cochran J. V. S214
Cochran John S214
Cochran John S243
Cochran Robert T. Cochran, Rob't T. S243
Cockburn Charles Cockburn, Chas S204
Cockburn Charley S243
Cocke John A. S243
Cockerhan Henry J. Cockerham, Henry J. S243
Cockrill John B. Cockrill, J. B. S46
Cockrill John B. S243
Cockrum Albert L. S216
Cockrum Miss Henrietta C. Cockrum, Miss Etta S216
Coe Benjamin F. Coe, Benj F. S243
Coe C. A. "Criss" ` S225
Coen George Coen, Geo S126
Coen John P. S126
Coffey Reuben G. S243
Coffman George W. Coffman, Geo W. S243
Coffman Joseph C. Coffman, J. C. S183
Coffman Joseph C. S243
Cogan William Cogan, Wm S126
Cogdal William E. Cogdal, W. E. S191
Cogle Henry Clay "Clay" Cogle, H. C. S46
Cogle Henry Clay "Clay" Cogle, H. C. S46
Cogswell Thomas Cogswell, Thos S243
Cohee Jefferson S243
Cohee Vincent D. S243
Cohen Harry Louis Cohen, H. L. S46
Cohen Harry Louis S222
Cohn Mark S. S243
Cohoe William Cohoe, Wm S220
Coile Henry S243
Coke Thomas A. Cake, Thomas A. S239
Coker Abraham B. Coker, A. B. S46
Coker Edward S243
Coker James W. Cocker, James W. S243
Colbert Joseph S190
Colcord Charles Francis Colcord, C. F. S126
Colcord Mrs. C. F. (Harriett) "Hattie" Colcord, Mrs. S126
Coldwell William A. Caldwell, Wm A. S239
Cole Addie S243
Cole B. F. S46
Cole Charles S243
Cole Charles B. Cole, Chas B. S243
Cole Daniel M. Cole, Dan'l M. S243
Cole Emerson O. S243
Cole Holbert Cole, Herbert S243
Cole Horace S243
Cole James T. S172
Cole John C. Cole, John S243
Cole Joseph D. S243
Cole Samuel D. S243
Cole Shelby S243
Cole Solomon S243
Cole Sydney S. S243
Cole Thomas W. Cole, Thos W. S243
Cole Tolbert F. Cole, T. F. S172
Cole W. S126
Cole W. W. S126
Cole William Cole, Wm S243
Cole William D. Cole, Wm D. S243
Cole William H. Cole, Wm H. S243
Cole William J. Cole, Wm J. S243
Cole William M. Cole, Wm M. S243
Cole William T. Cole, Wm T. S243
Coleman Aca S243
Coleman Frank Coleman, Erank S126
Coleman G. O. S46
Coleman George M. Coleman, Geo M. S243
Coleman Henry S244
Coleman Henry Jones Coleman, Henry S244
Coleman Hy S244
Coleman John W. S244
Coleman Silas S244
Coleman William O. Coleman, Wm O. S244
Coles Enoch W. Coles, E. W. S243
Coles William Coles, Wm S243
Coles William H. Coles, Wm H. S243
Colibert Velfred E. Colibert, Velifred E. S244
Collar Morris S46
Coller Jake S46
Collet Alexander B. Collet, A. B. S126
Collett George W. Collett, Geo W. S244
Colley Adron C. Colley, Aaron C. S244
Colley George H. Colley, Geo H. S244
Colley James H. A. Calley, J. H. A. S239
Collier Claiborne S244
Collier D. G. S126
Collier Dexter B. Collier, Dexter S191
Collier James S244
Collier R. M. S126
Collier William M. Collier, Wm M. S244
Collier William M. Collier, Wm M. S244
Collins Albert S244
Collins Albert L. Collins, A. L. S204
Collins Alexander Collins, Alex S244
Collins Allen K. S244
Collins Cal S244
Collins Charles M. Collins, Chas M. S244
Collins David F. S244
Collins Francis T. S191
Collins George Collins, Geo S244
Collins George S244
Collins Hill S244
Collins James B. S244
Collins John M. S244
Collins M. F. S172
Collins Ransom W. S244
Collins Robert S47
Collins Sherman S244
Collins Tom S47
Collins Walter S221
Collins Walter S. S244
Collins William M. Collins, Wm M. S244
Collison John C. S244
Colton Harry S244
Colton Harry S47
Colwell John N. S244
Colwell T. S. S47
Combes Taylor Combs, Taylor S244
Combest John L. S244
Combs John C. S244
Combs Samuel T. Combs, Sam'l T. S47
Combs Thomas S244
Combs W. S126
Combs William F. Combs, Wm F. S244
Comer Isaac S. S244
Comer Philander V. S244
Comer Riley W. S244
Comer William H. Comer, Wm H. S244
Commager David H. S244
Commager David H. S47
Compton B. F. S126
Compton Clarence A. Compton, C. A. S126
Compton Elmer E. S244
Compton James Carpenter, James S240
Compton James R. S244
Compton Joseph R. Compton, Jos R. S244
Compton Matilda S244
Compton Mrs. Belle S126
Compton Nelson Compten, Nelson S244
Compton William B. Compton, Wm B. S244
Compton William E. Compton, W. E. S127
Compton William I. Compton, Wm I. S244
Comradt William Comradt, Wm S127
Comstock Allen W. Comstock, A. W. S47
Comstock Allen W. Comstock, Allen S244
Comstock Dr. E. S222
Comstock W. F. (Fred) W. F. Comstock S168
Conant John R. S244
Conard Edna L. S244
Conard George T. Conrad, George T. S244
Conarro William Conarro, Wm S244
Conaway George L. Conaway, Geo L. S244
Concannon James H. Concannon, J. H. S187
Concannon James H. Concannon, Jas H. S244
Concannon James H. Concannon, John H. S14
Concannon Thomas M. Concannon, T. M. S127
Concannon Thomas M. Concannon, Thos M. S244
Condon J. S47
Condon James S47
Condon Thomas L. S244
Condon Webster B. Condon, W. B. S127
Cone Dr. Norris D. Cone, N. D. S47
Confry William Confrey, Wm S244
Conkey Jacob B. Conkey, J. B. S244
Conklin Frank S244
Conklin James S244
Conkling Frank C. S47
Conlee Forman G. Conlee, Farman G. S244
Conley Benjamin J. Conley, B. J. S191
Conley James M. S244
Conley Thomas S244
Conley William R. Conley, W. R. S191
Conlin Frank S47
Conn George Conn, Geo S214
Connella Rufus R. Conuella, R. R. S127
Connelly Harry E. S244
Connelly James S178
Connelly James T. S179
Connelly John D. S244
Connelly Mary J. S244
Conner Andrew S191
Conner D. R. S47
Conner Frank S47
Conner Frank A. Corner, Frank A. S245
Conner George T. Conner, Geo T. S244
Conner Isaac Conners, Isaac S244
Conner Isaac D. Connor, Isaac D. S244
Conner Malinda S244
Conner Robert P. Conner, Robt P. S244
Conner Samuel James Conner, Samuel J. S244
Conner William E. Conner, Wm E. S244
Connolly John S244
Connolly William Connolly, Wm S47
Connor George T. Connor, Geo T. S244
Conrad Arthur L. S244
Conrad James W. Conrad, J. W. S207
Content William M. Content, Wm M. S244
Converse W. H. S47
Conwell Peter T. S244
Cooder Charles C. Cooder, Chas C. S244
Cooder James M. S244
Cook Austin S47
Cook Charles Cook, Chas S127
Cook Claudius C. Crook, Claudin C. S247
Cook Dr. Edward H. Cook, E. H. S185
Cook Dr. Edward H. Cook, E. H. S244
Cook Dr. Ira Cook, Ira S207
Cook Dr. R. A. Cook, R. A. S207
Cook E. W. S47
Cook Elijah S47
Cook Emory A. S244
Cook Eugene C. Cook, E. C. S13
Cook Eugene C. Cook, Eugene G. S244
Cook Fred W. Cook, F. W. S127
Cook George F. Cook, Geo F. S244
Cook Harry G. S244
Cook Henry S244
Cook Hiram S47
Cook Isaac S127
Cook Jacob S204
Cook Jesse S127
Cook Jesse S47
Cook Jesse S47
Cook Jesse M. S244
Cook John S204
Cook John S244
Cook John B. S244
Cook John B. S47
Cook John C. Cook, J. C. S127
Cook John W. Cook, J. W. S127
Cook John William Cook, John Wm S244
Cook Jonas S244
Cook Jonathan L. S244
Cook Josiah S244
Cook Lafayette R. S244
Cook Miss Anna B. Cook, Miss Anna S204
Cook Nathan V. S244
Cook Orson S47
Cook Rufus S244
Cook S. S127
Cook William B. Cook, Wm B. S244
Cooke John S. Cook, John S. S244
Cooksey Thomas A. Cookey, Thos A. S244
Cooley Franklin S244
Cooley George Cooley, Geo S47
Cooley James K. S244
Cooley John B. S245
Cooley Marion S127
Cooley William Cooley, Wm S245
Cooley William H. Cooley, Wm H. S245
Cooley William S. Cooley, Wm S. S245
Coombs Charles F. Coombs, Chas F. S245
Coombs Charles W. S245
Coon John H. S245
Coon Laura E. S245
Coon Marcus M. Coon, Marcus S245
Coon O'Shea W. S245
Coons Daniel B. S245
Coons Robert I. Coons, R. I. S127
Coons Robert I. Coons, Rob't I. S245
Coop Napoleon L. S245
Cooper Abraham S245
Cooper Amanda S127
Cooper Andrew E. S245
Cooper Anson G. S245
Cooper Asel W. S245
Cooper Augustus J. S245
Cooper Calvin S. Cooper, C. S. S127
Cooper Charles S245
Cooper Charles A. Cooper, Chas A. S245
Cooper Charles E. Cooper. Chas E. S245
Cooper Charles T. Cooper, Chas T. S245
Cooper Christopher C. Cooper, Chris C. S245
Cooper Eli S245
Cooper Elijah A. Cooper, E. A. S245
Cooper Emmitt S245
Cooper Even H. Cooper, E. H. S127
Cooper George Cooper, Geo S245
Cooper George E. Cooper, Geo E. S245
Cooper George L. Cooper, G. L. S191
Cooper George W. Cooper, Geo W. S245
Cooper Harvey T. S245
Cooper Isaac S245
Cooper Isaiah M. S245
Cooper James H. S245
Cooper John A. S191
Cooper John A. S245
Cooper John T. S245
Cooper Lewis B. Cooper, Louis B. S245
Cooper Lewis B. S14
Cooper Lewis M. S245
Cooper Mason S245
Cooper Miss Ella I. Cooper, Miss Ella S191
Cooper Philip S245
Cooper Robert D. Cooper, Rob't E. S245
Cooper Salem S245
Cooper Stephen A. D. S245
Cooper Sterling S245
Cooper Susan Cooper, Susie S47
Cooper W. R. S127
Cope Calvin S245
Copeland B. F. S49
Copeland Jacob L. Copeland, J. L. S245
Copeland Rev. Andrew G. Copeland, Rev. A. G. S47
Coplin Josiah H. S245
Coppenbarger David S245
Coppinger H. J. S127
Coppock David C. S245
Corahae Andrew Corahoe, Andrew S245
Corbet ____ S172
Corbett James B. S245
Corbin John A. S245
Corby George W. Corby, Geo. W. S245
Corby Manly A. Corby, Manley A. S245
Corby Samuel Colby, Samuel S243
Corcoran Patrick S245
Corder John S245
Corey B. F. S127
Corff Nicholas Carff, Nicolas S240
Corkins Archibald James Corkins, A. J. S49
Corlett Henry S191
Corlett Thomas A. Corlett, T. A. S49
Corn Joel M. S245
Cornelius William D. Cornelius, W. D. S191
Cornelius William D. Cornelius, Wm D. S245
Cornell Charles H. Cornell, Chas H. S245
Cornell Charles H. S214
Cornell John E. S245
Cornell Smith P. Cornell, S. P. S214
Corner Ezra C. S245
Corner Isaac S245
Cornett Maria Cornett, Moria S245
Cornett Roger S245
Cornforth Linton C. Camforth, Linton S239
Corning Benjamin Corning, Benj S49
Cornish William D. Cornish, Wm. D S245
Cornstuble Henry S245
Cornstuble William S. Cornstuble, Wm S. S245
Cornwell Dennis S127
Cornwell Levi S245
Cornwell Lewis M. Cornwell, L. M. S191
Cornwell Silas S245
Cornwell William W. Cornwell, Wm W. S245
Corrette Edward Corette, Ed S207
Corrette Miss Mary S207
Corrette Mrs. Margaret S207
Corrigan Patrick Carrigan, Patrick S240
Corrigan Patrick S49
Corrigan Thomas J. Carrigan, Thomas J. S240
Corwin Isaiah James Corwin, I. J. S245
Coryell G. S191
Cosby Alonzo A. Cosby, Alonzo S245
Cosby J. D. S49
Cosby Mrs. Mary T. S49
Costello John Costolo, John S245
Cothern James L. Corthern, James L. S245
Cottan Jake A. Cottan, J. A. S178
Cotter W. R. S179
Cotteral Dr. Chauncey Frank Cotteral, C. F. S49
Cotteral John Hazelton Cotteral, J. H. S49
Cotton David Reiley Cotton, D. R. S49
Cotton David Reiley Cotton, David R. S245
Cotton George Cotton, Geo S49
Cotton Harry S87
Cotton Michael H. S245
Cotton Mrs. George (Elizabeth M.) Cotton, Mrs. G. S49
Cottrell William Cottrell, Wm S245
Couch Austin B. S245
Couch Charles B. Couch, B. Charles S245
Couch Daniel S. S245
Couch Isaac Bosier Couch, I. B. S191
Couch Isaac Bosier S245
Couch Isaac I. Couch, Isaac F. S245
Couch Jeff F. S245
Couch John M. S245
Couch Joseph S245
Couch Meshack H. Couch, M. H. S127
Couch Meshack H. Couch, Meshack S245
Couch Meshack Quincy Couch, Meshack Q. S245
Couch Meshak I. Couch, M. S. S245
Couch Nevada M. S245
Couch Thomas W. S245
Couch Vernon V. S245
Couch William Lewis Couch, Capt. W. S. S127
Coucher Robert H. Coucher, Robt H. S127
Coulson Eli W. S245
Coulson Jefferson S245
Coulter John N. Coulter, J. N. S49
Coulter John N. S245
Coulter John W. S245
Coulter Martin C. S245
Coulter Robert M. Coulter, Rob't M. S245
Coulter W. B. S49
Counsil William R. Counsil, Wm R. S245
Countryman Frederick W. Countryman, Fred W. S245
Countryman Louis Countryman, L. S127
Coureton Samuel Coureton, Sam'l S246
Coursey Charles E. Coursey, Chas E. S246
Courtney Alonzo P. S246
Courtney Columbus A. Courtney, C. A. S246
Courtney Emmett M. Courtney, Camett M. S246
Courtney James S127
Courtney John R. S246
Courtright Mary E. S246
Courtright Richard S246
Cousin Nancy S49
Cousland William Cousland, Wm S246
Covert Thomas S. Covert, T. S. S222
Covey Robert Coney, Robert S244
Covley James K. Corley, James K. S245
Cowan Orlanda C. Cowan, O. C. S127
Cowan William H. Cowan, Wm H. S246
Cowles Mrs. R. L. (Ruth) Cowles, Mrs. R. L. S49
Cowles Russell L. Cowles, R. L. S49
Cowley Joseph W. S246
Cowling P. C. S49
Cowling William Cowling, Wm S49
Cox Albert S246
Cox Charles D. Cox, Chas D. S246
Cox David W. S246
Cox Dr. George T. Cox, Dr. Geo T. S172
Cox Dr. George T. Cox, George T. S246
Cox Edward S246
Cox Elihu H. S246
Cox Elmer S246
Cox Frank H. B. S246
Cox G. B. S49
Cox George S246
Cox George W. Cox, Geo. W. S246
Cox Harrison S49
Cox James S246
Cox James S49
Cox James A. S246
Cox James G. Cox, J. G. S127
Cox John H. S246
Cox John H. S246
Cox Joshua L. S246
Cox Josiah M. S246
Cox Lyman Joseph Cox, Lyman J. S246
Cox Mary E. S128
Cox Melville L. Cox, M. L. S221
Cox Mollie S246
Cox Mrs. J. H. S49
Cox Samuel S183
Cox Thaddeus S. Cox, Thadeus S. S246
Cox Thomas Cox, Thos S183
Cox Thomas C. S246
Cox Thomas M. Cox. Thos M. S246
Cox Tipton S246
Cox Walter B. S128
Cox Willis S185
Coykendall John R. Coykendall, J. R. S183
Coyle Frank S49
Coyle William H. Coyle, W. H. S49
Coyne Thomas Coyne, Thos S246
Cozart James S128
Cozart James W. Cozart, Jas W. S207
Crabb Alvin Henry Crabb, Alvin H. S246
Crabb Francis Thomas Crabb, Francis T. S246
Crabb Ira Clark Crabb, Ira C. S246
Crabb Leonard C. Crabb, L. C. S246
Crabb Leonard C. Grabo, L. C. S261
Crabtree Dr. John S. Crabtree, J. S. S191
Crabtree George W. Crabtree, G. W. S191
Crabtree Milton S246
Crabtree Miss Lamora S128
Crabtree Richard S246
Crabtree William E. Crabtree, W. E. S191
Cracraft John S50
Cracraft William Cracraft, Wm S246
Craemer Mrs. O. S128
Craft James H. Croft, Jas H. S247
Craft James H. Graff, J. H. S261
Craig Dr. John M. Craig, J. M. S50
Craig Isaac G. S246
Craig James B. S246
Craig Jehiel R. Craig, J. R. S246
Craig L. S. S50
Craig Sallie A. S246
Craig Thomas D. Craig, Thos. D. S246
Craig Warren E. S246
Craig William Craig, Wm S246
Craig William H. Craig, Wm H. S246
Craig William H. Craig, Wm H. S246
Craigmyle Milton O. S246
Crain Charles F. Crain. Chas F. S246
Crain William D. Crain, W. D. S128
Crane Clair V. S50
Crane Lizzie S128
Crane Logan Cram, Logan S246
Crane Logan S246
Crane Maggie S50
Crane W. D. S128
Crane W. M. S50
Cranmer Otho L. S246
Cranson Lewis S246
Cravatt Eldridge A. Cravatt, E. A. S185
Craven Ellen E. S246
Craven James Cravens, James S246
Cravens J. M. S183
Crawford ____ S128
Crawford Alexander Crawford, Alex S246
Crawford Francis M. S191
Crawford Horace S246
Crawford Ira P. Crawford, I. P. S179
Crawford James W. Crawford, J. W. S215
Crawford James W. Crawford, Jas W. S246
Crawford Jefferson S246
Crawford Jesse S50
Crawford John C. Crawford, J. C. S222
Crawford Joseph A. S246
Crawford Marcus Crowford, Marcus S247
Crawford Pleasant W. S246
Crawford Robert R. S246
Crawford Sylvester H. Crawford, S. H. S222
Crawford Thomas Crawford, Thas S128
Crawford Thomas S246
Crawford Wilkison S246
Crawford William Crawford, Wm S207
Crawford William C. Crawford, Wm C. S207
Crawford William H. Crawford, Wm H. S246
Crawford William J. Crawford, Wm S. S246
Crawford William W. Crawford, Wm W. S246
Crawley James F. Crowley, James F. S247
Crawley William W. Crawley, Wm M. S246
Crawn George A. Craun, Geo A. S246
Craycroft Ben Craycroft, B. S128
Craycroft Ben S246
Crayton Christopher S50
Crayton Madison S246
Creamer J. M. S128
Creamer John M. S128
Creamer John M. S246
Creech Bennett S50
Creech John W. Creech, J. W. S246
Creech John W. Greech, J. W. S261
Creech John W. S246
Creed John W. S246
Creel Frank W. S246
Creel John A. Creele, John A. S246
Creighton John A. S246
Crenshaw C. S. S172
Crenshaw William Crenshaw, Wm S246
Creswell Katie S50
Creswell Matthew H. S246
Creswell Michael J. S246
Crew George Crew, Geo S246
Crews Charles F. Crews, Chas F. S246
Crich Edmond H. Crick, Edmond H. S246
Crider Frank E. Crider, F. E. S216
Crider James H. Crider, J. H. S185
Crider Samuel S246
Criner James W. S246
Cripe Eli A. Crisp, Eli A. S246
Crippen William L. Crippen, Wm L. S246
Crisamore Ellen D. S246
Crisman Edward S. Chrisman, E. S. S242
Crismond Dr. John W. Crismond, J. W. S50
Crisp Washington S246
Cristy Jacob S246
Criswell J. C. S207
Criswell Stephen G. Criswell, S. G. S50
Critcher Henry C. S246
Critcher Robert A. S246
Critcher Thomas J. S246
Crittendon J. C. S207
Critz Francis M. S246
Crocker Charles M. Crocker, Chas M. S247
Crocker Franklin E. Crocker, F. E. S247
Crocker Samuel S247
Crocker Stephen S128
Crockett A. G. S50
Crockett Andrew S247
Crockett George W. Crockett, Geo W. S247
Crockett John S247
Crockett John S247
Crockett Minnie A. Crockett, Minnie S247
Crockett Mrs. Lucretia S50
Crockett William Crockett, Wm S247
Crofoot William D. Crofoot, Wm D. S247
Crofut Joel T. S247
Cromer Joseph P. Cramer, Joseph P. S246
Cromer Michael S247
Cromwell Charles H. Cromwell, C. H. S50
Cromwell Isaac S223
Cromwell Washington T. S247
Cronister George A. Chronister, Geo A. S247
Cronk Augustus C. Cronk, A. C. S50
Cronk Mrs. Caroline V. Cronk, Mrs. C. V. S128
Cronk Wilson C. S247
Cronkite Arthur M. S247
Cronkite Henry M. S247
Crook Ahaz N. J. Crook, A. N. J. S50
Crook Ahaz N. J. S247
Crook Eugene C. Crook, E. C. S247
Crook John S247
Crook Thomas H. S247
Crookham Charles L. Crookham, Chas M. S247
Crooks Robert S247
Crosby William Crosby, Wm S50
Cross Alexander Cross, Alex S247
Cross Julius C. Cross, J. C. S191
Cross Len A. Cross, L. A. S128
Cross Marion S247
Cross Michael F. S247
Cross William Cross, Wm S247
Crossfield Thomas J. Crossfield, Thos J. S247
Crosson David M. S247
Crosswhite John S247
Crosthwaite Thomas Perry Croswaite, T. P. S191
Crouch Samuel S. S128
Crow C. A. S50
Crow John C. Grow, John C. S262
Crow John M. S247
Crow Peter T. S247
Crow Sigle F. S247
Crowdy William Crowdy, Wm S50
Crowe Joseph R. Crowe, Jos R. S247
Crowfoot William Crowfoot, Wm S172
Crowley Robert R. Crowley, R. R. S247
Crowley Simeon W. Crowley, Simon W. S247
Crowner John N. S247
Crowther Richard S. Crowther, R. S. S247
Croxton Samuel Crayton, Samuel S246
Crozier Lief Newry Fitzroy Crozier, L. N. F. S50
Crozier William C. Crozier, Wm C. S247
Cruce Jesse Dillard Cruce, J. D. S207
Cruikshank George S246
Crull Caleb A. S247
Crull Lewis A. S247
Crum Frank S128
Crum George F. Crum, G. F. S128
Crum William O. Crum, Wm O. S247
Crume George F. Crume, Geo F. S247
Crumley George H. Crumley, Geo H. S247
Crump John G. Crump, Jno B. S247
Crump Joseph S247
Crump William Crump, Wm S247
Crupper Lisbon F. S247
Crutcher V. B. S172
Cruzan Edward L. Crazan, Edward L. S246
Cry John S172
Crystal A. C. S50
Crystal Frank S50
Cubberly Albin L. Cubberly, Al S216
Cubine John W. Cubine, John U. S247
Cubley Alphonso C. Cubley, A. C. S247
Cuckian James Duckian, James S251
Cue John F. S247
Culbertson Emily E. S247
Culbertson Rev. Azariah Culbertson, Azariah S247
Cullen Charles F. S247
Cullumber William C. Cullumber, W. C. S247
Culp Cornelius S247
Culp Ira W. S247
Culpepper John W. S247
Culver Nathan Culber, Nathan S247
Culwell Louis W. S247
Cummingham Mrs. E. S191
Cummings Abraham S. Cummings, Abram S247
Cummings Archibald J. S247
Cummings James B. S247
Cummings Jay J. Cummings, J. J. S204
Cummings Johilson B. Cummings, J. B. S185
Cummings John S50
Cummins Bird P. Cummins, B. P. S191
Cummins Frank M. S50
Cummins Jhlson P. Cummins, J. P. S13
Cummins Jhlson P. Cummins, J. P. S191
Cummins Richard W. Cummings, Richard W. S247
Cummins Robert M. Cummins, R. M. S247
Cummins William Cummins, Wm S128
Cumstock Fred S128
Cundiff Benjamin L. Cundiff, Benj L. S247
Cunningham Charles W. Cunningham, Chas W. S247
Cunningham Con S247
Cunningham Francis M. S247
Cunningham George S. Cunningham, G. S. S50
Cunningham George T. Cunningham, Geo T. S50
Cunningham Harper Samuel Cunningham, Harper S. S50
Cunningham J. M. S128
Cunningham James M. S128
Cunningham Jefferson W. Cunningham, J. W. S128
Cunningham John H. S247
Cunningham Mark J. S247
Cunningham Martin S247
Cunningham Miss Grace E. S191
Cunningham Thomas Renningham, Thomas S303
Cunningham William O. Cunningham, W. O. S191
Cuppage Thomas H. Cuppage, Thos H. S50
Cuppett Charles C. S247
Cuppy Isaac C. Cuppy, I. C. S128
Curl Charles A. Curl, Chas A. S191
Curran Charles W. Curran, Chas W. S247
Curran Thomas S50
Currey Russel A. Currey, Russell A. S247
Currin Green I. (Green Jacob) Currin, Green I. S247
Curry James S128
Curry John S247
Curry John C. B. S247
Curry John T. S247
Curry Nathan S247
Curry William Curry, Wm S247
Curtin James Carter, James S240
Curtis Abner S. S247
Curtis Charity S247
Curtis Daniel E. Curtis, Dan'l E. S247
Curtis F. S. S207
Curtis Fayette D. S247
Curtis Francis M. S247
Curtis Henry S50
Curtis James C. Curtis, James G. S247
Curtis James L. Curtis, Jas L. S247
Curtis John S247
Curtis Noah E. S247
Curtis Peter D. S247
Curtis Samuel M. Curtis, Sam'l M. S247
Curtis William S. Curtis, Wm S. S247
Curtis William T. Curtis, Wm T. S247
Cusenberry Harry D. S247
Cusick William H. Cusick, W. S. S179
Custer Ezekiel S247
Custer Jesse P. S247
Cutler Martin V. S247
Cutlip Thaddeus G. Cutlip, T. G. S191
Cutter Orville C. Cutter, O. G. S247
Cutter Thomas R. Cutter, Thos R. S247
Czaja Frank S247
Daake Fred Doake, Fred S250
Dabin Edward S51
Dabin Miss Alice S51
Dacey James S128
Dagenhart Margaret J. S248
Daggett Alfred C. Daggett, A.C. S51
Daggett Nannie D. Doggett, N. D. S250
Dagner J. H. S51
Dagner J. W. S51
Dailey David D. S14
Daily Erasmus H. S248
Daily John S248
Daily Oliver S248
Daily Stewart A. Daily, S. A. S172
Daisey Mrs. U. S. Naunita S51
Daisey Naunita Regina H. Daisey, Naunita R. H. S248
Dake Charles A. Dake, C. A. S172
Dake Miss Pearl L. S172
Dake S. Eason Dake, S. E. S172
Daker Harry S51
Dale Dr. J. E. Dale, J. E. S128
Dale Dr. J. E. Dale, J. E. S128
Dale Frank S51
Dale James E. Dale, James S248
Dale John S248
Dale Miss Amanda J. Dale, Miss A. J. S128
Dale Miss Dora A. Dale, Miss D. A. S128
Dale Miss Sallie A. Dale, Miss S. A. S128
Dalhauser Charles H. Dalhauser, Chas H. S248
Dalton Robert A. S248
Dalton Thomas Dalton, Thos S248
Dalton Thomas Delton, Thomas S249
Daly Matthew T. Daly, M.T. S51
Damron John S248
Dance R. W. S51
Danford John F. Danford, J. F. S208
Daniel Amos S248
Daniel Dora M. R. E. Daniel, Dora S248
Daniel Edward S248
Daniel James M. S248
Daniel Joseph Daniel, Jos S208
Daniels A. H. S128
Daniels Albert S51
Daniels Arthur N. "Deafy" Daniels, Arthur M. S248
Daniels Daniel S248
Daniels Harrison S248
Daniels Joseph J. Jr. Daniels, James J. Jr. S248
Daniels Martha J. S248
Daniels Miss Mary S51
Daniels Mrs. Jennie S51
Danielson John W. S248
Dankers Henry W. Dankers, H. S192
Dannruther Louis S128
Darbro William H. Darbso, Wm S248
Darby Henry S248
Darby Joseph S. S248
Darby William Darby, Wm S248
Darby William J. Darby, Wm J. S248
Darden Monroe S248
Dare Harvey Dare, H. S215
Darling John V. S248
Darling Roswell B. S248
Darlington Evins R. Darlington, E.R. S51
Darnell Lewis J. S248
Darnell Robert Darnell, Robt S129
Darrigh Frank S51
Darrough William H. "Will" Darrough, Will H. S129
Darrow Augustus S248
Darrow H. W. S192
Darst John S. S14
Darst John S. S248
Dart Ella S51
Darter Samuel S248
Daubin Abner D. S248
Daubin Robert A. Daubin, Robt A. S248
Daugherty Alfred M. S248
Daugherty Charles A. Daugherty, C. A. S248
Daugherty Harvey A. Dougherty, Harve A. S251
Daugherty John C. Dougherty, John C. S251
Daugherty William H. Daugherty, Wm H. S248
Dauron J. W. S51
Dauron William Dauron, Wm S51
Davee Levi R. Davee, L. R. S207
Davee Thomas H. Davee, T. H. S207
Davenport Elisha T. Jr. S248
Davenport George W. Davenport, Geo W. S248
Davenport W. B. S215
David Jacob W. S248
David Steward B. S248
Davidson Benjamin D. Davidson, B. D. S192
Davidson Charles T. Davidson, Chas T. S248
Davidson Charlotte S248
Davidson Claud S129
Davidson George R. Davidson, Geo R. S248
Davidson H. A. S129
Davidson Hiram H. Davidson. H.H. S192
Davidson Hiram H. S248
Davidson J. D. S192
Davidson J. H. S51
Davidson Newton S248
Davidson Robert S. Davidson, Robt S. S248
Davidson W. M. S51
Davis A. D. S215
Davis A. J. S204
Davis Aaron B. S248
Davis Albert C. Davis, A. C. S222
Davis Albert L. Davis, A. L. S216
Davis Alvin M. Davis, Alvin N. S248
Davis Arthur D. S248
Davis Carrie L. S248
Davis Clarence J. S248
Davis Daniel Davis, Danl S129
Davis Davidson Davis, David S248
Davis Decatur S248
Davis De'Leslaine R. Davis, D. R. S248
Davis Dennis W. S248
Davis Dr. Anson A. Davis, A. A. S183
Davis Dr. Anson A. Davis, Anson A. S248
Davis Dr. Henry S129
Davis E. H. S129
Davis Edward H. S51
Davis Elizabeth S248
Davis Enoch B. S248
Davis Ezra L. S248
Davis Francis L. S248
Davis Frank S248
Davis George A. Davis, Geo A. S248
Davis George B. Davis, G. B. S223
Davis George B. Davis, Geo B. S248
Davis George H. Davis, Geo H. S248
Davis H. C. S192
Davis Hiram S248
Davis Horace F. S248
Davis Ira L. S248
Davis Isaac S248
Davis James H. S252
Davis James J. S248
Davis James M. S248
Davis James R. S248
Davis James S. S248
Davis James S. S248
Davis John S248
Davis John S248
Davis John M. S172
Davis John M. S248
Davis John P. S248
Davis John R. S248
Davis John T. S51
Davis Leslie D. S248
Davis Lewis N. S248
Davis Lewis S. Davis, L. S. S179
Davis Lewis S. S179
Davis Louis C. S248
Davis Mary E. S248
Davis Mary I. S51
Davis Maurice E. S248
Davis Mrs. Alice R. S172
Davis Nathan Davis, N. S223
Davis Nathaniel R. S248
Davis Noah A. S248
Davis Orange S. Davis, O. S. S248
Davis R. A. S129
Davis R. A. S129
Davis R. G. S129
Davis Richard M. S248
Davis Robert A. Davis, R. A. S129
Davis S. A. S220
Davis Sabinus A. Davis, S. A. S192
Davis Sarah P. S248
Davis Silas B. S248
Davis Sylvanus S248
Davis Sylvester Davis, S. S204
Davis Sylvester E. S248
Davis Thomas B. Davis, Thos B. S248
Davis Thomas C. Davis, Thos C. S248
Davis Thomas H. Davis, Thos H. S248
Davis Ulysses S. S248
Davis Walter T. Davis, W. T. S208
Davis Warren Davis, Wm S248
Davis Wesley S248
Davis Will S52
Davis William Davis, William A. S248
Davis William D. Davis, Wm D. S248
Davis William D. Davis, Wm D. S249
Davis William E. Davis, W.E. S51
Davis William H. Davis, Wm H. S249
Davis William H. Davis, Wm H. S52
Davis William J. Davis, Wm J. S249
Davis William Y. Davis, Wm Y. S249
Davis Willie P. Doris, Willie P. S251
Davison Aaron E. Davison, Aaron S249
Davisson David D. S248
Dawning James M. Donning, J. M. S251
Dawning John Harrison Downing, John H. S251
Dawson Alice E. S249
Dawson Frank J. Dawson, F. J. S172
Dawson Frank J. Dawson, F. J. S172
Dawson Frank J. S176
Dawson George B. Dawson, Geo B. S249
Day A. J. S129
Day Daniel S249
Day David M. S249
Day Horatio S249
Day Jonathan J. Day, Jonathan A. S249
Day Joseph M. S249
Day Miss Anna S172
Day Sanford S249
Dayhoff Rufus S249
Dayton George W. Dayton, Geo W. S249
Dayton John S249
De Grasse Father Felix S52
De Groate Father Gregory S52
De Groff George M. De Groff, Geo M. S52
De Moss Louis S52
De Plois Philip Ludwig Deplois, Philip L. S249
De Shaw Christana DeShane, Christian S249
De Steiguer Louis De Steiguer, L. S52
De Steiguer Rodolph De Steiguer, R. S52
De Tar Edward Andrew Detardt, E. D. S129
De Witt Alfred S. S52
De Witt James C. Denitt, Jas S. S249
De Witt James C. DeWitt, Jas S. S250
De Wolfe Christian De Wolfe, Christain S250
Deal Avery J. Deal, A. J. S52
Deal George J. Deal, Geo J. S249
Deal Joe S52
Deal Napoleon Worth Deal, Napoleon W. S249
Deal Samuel S249
Deal T. M. S52
Deal Winfield S. S249
Dean Alva L. Dean, A. L. S223
Dean Andrew J. S249
Dean Charles P. S249
Dean Dallas Verlin Dean, Dallas S249
Dean Frank E. S249
Dean George F. Dean, G. F. S129
Dean James A. S249
Dean James V. S249
Dean Joshua S249
Dean Sanford S249
Dean Sarah C. S249
Dean Thomas J. S249
Dean Walter C. S249
Dean William Dean, Wm S249
Dean William E. Dean, Wm E. S249
Deans H. E. S129
Dear William E. Dean, Wm E S249
Deardorff William P. Deardorff, Wm P. S249
Dearing Charles D. Dearing, Chas D. S249
Deatherage Milton S249
Deaton Robert Deaton, Robt S215
DeBaun Iona A. S249
DeBaun William S. DeBaun, Wm S249
Debois E. V. S52
Debois J. E. S52
Debois Matt S52
DeBolt Ed De Bott, Ed S129
Decker Harry R. Decker, H. R. S52
Decker Henry A. S52
Decker Loren S249
Decker Samuel David Decker, S. D. S52
Decker Stewart M. Decker, S. M. S52
Decker Stewart M. S13
DeCloss Lambert S249
Deeds Carrol S129
Deeds William A. Deeds, W. A. S52
Deem Cyrus Deem, C. S215
Deen William M. Deen, Wm M. S249
Deering Henry G. S249
Deering James W. S249
Deering Sanford H. S249
Defebaugh David S249
Defenbaugh Harry L. S249
Deffenbaugh John S52
Deffenbaugh William L. Deffenbaugh, W. L. S129
DeFord Columbus "Charles" Harvey DeFord, C. H. S13
DeFord Columbus "Charles" Harvey DeFord, C. H. S172
DeFord Harry B. DeFord, H. B. S172
DeFord Walter Summers De Ford, W. S. S52
DeFrantz Alonzo D. S249
Degarmo Mrs. Ida S172
Degarmo Walter S172
DeGeer John W. Deegen, John W. S249
Degraw Byron S249
Deihl George L. Deihl, Geo L. S204
Dejarnett Thomas De Jarnette, Thomas S249
DeJarnette John C. S249
DeLacey Byron S249
DeLand Henry DeLand, H. S129
Delaney William T. Delaney, Wm T. S249
Delaplain Rev. Elmer C. Delaplain, Rev. E.C. S192
Delay Colman R. S249
DeLee Benjamin DeLee, Ben S249
Delile Miss Aurelia S52
Delking Fred S. Delling, Fred S. S249
Dellinger Adam S249
Deludolf Elbert Deludoff, Elbert S172
Deludolf Miss Emma Deludoff, Miss Emma S172
Deludolf Miss Tillie Deludoff, Miss Tillie S172
Demaree James M. Demaree, Jas M. S249
Demaree James T. S249
Demaree John H. S249
DeMoss John M. Moss, John M. D. S291
Dempsey John S249
Dempsey Mary J. S249
Denham Drury T. Denham, Drary S249
Denham Sidney S129
Denice Thomas L. S249
Dening Henry S249
Denison Henry C. S249
Denison Jessie I. S249
Dennen Ella R. S249
Denney Eli Dennie, Eli S249
Denney Elwood S249
Denney I. G. S129
Denney R. G. S129
Dennis Albert G. Dennis, A. G. S249
Dennis David M. S249
Dennis George A. Dennier, Geo A. S249
Dennis James M. S249
Dennis John M. S249
Denny George Denny, Geo S129
Denny Henry S129
Denny John H. Denny, J. H. S192
Dent George Linsey Dent, Geo L. S249
Dent James D. Dent, J. D. S192
Dent Lewis M. S249
Denton Abraham J. Denton, Abe J. S249
Denton Charles B. Denton, Chas B. S249
Denton George S249
Denton Jonathan L. S249
Deparade Adolph S249
Deparade Albert S249
Depew John S249
Deppink Edward S129
DePree Peter H. S249
DeRoche Charles S249
Derr Gertrude Dorr, Gertrude S251
Derrington Binze C. Denington, Benze C. S249
Derrington Binze C. Derington, B. C. S52
Derrington Stanton S52
Derrit Edward Derrit, Edw S249
Descombes Jacob S192
Descombes Val S192
DeShane Paul S249
Deshazer Jacob Shazer, Jacob D. S309
Detlinger Peter S249
Detlor William E. Detlor, Wm E. S52
Detwiler George Nathan Detwiler, Geo N. S249
Detwiler J. S129
Detwiler Miss Minnie Detwiler, Miss M. S129
Detwiler S. S129
Deupree David M. Deupree, D. M. S14
Deupree David M. Dupree, D. M. S183
Deveny James S249
Devine James A. S249
Devine Martin S249
Dewane Jeremiah S129
Dewees Charles P. S250
Deweese George E. S250
Deweese John H. DeWeese, John H. S250
Deweese Leonidas N. "Lon"" Deweese, Leonidas N. S250
Deweese Leonidas N. "Lon" Deweese, Lon S187
Dewey Dr. Frederick Stanley Dewey, F. E. S129
Dewey Joseph S250
DeWitt George DeWitt, George W. S250
Dewitt George S250
Dewitt Joseph S250
Diamond Aerilous J. Diamond, A. J. S250
Dick Christopher Columbus Dick, Christopher C. S250
Dick Samuel S52
Dick William G. Dick, Wm G. S250
Dicken D. R. S129
Dicken Henry S129
Dickenson Edmond C. "Clay" Dickenson, E. C. S250
Dickerhoff Elizabeth S250
Dickerson C. I. S223
Dickerson Earnest C. Dickinson, E. C. S179
Dickerson James S223
Dickerson John P. Dickerson, John S250
Dickerson John W. S250
Dickerson Joseph T. Dickerson, J. T. S250
Dickerson Monar Dickison, Warsaw S250
Dickerson R. H. S172
Dickerson William W. Dickerson, W. W. S250
Dickey George W. Dickey, Geo W. S129
Dickey Martin L. S192
Dickie W. J. S172
Dickinson Marcus W. Dickerson, Marcus W. S250
Dickinson Marcus W. Dickinson, Marcus S250
Dickison William F. Dickison, Wm S183
Dicks James W. Dicks, James N. S250
Dicks Mathew S. Dicks, Matthew S. S250
Dicks Miles W. Decks, Miles W. S249
Didlake Edmund H. S250
Diehl Henry C. S250
Diehl Hiram E. S129
Diehm John Burcat Diehm, John B. S250
Diehm Peter S250
Dierker B. S. S130
Dierker Bernard Dierker, B. S130
Dierker William Dierker, Wm S130
Dierolf Henry S250
Dierolf Henry Jr. S250
Diers Winfield J. S250
Diersten Conrad S130
Dietrich Edward H. Dietrich, Edw H. S250
Dietrich Michael M. Dietrich, Michael W. S250
Dietze Herman F. S250
Diggs Benjamin Bigg, Benj S232
Dill Lucy C. S250
Dille John I. S52
Dilleshow William H. Dilleshaw, Wm H. S250
Dilley Benjamin F. Dilley, Benj F. S250
Dilliner James P. S250
Dillingham Dr. George E. Dillingham, G. A. Dr. S208
Dillingham Henry E. S250
Dillingham James S. Dellingham, James S. S249
Dillman John E. S250
Dillman Joseph H. Dellman, Joseph H. S249
Dillman William H. Dillman, Wm H. S250
Dillon James M. Dillon, James S130
Dillon John S250
Dillon John H. Dillion, J. H. S192
Dillon Joseph S250
Dillon William A. Dillon, W. A. S186
Dills Allen J. S250
Dilsavor Mary S223
Dimit John G. Demit, John G. S249
Dimon Frank S. S52
Dingman John H. Duigman, John H. S251
Dingman John H. S52
Dinson Alice S130
Dirks Harry B. Deiks, Henry B. S249
Dismukes George W. Dismukes, Geo W. S250
Disney Owen A. Disney, O. A. S172
Ditgen John Dilgen, John S250
Ditrich Zip S129
Ditter J. H. (Harry) Ditter, J. H. S53
Ditter John B. Ditter, J. B. S53
Dittmer C. S130
Dittmer Charles C. Dittmer, C. C. S130
Dittmer Miss Lois Ditmer, Mrs. Louis S130
Ditto Joshua D. Ditto, J. D. S250
Divers John S. Divers, J. S. S192
Divers William H. Divers, W. H. S192
Divine Willis M. S250
Divis John S250
Dix William L. Dix, Wm L. S250
Dixon Augustus M. S130
Dixon Elbert S250
Dixon Erasmus K. Dixon, Erasmus H. S250
Dixon James F. S250
Dixon T. E. S130
Dixon T. M. S130
Dixon Theodore F. Dixon, Theo F. S250
Dixon William M. Dixon, W. M. S130
Doak D. P. S192
Doak Walter A. Doak, W. A. S192
Doake Henry A. S250
Doake Jefferson W. S250
Doane Rev. Leslie A. Doane, Rev. L. A. S172
Dobbs James O. S250
Dobbs John H. S250
Dobbs John M. S250
Dobbs Joseph S250
Dobry Anton F. S250
Dobson George S250
Dobson Job B. Dobson, Job E. S250
Dobson John S220
Dobson John F. S250
Dobson Joseph S. S250
Dodd Edwin S250
Dodd Ezra S. Dodd, E. S. S53
Dodd Ezra S. S250
Dodd Grafton S. Dodd, Gafton S. S250
Dodd James M. Dodd, J. M. S130
Dodd Thomas G. S53
Dodge Dwight H. S250
Dodge Frederick S. Dodge, Fred S. S250
Dodge Miss Nellie E. Dodge, Miss N. E. S53
Dodson Eunity S250
Dodson George H. Dodson, G. H. S216
Dodson George H. Dodson, Geo H. S14
Dodson John S250
Dodson William Dodson, Wm. S208
Doe Anthony S250
Doerr Henry Doer, Henry S250
Dohl Nelce Peter Dohl, Nelee P. S250
Dohner Jacob Dohmer, Jacob S250
Dolan James S250
Dolan John S250
Dolan John S250
Dole George H. Dole, Geo H. S250
Dolezal John Dolzal, John S250
Dolezal Joseph E. S250
Dolgoruki Prof. Edward L. Dolgoruki, Prof. E. B. S130
Dollarhide John R. S250
Dollinger George Dollinger, Geo S250
Dolliver Smith C. S250
Dollsberry Chesley S250
Dolquist Alexander Dalquist, Alex S248
Dolson Charles G. Golsan, Chas G. S260
Donahoe John S250
Donahoe John Joseph Donahoe, John J. S250
Donahoe William Donahoe, Wm S53
Donahoo John G. S250
Donahue James S250
Donahue John S250
Donahue John S53
Donahue John J. S250
Donahue Leon H. Donahue, Levi H. S250
Donald A. W. S130
Donaldson Francis M. Donaldson, F. M. S53
Donaldson James H. Donaldson, J. H. S130
Donaldson John C. S250
Donaldson John Charles Donaldson, J. C. S53
Donaldson Miss Agnes Donaldson, Miss A. S53
Donaldson Ogilvie S250
Donart J. H. "Harry" Donart, Harry S223
Donavan Mrs. A. M. S172
Donavan W. J. S172
Donham William H. S250
Donley John A. S251
Donley William Donley, Wm S251
Donnell Augustus W. S251
Donnell H. S220
Donnell Isaac N. S251
Donnell James S251
Donnelly Edward Sylvester Donnelly, E. S. S53
Donnelly George Donnelly, Geo S251
Donnelly Mary S251
Donovan Timothy Donaven, Timothy S250
Donovan William S251
Doolan John S53
Dooley Ann S251
Dooley George A. Dooley, Geo A. S251
Dooley James S53
Dooley James Jr. S53
Dooley Miss Katie S53
Dooley Miss Maggie S53
Dooley Thomas S53
Doolin William Doolin, Wm S251
Dooling James S53
Dooling James S53
Doolittle Louis S251
Doop Philip S251
Doorlay William S. Doorlay, W.S. S192
Doran George Doran, Geo S251
Doremus Benjamin F. Doremus, B. F. S251
Dorian Owen Donan, Owen S250
Dorian William Darian, Wm S248
Dorlly Joseph S130
Dorman Hubert M. Dorman, Herbert W. S251
Dorman Joseph S251
Dorman Stephen D. Dorman, Steven D. S251
Dorman Thomas J. S251
Dormire Joseph Calvin Dormire, J. C. S204
Dormire Joseph Calvin Dormire, Joseph C. S251
Dorrance Mary E. S251
Dorrity H. S172
Dorty John W. S251
Doscombes J. S192
Doss John H. S251
Doty Charles J. Doty, Chas J. S53
Doty D. H. S179
Doty Sanford S251
Doucher L. D. S130
Dougher James J. S192
Doughty George W. Doughty, Geo W. S186
Doughty George W. Doughty, Geo W. S251
Douglas G. B. S130
Douglas George P. Douglas, Geo P. S251
Douglas J. E. S130
Douglas J. W. S130
Douglas James S53
Douglas James P. S251
Douglas James Polk Douglas, J. P. S53
Douglas John A. Douglas, John S130
Douglas John S. S53
Douglas Miss Cora B. S53
Douglas Mrs. Eleanor A. S53
Douglas Samuel A. Douglas, Samuel S130
Douglas Stephen A. S53
Douglas Thomas Douglass, Thomas S251
Douglass George Douglas, Geo S251
Douglass George W. Douglass, Geo W. S251
Douglass J. E. Douglas, J. E. S53
Douglass James M. S251
Douglass John S187
Dourkee Lucien B. Durkee, Lucien B. S252
Dove John S251
Dovel William C. Dovel, Wm C. S251
Doverspike Peter Donverspike, Peter S251
Doverspike Peter S172
Dow George W. Dow, Geo W. S251
Dow Henry G. S251
Dow John S. S251
Dow John S. S251
Dowden Edward W. Dowden, E. W. S130
Dowell Nehemiah Dowell, N. S204
Dowell Nehemiah S251
Dowell Thomas E. Dowell, T. E. S192
Downen Job S251
Downen William H. Downer, W. H. S251
Downey James W. S251
Downie Fanny S251
Downie James Downey, Jas S251
Downie James S130
Downing Daniel S251
Downing Dennis S251
Downing Hiram S251
Downing James W. S251
Downs Benjamin W. Downs, B. W. S251
Downs George F. Downs, Geo F. S251
Downs Oscar S251
Doxsie Samuel D. Doxie, Sam'l D. S251
Doyle David J. S251
Doyle James H. Doyle, J. H. S208
Doyle John B. S251
Doyle Joseph S208
Doyle Lawrence S53
Doze George Doz, George S130
Drabeck Charles Drabeck, Chas S251
Drabek James S251
Drace Charles P. Drace, C. P. S53
Drace James A. Drace, J. A. S53
Drace Scott T. Drace, Scott S53
Drain Henry T. S251
Drain James S251
Drake Charles N. S251
Drake Elias S251
Drake Elijah A. Drake, Eliza A. S251
Drake Hiram P. Drake, Hirman P. S251
Drake Howard M. S251
Drake James G. Drake, J. G. S130
Drake John W. S251
Drake Osborne S251
Drake William T. G. Doake, Wm T. G. S250
Drake William T. G. Drake, Wm T. G. S251
Drane James N. Drain, N. Drane S251
Draper Anna P. S251
Draper William H. Draper, Wm A. S251
Draper William H. Draper, Wm H. S251
Dreesen Barthold J. Dreesen, B. J. S130
Drennen George F. S53
Drennen Henry J. S53
Drennen James Henry S53
Dresser George Dresser, Geo S208
Drew James D. S251
Drew Laura E. S251
Drew Marcus L. S251
Drew Thomas W. Drew, Thos W. S185
Driggs Job S. S251
Driller Henry S251
Driscoll John S173
Dronberger John E. Dronberger, J. E S183
Droz Alphonso S53
Drukes Alexander N. Drukes, Alex N. S251
Drye George Drye, Geo S251
Drye Mat Dyre, Matt S252
Dryer Zenas E. Dryer, Z. E. S179
Du Bois Charles Du Bois, Chas S251
Duay Joseph S251
Dubarry John S251
Dubois Mott Dubois, Matt S251
Dubose J. E. S130
Duck Frank S223
Duck Frank E. S251
Duck Henry S53
Duck Simon Peter Duck, Simon P. S251
Dudek Frank S251
Dudley Fred A. S251
Dudley Pleasant K. Dodley, Pleasant K. S250
Duff Fannie A. S251
Duffield Mrs. D. Flora Duffield, Mrs. D. F. S54
Duffy Ephraim S251
Duffy John Jr. S251
Dufriend James H. Dufriend, James S251
Duggan Delila M. Duggan, Delia M. S251
Duggan James W. Duggan, Jas W. S251
Duggan William Duggan, Wm S251
Dugger Mary E. S251
Dugger Rolan M. Duggar, Rolan M. S251
Duke ____ S208
Dukes Isaac S251
Dulan Benjamin Dulan, Benj S252
Dulan Sophia S252
Dulan William Ordan Dulan, W. O. S54
Dulan William Ordan Dulan, W. O. S54
Dulany J. C. S54
Dulin Joseph B. S252
Dulin William P. Dalin, Wm P. S248
Duling Jane S252
Dull Stephen D. Dull, S. D. S252
Dumont Edward K. Dumont, E. K. S130
Dunaway James S. S252
Dunaway William M. Dunaway, Wm M. S252
Dunbar Charles M. Dunbar, C. M. S54
Dunbar George B. Dunbar, Geo B. S54
Dunbar Jacob S252
Dunbar John C. S252
Dunbar Normie S54
Dunbar Thomas J. Dunbars, Thomas S252
Duncan James M. Duncan, Jas M. S252
Duncan Jesse H. S252
Duncan John G. S252
Duncan John S. S252
Duncan Montraville M. Duncan, M. M. S192
Duncan Robert C. Duncan, Rob't C. S252
Duncan Robert D. Duncan, Robert S252
Duncan Thomas E. S252
Duncan William H. Duncan, Wm H. S54
Dunford Delia Dunford, Dulia S252
Dungan George Dungan, Geo S54
Dungan George B. Dungan, Geo B. S54
Dungan Isaiah S. Dungan, I. S. S252
Dungan John W. S252
Dunham Arthur W. Dunham, A. W. S130
Dunham D. Fred S54
Dunham Frank S252
Dunham Henry C. S252
Dunham Jacob Mackey Dunham, J. M. S131
Dunham Jacob William Dunham, Jacob S131
Dunham Joseph S131
Dunham Joseph C. S252
Dunham Miss Julia A. (Jennie) Dunham, Miss Jennie S131
Dunham Miss Lulu Pearl Dunham, Miss P. S131
Dunham Mrs. Julia S131
Dunham Samuel S252
Dunham Samuel Lemuel Dunham, Sam'l S131
Dunham Van S131
Dunham William E. Dunham, Wm E. S252
Dunkins John W. S252
Dunkle Samuel C. S252
Dunlap Andrew W. S185
Dunlap Colatinus Dunlap, C. S252
Dunlap Colatinus H. Dunlap, C. H. S252
Dunlap Francis M. Dunlap, F. M. S54
Dunlap Francis M. S252
Dunlap Harvey L. S252
Dunlap Henry N. Dunlap, H. N. S131
Dunlap James F. S252
Dunlap John S252
Dunlap John William Dunlap, John W. S252
Dunlap Lycurgus S252
Dunlap Samuel R. Dunlap, Sam'l R. S252
Dunlap Samuel R. S252
Dunlap Thomas L. Dunlap, T. L. S54
Dunlap William Dunlap, Wm S252
Dunlap William Robert "Will" Dunlap, Will R. S252
Dunlop Allen Dunlap, Allen S252
Dunn Alexander F. Dunn, Alex F. S252
Dunn Alvah S131
Dunn Birney Dunn, B. S131
Dunn Birney S131
Dunn Charles A. Dunn, C. A. S192
Dunn Charles E. Dunn, Chas E. S252
Dunn David W. S252
Dunn Dr. S187
Dunn Dr. Albert L. Dunn, Dr. A. L. S131
Dunn Dr. George L. Dunn, Dr. G. L. S131
Dunn Dr. Thomas J. Jr. Dunn, T. J. jr. S131
Dunn Edward S252
Dunn George W. Dunn, Geo W S252
Dunn James S179
Dunn James S54
Dunn James W. S252
Dunn John S. S252
Dunn Mary D. Dunn, Mary S54
Dunn R. T. S220
Dunn Samuel M. Dunn, Sam'l M. S252
Dunn Thomas Dunn, Thos S252
Dunn Thomas S54
Dunn W. L. S192
Dunn William Dunn, Wm S252
Dunn William S252
Dunn William H. Dunn, Wm H. S252
Dunn William T. Dunn, Wm T. S252
Dunning Wallace P. Dunning, W. P. S252
Dunning William S208
Dupee Richard A. Dupee, R. D. S223
Dupoy Hugh S54
Dural M. Duran Dural, M. D. S54
Durall Durin Durall, Dana S252
Duree Miles Deeree, Miles S249
Durham Andrew J. S252
Durham George F. Dunham, Geo F. S252
Durosette Charles M. Duroseth, Chas M. S252
Durosette Josiah Durrosetta, Josiah S252
Durr John J. Dun, John J. S252
Durrett Edward Minor Durrett, Edw M. S252
Dusch Lewis Dusch, L. S131
Duvall Alonzo A. Durall, Alonzo A. S252
Duvall Edward R. Duvall, E. R. S216
Duvall Henry Devoll, Henry S250
Duvore Henry Duvore, Hy S252
Dwine Jane S131
Dwyer James H. Dwyer, J. H. S216
Dwyer John J. Dwyer, J. J. S216
Dyar Robert E. Dyer, Robt E. S252
Dyche Tilman A. S252
Dye Thomas B. Dye, Thos S252
Dyer ____ S54
Dyer Dillian S131
Dyer E. S. S131
Dyer Isaac S131
Dykes George W. Dynes, Geo W. S252
Dykes Martin V. Dyke, Martin V. S252
Dysart James M. S252
Dysart Nelson S252
Dysart William H. Dysart, Wm H. S252
Eades John L. S173
Eades Joseph F. S173
Eades Joseph W. S252
Eades Pulaski A. Eades, P. A. S252
Eades Thomas O. Eades, T. O. S252
Eades William H. "Hank" Eads, W. H. S54
Eager William P. Eager, W. P. S54
Eagin Charles H. Eagin, Chas H. S131
Eakert Orpheus M. Eakert, Orphus S252
Eakins Samuel P. S252
Earhart Anna M. S252
Earhart William C. Earhart, Wm C. S252
Earl Arthur S54
Earl William E. Earl, Wm E. S252
Earl William E. Earl, Wm E. S54
Earle Crystal S54
Earle David S192
Earle Florence S54
Early Admiral N. S252
Earlywine Philip S252
Easby Robert B. Easley, Rob't B. S252
Easley Fred S220
East Henry S252
East Theophilas H. East, T. H. S131
Easter George H. Easter, Geo H. S252
Eastes James A. Eastes, Jas A. S131
Eastham John S. S252
Eastland Charles T. Eastland, Chas T. S252
Easton Henry C. S252
Easton Nathan B. S252
Eastwood James W. Eastwood, J. W. S54
Eastwood John S252
Eaton Amand Eaton, A. S54
Eaton Benjamin L. Eaton, B. L. S186
Eaton Delilah M. S252
Eaton Dick S204
Eaton Ernest Eaton, Earnest S252
Eaton Frank Boardman Eaton, Frank B. S252
Eaton Grafton T. Eaton, Grafton S252
Eaton Michael S252
Eaton Mrs. Delilah M. Eaton, Mrs. D. M. S192
Eaton Omar J. S252
Eaton Patrick Eaton, Pat S204
Eaton Samuel Eaton, Sam'l S204
Eaton Thomas J. Eaton, Thos J. S252
Eaves Robert S54
Ebenhack Edward Edenhack, Edw S192
Eberhardt Charles Eberhardt, C. S204
Eberhart Martin L. S252
Ebey William H. Ebey, W. H. S131
Eck Ellis J. S253
Eckard John C. S54
Ecker David C. S253
Ecker William C. Ecker, Wm C. S253
Eckerson Levi A. S253
Eckert Albert S54
Eckert Gottlieb Eckert, G. S253
Eckert William Eckert, Wm S253
Eckis John S253
Eckis John O. Eckis, John W. S253
Eckis Willis H. S253
Eckstine Allen S253
Edgerly James K. S253
Edgerly Raymond W. S253
Edgerton Charles E. Edgerton, C. E. S173
Edgerton Charles E. S176
Ediger John S253
Edminster George Edminster, Geo S253
Edmond Harris S253
Edmonds William Edmunds, Wm S253
Edmondson Corta M. Edmondson, Corta S253
Edmondson James H. S253
Edmonson William S. Edmondson, Wm S. S253
Edsel Louis S253
Edson H. T. S183
Edward Miss R. E. S54
Edwards Albert S54
Edwards Albert S54
Edwards Albert E. S253
Edwards Albert L. S56
Edwards Asa L. S253
Edwards Charles M. Edward, Chas M. S253
Edwards David M. S253
Edwards James S253
Edwards John A. S253
Edwards Joseph S. S253
Edwards Lewis J. S253
Edwards Major S253
Edwards Mrs. Lulu M. S56
Edwards Noel S56
Edwards Owen A. S253
Edwards Robert S253
Edwards Sarah J. S253
Edwards Thomas L. Edwards, Thos L. S253
Edwards W. J. S179
Edwards William H. Edwards, Wm H. S253
Edwards William H. Edwards, Wm H. S253
Egbert Adrian Egbert, A. S56
Egbert Harry S56
Egbert Mrs. Martha Melinda Egbert, Mrs. M. M. S56
Ege John M. S131
Eggleston Aaron F. Eggleston, A. F. S173
Eggleston Austin S253
Eggleston Benjamin F. Eggleston, B. F. S56
Eggleston Clarence V. S253
Eggleston Claude R. Eggleston, C. R. S173
Eggleston Ernest H. Eggleston, E. H. S173
Eggleston George W. Eggleston, Geo W. S253
Eggleston James A. Eggleston, J. A. S192
Ehlers W. H. (Henry) Ehlers, W. H. S56
Ehrhart John B. S253
Eichelberger Job E. Eichelberger, J. E. S253
Eichinger William Eichings, Wm S253
Eichman Joseph S253
Eichmann Fred Eichman, Fred K. S253
Eichmann Joseph S253
Eichmann Peter S253
Eichoff Louis S253
Eichoff Magdalene (Maggie) Eichoff, Maggie S253
Eigel John S253
Eikenberry William H. Eikenberry, Wm H. S253
Eiklor Edward H. S253
Eiklor Jay S253
Eisenschmidt Charles F. Eisenschmidt, Chas F. S56
Ela Miranda L. S253
Elam Daniel F. S253
Elbers Henry S131
Elder James Bailey Elder, James B. S253
Elder James H. S253
Eldredge Ephraim S253
Eldridge George C. Eldridge, G. C. S56
Eldridge Harvey D. S253
Elerick George W. Elerick, Geo W. S253
Elerick Marion A. Ellerick, Marion A. S253
Elerick Samuel Elerick, Sam'l S56
Elerick Samuel Elerick, Sam'l S56
Elerick Samuel S56
Eliason John S131
Eliott Frances A. S253
Elison John S131
Elkin Fred M. S56
Elkin John R. S253
Ellard Jefferson Ellard, J. S131
Ellard John Thomas Ellard, J. T. S131
Elledge William N. Elledge, W. N, S208
Ellefrit James W. Ellefrit, Jas W. S253
Eller Leander S253
Elling Paul B. S253
Ellington Daniel G. Ellington, D. G. S253
Ellington Joseph P. Ellington, J. P. S253
Ellington T. J. S186
Elliot D. S. S208
Elliot John S132
Elliott Archie C. S253
Elliott Daniel S56
Elliott Emery A. Elliott, Henry A. S253
Elliott Frances A. S253
Elliott George B. Elliott, Geo B. S253
Elliott George W. Elliott, Geo W. S253
Elliott Hiram Elliott, Hiram M. S253
Elliott James W. S253
Elliott Jesse E. S253
Elliott John A. S253
Elliott Joseph C. Elliott, Jos C. S253
Elliott Joseph H. S253
Elliott Josiah J. Elliott, J. J. S253
Elliott Mark M. S253
Elliott Wamon C. S253
Elliott Wilbur J. S253
Elliott William H. Elliott, Wm H. S253
Elliott William S. Elliott, Wm S. S253
Ellis Daniel M. Ellis, Dan'l M. S253
Ellis E. H. S192
Ellis Edward A. Ellis, E. A. S56
Ellis Elijah S253
Ellis Enos S253
Ellis Frank S253
Ellis Henry S253
Ellis Isaac S253
Ellis J. A. S56
Ellis J. W. S132
Ellis John S253
Ellis John Howard Ellis, John H. S253
Ellis John R. S253
Ellis Lew J. S253
Ellis Miss Kay Ellis, Miss May S132
Ellis Miss Kate S132
Ellis Mrs. Maria S56
Ellis Nellie A. S253
Ellis Nelson W. S253
Ellis Thomas T. Elles, Thomas I. S253
Ellis Walter M. Ellis, Walter S192
Ellis William D. Ellis, Wm D. S253
Ellison Andrew S56
Ellison D. C. S132
Ellison Eli M. Elleson, Eli M. S253
Ellison John W. S253
Ellison Luke S253
Ellison Riley Buckles Ellison, Riley S253
Ellsworth Alonzo G. Ellsworth, A. G. S253
Ellsworth Charles L. Ellsworth, Chas L. S253
Ellsworth Glass S253
Ellsworth Oren D. S253
Elly Nicholas S253
Elmore Caswell W. S254
Elmore James R. S254
Elston Andrew W. S254
Elston John W. Elthon, John W. S254
Elterman M. Ernest Elterman, E. S132
Elterman M. Ernest Elterman, E. S179
Elvington Asa A. Elvington, A. A. S208
Elwin Charles P. S254
Ely Charles C. Ely, Chas C. S254
Ely Simon S254
Embree Jack T. Embree, Anthony S254
Embroz Joseph S132
Emerick Oris H. Emerick, O. H. S132
Emerson C. B. S132
Emerson Griffith S192
Emerson John Emmerson, John S254
Emerson John S132
Emerson Joseph A. Emerson, Jos A. S254
Emery Agnes S254
Emery Fred W. Emery, F. W. S56
Emery Henry C. S254
Emery Martin B. S254
Emery Thomas S254
Emgard James H. Emgard, Joseph H. S254
Emins John B. Emins, J. B. S179
Emmons James B. Emmons, J. B. S208
Endecott Joseph E. S254
Endicott Martin S215
Endsley John T. Endsley, John F. S254
Engbring John H. S132
Engel Mark S192
Engel Morris S192
Engleman George Eagleman, Geo S252
Engler John S56
English Aaron D. S254
English John J. S254
English Minnie D. S254
English William S254
English William L. English, Wm T. S254
Engstrom Ludwig Eugstrom, Ludwig S254
Enlow Henry S56
Enlow John S56
Ennis John M. S254
Ennis W. R. S56
Enochs Cornelius Enoch, Cornelius S254
Enright John J. S56
Enslow Nellie S254
Enterline John S254
Entriken Samuel K. Entrican, S. K. S186
Entriken Samuel K. Jr. Entriken, S. K. Jr. S254
Eoff George M. Eoff, Geo M. S254
Eoff Walker S254
Epley G. W. S56
Epperson James R. S254
Epperson John B. Epperson, J. B. S192
Epstine Samuel Epstine, S. S132
Epstine Samuel Eptine, S. S132
Erdman August S254
Erickson August Erickson, A. S192
Erickson Lewis Ereckson, Lewis S254
Erisman Edward W. Erisman, E. W. S173
Ernest Commodore P. Ernst, C. P. S56
Ernest Ione S56
Ernest Louis S56
Ernest Miss Daisy S56
Ernst John J. Ernst, John A. S254
Ernst Joseph S254
Errickson John S132
Ervin Gideon P. Erwin, Gideon P. S254
Erwin Clarkson S254
Erwin John W. Erwin, J. W. S179
Erwin Sterling P. Erwin, S. P. S254
Erwin Warren Lacy Erwin, W. L. S254
Erwin William H. Erwin, W. H. S254
Erwine Joseph P. Erwin, Jos P. S254
Eslick Beaden Eslick, Beader S254
Eslick James Eslick, James E. S254
Eslick John I. S254
Esperson Niels S179
Esser Joseph S179
Essex Frank W. S254
Essex John E. S254
ESSEX S. S. S217
Essing Christian F. S132
Estep Abraham L. Eslep, Abram L. S254
Estep Elmer E. S254
Estes Charles M. Estus, Chas M. S254
Estes Franklin Estes, Franklin G. S254
Estes Hezekiah W. S254
Estes J. A. S132
Estes Jeff S254
Estes M. L. S132
Estes Madison S254
Estes Mordica M. Estes, Mordice M. S254
Estus James J. S254
Etchison Walter C. S254
Etchison William B. S254
Etheridge Archibald A. S254
Etheridge John O. S254
Etheridge Michael S254
Eties William Etier, Wm S254
Ettenhuber Vit S254
Ettinger Clarence E. S132
Evans Abraham L. S254
Evans Cyrus H. Evans, C. H. S56
Evans Daniel W. S254
Evans Doctor L. S254
Evans Drusia Evans, Arusia S254
Evans George J. Evans, Geo J. S56
Evans Grandville B. Evans, Grand B. S254
Evans Henry Evens, Henry S254
Evans Ira D. S254
Evans J. S223
Evans James G. Evans, Jas G. S254
Evans James W. S254
Evans John D. Evans, J. D. S132
Evans John T. S254
Evans Joseph M. S254
Evans Marcus S. S254
Evans Morgan T. S56
Evans Polk S254
Evans Princis S254
Evans Robert S132
Evans Samuel A. Evans, Sam'l D. S254
Evans Thomas S254
Evans Thomas C. Evans, Thos C. S254
Evans Thomas E. Evans, Thos E. S254
Evans Tom Powers, Wm H. S300
Evans Walter A. S254
Evans William S254
Evans William D. Evans, Wm D. S254
Evans William H. Evans, Wm H. S254
Evans William R. Evans, Wm R. S254
Evarts John W. S254
Evarts Thomas S. Evart, Thomas S. S254
Everest Jean H. Everest, J. H. S184
Everest Mrs. Edith K. S184
Everett David W. Everitt, David W. S254
Everett Fred E. S254
Everett George W. Everett, Geo W. S254
Everett Pike S254
Everett Warren D. S254
Everson Ole Eversman, O. C. S254
Everton Henry G. Everton, H. G. S204
Ewertz Mathias S56
Ewing Amos A. Ewing, Amos S193
Ewing E. W. S132
Ewing Finis L. S254
Ewing Grant S56
Ewing Henry C. S254
Ewing J. F. S57
Ewing John S254
Ewing John J. Ewing, J. J. S132
Ewing John W. Ewing, John N. S254
Ewing Joseph E. S254
Ewing Mattie S254
Ewing Milton M. S254
Ewing Miss Clara S132
Ewing Mrs. Sarah S57
Ewing Silas R. S254
Ewing Thomas H. Ewing, Thos H. S254
Eylar Samuel Eyler, Sam'l S254
Eyler Orlando M. Eyler, O. M. S223
Ezell Samuel Lafayette Lafate, Samuel S278
Ezell Washington S132
Ezzard John D. H. Ezzard, John W. S254
Fail Creed B. S255
Fair Henry T. S57
Fair William C. Fair, Wm C. S255
Fairbanks J. C. S216
Fairbanks James M. Fairbanks, J. M. S216
Fairbanks Levi W. Fairbanks, L. W. S216
Fairchild Edward B. Fairchild, E. B. S132
Fairchild John B. S255
Fairchild Melvin S255
Fairchild Mrs. E. B. (Caroline L.) Fairchild, Mrs. E. B. S132
Fairfield John B. Fairfield, J. B. S57
Falck John Tolck, John S320
Falck Miss Ida S57
Falk Amil Falk, Amiel S255
Falkenstein James D. Falkenstein, James S255
Falkington Edward D. Talkinton, Edwd D. S317
Falkner Guyton B. S255
Fallett Arthur M. Follett, Arthur M. S256
Fallis Benjamin F. Faliis, Benj F. S255
Fallis Henry S. S255
Fallis Samuel H. Fallis, Samuel W. S255
Fallis W. H. S57
Falls John R. S57
Fancher Homer C. S57
Fanning Sarah E. S255
Fansel Frank S255
Fansler Adam V. Fausler, Adam V. S255
Faris James M. S255
Faris Thomas N. S255
Fariss Dr. Fletcher M. Fariss, Fletcher M. S255
Fariss Rev. Joseph T. Fariss, Joseph T. S255
Farley J. J. S57
Farmer Albert P. S255
Farmer Frank S132
Farmer Thomas L. S255
Farney George W. Tarney, Geo W. S318
Farnham Albert A. Farnham, A. A. S179
Farnsworth Darius C. Farnsworth, D. C. S255
Farquharson Albert Orlando Farquharson, A. C. S255
Farquharson James Alexander Farquharson, Jas A. S255
Farr Charlotte M. S255
Farr John H. S255
Farrar Daniel S255
Farrar George B. Farrar, Geo B. S132
Farrar Isaac S255
Farrar James F. Farror, James F. S255
Farrell E. J. S57
Farrell John P. S255
Farrell Patrick S132
Farringer Albert S132
Farrington Albert S. Farrington, A.S. S204
Farrington William C. Farrington, W. C. S132
Farris Francis M. Ferris, Francis M. S255
Farris Henry S255
Farris Irons A. Faries, Irons A. S255
Farris John J. S255
Farthing Stewart Farthing, Stuart S255
Farwell Dr. Robert B. Farwell, R. B. S173
Farwell Guy G. S57
Fash James K. Fish, James K. S256
Fasken John Fremont Fasken, John F. S255
Fast Columbus S255
Faubian Jacob A. Faubion, Jacob A. S255
Faubion Hiram Faubin, Hiram S255
Faubion Luna Fabian, Luna S255
Faubion Spencer H. Taubion, Spencer H. S318
Faughn John M. Faught, John M. S255
Faulkner Charles A. Faulkner, Chas A. S255
Faulkner H. D. S57
Faulkner William Faulkner, Wm S255
Fauts Byron S255
Favor Isaac Stilwell Favor, Isaac S. S255
Fawbush J. Harry Fawbush, J. H. S57
Fawbush Miss Rhoda S57
Fay John S57
Feagins Ada J. S57
Feagins James W. Feagins, J. W. S57
Feagins William T. Feagins, Wm T. S255
Fees Dexter N. S255
Fees Erwell S. S255
Fees Ira O. S255
Fees Samuel E. O. Fees, S. E. O. S255
Fegan Henry T. S57
Fegan Orin R. Fegan, O. R. S57
Fegel Theodore Fegil, Theodore S255
Feil Freidwig Feil, Frederick S255
Felts W. S. "Will" Felts, W. S. S57
Fenelon Dr. John Henry Fenelon, J. H. S208
Fenelon Dr. John Henry Fenelon, John H. S255
Fenelon Mrs. Mary Fenelon, Mrs. M. S208
Fennell Charles M. Fennell, C. M. S132
Fenner Elhanon Winchester Teamer, E. W. S318
Fenner John S132
Fenton George Fenton, Geo S57
Fenton I. S. S57
Ferguson Ark S208
Ferguson Chris S184
Ferguson Fabius F. Ferguson, F. F. S255
Ferguson Henry M. S255
Ferguson J. Buell Ferguson, J. B. S193
Ferguson John H. Ferguson, J. H. S208
Ferguson John H. S255
Ferguson Joseph N. S255
Ferguson Levi S255
Ferguson Lewis W. Ferguson, Lewis U. S255
Ferguson Lindsey G. Ferguson, L. G. S208
Ferguson Rebecca M. Furguson, Rebecca S258
Ferguson Robert T. Ferguson, R. T. S133
Ferguson Samuel J. S255
Ferguson Thomas S255
Ferguson Thomas W. S255
Ferguson William H. Ferguson, Wm H. S255
Fernald Thomas E. Femald, Thos E. S255
Ferreiri George L. Ferreiri, Geo L. S255
Ferrill John B. S255
Ferris Aggie S255
Ferris John S255
Fertig Moses M. S255
Fesler Samuel Fester, Samuel S255
Fessler Charles L. Fessler, Chas L. S133
Fetty Zachariah S255
Feucht Eugene Fencht, Eugene S255
Fialee Emile J. Fialee, E. J. S133
Fickel William Tickel, Wm S320
Fickes William R. Fickes, Wm R. S255
Fiddler Miss I. E. S193
Fiedler John S255
Fiedler Walter S255
Field Caroline S255
Field Fred D. S255
Field George W. Field, Geo W. S255
Fielding Edward Fielding, Edw S173
Fielding Hugh M. Fielding, H. M. S57
Fields Albert S255
Fields Frank S193
Fields Henry J. S255
Fields William T. Fields, Wm F. S255
Fiessel August S133
Figg Charles F. Figg, Chas F. S57
Fightmaster James W. S255
Fightmaster John M. S255
Fightmaster William Fightmaster, Wm S255
Filkins George L. S255
Filkins Lewis G. S255
Fillman John E. Fillmun, John E. S255
Filson Charles H. Filson, Chas H. S57
Filson Mrs. Nancy S. Filson, Mrs. N. S. S57
Filtsch Charles A. Filtsch, Chas A. S57
Finch John H. Finch, John F. S255
Finch Robert L. Truch, Robt L. S321
Finchum Samuel S255
Findley Joseph S255
Findley Samuel C. Findley, Sam'l C. S255
Finell James T. Fumell, James T. S258
Fink Charles W. Fink, C. W. S57
Fink Jabez B. Fink, J. B. S255
Finley Andrew W. S255
Finley Harris S186
Finley Harris S255
Finley Henry C. Finley, H. C. S133
Finley J. C. S133
Finley John H. S255
Finley John P. S255
Finley Miss Algie S186
Finley Miss Myrtle A. S186
Finley Myrtle A. S255
Finley Samuel "Sam" B. Finley, S. B. S133
Finley Samuel "Sam" B. Finley, Sam B. S255
Finley Samuel D. Finley, Sam'l D. S255
Finley Thomas H. Finley, Thos H. S256
Finley Thomas L. Finley, Thos L. S256
Finn Charles W. Finn, Chas W. S255
Finn Thomas Finn, Thos S133
Finn William Finn, Wm S255
Finnell John Fumell, John S258
Firestone H. P. S133
Firestone Mrs. Martha S133
Firestone Rev. Simon P. Firestone, Rev. S. P. S57
Fischer Frank F. S179
Fischer Peter S256
Fish John Houston Fish, John H. S256
Fishback McShelby S256
Fisher Caleb J. S256
Fisher Christopher C. Fisher, Chris C. S256
Fisher Dr. Charles Fisher, C. S133
Fisher Edward S186
Fisher Edward S256
Fisher Francis W. S256
Fisher Frank S193
Fisher George G. Fisher, Geo G. S256
Fisher George H. Fisher, Geo H. S57
Fisher Henry S256
Fisher J. M. S179
Fisher John B. Fisher, John P. S256
Fisher John C. S256
Fisher John H. S256
Fisher Jonas W. S256
Fisher Joseph S256
Fisher Kennan S. Fisher, K. S. S133
Fisher Kennan S. Fisher, K. S. S133
Fisher Lane S256
Fisher Lewis A. S133
Fisher Mrs. Eveline S57
Fisher Purcell S256
Fisher William Fisher, Wm S256
Fisher William S256
Fisher William T. S256
Fisk Dr. Charles W. Fish, Chas W. S256
Fisk Franklin Fesk, Franklin S255
Fisk Fred R. S256
Fitzgerald Aros S. Fitzgerald, Amos S. S256
Fitzgerald David Fitzgerold, David S256
Fitzgerald E. H. S57
Fitzgerald Edward W. S256
Fitzgerald Isom Fitzgerald, Isaac S256
Fitzgerald James Fritzgerald, J. S208
Fitzgerald James W. Fitzgerald, J. W. S256
Fitzgerald Patrick F. S57
Fitzgerald Peter W. Fritzgerald, Peter W. S258
Fitzgerald Thomas Fitzgerald, S256
Fitzgerald Thomas Fitzgerald, Thos S256
Fitzpatrick Jasper S. S256
Fitzpatrick Joseph Jefferson Fitzpatrick, Jos J. S256
Fix Philip J. Fox, Phillip J. S257
Fizer Huston S256
Flaherty Daniel Flaherty, Daniel F. S256
Flanagan Peter O. S256
Flannigan Frank S58
Flattery John A. Flattery, J. A. S133
Flattery T. F. S133
Flaugher Lafayette Flanger, Lafe S256
Fleak Albert B. Fleak, Albert F. S256
Fleak Andrew R. S256
Fleck Frank D. S256
Fleener Robert W. S256
Fleenor Frank J. S256
Fleenor Michael G. Flecnor, N. G. S256
Fleming Andrew J. S256
Fleming Benson S. Jr. Fleming, Benson S. S256
Fleming Francis M. Fleming, F. M. S256
Fleming Nancy S256
Fleming Ralph S256
Fleming Thomas Fleming, Thos S256
Fleming Wallace W. S256
Fleming William Fleming, Wm S256
Flesher Elwood H. Flecher, E. H. S256
Flesher Hiram H. S256
Fletcher Cully S133
Fletcher George W. Fetcher, Geo W. S255
Fletcher Herschel S58
Fletcher James S256
Fletcher James M. S256
Fletcher John P. S256
Fletcher John R. S256
Fletcher Steven B. Fletcher, S. B. S223
Flick Ezra S256
Flick John J. S256
Flick Samuel M. S256
Flickinger Josiah Flickinger, Jos S256
Flinn James C. S256
Flohr Joseph S256
Flood John H. Flood, J. H. S208
Flood Zachariah T. S256
Florence John H. S256
Florer George W. Florer, Geo W. S256
Flourney Matthew C. Flourney, Mathew S256
Flower Carl W. Flower, C. W. S58
Flowers Levi S256
Floyd William L. Floyd, Wm L. S256
Flynn Dennis Thomas Flynn, D. T. S14
Flynn Dennis Thomas Flynn, D. T. S58
Foese William J. Foese, Wm J. S256
Fogel Stephen Figel, Stephen S255
Foley Francis H. Foley, F. K. S256
Foley Frank S256
Folk Joseph Falk, Joseph S255
Folsom Albert F. Folsom, A. F. S256
Folsom Dr. Israel Wellington Folsom, I. W. S133
Folsom George F. Folsom, Geo F. S256
Fontonier Francis Fountonier, Francis S257
Forbis Charles Forbis, Chas S256
Forbis Edward G. Forbis, Edw C. S256
Force Charles H. Force, Chas H. S256
Forch Fred S58
Forch Jacob S58
Ford Alonzo G. S256
Ford Charles O. Ford, Chas O. S256
Ford Edwin C. Ford, Edw C. S256
Ford Frank F. S256
Ford Franklin R. S256
Ford George E. Ford, Geo E. S58
Ford Henry S256
Ford Henry J. D. S256
Ford Jacob S58
Ford Jacob S58
Ford James S256
Ford James A. Ford, J. A. S58
Ford Jefferson D. Ford, Jeff S133
Ford John S256
Ford John E. S58
Ford John W. S256
Ford Joseph H. Ford, Jos H. S256
Ford L. V. S58
Ford Levi S256
Ford Seigle S256
Ford Thomas S256
Ford Walter H. S256
Forde James S58
Forde Thomas S58
Fordice Robert S256
Fore Robert H. S256
Forehand Sovern E. Forehand, S. E. S256
Foreman Alex S133
Foreman John A. S256
Forester Thomas G. Forester, T. G. S58
Foresyth James L. S256
Forman Brasco S256
Forman Karel Forman, Kavel S256
Forman Seymour R. S58
Former Dr. W. H. Former, W. H. S58
Forster George Chalmers Forster, Geo C. S256
Forster George Chalmers Foster, G. C. S173
Forster Robert L. Forster, Rob't T. S256
Forsyth Henry C. S256
Forsyth James M. Forsyth, J. M. S133
Fort Frank S257
Forte Samuel Fort, Samuel S257
Fortner John W. S257
Fortson Archie S257
Fortson William P. Fortson, Wm P. S257
Fossberg John Foseberg, John S257
Fossett William D. Fossett, W. D. S193
Fossett William D. Fossett, Wm. D. S257
Foster A. D. S58
Foster Allen S257
Foster Bert S133
Foster Charles Foster, Chas S257
Foster Dr. C. J. S58
Foster Ed D. S58
Foster Emery A. S58
Foster Ezra S257
Foster Frank C. S257
Foster Frank L. S257
Foster George D. S257
Foster H. E. S133
Foster James S257
Foster James F. S257
Foster James H. Foster, Jas H. S257
Foster Jesse S257
Foster John S257
Foster John S58
Foster John L. Foster, John S. S257
Foster John W. S257
Foster Judah H. Foster, J. H. S133
Foster Lewis R. S257
Foster Luther S257
Foster Malissa J. S257
Foster Miss Emma S208
Foster Miss Lillie S58
Foster Nehemiah S257
Foster Orin O. S257
Foster P. M. S58
Foster Perry W. S257
Foster Rev. Richard Baxter Foster, Rev. R. B. S223
Foster Ruth S. S257
Foster Samuel C. Foster, Sam'l C. S257
Foster T. M. S58
Foster Thomas W. Foster, Thos W. S257
Foster William R. Foster, W. R. S208
Foucart Joseph Pierre Foucart, Joseph S59
Fought Henry Henry, Fought S267
Fourtilott Lee Tourtilott, Lee S320
Fouss Robert M. Fouss, Robt M. S257
Fouts Joel A. S257
Fouts William Jasper Fouts, Wm J. S257
Fowler A. M. S59
Fowler Bennett Webster Fowler, Bennet W. S257
Fowler C. A. S133
Fowler George W. Fowler, Geo W. S257
Fowler James H. S257
Fowler John S257
Fowler John H. S257
Fowler M. E. S133
Fowler Marion P. S257
Fowler Mrs. Allen J. (Lucy M.) Fowler, Mrs. A. J. S59
Fowler Richard S. Fowler, Richard S257
Fowler Toney S257
Fowler William Fowler, Wm S257
Fowler William C. Fowler, Wm C. S257
Fox Austin S257
Fox Daniel S257
Fox James S257
Fox James M. Fox, James W. S257
Fox James N. S257
Fox John F. S257
Fox Richard H. Fox, R. H. S193
Fox Scott S257
Fox Thomas S257
Fox William H. Fox, W. H. S257
Fox William N. Fox, Wm U. S257
Foxworthy Frank G. S257
Foy James M. Foy, J. M. S133
Fraim Etta E. Train, Etta E. S320
Fraine George G. Fraim, Geo G. S257
Fraley Alexander Fraley, Alex S257
Frame George G. Frame, Geo G. S257
Frame Henderson S257
Frame Samuel H. Frame, S. H. S14
Frame Samuel H. Frame, Sam'l H. S257
Francard Francis Francare, Francis S257
France Choral France, C. S59
France Choral S257
France Edward M. France, Eddie S59
France James S257
France James S59
France Lanas S257
France Naomi S59
France William France, Wm S59
France William H. France, Wm H. S257
Francis Charles S257
Francis Eli S257
Francis Jacob B. S257
Francis John R. S257
Francis Perry D. S257
Francis William G. Francis, Wm G. S257
Francis Zeno S257
Frank Clarissa A. S257
Frank Henry A. S257
Frank John W. S257
Frank Thomas Edward Frank, Thomas S257
Frank William Frank, Wm S257
Frankenfield Wesley D. S257
Franklin Andrew J. S257
Franklin Daniel Franklin, D. S186
Franklin Daniel S257
Franklin Ernest L. Franklin, E. L. S186
Franklin George Franklin, Geo S59
Franklin Henry A. S257
Franklin James S257
Franklin Joseph S133
Franklin Joseph S133
Franklin Judson D. S257
Franklin Orlando Franklin, O. S257
Franklin Simeon Franklin, Simon S257
Franklin Thomas S257
Franklin Wallace J. Franklin, W. J. S257
Frantz Jacob H. S257
Fraser Robert D. Fraser, Robt D. S257
Frasier William A. Frasier, Wm A. S257
Frass Miss Emma S179
Frawley Thomas Frawley, T. S257
Frazey George W. Frazey, Geo W. S257
Frazey Jasper V. Frazey, J. V. S59
Frazier D. C. S59
Frazier Henry I. S257
Frazier Jacob M. Frazier, J. M. S257
Frazier James S132
Frazier Solomon J. Frazier, Solomon S257
Frazier Thomas S257
Frazier William Frazier, Wm S133
Freagle Elizabeth P. Treagle, Elizabeth P. S320
Frederick George Frederick, Geo S208
Frederikson Ole Fredrickson, Ole S257
Fredine Henry S257
Fredregill George W. Predregill, Geo W. S300
Fredregill Isaac Predregill, I. S300
Freel Ben S257
Freeland Hugh S257
Freeman Charles B. Freeman, C. B. S59
Freeman Charles B. Freeman, Chas B. S13
Freeman Elijah Young Freeman, Elijah S257
Freeman Gilbert L. Freeman, G. L. S59
Freeman Ira S257
Freeman James M. S257
Freeman John E. S258
Freeman Joseph S. Freeman, J. S. S133
Freeman William S133
Freeman William B. Fruman, Wm B. S258
Freeman William H. Freeman, William S208
Freeman William H. Freeman, Wm H. S258
Freer William L. Freer, Wm L. S258
Frem James S258
Frem Samuel J. S258
French Burkley French, Buskley S258
French Cherry M. S134
French Francis C. French, Francin C. S258
French Frank R. French, Frank B. S258
French George French, Geo S258
French John S. S258
French William S. French, Wm S. S258
Fretz Aaron S258
Friar Thomas S258
Frick Abraham Lincoln Frick, A. L. S134
Friedlander H. H. Frielander, H. S59
Friedley Fred F. S59
Friedley George A. Friedley, Geo A. S258
Friedley William G. Friedley, W. G. S59
Friel Hugh S133
Friend George O. Friend, Geo S204
Friend Gustave S258
Friend Howard F. S258
Friend John S258
Friend Miss Retta S204
Friend Mrs. Ada Friend, Mrs. Ida S204
Friend Thomas C. S258
Friend William L. Friend, Wm L. S258
Frierson Benjamin N. Frierson, B. N. S59
Frieze Jacob A. L. S258
Frink Andrew Frink, A. S59
Frinkle Meyre S134
Frisbie Asa P. Trisbie, Asa P. S320
Frisbie Benjamin H. Frisbie, Benj H. S258
Frisbie Samuel H. Frisbie, Sam'l H. S258
Frisbie William W. Frisbie, Wm W. S258
Frisby William S258
Frist Samuel Frist, Sam'l S134
Fritsch Henry Fritsch, H. S134
Frolick Karl S258
Fross Albert S258
Frost Charles G. Frost, C. G. S134
Fruit David E. Truit, David E. S321
Fry George S258
Fry Harvey H. S258
Fry Jacob P. Fry, J. P. S208
Fry Joseph A. S59
Fry Miss Luella Fry, Miss Lucy S204
Fry Reuben R. Fry, R. R. S258
Fry Robert H. Fry, Robert M. S258
Fry Robert M. Frye, R. M. S258
Fry T. P. S59
Fry Thomas Fry, Thos S258
Fry William V. Fry, Wm V. S258
Fry William W. Pry, Wm W. S301
Fryberger William Fryberger, W. S179
Frye James S258
Fugate Ambrose E. Fugate, Ambrose S258
Fugate Homer S258
Fugate James B. S59
Fugate James M. Fugate, Jas M. S59
Fugate Jesse S59
Fugate Joseph B. Fugate, J. B. S59
Fuhr Anthony Tuhr, Anthony S321
Fuhr Sam M. Fuhr, Sam S258
Fuhrer Hattie Fulmer, Hattie S258
Fulk Benjamin F. Fulk, Benj R. S258
Fulk George S258
Fulkerson Malcolm Baxter Fulkerson, M. B. S208
Fuller Daniel T. S258
Fuller E. S134
Fuller Ezekiel M. Fuller, Ezek M. S258
Fuller Irving R. S258
Fuller Randell Fuller, R. S134
Fuller Samuel S258
Fuller William J. Fuller, W. J. S134
Fuller William P. Fuller, Wm P. S258
Fullum John S. S258
Fulton Miss Emma S59
Fulton Sterling P. S258
Fulwider James H. S258
Funk Dr. G. H. S215
Funk John H. S258
Fuqua Thomas L. Fuqua, Thos L. S258
Furber Isaac C. "Ike" Furber, I. C. S60
Furgeson J. S134
Furrow Elijah Hezekiah Furrow, E. H. S60
Furrow William E. Furrow, W. E. S60
Furston Jerome S258
Fury John S258
Gaasch Frank S258
Gabriel George Gabriel, Geo S258
Gaddes Charles C. Gaddes, Chas C. S258
Gaddie Isham S258
Gaddis Newton J. S258
Gaddis Thomas J. S258
Gaddus Zebedee S258
Gades Albert Gadis, Albert S258
Gaffney James S60
Gaffney Mrs. James (Sarah A.) S60
Gaffney Mrs. Sarah A. Gaffney, Mrs S A S60
Gage Frank D. S258
Gage G. E. S193
Gage George E. Gage, Geo E. S258
Gagon Samuel Gagon, Sam'l S134
Gaither George W. Gaither, Geo W. S258
Galavan Mrs. S60
Galbraith Clinton A. Galbraith, C. A. S134
Galbreath John F. S60
Galbreath Robert Galbreath, Robt S173
Gallagher James S258
Gallagher William Gallagher, Wm S258
Gallaher William G. Gallaheer, Wm G. S258
Gallamore Charles E. Gallomore, Chas E. S258
Galliger John S134
Gallihugh John C. Gallabaugh, John C. S258
Galloway John M. S60
Galloway Runcilier C. Galloway, R. C. S193
Gallup Charles E. Gallup, Chas E. S258
Galoway Henry S258
Galstin William H. Galatin, Wm H. S258
Galyen Dr. Ransom H. Galyen, R. H. S60
Gammon Frank R. S60
Gammon Silas S258
Gammon William Gammon, Wm S258
Gannon C. Elsworth Gannon, C. E. S193
Gannon Daniel A. Gannon, D. A. S193
Gannon Lawrence S258
Gano P. J. S220
Gant Fred Gaul, Fred S259
Gantley John S134
Garber C. J. S60
Gard Daniel N. S258
Gard Ezra P. Gord, Ezra P. S260
Gard Henry S258
Garden George Garden, Geo S134
Gardenhire George W. Gardenhire, Geo W. S258
Gardenhire Jacob J. Gordeahere, Jacob I. S260
Gardiner S. S. S223
Gardner Anna S258
Gardner Arthur S134
Gardner Benjamin F. Gardner, B. F. S258
Gardner George Gardner, Geo S258
Gardner George S134
Gardner George Jr. Gardner, Geo jr. S258
Gardner John L. Gardner, J. L. S60
Gardner Mrs. Emma W. Gardner, Mrs. E. W. S60
Gardnier Albert S258
Garich Edward Garnich, Edw S258
Garland Charles W. Garland, Chas W. S258
Garlits Simeon C. Garlits, S. C. S186
Garnand David L. Garnand, G. L. S208
Garnand David L. S258
Garner John S134
Garnett John S60
Garnica Seborn S258
Garrard James Garard, James S258
Garrett Bank Ganet, Banks S258
Garrett Charles E. Garrett, Chas S204
Garrett Doctor B. Garrett, D. B. S258
Garrett Isaac S258
Garrett John H. S258
Garrett Miss Eva L. Garrett, Miss Eva S204
Garrett Reuben S258
Garrett Samuel F. Garrett, S. F. S204
Garrett Samuel F. Garrett, Sam'l F. S258
Garrett William A. Garrett, Wm A. S259
Garrett William H. Garrett, Wm H. S259
Garrett William J. Garrett, W. J. S134
Garrison Aaron S259
Garrison George Garrison, Geo S134
Garrison George A. Garrison, Geo A. S259
Garrison George W. Garrison, Geo W. S259
Garrison J. Bunyan S134
Garrison James B. Garrison, J. B. S134
Garton James D. Gorton, James D. S261
Gartrell Ivan Gartwell, Ivan S259
Garver John H. S134
Garver Peter S259
Garvett John W. Garvett, J. W. S208
Garvin Robinson M. S259
Garwood Charles M. Garwood, C. M. S60
Gaskill Charles A. Gaskill, Chas A. S259
Gaskill Thomas P. S259
Gassaway Jerome B. S259
Gassaway Moses S259
Gassaway Whitfield S259
Gast Joseph D. S259
Gaston Emma S60
Gaston James M. Gaston, J. M. S134
Gaston James M. Gaston, Jas M. S259
Gates C. B. S134
Gates Dr. Royal A. Gates, Royal A. S259
Gates Newton F. Gates, N. F. S134
Gates Peter S259
Gates Peter H. Gates, Peter S208
Gates William H. Gates, Wm H. S259
Gates William N. Gates, Wm M. S259
Gatewood George Gatewood, Geo S259
Gatewood George P. B. Gatewood, Geo P. B. S259
Gatewood Henry S134
Gatewood Miss Minnie S208
Gaugh Willard M. S208
Gault Frank M. Gault, F. M. S134
Gault William D. Gault, W. D. S134
Gault William James Gault, W. J. S134
Gavenhorst Joseph Gavenhorst, Jos S259
Gay F. M. S88
Gayer Jacob E. Gayer, J. E. S259
Gaylord John B. Gaylord, J. B. S208
Gaylord John B. S259
Gealy James T. Gealy, Jas T. S60
Gearhearte Valentine S259
Geary James S134
Gebke Frank B. Gebke, F. B. S60
Geddes Richard G. Geddes, Richard S259
Gedultig Sam L. S193
Geer Lee H. S259
Geffs Irvin ("Bunky") Geffs, Irvin S134
Gehr Henry H. S259
Gehr Winslow H. S259
Geiger Frank S259
Geiger Jacob C. Geiger, Jakob S259
Geismar Lewis B. Geismar, L. B. S193
Geismar Lewis B. Geismar, L. B. S60
Geist Henry G. S134
Gell Leander Gill, Leander S259
Gennor Charles Gennor, Chas S259
Geno Benjamin F. Geno, Benj F. S259
Gentry Christ S186
Gentry Christian E. Gentry, G. E. S259
Gentry Rollie I. Gentry, Rollie T. S259
Genung John W. Genung, Jno W. S259
Geoffroy Charles Geoffray, Chas S259
Geoffroy Ernst S259
Geonawein Jacob Geonawein, J. S220
George Edward S259
George Ernest C. George, Earnest C. S259
George Henry C. S259
George James Harvey George, James H. S259
George John H. S259
George Thomas B. George, Thomas S259
George William H. George, Wm H. S259
Gepford William H. Gepford, Wm H. S259
Gerber Martin S193
Gerdin Nils Gardin, Nils S258
Gerlach Charles J. Gerlach, Chas S259
German George W. German, Geo W. S259
Gerson Harry L. Gerson, Harry S134
Gerson James S134
Gerst John F. S259
Gessner William H. Gessner, Wm H. S259
Gettings James A. Gettings, James S259
Gharst Henry C. Gharst, H. C. S135
Gholson James M. Ghalson, Jas M. S259
Gibb James S259
Gibbons Peter Gibbons, P. S135
Gibbs David W. S259
Gibbs George W. Gibbs, Geo W. S259
Gibbs James H. S259
Gibbs John W. Gibbs, J. W. S135
Gibbs Luther Gibbs, L. S208
Gibbs Luther S259
Gibbs Seward P. Gibbs, S. P. S60
Gibbs William Gibbs, Wm S60
Gibbs William F. Gibbs, Wm F. S259
Gibson A. E. S186
Gibson Benjamin F. Gibson, B. F. S259
Gibson Charles M. Gibson, Chas M. S259
Gibson George B. Gibson, Geo B. S259
Gibson Henry C. Gibson, H. C. S193
Gibson James L. S259
Gibson John S259
Gibson John E. S259
Gibson Lafayette Gibson, Lafe S259
Gibson Mrs. Martha E. Gibson, Mrs. M. E. S208
Gibson Phebe S259
Gibson Theo J. S259
Gibson Thomas D. Gibson, Thos D. S259
Gibson Thomas G. Gibson, Thos G. S259
Gibson William C. Gibson, Wm C. S259
Gibson William H. H. Gibson, Wm H. H. S259
Gibson William P. Gibson, Wm P. S259
Gideon Lee R. S259
Gideon Peter S259
Giebber Anthony S. Geeber, Anthony S. S259
Gieber Charles S259
Gieber Vincent S259
Giggey George Giggey, G. S208
Gilbert Andrew J. Gilbert, Andrews J. S259
Gilbert E. T. S184
Gilbert Frank O. S259
Gilbert George W. Gilbert, Geo S259
Gilbert Henry W. S259
Gilbert Isaac F. S259
Gilbert John A. S61
Gilbert Joseph C. S259
Gilbert Joseph E. S259
Gilbert Josephine S259
Gilbert Lyman A. Gilbert, L. A. S135
Gilbert M. J. S223
Gilbert Osman A. Jr. S259
Gilbert Thomas J. Gibbert, Thos J. S259
Gilbert William Gilbert, Wm S193
Gilbert William Hiram Gilbert, W. H. S135
Gile Carlos E. S259
Giles George Washington Giles, Geo W. S259
Giles William H. Giles, Wm H. S259
Gilges Laban S259
Gilkey John Edgar Gilkey, John E. S259
Gill John H. Gill, Jno H. S259
Gill Lewis S259
Gill William H. Gill, Wm H. S61
Gillard John J. S259
Gillaspy B. M. S208
Gillaspy David I. S61
Gillen Hugh E. S259
Gillen James S13
Gillespie George H. Gillespie, Geo H. S259
Gillespie Henry C. Gillespie, H. C. S259
Gillespie James H. Gillespie, Jas H. S259
Gillespie John C. S260
Gillespie John D. S260
Gillespie Miss Lulu M. S193
Gillespie Samuel P. Gillespie, Samuel S193
Gillespie Samuel Y. Gillespie, Sam'l Y. S193
Gillette Alanson Ross Gillette, Alanson R. S260
Gillette Guy R. S14
Gillette Guy R. S186
Gillette Guy R. S260
Gilley William Giley, Wm S135
Gilliam Samuel Gillian, Samuel S260
Gillilan Martha Gillihan, Martha S260
Gillilan Rachel S260
Gillinwaters Lora E. Gillenwater, L. E. S259
Gillis Benjamin F. Gillis, Benj F. S260
Gilliss Thomas Gellist, Thomas S259
Gillman William H. Gillman, Wm H. S61
Gillock William T. Gillock, Wm T. S260
Gilmore Elbridge H. Gilmore, Eldredge H. S260
Gilmore Patrick H. Gilmore, Patrick S260
Gilmore Van S208
Gilpin Charles F. Gilpin, C. F. S135
Gimer George H. Giner, Geo H. S260
Gimer Lucinda E. S260
Gingery Andrew C. Gingery, A. C. S61
Ginn Douglas S61
Ginn John L. Ginn, J. L. S61
Girt Nathan Gist, Nathan S260
Gist Thomas H. S260
Given Freeman L. Given, F. L. S135
Given Freeman L. Givens, Freeman L. S260
Given Gardner Given, G. S208
Given Gardner S135
Givens Samuel B. S260
Glahn Joseph N. Glahr, Joseph N. S260
Glahn Mrs. Julia H. Glahn, Mrs. J. H. S193
Glaser Gottlieb Glassier, Gottlied S260
Glasgow Robert L. Glasgow, Robt L. S260
Glass George A. Glass, Geo A. S260
Glass Ira D. S260
Glass James K. Glass, Jas K. S260
Glass Loren B. Glass, Laren B. S260
Glasscock Laura S260
Glasser Charles S260
Glazier Henry E. S260
Gleason John S260
Gleaves Gracie S61
Gleaves Minnie S61
Gleaves Thomas B. S61
Gleckler Charles Gleckler, Chas S135
Gleichman Gottlieb F. Gleichman, Gothib F. S260
Glendening Thomas Cadening, Thomas G. S239
Glenn Benjamin Glenn, Benj S187
Glenn Francis M. S260
Glenn John M. S260
Glenn Samuel H. S260
Glessner Francis E. S260
Glick William B. Glick, Wm B. S260
Glidden Sterling F. Glidden, W. F. S260
Gliddon Merritt J. Glidden, Merritt S260
Glidwell Andrew S260
Glidwell Ward W. S260
Gliett P. E. S61
Glover William R. Glover, Wm R. S260
Gobble Emory W. Gobble, Emery W. S260
Goddard Albert J. Goddard, Albert L. S260
Goddard Katie J. S260
Goddard Lyman B. S260
Goddard Mary A. S260
Godel Jacob S61
Godfrey Edwin B. S260
Godfrey John C. S260
Godfrey Lloyd T. Godfrey, J. T. S13
Godfrey Lloyd T. S260
Goe John C. S260
Goebel John W. S260
Goehring G. S135
Gofarth Cornelius B. S260
Goff Clarence S260
Goff Edward E. Goff, Ed E. S260
Goff James N. Goff, J. N. S61
Goff James P. Goff, J. P. S184
Goff Mason S260
Gohlke Wilhelm S260
Goin James S. S260
Goin Levi S260
Goings Mathias S260
Gokey Charles Gokey, Chas S260
Golatzki Louis Golalzke, Louis S61
Golden Everett W. S260
Goldsborough William H. Goldsborough, Wm S260
Goldtrap Samuel C. Goldtrap, Sam'l C. S260
Goldy William C. Goldy, Wm C. S260
Goley Anna S260
Goley John A. S260
Goll Charles Goll, Chas S135
Golobie John S61
Gooch Harvey P. Gooch, Henry P. S260
Gooch Howard B. Jooch, Howard B. S274
Gooch James B. Gooch, Jas B. S260
Gooch Joseph S260
Gooch Lee S260
Gooch Nathaniel "Nathan" Gooch, Nathaniel S260
Good Charles E. Good, Chas E. S260
Goodbar Alfred S260
Goode David H. Goode, D. H. S61
Goode George D. A. Goode, Geo D. A. S260
Goode George M. Goode, Geo M. S260
Goode Henry H. S260
Goode John B. S260
Goode N. S. "Silvan" Goode, N. S. S61
Goode Victor S61
Goode W. Benjamin S215
Gooden Francis A. S260
Goodhue Albert Fellows Goodhue, Abbt F. S260
Goodhue James S61
Goodin James W. S260
Goodin Robert B. Gordin, Robert B. S260
Goodman Luke S260
Goodnight Lucinda E. Goodnight, L. E. S260
Goodrich Alpheus Clinton Goodrich, Alpheus C. S260
Goodrich C. W. S61
Goodrich Charles W. Goodrich, C. W. S61
Goodrich David F. S260
Goodrich George Goodrich, Geo S173
Goodrich Joseph R. S215
Goodrich Mrs. Belle J. Goodrich, Mrs. B. J. S184
Goodrich Perril C. Goodrich, P. C. S61
Goodrich Samuel A. Goodrich, Sam'l A. S260
Goodwin Albert S260
Goodwin Alice A. Goodwin, Alice S260
Goodwin Fairfield J. S260
Goodwin Felix G. S260
Goodwin John S260
Goodwin John W. S260
Goodwin Rev. Samuel Goodwin, Rev. S. S135
Goodwin Rev. Samuel S119
Goodwin Seth S260
Gorden Samuel W. Garden, Samuel W. S258
Gordon Andrew Anthony Gordon, And S260
Gordon Charles R. Gordon, Chas R. S135
Gordon James R. Gordon, J. R. S260
Gordon William J. Gordon, W. J. S260
Gordy Franklin Goody, Franklin S260
Gordy James V. Gordy, J. V. S135
Gore William J. Gore, W. J. S216
Gorham Adelbert L. S260
Gorham James E. S260
Gorham John S260
Gorham Thomas S. Gorman, Thos S. S261
Gorham William P. Gorham, Wm P. S260
Gorner Timothy S261
Gorton Charles Taylor Gorton, Chas S261
Gorton Edwin S261
Gorton Henry M. S61
Gorton Linnie A. Gorton, Lina A. S261
Gosline George F. Gosline, Geo F. S261
Gosnell Cyrus S261
Gosnell David S61
Gosnell George P. Gosnell, E. P. S60
Gosnell Lena S61
Goss George W. Goss, Geo W. S261
Goss Isaiah S261
Goss Marion H. Goss, Marion S261
Gossage Joseph B. S61
Gossarth J. C. S215
Gossin Maggie S261
Gothaner Henry D. Gothaner, Henry S61
Gough William A. Gough, Wm A. S261
Gould Albert E. S261
Gould Edward S186
Gould Edward F. Gould, Edw F. S261
Gould Henry P. Gould, Henry C. S261
Gould James Ross Gould, James R. S261
Gould James Ross Gould, Ross S193
Goulding John E. S135
Goulding Miss Ethel S135
Goulding Mrs. Sophia S135
Goulding William E. Goulding, W. E. S135
Gouty William H. Gouty, Wm H. S261
Gow Daniel A. S261
Gower John Goner, John S260
Goyer Mary J. S261
Grable Henry B. Grable, H. B. S193
Grace Benjamin F. Grace, Benj F. S261
Grace Thomas M. S261
Grader Jake J. S135
Grady Charles H. Grady, Chas H. S261
Graegy Emma S261
Graeter Joseph Graeder, Joseph S135
Graeter Joseph C. Graeder, J. C. S135
Graeter Joseph C. S261
Graf Edward F. Graf, E. F. S135
Graf Fred W. Graf, F. W. S135
Graff Chris S261
Gragg Charles Gragg, Chas S261
Gragg Charles Grogg, Charles S262
Gragg Charles A. Gragg, Chas A. S261
Gragg James H. S261
Graham Charles G. Graham, Chas G. S261
Graham Clara M. S261
Graham Dr. Able C. Graham, Dr. A. C. S215
Graham Dr. S. Graham, S. S135
Graham Fannie E. S261
Graham Frank S261
Graham George Graham, Geo S261
Graham George C. Graham, Geo C. S261
Graham George F. Graham, Geo F. S261
Graham Harry T. Graham, H. T. S179
Graham Henry S261
Graham Isaac S261
Graham J. J. S208
Graham Jesse J. S61
Graham John F. S261
Graham John T. S261
Graham L. H. S135
Graham L. J. S208
Graham Lilburn C. S261
Graham Newton S261
Graham Samuel E. Graham, Sam'l E. S261
Gramm Daniel S261
Gran Gottlieb Gran, Gotlieb S261
Grand Charles S261
Grant Charles F. S261
Grant George W. Grant, Geo W. S261
Grant James S261
Grant Leander W. S261
Grant Samuel L. Grant, Sam'l S261
Grant William J. Grant, Wm J. S179
Grantham A. J. S184
Grantham John W. S261
Grantham Mathias M. Grantham, Mathades S261
Gratner Henry J. Watner, H. J. S324
Graumes William Graumes, Wm S261
Graupner Lurella M. S61
Graupner Mark S61
Graupner Mrs. Katie S61
Graupner Rudolph F. Graupner, R. F. S61
Graupner Rudolph F. S261
Graves Amasa W. Graves, A. W. S61
Graves Austin S261
Graves Drewry Ganes, Drewry S258
Graves Fred S135
Graves James K. Graves, Jas K. S261
Graves Miss Elida S61
Graves William R. Gravis, Wm R. S261
Gray Albert S261
Gray Andrew H. S261
Gray David M. S261
Gray E. B. S179
Gray G. E. S61
Gray James Murdock Gray, James M. S261
Gray James P. S261
Gray John A. S261
Gray John F. Gray, John T. S261
Gray John W. Gray, John M. S261
Gray John W. Jr. S261
Gray Joseph A. Gay, Joseph A. S259
Gray Lee M. S186
Gray Lewis C. S261
Gray M. Minnie S261
Gray Mary J. S261
Gray Richard S261
Gray Robert J. S261
Gray Robert M. Gray, R. M. S208
Gray Sherry L. Gray, S. L. S62
Gray Sherry L. S261
Gray Thomas S179
Gray Thomas S261
Gray William Henry "Harry" Gray, W. H. S62
Gray William M. Gray, Wm M. S261
Gray Worlin W. Gray, Woolen W. S261
Graybill Thomas R. S261
Grayer Jefferson S261
Grayman John Gayman, John S259
Grayson James E. Grayson, Jas E. S135
Grayson John W. S135
Grayson O. H. S62
Gready John S135
Grean Murphy S215
Greek James W. Greek, J. W. S193
Greek James W. S261
Greeley John W. Greely, John W. S261
Greely John Greeley, John S261
Green Aaron S62
Green Almond T. S261
Green Andrew E. S261
Green Anthony D. Green, A. D. S62
Green Bernard P. Green, B. P. S62
Green Charles Green, Chas S261
Green Christopher C. Green, Christ C. S261
Green David S62
Green Edward B. S13
Green Edwin S261
Green Elmer S62
Green Francis M. S261
Green Frank S261
Green George Green, Geo S261
Green Horace W. S135
Green James S62
Green James A. S261
Green James M. S261
Green Jefferson S261
Green Jesse M. S261
Green John S261
Green Joseph Green, Jos S261
Green Joseph W. S261
Green Mary A. S261
Green Richard H. S261
Green Samuel H. S261
Green Thomas J. S261
Green William Green, Wm. S208
Green William W. Green, Wm W. S262
Greenawalt E. P. S216
Greene C. E. S62
Greene Charles F. Greene, Chas F. S62
Greene Franklin L. Green, F. L. S173
Greene Franklin L. Greene, F. L. S14
Greene Henry Perkins Greene, H. P. S135
Greene John S135
Greene Robert R. S262
Greene Wiliam K. Green, Wm K. S261
Greenhaw Joseph H. S262
Greenland Cromwell S262
Greenland Robert S262
Greenlee ____ S215
Greenlee Alexander W. Greenlee, Alex W. S262
Greenlief Samuel Greenlief, Sam'l S262
Greenshall H. S223
Greenshall J. S223
Greenway Fred A. S262
Greenway George W. Greenway, Geo W. S262
Greenwell Robert F. Greenwell, Rob't F. S262
Greenwell William Greenwell, Wm S262
Greenwood Adeline J. S262
Greenwood Cooper S62
Greenwood Otis S262
Greer Frank Hilton Greer, Frank H. S62
Greer George Sr. Gray, Geo S261
Greer Thomas Greer, Thos S193
Gregg Benjamin S. Gregg, Benj S. S262
Gregg James W. S. S262
Gregg Jesse C. S262
Gregg John S262
Gregg Samuel L. Gregg, Sam'l L. S262
Gregory William F. Gregory, Wm F. S262
Greiner A. J. S62
Greiner Frank S173
Greiner Peter P. S262
Gresham Martha E. Gresham, M. E. S262
Greyson John S135
Gribble Amos S262
Gribble Lloyd L. S262
Gribble Walter M. Gribble, W. M. S262
Gribble William M. Gribble, Wm M. S262
Gridley Eurotas L. Gridley, Enrotas L. S262
Griehl Abraham S262
Griesinger Andrew Grisinger, Andrew Sr. S262
Griest Lorin C. Griest, Larin C. S262
Griffen Henry Griffin, Henry S262
Griffen Henry Griffin, Henry S62
Griffeth Floyd S62
Griffey Henry A. S262
Griffey Jacob S262
Griffin Abiel W. Griffin, A. W. S262
Griffin Anderson S262
Griffin Francis M. S262
Griffin John S62
Griffin Luther D. S262
Griffin Marion S262
Griffin Sanford S262
Griffin Thomas Griffin, T. S208
Griffin Thomas Griffin, T. S209
Griffin William Griffin, Wm S262
Griffin William F. Griffin, Wm F. S262
Griffis Shannon S262
Griffith Albert S262
Griffith Andrew J. S262
Griffith Charles H. Griffith, Chas H. S262
Griffith Charles H. Griffith, Chas H. S62
Griffith George H. Griffeth, Geo H. S262
Griffith George P. Griffith, Geo P. S262
Griffith H. S. S62
Griffith James R. S262
Griffith John S262
Griffith Mattie S62
Griffith Shelbourn C. S262
Griffith Susie S62
Griffith Theodore S262
Griffith Wellborn B. Griffith, Welborn B. S262
Griffith William D. Griffith, Wm D. S262
Griffith William E. Griffith, Wm E. S135
Griffith William E. Griffith, Wm E. S262
Griffitts William D. Griffitts, Wm D. S262
Grigsby James E. Grigsby, J. E. S208
Grigsby Jesse Draper Grigsby, J. D. S208
Grimes Albert S262
Grimes Arthur S262
Grimes Frank S62
Grimes George W. Grimes, Geo W. S262
Grimes John W. S262
Grimes Joseph S262
Grimes Marion Grimes, M. S262
Grimes Robert F. Grimes, R. F. S62
Grimes Thomas B. Grimes, Thos B. S262
Grimes Walter W. S262
Grimes William Grimes, Wm S262
Grimes William O. Grimes, Wm O. S262
Grimes William Thomas Grimes, Wm Thomas S262
Grimes William W. Grimes, W. W. S62
Grimmer W. S136
Grinder H. H. S62
Grinsted Charles R. Grinsted, Chas R. S262
Grissom Emsley S262
Grissom Esdie Grisson, Eselie S262
Grissom Morrison Grissom, Morison S262
Grissom Morrison Jr. Gussiom, Morison Jr. S262
Grissom William T. Grissom, Wm T. S262
Griswold Charles J. Griswold, Chas J. S262
Griswold Henry S262
Griswold John N. Griswold, J. N. S204
Griswold John N. Griswold, John A. S262
Griswold Ralph L. Grisworld, Ralph L. S262
Griswold William Griswold, Wm S136
Groas William E. Gross, Wm E. S262
Groes George E. Groes, Geo E. S262
Groes George E. Groes, Geo E. S62
Groom Joseph S262
Groover John H. S262
Gross Frederick D. Gross, F. D. S262
Gross Henry S262
Gross William E. Gross, Wm E. S262
Grossarth Joseph C. Grossorth, James C. S262
Groth Emanuel Groth, Samuel S262
Grothe Frank S262
Grothe William H. Grothe, Wm H. S262
Grotts Amos G. S262
Grove J. Paul Grove, J. P. S62
Grove William H. Grove, Wm H. S262
Grover Addie L. S262
Groves George W. Groves, Geo W. S262
Groves J. S136
Groves James W. S262
Grow Robert F. Grow, Robt E. S262
Grow William J. Grow, Wm J. S262
Grubbs John C. S62
Grubbs Miss Ella T. S62
Grummons J. W. S136
Guckian Charles E. Guckian, Chas C. S262
Guernsey William Gumsey, Wm S262
Guest James S262
Guinn Francis M. S262
Guisinger John Jackson Guisinger, John S262
Guisinger William Thomas Guisinger, W. T. S204
Gulledge Gilliam D. Gulledge, G. D. S136
Gum A. Sidney Gunn, A. S. S209
Gum Frederick S. Gunn, F. S209
Gum Joseph L. Gumm, Joseph L. S262
Gun Jackson S262
Gunderman William Gunderman, Wm S262
Gundey Charles S262
Gunn Miss Ray S62
Gunter Deck P. Gunter, D. P. S136
Gunter Joseph D. S262
Gunter Pink M. Gunter, P. M. S136
Gupton Solomon Gupton, Sol S262
Gustin Alvin M. S263
Gustine M. E. S193
Guthe Gustus Guthe, Gus S184
Guthery Thomas H. Guthery, Jas H. S263
Guthridge J. A. S136
Guthrie Anderson S136
Guthrie Asa (Acey) Guthrie, Acey S136
Guthrie Daniel B. Guthrie, D. B. S263
Guthrie Frank S63
Guthrie George D. Guthrie, Geo D. S136
Guthrie Ledru S136
Guthrie Nathaniel H. S263
Guthrie Ralph C. Guthrie, R. Co. S136
Guthrie Ritchard Guthrie, Richard S263
Guyer John P. S263
Guynup Aaron G. S263
Guynup Ella M. S263
Gwynne Lewellyn M. Gwynne, Lewellyn S263
Haas Annie S63
Haas Jacob E. Hass, Jacob E. S265
Haas John S263
Haas Miss Ida S63
Haase Charles Haase, Chas S136
Habaugh Charles M. Hobaugh, Chas M. S268
Habben Henry S263
Hackett Charles B. Hackett, Chas B. S136
Hackett Edward M. Hackett, E. M. S63
Hackett J. H. S193
Hackney N. C. "Nate" Hackney, N. C. S63
Hackney W. N. S63
Hackney W. N. "Newt" Hackney, W. N. S63
Hackney William P. Hackney, W. P. S63
Hadley Henry N. S263
Hadley Mrs. L. E. S184
Haegele William Haegell, Wm S263
Haessler James Haessler, Jas S63
Haga William Hoga, Wm S269
Hagar Eugene S63
Hagar N. E. S223
Hagar William C. Hagar, W. C. S223
Hager Ebineser G. Hager, Ebeneser G. S263
Hager James W. S263
Hager Richard C. Hayes, Richard C. S266
Hager Thomas A. S263
Haggard Samuel M. Haggard, Sam'l S263
Hagin Lewis J. S263
Hagin William W. Hagin, Wm W. S263
Hagin Zachariah Higgins, Zachariah S268
Hahan Ida B. S263
Hahn James H. S263
Hahn Joseph W. Holm, Joseph W. S269
Haight George F. Haight, Geo F. S263
Hainer Bayard Taylor Hainer, B. T. S63
Hainer Bayard Taylor Hainer, Bayard T. S263
Hainer D. P. S63
Haines Charles P. Holmes, Chas. D. S269
Haines David M. S63
Haines Lewis N. Haines, L. N. S179
Haines Mrs. David M. (Irene Jester) Haines, Mrs. Irene S64
Haines Mrs. David M. (Irene Jester) S70
Haines P. W. S64
Hainey Chesley C. Hainey, Chesley S263
Hains John C. Haines, John C. S263
Hair Zebina B. Hair, Z. B. S263
Halcomb Alphus E. Halcomb, Alpheus S263
Hale Ernest S64
Hale Ernest S64
Hale Franklin S263
Hale James E. Hale, J. E. S64
Hale John M. Hale, J. M. S64
Hale John M. S64
Hale John R. Hale, J. R. S64
Hale John R. S263
Hale Loren E. Hale, L. E. S193
Hale Miss Lola S64
Hale Mrs. Mary E. Hale, Mrs. M. E. S193
Hale W. M. S193
Hales George H. S263
Hales Leander L. S263
Haley Charles B. Haley, C. C. S136
Haley John M. Haley, J. M. S136
Haley John W. S263
Haley Manda S263
Haley Margaret S64
Halkyard Edward S263
Hall Barton W. S263
Hall Benjamin F. Hall, B. F. S179
Hall Bird S263
Hall Colonel S64
Hall David A. S263
Hall Elwin H. Hall, E. H. S64
Hall Frank S263
Hall Frederick H. S263
Hall George W. Hall, Geo W. S263
Hall Gervase S263
Hall J. E. S220
HALL J. I. (IRA) HALL, J. I. S217
Hall Jacob D. S263
Hall James S263
Hall James C. Hall, J. C. S136
Hall John C. S263
Hall John H. S263
Hall Lafayette F. Hall, L. F. S263
Hall M. S136
Hall Milton T. S263
Hall Mrs. B. W. S64
Hall Mrs. L. E. S184
HALL R. G. S217
Hall Silas A. Hall, Silas H. S263
Hall Spencer S263
Hall T. J. S64
Hall William J. Hall, Wm J. S263
Halley Henry M. S263
Hallman Ephraim S263
Hallman William Hallman, Wm S263
Hallmark William A. Hallmark, Wm S263
Hallock Alfred S263
Hallock Charles H. Hallock, Chas H. S263
Hallock Daniel B. Hallack, Daniel B. S263
Hallock Edward L. S263
Hallock Prof. Edward L. Hallock, Prof. E. L. S64
Hallowell Jacob W. Hallowell, Jacob A. S263
Halsell Oscar D. Halsell, O. D. S64
Halsey Newton J. S263
Halstead Burdette S64
Halstead Dr. Daniel David Halstead, Dr. S136
Ham Charles M. S263
Ham Duriet S263
Ham John S223
Ham John P. S263
Hambright Pleasant A. Hambright, P. A. S263
Hamden John C. Hamden, J. C. S263
Hamel Daniel S263
Hamersley James H. Hamersley, Jas H. S263
Hames Sarah A. S263
Hames W. G. S136
Hamil James M. S263
Hamill George W. Hamil, Geo W. S263
Hamill Sam S193
Hamilton Alice S263
Hamilton Allison W. S263
Hamilton Bert L. S263
Hamilton C. B. S136
Hamilton Hannibal L. S263
Hamilton Hattie S64
Hamilton Jack S263
Hamilton James H. S64
Hamilton James P. S263
Hamilton John K. S263
Hamilton John M. S263
Hamilton John S. S263
Hamilton Joseph S180
Hamilton Joseph S263
Hamilton Marquis D. Hamilton, M. D. S263
Hamilton Martin A. Hamilton, Martin H. S263
Hamilton Robert E. Martin, Rob't E. S263
Hamilton Robert E. S64
Hamilton Robert N. Hamilton, Rob't N. S263
Hamilton Samuel Hamilton, S. S263
Hamilton Seth Hays "Hays" Hamilton, Hays S223
Hamilton Thomas Hamilton, Thos S263
Hamilton William J. Hamilton, Wm J. S263
Hamlet Watt Hamlet, Walt S263
Hamlin C. C. S209
Hamlin Ephraim M. Hamlin, E. M. S64
Hamlin Ephraim S. Hamlin, E. S. S64
Hamlin George W. Hamlin, G. W. S64
Hamlin Jackson S264
Hamlin John D. S264
Hamlin John W. Hamlin, J. W. S209
Hamlin John W. S264
Hamlin W. J. S64
Hamlin William Hamlin, Wm S209
Hamlin William B. Hamlin, Wm S64
Hamline Thomas Hainline, Thomas S263
Hamm S. T. Hamm, S. C. S64
Hammer Amos B. Hammer, A. B. S13
Hammer Amos B. Hammer, A. B. S136
Hammer Henry A. S264
Hammer Miss Jessie S136
Hammock Hubbard S264
Hammon John A. Hammon, J. A. S264
Hammond George C. Hammond, Geo S264
Hammond Samuel C. Hammond, S. C. S264
Hammontre Eddie J. Hammontre, E. J. S264
Hammontre Horace N. Hammontre, Horace S194
Hammontre Miss Cora S193
Hammontre Miss Georgia S193
Hammontre Mrs. Sabria S194
Hamon David Hannon, David S264
Hampton A. J. S136
Hampton Alfred W. S264
Hampton George Hampton, Geo S264
Hampton James W. S264
Hampton Luther D. Hampton, L. D. S136
Hampton Rasmus Hampton, Ramus S264
Hance Adda Blanche Hance, Miss Blanche S64
Hance Archie R. Hance, A. R. S64
Hance Miss Ella F. S64
Hance Thomas D. Hance, T. D. S64
Hancock Abram O. Hancock, Aram O. S264
Hancock Benjamin F. "Frank" Hancock, Benj F. S264
Hancock J. E. S184
Hancock John Handcock, John S264
Hancock Loranzo D. Hancock, Lorango D. S264
Hancock Martin L. S264
Hancock Miss Willetta S264
Hancock Robert E. Hancock, R. E. S264
Hancock Robert Lee "Bob" Hancock, Robt L. S264
Hancock Skean C. S264
Hancock W. A. S184
Hancock Waddy T. S264
Handley Patrick S264
Handley Thomas S264
Handlin Claiborne H. Handlin, C. H. S136
Handlin Robert C. Handlin, Robt S136
Hanenkratt Diebold V. Hanenkratt, D. V. S64
Hanenstein Frederick Hauenstein, Fred S266
Haner David S64
Haner Henry S64
Haner Philip H. Haner, P. H. S64
Hanes Benjamin F. Hanes, Benj F. S264
Hanes George W. Hanes, G. W. S64
Haney William M. Haney, Wm M. S264
Hanhardt Adam S264
Haning Aaron S136
Haning Aaron S264
Haning J. A. S136
Hankins William M. Hankins, W. M. S136
Hanks Boone H. Hanks, Borne N. S264
Hanks Byron S264
Hanks Charles Hanks, Chas S136
Hanks Martin V. Hanks, Martha V. S264
Hanna David M. S264
Hanna Mattie S64
Hanna Mrs. Lorinda S64
Hanna Peter G. S65
Hannah John B. S264
Hannah Philip E. S264
Hanney Joseph Henney, Joseph S267
Hannon George W. Harmon, Geo W. S264
Hannum Charles H. Hannum, Chas H. S264
Hans Hanson S264
Hansem Andrew L. S264
Hansen Christian Hanson, Christian S264
Hanser Anna S264
Hansley William S267
Hanson Andrew S137
Hanson Frank S. S264
Hanson George Hanson, Geo S264
Hanson Grafton B. S264
Hanson Hans S264
Hanson John A. S264
Hanson Mrs. Lydia S65
Hanson Nelson S264
Hanson Otto S65
Harader Daniel Havider, Daniel S266
Harader Daniel S264
Haralsan Lawson S137
Haralson John L. Harolson, John L. S264
Harbert James F. Harbert, James E. S264
Harbert Otis D. Harbert, Otes D. S264
Harbin James S65
Harbison Alexander J. Harbison, A. J. S223
Harbison Robert H. Harbison, Rob't H. S264
Harden Samuel Harden, Sam'l S264
Hardenbrook William Hardenbrook, Wm S264
Hardesty George W. Hardesty, Geo W. S264
Hardin Dr. S. J. Hardin, S. J. S65
Hardin George W. Hardin, Geo W. S264
Hardin John C. S264
Hardin Thomas E. S264
Hardin Thomas J. S264
Harding Edgar G. Harding, E. G. S194
Harding Elijah D. Harding, E. S. S264
Harding J. W. S137
Harding James B. S264
Harding Jesse Harding, Harding S264
Harding Miss Donna L. S194
Harding Mrs. Edgar G. Harding, E. G. S194
Hardoin Mrs. Florence J. Hardoin, Mrs. F. J. S194
Hardy David A. S264
Hardy Herman A. S264
Hardy John T. Hardy, J. T. S137
Hardy John T. S264
Hardy Oliver P. S264
Hardy Samuel Hardy, Sam'l S264
Hardy Thomas J. Hardy, Thos J. S264
Hardy William A. Hardy, Wm A. S264
Hardy William R. Hardy, Wm R. S264
Hardy William T. Hardy, W. T. S180
Hare Samuel S65
Hare Thomas R. Hare, T. R. S137
Hareld Charles C. Hareld, Chas C. S264
Hargis Pearl S65
Hargrave James J. Hargrave, J. J. S65
Hargrave Johnnie S65
Hargrave William E. Hargrave, W. E. S137
Hargrove Elbert K. S264
Hargrove William F. Hargrave, Wm F. S264
Harkens C. L. S65
Harkins Willard S264
Harklerodes William Harklerodes, Wm S137
Harkrader William P. Harkroder, Wm P. S264
Harlan James J. Harlan, J. J. S137
Harman Alonzo B. Harman, A. B. S264
Harman Edward D. Harmon, Edmond D. S264
Harman George Karman, Geo S275
Harman Henry D. S65
Harman J. E. S223
Harman J. H. S65
Harman J. R. S65
Harman Jacob A. Harman, J. A. S65
Harman James H. S65
Harman Miss Mary J. S65
Harman Miss Tempie M. S65
Harman William Hannan, Wm S264
Harmon Aaron S264
Harmon Eli S264
Harmon George W. Harmon, G. W. S137
Harmon John W. Hamon, John W. S264
Harmon Kendrick C. Harmon, Kendrick S264
Harmon Mason S264
Harmon Peter S264
Harmon Peter S264
Harmon Ubel Harmon, Abel S264
Harmon William A. Harman, Wm A. S264
Harmon William J. Harmon, Wm J. S264
Harned Miles W. S264
Harness Peter S186
Harness William T. Harness, Wm T. S264
Harold Elwood S264
Harp Martin S265
Harper Austin S265
Harper Benjamin F. Harper, Benj F. S265
Harper James H. Harper, James A. S265
Harper James W. Harper, Jas W. S265
Harper John H. S265
Harper Miss Clara K. Harper, Miss Clara S65
Harper Mrs. W. H. S137
Harper Phoebe M. S265
Harper William N. Harper, Wm N. S265
Harpole Peter W. S265
Harr Fred S65
Harrah Frank Hanah, Frank S264
Harrah Frank S137
Harrall Elisha W. S265
Harraman Providence S265
Harraman Richard S265
Harrell Joseph B. Harell, Joseph S137
Harrell Miss Carrie M. S265
Harrelson John A. Hanelson, John A. S264
Harriman Dr. Benjamin Freemont Harriman, B. F. S65
Harrington Benjamin Harrington, Benj. S137
Harrington Charles H. Harrington, Chas H. S265
Harrington Cornelius J. Harrington, Cornelius S265
Harrington Dennis S265
Harrington John S265
Harrington Robert E. L. Harrington, Robt E. L. S137
Harrington Stephen S265
Harris Arthur J. S265
Harris Bird Harris, Richard S265
Harris Charles O. Harris, Chas O. S204
Harris Columbus R. S265
Harris Edward S265
Harris Edward L. Harris, Edw L. S265
Harris Eli S265
Harris Elijah W. Haris, E. W. S204
Harris Essie S265
Harris Frederick W. Harris, Fred W. S265
Harris G. M. S209
Harris George Harris, Geo S209
Harris George W. Harris, Geo W. S265
Harris Henry S265
Harris Henry S65
Harris Henry A. S265
Harris Hicks Harris, H. D. S265
Harris James S265
Harris James A. S265
Harris James D. S265
Harris Jarrot T. S265
Harris John S265
Harris John C. Harris, John J. C. S265
Harris John W. S265
Harris Joseph M. S265
Harris Joseph W. Harris, Jos W. S265
Harris Lemuel Horatio Tyree Harris, Lemuel H. T. S265
Harris Mrs. Mary E. S204
Harris Orville M. Harris, Orvill S204
Harris Robert A. Harris, Robt A. S265
Harris Robert M. Harris, Robt M. S265
Harris Ruben C. Harris, Rube C. S265
Harris S. S. S209
Harris Salina Jane S265
Harris Samuel Harris, Sam'l S209
Harris Sheldon Emerson Harris, Sheldon E. S265
Harris Stephen S65
Harris William S265
Harris William H. Harris, W. H. S209
Harris William H. Harris, Wm H. S265
Harris William J. Harris, Wm J. S265
Harrison Albert C. Harrison, A. C. S137
Harrison Albert C. S265
Harrison Anderson Harrison, Alex S265
Harrison David Hansom, D. S264
Harrison Eugene R. Harrison, E. R. S215
Harrison Herbert H. Harrison, H. H. S223
Harrison James C. Harrison, J. C. S137
Harrison John H. S265
Harrison Thomas F. S265
Harrison Thomas L. S265
Harrison William H. Harrison, Wm H. S265
Harrison William H. Harrison, Wm H. S265
Harrod Hattie E. S265
Harrod Moses S265
Harrod Theodore M. Harrod, Theo M. S265
Harrold J. H. S209
Harry Cornelius Harry, C. S265
Harsen Oliver J. Hansen, Oliver J. S264
Harsha Annie I. Harsha, Annie L. S265
Harsha Frank B. Marsha, Frank B. S283
Hart Frank S65
Hart George F. Hart, Geo F. S265
Hart Henry S265
Hart Henry G. S265
Hart James L. Hart, J. L. S65
Hart Jennie S65
Hart John L. S265
Hart John W. S265
Hart John W. S65
Hart Marion Hart, Marian S265
Hart Melancthon Collins Hart, Melanthan C. S265
Hart Noah C. S265
Hart Thomas J. Hart, T. J. S65
Hart W. H. S137
Hartenbower Andrew J. S265
Hartley Houston F. Hartley, H. F. S209
Hartley James T. S265
Hartman Alfred R. S265
Hartman Aurelius H. Hartman, A. U. S265
Hartman Gustav Hartman, Gustave S265
Hartman James F. S265
Hartman Lula B. S265
Hartman Miss Lulu B. Hartman, Miss Lulu S204
Hartsell David B. S65
Hartson William J. Hartson, Wm J. S265
Hartwell Samuel T. Hartwell, Sam'l T. S265
Hartwell Seymour A. S65
Hartzell Alfred E. Hartzell, A. E. S209
Hartzell Alfred E. S265
Hartzell Elmer E. Hartzell, Elmer S265
Hartzell James S265
Hartzell John A. S65
Hartzell Philip S. S265
Harvey Bud Harvey, _____ S137
Harvey Calvin L. S265
Harvey Charles D. Harvey, C. D. S137
Harvey David Archibald Harvey, David A. S265
Harvey J. N. S137
Harvey John S65
Harvey O. D. S65
Harvey Samuel S265
Harvey Thomas S265
Harvey Thomas Guy Harvey, Thos G. S265
Harvey William H. Harvey, Wm H. S265
Harvey William L. Harvey, W. L. S137
Harvy Melton Harvey, Milton S265
Harwell James E. Harwell, J. E. S137
Harwood Theodore F. S265
Hasard Radamus Hazard, H. S266
Haskins Henry A. S265
Haskins John Haskin, John S65
Haskins John S265
Hasley Henry S265
Hasley Joseph S265
Hasley Louis S265
Hasness James S265
Hassman Theodore S265
Hast Conrad Hast, C. S137
Hastee James S265
Hastee William W. Hastee, Wm W. S265
Hastey John W. S265
Hastings Bayard T. Hastings, Byard T. S265
Hastings James K. S265
Hastings Lemuel S266
Haswell Andrew Jordan Haswell, Andrew S266
Haswell Charles W. Haswell, Chas W. S266
Hatch Frederick J. Hatch, Fred T. S266
Hatch Mrs. S. W. S137
Hatcher Joe D. S266
Hatcher Mrs. Kate J. S65
Hatfield Francis Marion Hatfield, Francis M. S266
Hatfield Francis Marion Hatfield, Francis M. S266
Hatfield George Hatfield, Geo S266
Hatfield John H. S266
Hatfield William Hatfield, Wm S266
Hathaway Benjamin R. Hathaway, R. S266
Hathaway Edward E. Hathaway, Edw E. S266
Hathaway Henry F. S266
Hathaway James K. Hathaway, J. K. S137
Hatsell George W. Hutsell, Geo W. S272
Hatten Wayman Hatten, Wyman S266
Hatton Sam S65
Haugh Samuel E. Haugh, Sam'l E. S266
Haughey Auretas E. Haughey, A. E. S266
Haughey Frank W. S266
Haughey William Haughey, Wm S137
Haun John P. N. Hour, John P. N. S270
Haupt Julius S65
Hauser Herman S266
Hautezinger George Hautezinger, Geo S66
Havard William T. S185
Haveland Miss Ella S137
Havenstrite Abraham Lincoln Havenstute, A. L. S266
Havenstrite Jacob Walter Havenstute, J. W. S266
Havenstrite John L. Havenstute, John L. S266
Havighorst John H. S66
Havy Emil S66
Hawes Frederick W. S266
Hawk Ben Howk, Ben S270
Hawk Benjamin Hawk, Ben S266
Hawk Charles A. Hawk, Charles S266
Hawk Edward Howk, Edw S270
Hawk George Washington Hawk, W. S266
Hawk Mable Hauk, Mable S266
Hawkins Amos Hankins, Amos S264
Hawkins Charles Hawkins, Chas S266
Hawkins E. B. S66
Hawkins E. C. S66
Hawkins Ed R. Hawkins, E. R. S137
Hawkins Edmond Hawkins, Edw S266
Hawkins George A. Hawkins, Geo A. S266
Hawkins Harden C. S266
Hawkins Henry S66
Hawkins J. H. S66
Hawkins James D. S266
Hawkins Jasper N. S266
Hawkins Jerome S. Hawkins, Gerome S. S266
Hawkins John S. Hankins, T. S264
Hawkins John S. Hawkins, J. S. S266
Hawkins Thomas Lee Hawkins, Thos L. S266
Hawley Charles N. Hawley, Chas N. S266
Hawley Dr. May W. Hawley, M. W. S137
Hawley Edwin Hanley, Edwin S264
Hawley Frank M. S266
Hawley Jay S. S266
Hawley Nelson H. S266
Hawley Samuel L. Hawley, Sam'l L. S266
Hawn Henry Hown, Henry S270
Haworth George B. Haworth, Geo B. S266
Haworth William P. Haworth, W. P. S66
Haws James Montgomery "Gomry" Haws, James M. S266
Hawthorn Jacob Hawthorn, J. S66
Hawthorn William H. Hawthorn, W. H. S66
Hay Charles L. Hoy, Chas L. S270
Hay Lawrence B. Hay, L. B. S66
Hay William H. Hay, Wm H. S266
Haycraft Calvin C. Haycraft, C. C. S223
Haycraft George P. Haycraft, G. P. S223
Haycraft Lewis E. Haycraft, L. E. S223
Hayden Emery A. S266
Hayden Joseph S266
Hayden William Hayden, Wm S266
Hayes Alexander Hayes, Alex S266
Hayes Alexander Hayes, Alex S66
Hayes Edward C. Hayes, Edw C. S266
Hayes Frank P. S137
Hayes John J. Hayes, John S266
Hayes Llewellyn S266
Hayes Manning A. Hayes, Mourning A. S266
Hayes William H. Hayes, Wm H. S266
Hayes William W. Hayes, W. W. S266
Hayhurst John C. Hayhunt, John C. S266
Haymaker Charles F. Haymaker, Chas F. S266
Haymaker George W. Haymaker, Geo W. S266
Haymaker John F. S266
Haymaker Joseph S266
Hayman Franklin Hayman, F. S266
Hayman William D. Hayman, Wm D. S266
Haynes Dock S. S266
Haynes Elihu C. S266
Hays Harvey J. S266
Hays James A. S266
Hays Joseph W. S266
Hays Leroy J. S266
Hays Lusions Hays, Lusivus S266
Hays Margaret E. S266
Hays Oran V. Hays, O. V. S66
Hays Scott S266
Hays Thomas J. Hays, Thomas S266
Hays Thomas N. Hayes, Thos N. S266
Hayward Miss Emma S194
Hayward William C. Hayward, W. C. S66
Haywood Henry H. Haywood, Henry S266
Haywood Lewis S137
Hazelip Joseph M. Hazelip, Jos M. S266
Hazell Miss Lillie S137
Hazell Miss Maud S137
Hazelton Edmund R. Hogelton, Edward R. S269
Hazen ____ (Frank or Alonzo) Hazen, S138
Hazen Miss Annie S66
Hazenyager Albert S137
Hazlett George C. Hazlett, Geo C. S266
Head Emmett W. Heade, Emmett W. S266
Head John T. S266
Head Richard G. Head, S138
Head Robert F. Head, Rob't F. S266
Head T. J. S138
Head Thomas J. Head, Thos J. S266
Healy Francis D. Healey, Francis S266
Healy George H. Healy, Geo H. S66
Heap Sanders H. Heap, H. S. S138
Hearn Edward L. Hearn, Edw L. S266
Hearn Jerome L. S266
Heath T. A. S66
Heavener William Heavener, Wm S266
Hebard James H. Hebard, J. H. S138
Hebard James H. S266
Hebble John A. Hebble, J. A. S138
Hebing C. H. S173
Heck William Heck, Wm S138
Heckert Christian Hecker, Christian S66
Heckert Jacob Hecker, Jacob S66
Heckert Jacob S56
Hecox Frank S66
Heddens James M. Heddens, J. M. S209
Heddens James M. S266
Hedgcock Coston Hedgcock, Caston S266
Hedgcock Robert Sheridan Hedgcock, R. S. S266
Hedgecock John E. S266
Hedgecock John S. S266
Hedgecock Joshua P. Hedgecock, J. P. S266
Hedges Clarence S266
Hedges Dennis S266
Heffner Charles F. S266
Heffner John S66
Heffner Miss Gusta S66
Heflebower John Heffebower, John S266
Hefley Harold Martin Hefley, H. M. S209
Hefley James Henry Hefley, Henry S209
Hefley Jefferson Lehmanowsky Hefley, J. L. S209
Hefley Jefferson Lehmanowsky Huffley, Jefferson L. S271
Hefley Jefferson Lehmanowsky S211
Hefley Jesse Lehmanowsky Hefley, Jesse S209
Hefley Orana Deliah Hefley, Orana S209
Heflyn Rudolph S138
Heidolph Alexander Heidreph, Alex S266
Heim Godfried S267
Heiskell Felix Heishell, Felix S267
Heiskell Felix Heiskell, F. S194
Heisler Samuel F. Heisler, S. F. S138
Heldreth Owen Hildreth, Owen S268
Heller Isadore E. Hetler, Isadore E. S267
Heller John T. S267
Heller Rosa M. S267
Hellgren Louis S267
Helm Elmer C. Helm, Elmer S267
Helm Flavius B. Helm, Flavins B. S267
Helm George W. Helm, Geo W. S267
Helm James L. S194
Helm Martin A. S267
Helm Peter S267
Helm Thomas M. Helm, T. M. S66
Helman Andrew S267
Helmick Abraham L. Helmick, Abe L. S267
Helms Andrew S267
Helms Barnie Neelm, Barnie S293
Helphingstine George W. Helphingstine, Geo W. S267
Helt Mary A. S267
Helton Archibald G. Helton, Arch G. S267
Helton Landon H. Helton, L. H. S267
Hembree Rev. Charles C. Hembree, Rev. C. C. S138
Hemley George Hemley, Geo S209
Hemley George W. Hemley, G. W. S209
Hemley L. M. S209
Hemphill David H. S267
Henderson Abraham Henderson, Abe S267
Henderson Charles Henderson, Chas H. S267
Henderson David S267
Henderson George Henderson, Geo S138
Henderson George H. Henderson, Geo H. S267
Henderson Hiram S267
Henderson Hiram S267
Henderson James H. Henderson, Jas H. S267
Henderson John S267
Henderson John S267
Henderson John S267
Henderson John P. S267
Henderson John W. S267
Henderson Miss Jennie S66
Henderson Mrs. Ellen L. Henderson, Mrs. E. L. S215
Henderson Mrs. Mary A. Henderson, Mrs. Mary S194
Henderson Richard P. Anderson, Richard P. S227
Henderson Robert S66
Henderson Robert W. Henderson, Robt W. S267
Henderson Thomas Henderson, T. S267
Henderson W. A. S138
Henderson W. P. S138
Henderson William Henderson, Wm S267
Henderson William Henderson, Wm S66
Hendricks Isaac C. S267
Hendricks Joseph F. Hendricks, J. F. S267
Hendricks Nannie K. Hendrick, Nannie K. S267
Hendricks Shell Hendricks, Shill S267
Hendrickson William H. Hendrickson, W. H. S267
Hendrix David L. Hendrix, E. L. S194
Hendrix J. B. S66
Hendrix W. H. S66
Hendry Samuel Hendry, Sam'l S138
Henkes Henry S267
Henley Theodore R. Kemley, Theo R. S276
Hennessey T. A. S66
Hennessy Richard Hennesay, Richard S267
Hennesy Michael S194
Henney George F. Henney, Geo F. S267
Henning Augustus H. Henning, August H. S267
Henning William A. Henning, Wm S267
Henry A. J. S66
Henry Elijah L. S267
Henry James W. Henry, Jas W. S267
Henry Jasper N. Henry, Jasper W. S267
Henry John P. S267
Henry Rev. Malcolm M. Henry, Malcolm M. S267
Henry Robert E. Henry, Robt E. S267
Henry William Henry, Wm S267
Henry William Albert Henry, Wm A. S267
Henry William C. Henry, Wm C. S267
Henry William W. Henry, Wm M. S267
Hensley Monroe S267
Hensley Serena A. Hensly, Serena A. S267
Henson James M. Henson, James W. S267
Henson Joseph Marion Henson, Jas M. S267
Henson Riley Riley, Henson S304
Henston T. W. S138
Henthorn Allen B. Henthorn, A. B. S66
Henthorn James W. Hawthorn, James W. S266
Henthorn John M. Hauthorn, John M. S266
Hepler John H. S267
Hepler William H. Hepler, Wm H. S267
Herald William Herald, Wm S138
Herbein Henry R. S66
Herbert Eugene A. S267
Herd Solomon Herd, Saul S267
Herild Melia S267
Herlacher Calvin F. S267
Herlacher Sheridan G. S267
Herman Charles Herman, Chas S138
Herman James S267
Herndon Tillie S267
Heron A. G. S63
Herrald Humphrey Herrold, Humphrey S267
Herren William M. Herren, Wm M. S267
Herrick A. B. S138
Herriman Warren B. Herriman, W. B. S267
Herring James S. S267
Herring Jesse N. S267
Herring Nancy J. S267
Herrington Jeremiah Herrington, J. S267
Herriott George F. Herriott, G. F. S66
Herriott R. M. S66
Herrod Ephraim S267
Herron A. G. S67
Herron Francis C. S267
Herron William C. B. Herron, Wm C. B. S267
Herron Wyley S67
Herscher Adelbert P. Hersher, A. P. S267
Herschler Emma S267
Hershey Mrs. Lizzie Hershey, Mrs. L. S194
Hervey A. L. S138
Herwig Charles E. Herwig, Chas E. S267
Hesler James M. S267
Hess Christian J. S267
Hess George H. S267
Hess Harry C. Hess, Henry G. S267
Hess Jacob S267
Hess John W. S267
Hess Lewis F. S267
Hess Louis S267
Hess Peter S67
Hess Reuben S267
Hesse Gustav S138
Hesser Jacob A. Hesser, J. A. S209
Hessman Theodore S138
Hester Alex C. Hester, A. C. S67
Hester Arick W. Hester, A. W. S67
Hester Dr. Robert L. Hester, Dr. R. L. S223
Hester John W. Hester, Jno W. S209
Hester John W. S267
Hetherington Charles N. Hetherington, Chas S223
Heustis Zeph Jr. S138
Hewes Willis S267
Hewit John B. Hewit, J. B. S215
Hewitt George D. S267
Hewitt James B. F. S267
Hewitt Taylor S267
Heyne Henry S. S267
Hiatt Dr. Levi J. Hiatt, L. J. S67
Hiatt John C. Hiatt, J. C. S67
Hibbard Edward D. Hibbard, Edwd D. S138
Hibler Gus M. Hibler, James M. S268
Hibler Gus M. S267
Hickcox Marvin A. Hickcox, Marion A. S268
Hickenbottom Charles J. Hickenbottom, C. J. S268
Hickey Ellen S268
Hickey James Thomas Hickey, J. T. S138
Hickey Matt S268
Hickey William L. Hickey, Wm D. S268
Hickman Andrew J. S268
Hickman Charles Hickman, Chas S268
Hickman John W. S268
Hickman Moses S268
Hickok Alonzo D. S268
Hickox Harry A. Hickox, Harry S180
Hickox Joseph O. Hickox, J. O. S180
Hickox Reuben Reeser Hickox, R. R. S14
Hickox Reuben Reeser Hickox, R. R. S180
Hickox Reuben Reeser Hickox, R. R. S268
Hickox T. J. S180
Hicks James M. Hicks, J. M. S67
Hicks James M. Hicks, J. M. S67
Hicks Levi W. S268
Hicks Marion S268
Hicks Mrs. S138
Hicks Mrs. Kate S138
Hicks Nellie B. Hicks, Nellie S186
Hicks Samuel S268
Hicks Simeon S. Hicks, S. S. S194
Hicks Thomas S67
Hicks William S. Hicks, Wm S268
Hickson Thomas Hickson, Thos S67
Hiddleson B. O. (Wm. P.) Hiddleson, R. O. S67
Higbee Frank M. S268
Higbee Harvey B. S268
Higbee Israel E. S268
Higbee Louis S268
Higdon Martin H. S268
Higganbotham George N. Higganbotham, Geo S268
Higgie William F. S13
Higginbottom L. P. S223
Higgins Dr. Robert W. Higgins, R. W. S138
Higgins Francis ("Frank") Higgins, Frank S67
Higgins James S138
Higgins Lum S67
Higgins Michael S67
Higgins Mrs. Mary A. Higgins, Mrs. M. A. S67
Higgins Mrs. Sue A. Higgins, Mrs. S. A. S138
Higgins Thomas S67
High Fred A. S67
High J. W. S67
High Richard M. Hegh, Richard M. S266
High Richard M. S268
Highfill Thomas F. Highfield, Thos F. S268
Highsmith William H. Highsmith, Wm H. S268
Hight Robert M. Height, Robt M. S267
Hightower George W. Hightower, Geo W. S268
Hightower James A. Hughtower, Jas A. S271
Hightower Wash S268
Hightower William M. Hightower, Wm M. S268
Hilbarger Oliver S267
Hilburn Perry V. Hilburn, P. V. S138
Hilburn Robert L. Hilburn, R. L. S138
Hildebrand Henry F. S67
Hildebrand Louisa S67
Hiles George M. Hiles, Geo M. S268
Hill Alexander S268
Hill Anna S67
Hill Charles M. Hill, Chas M. S67
Hill Charles R. Hill, Chas R. S268
Hill Edson S268
Hill Edward F. Jr. Hill, E. F. jr. S67
Hill Elvira W. S268
Hill Fannie S268
Hill Francis M. S268
Hill Frank A. S138
Hill Frank B. S268
Hill Friday S268
Hill George Hill, Geo S194
Hill George C. Hill, Geo C. S268
Hill George W. Hill, Geo W. S268
Hill Harrison S268
Hill Henry T. S268
Hill J. F. S67
Hill James F. Hill, J.F. S194
Hill James T. Hill, Jas T. S138
Hill Jesse S194
Hill John C. Hill, J. C. S194
Hill John D. S268
Hill John T. Hill, J. T. S67
Hill Luther H. S268
Hill Peter J. Hill, P. J. S139
Hill Rev. Edward F. Hill, Rev. E. F. S67
Hill Richard S268
Hill Richard E. Hill, R. E. S209
Hill Samuel H. Hill, Sam'l H. S268
Hill Scott S268
Hill William A. Hill, W. A. S209
Hill William B. Hill, W. B. S139
Hillerman Frank J. S268
Hillerman James S268
Hillman George Hillman, Geo S220
Hillman Hugh H. S139
Hills Oliver H. S268
Hillyard Miles S68
Hilton Bert S223
Hilton Fred J. S67
Hilton William D. Hilton, W.D. S194
Hilyard Jarett S268
Hilyard Joseph Hilyard, Jos S268
Himes Andrew S. Heiner, Anderson J. S267
Himes John A. S268
Himoe John E. S268
Hindeman Frank S68
Hindman Daniel R. Hindman, D. R. S268
Hindman Frank S268
Hindman Frank S68
Hindman Pleaidus M. Hindman, P. M. S268
Hines Jesse V. Hines, Jesse S268
Hines Joseph W. Hines, Jos W. S268
Hines Martin S268
Hines Newton J. S268
Hines Oliver S268
Hingins Mrs. Alice S68
Hinkhouse Benjamin S139
Hinkhouse Benjamin F. Hinkhouse, Benj S139
Hinkle Andrew M. Hinkle, A. M. S68
Hinkle Charles F. Hinkle, Chas F. S268
Hinkle John S68
Hinkle William H. Hinkle, Wm H. S268
Hinkle William W. Hinkle, Wm W. S268
Hinson Charles Welford Hinson, Chas W. S268
Hinton Richard F. S268
Hipple Henry Jr. S268
Hirschi Logan L. S68
Hisel James P. S268
Hisle William Hisle, Wm S268
Hitch Harvey B. Hitch, Harry B. S268
Hitch Thomas T. S268
Hitch William S. S268
Hite G. W. S173
Hitt John B. S268
Hitt Thomas T. S268
Hitt William P. Hitt, Wm P. S268
Hixon Alpha C. Hixon, A. C. S68
Hixon Edward L. Hixon, Edward S268
Hixon Henry Logan "Logan" Hixon, H. D. S68
Hixon Horace G. S68
Hixon John H. S268
Hixon John W. Hixon, John S68
Hixon Louis C. "Lou" Hixon, L. C. S68
Hixson William Hixson, Wm S268
Hlavaty Joseph Lavaty, Joseph H. S279
Hnat Joseph S139
Hoag Franklin J. Hoag, Franklin S268
Hoard John S268
Hoaser Atram W. S268
Hoback Claud D. Holback, Claud S269
Hoback Joel H. S268
Hobaugh Nelson S268
Hobbs Levi N. S268
Hobbs Lyman S268
Hobbs Milford V. Hobbs, Nelford V. S268
Hobbs Virgil M. S194
Hobegger Jacob Habogger, Jacob S263
Hobson James Monroe Hobson, J. M. S139
Hobson Nelson S268
Hobson Thomas C. Hobson, T. C. S194
Hobson William H. Hobson, Wm H. S268
Hockaday Edwin S180
Hockaday Isaac Newton Hockaday, I. N. S194
Hockaday James Winn S180
Hodge Jefferson P. Hodge, Jeff P. S268
Hodge John P. S268
Hodge William J. Hodge, Wm J. S268
Hodges Joseph W. Hodges, Jos W. S268
Hodges Melvin D. Hodges, M. D. S194
Hodges Mrs. William J. Hodges, Mrs. W. J. S223
Hodges William J. Hodges, W. J. S223
Hodges William P. Hodges, Wm P. S268
Hodgins John W. Hodgens, John W. S268
Hodkinson George P. Hodkinson, Geo P. S268
Hodkinson George P. Hodkinson, Geo P. S68
Hoeffner Johanne Hoeffner, John S268
Hoenig Frank S215
Hoeppner Edward Hoepfner, Edward S268
Hoff Weldon Abraham Lincoln Hoff, Weldon A. L. S268
Hoffman John S139
Hoffman Peter S. Hoffman, S. P. S68
Hoffmann August S268
Hoffmann John S268
Hoffmeyer Charles S268
Hofins J. C. S68
Hogan Addie S269
Hogan Isaac C. S269
Hogan John S68
Hogan John H. S269
Hogan John W. S269
Hogeland J. H. S68
Hogelin Amous S269
Hogelin Sherman S269
Hoggart W. C. S88
Hoggatt Clifford Hoggatt, Cliff S194
Hoggatt Fred S194
Hoggatt Ike S68
Hoggatt Jackson S269
Hoggatt Volney F. (Thos. V.) Hogatt, Volney S68
Hogue Solomon B. Hogne, Solomon S269
Hogue Thomas C. Hyne, Thomas C. S272
Hohenberg James M. Hackenberg, Jas M. S263
Hohimer William E. Hohimer, Wm E. S269
Hohn John S269
Hoisington Clement E. Hoisington, C. E. S269
Hoisington Daniel J. S270
Hokanson Ola H. S269
Holberg William Holberg, Wm S68
Holbrook Campbell R. S269
Holbrook Frank B. S269
Holbrook George W. Holbrook, Geo W. S269
Holbrook George W. Holbrook, Geo W. S68
Holbrook George W. Jr. Holbrook, Geo W. jr S68
Holbrook Ida S68
Holbrook Jay V. Holbrook, J. V. S68
Holcomb Almond F. Holcomb, A. F. S68
Holcomb Charles Holcomb, Chas S269
Holcomb Geo S269
Holcomb Lorenzo W. S269
Holden Clifford W. S269
Holden Miss Pearl S68
Holden William G. Holden, W. G. S68
Holderman Benjamin F. Holderman, B. F. S269
Holford Walter A. S269
Holland Arthur C. S269
Holland Charles Holland, Charley S269
Holland Christopher C. Holland, C. C. S68
Holland Christopher C. Hollander, Christopher S269
Holland Dr. Alexander W. Holland, A. W. S139
Holland Dr. G. V. S224
Holland Frank S139
Holland James A. S269
Holland Michael J. Holland, M. J. S269
Holleman George W. S269
Holleman James C. Sr. S269
Hollenbeck Granville Hollenback, G. S269
Hollenberg Sallie S68
Hollenberger C. F. S68
Holley Dr. Frank Z. Holley, F. Z. S139
Holley James J. Holley, Jas J. S269
Holliday Daniel E. Holliday, David E. S269
Holliday James M. Hollliday, James S269
Holliday John R. S269
Holliday Prof. J. F. S223
Hollinger Royal E. S139
Hollingshead Joseph D. Hollingshead, J. D. S269
Hollingsworth Dan Hollingsworth, D. S139
Hollingsworth Isaac M. S269
Hollingsworth Joseph S139
Hollingsworth William A. Hollingsworth, Wm A. S269
Hollins Aaron S269
Hollis Robert S139
Hollister Moses S173
Hollister Sarah Hallister, Sarah S263
Hollister Sarah S269
Holloman Dr. William D. Hollowman, W. D. S139
Hollon Preston S269
Hollon Wilson S269
Holloway Joseph E. S269
Holloway William Holloway, Wm S263
Hollowell Silas D. S269
Holly Anthony S269
Holm Jacob M. Holen, Jacob M. S269
Holm Lorenz S139
Holman Carl S68
Holman Edward Holman, Edw S204
Holman James H. Holman, J. H. S194
Holman Mathias H. Holman, Matthias H. S269
Holman Oliver C. S269
Holmes Arthur S269
Holmes Dr. Anderson M. Holmes, A. M. S194
Holmes Edmond J. Holmes, Edmund J. S269
Holmes Frederick R. Holmes, Fred'k R. S269
Holmes Jacob W. Holmes, Jacob N. S269
Holmes James A. S269
Holmes Jennie S139
Holmes Lucius M. S269
Holmes Mary S269
Holmes Mathew Holmes, Matthew S269
Holmes Paul S269
Holmes Peter M. Holmes, Peter S269
Holmes Philip E. S269
Holmes R. H. S173
Holmes Thomas S269
Holmesley Levi T. S269
Holoway Charles Holoway, Chas S269
Holsclaw James H. Holschaw, Jas H. S269
Holsonbake Rev. Louis Devore Holsenback, Louis D. S269
Holstead B. S68
Holsted Ira S. Halsted, Ira S. S263
Holsted Robert W. Halsted, Robert W. S263
Holstine Peter M. Halstine, Peter M. S263
Holt _____ S118
Holt Cale Holt, Cal S68
Holt Caleb S269
Holt Christopher C. S269
Holt David S269
Holt George C. Holt, Geo C. S269
Holt John S68
Holt Levi J. S269
Holt Peter N. S269
Holt Richard A. Holt, Richard S68
Holton Samuel S269
Holtsberg Elmer E. Haltsbery, N. W. S263
Homer Isaac N. S269
Homishack John S269
Homishack Peter S269
Honeman William D. Honeman, Wm D. S269
Honest John S209
Honeyman George Honeyman, Geo S68
Honeyman George M. Honeyman, Geo W. S269
Hong Kee S139
Honig Frank S269
Honneus William H. Honneus, Wm H. S139
Hood Daniel B. Hood, D. B. S194
Hood J. C. S138
Hood Josiah C. S269
Hood William L. Hood, W. L. S209
Hook James S269
Hook Samuel Hook, Sam'l S138
Hoolahan James S68
Hooper Joseph F. Hooper, Jos F. S269
Hooper William Hooper, Wm S269
Hoover Anthony S204
Hoover Clark S. Hoover, S. C. S209
Hoover Franklin S. Hoover, F. S. S269
Hoover John A. S269
Hoover L. S186
Hoover Lewis Hoover, Louis S269
Hoover Millard F. Hoover, Willard F. S269
Hoover Winfield S. S269
Hope Thomas Hope, Thos S269
Hopkins Allen Hopkins, Allens S269
Hopkins Ambrose T. "Fatty" Hopkins, A. T. S139
Hopkins Charley W. Hopkins, Chas W. S269
Hopkins David F. S269
Hopkins Edward H. Hopkins, Edwd H. S269
Hopkins George Washington Hopkins, G. W. S69
Hopkins Jacob S269
Hopkins James S269
Hopkins James H. S269
Hopkins John Everett Hopkins, John E. S269
Hopkins Lewis C. Hopkins, L. C. S194
Hopkins Lewis C. S269
Hopkins Ned S269
Hopkins R. S. S139
Hopkins Stewart N. Hopkins, S. N. S220
Hopper James S269
Hopper Milton S269
Hopper Nora S269
Hopper Tinnie S269
Hopping Jane S270
Hopping Joseph S. Hopping, Jos S. S270
Hoppman J. F. S69
Horlivy Frank S270
Horn Frederick Sumpter Horn, Fred S. S270
Horn Jacob H. Horn, Jake S139
Hornbeck B. C. S69
Hornbuckle William C. Hornbuckle, W. C. S139
Horne James S139
Horner Charles Horner, Chas S270
Horner Harry N. Horner, H. N. S194
Horner James S270
Horner Rev. Thomas N. Horner, Thomas N. S270
Horrocks James F. S270
Horrocks William H. Horrocks, Wm H. S270
Horse Charles Horse, Chas S139
Horsfall William J. Horsfall, W. J. S69
Horton Ezekiel S270
Horton George S. Horton, Geo S. S270
Horton George W. Horton, Geo U. S270
Horton James L. Horton, J. L. S69
Horton Joseph E. Horton, J. E. S69
Horton Joseph E. S270
Horton Squire P. S270
Horton Wesley C. S270
Hosey George A. Hosey, Geo A. S270
Hoskens Albert S139
Hoskins Luther A. S270
Hoskins Rufus W. Haskins, Rufus W. S265
Hossley Theodore Harsley, Theo S265
Hostetter John H. S270
Hostetter William P. Hostetter, Wm P. S270
Hosty John S139
Hotchkiss John S69
Houdek F. L. Houdk, F. L. S139
Hough Thomas C. Hough, T. C. S139
Houghey Irwin R. Haughey, Irwin R. S266
Houghton Fred E. Houghton, F. E. S69
Houk Philip S69
Houldek Frank Houldk, Frank S139
Housden George W. Housden, Geo W. S139
House Cadwell G. S270
House Charles House, Chas S270
House Eli R. S270
House John W. Honso, John W. S269
House William House, Wm S270
House William S270
Housel James M. Housel, J. M. S139
Housel William R. Housel, W. R. S139
Houser David S270
Houser Joseph R. S270
Houser Melvin S270
Houser Reuben Houser, Rewbie S270
Houser Samuel P. Hanser, Sam'l P. S264
Houser Simon A. S270
Houser William H. Houser, W. H. S270
Housh Lewis C. S270
Housholder Frank S270
Houston D. Henry Honston, D. H. S215
Houston Nino S270
Hovions Rezon D. Hovious, Rezon D. S270
Howard Addison A. S270
Howard Charles L. Howard, Chas L. S270
Howard Charles R. Howard, Chas R. S270
Howard Charles R. Howard, Chas, R. S270
Howard Cloud S69
Howard Dr. John W. Howard, John W. S270
Howard Edward T. Howard, Edw T. S270
Howard Elijah S. S270
Howard Elijah S. S270
Howard Everette Burgess Howard, E. B. S173
Howard George H. S270
Howard Henry H. Howard, H. H. S140
Howard Henry H. S13
Howard Henry H. S140
Howard Henry H. S69
Howard Ida M. S69
Howard James A. S270
Howard James F. Howard, James T. S270
Howard James I. S270
Howard James P. Hevward, James P. S267
Howard James P. S69
Howard John B. Howard, J. B. S69
Howard John W. S270
Howard Littleton L. Howard, Littleton S270
Howard Nathaniel T. S270
Howard Richmond S270
Howard Stephen W. S270
Howard Thomas E. Howard, Thos E. S270
Howard William A. Howard, Wm A. S270
Howarth Melvin L. S270
Howe Allen M. S14
Howe Allen W. Howe, A. W. S222
Howe Allen W. Howe, Allen M. S14
Howe Allen W. S270
Howe C. M. S184
Howe Charles B. Howe, Chas B. S270
Howe Charles F. Howe, C. F. S216
Howe Chester S194
Howe Harvey M. S270
Howe Henry S270
Howe Isaac W. S270
Howe J. H. S140
Howe James S270
Howe John W. Howe, John D. S270
Howe Joseph R. S270
Howe Peter M. S270
Howe William W. Howe, Wm W. S270
Howell Albert S205
Howell Alexander H. Howell, H. Alexander S270
Howell Alonzo S270
Howell Henry H. S270
Howell Hiram J. S270
Howell S. G. S173
Howell Samuel Howell, Sam'l S270
Hower Henry S270
Howerton Joseph W. Haverton, J. N. S266
Howery Thomas Harvey, Thomas S265
Howeston Joseph S270
Howey John L. S270
Howk Curtis E. S270
Howland Eliza J. S270
Howland Isaac A. Howland, Isaac W. S270
Howland William Bronson Howland, Wm B. S270
Howry William E. Howry, Wm E. S270
Howser Cyrus Houser, Cyrus S270
Howser R. R. S69
Hoy John J. S270
Hoye James P. Hoyl, James P. S270
Hoyl John C. S270
Hoyl William F. Hoge, Wm F. S269
Hoyle Charles Hoyle, Chas S270
Hoyle John S270
Hoyle Nicholas S270
Hoyt Albertus W. Hoyt, Albertus S270
Hoyt Charles E. Hoyt, Chas E. S270
Hoyt Hiram S. Hoyt, H. S. S270
Hoyt Homer S270
Hoyt Moses C. S270
Hoyt William H. Hoyt, Wm H. S270
Hromadko Ana S270
Hromadko Frank J. S270
Hubbard Allen M. S270
Hubbard Anthony S270
Hubbard Benjamin R. Hubbard, B. R. S270
Hubbard Crockett H. Hubbard, C. H. S205
Hubbard David F. S270
Hubbard George E. Hubbard, G. E. S194
Hubbard George E. Hubbard, Geo E. S13
Hubbard John F. Hubbard, Jno F. S271
Hubbard John N. Hubbard, John L. S271
Hubbard Rev. John W. Hubbard, Rev. J. H. S224
Hubbard Tilford S271
Hubbard William H. Hubbard, Wm S69
Hubbartt John W. S271
Hubbell Weller N. S271
Hubbell William N. Hubbell, W. N. S220
Huber Louis S140
Hubka Joseph Habka, Joseph S263
Hubner J. C. S69
Huddleston Francis L. Huddlestun, Francis L. S271
Huddleston John L. Hudeleston, John L. S271
Huddlestun Joel Huddleston, Joel S271
Huddlestun Joel S69
Hudelson Ezra M. Hudelson, Elza M. S271
Hudelson William Armstrong Hudelson, Wm A. S271
Hudkins R. D. S220
Hudleson John H. S271
Hudsey Mrs. Margaret S140
Hudson Daniel D. Hodson, Dan'l D. S268
Hudson Edward S271
Hudson J. H. S140
Hudson Miss Laura S140
Hudson William Hudson, Wm S69
Hudspeth Crate Hadspeth, Crate S263
Hudspeth John W. Hadspeth, John W. S263
Hueston Hamilton B. Henston, Hamilton B. S267
Hueston Thomas J. Hueston, T. J. S224
Hufbauer George W. Hufbauer, Geo W. S69
Huff C. O. S140
Huff Charles Huff, Chas S271
Huff Charles A. Huff, Chas A. S69
Huff Joseph S224
Huff Mary M. S271
Huff Miss Jennie S69
Huff Mrs. Eliza Jane Huff, Mrs. E. J. S69
Huff Perry S140
Huff Samuel Huff, Sam'l S271
Huff Snoden S271
Huff Thomas S271
Huff Will F. S271
Huffman Bertha S271
Huffman George W. Huffman, G. W. S271
Huffman John W. S271
Huggins Jonas S180
Huggins Oliver S271
Hugharty Charles Haugherty, C. S266
Hughes A. R. S140
Hughes Benjamin J. Hughes, B. J. S271
Hughes Cincinnatus S271
Hughes David S69
Hughes Edward S69
Hughes Forrest Hughes, Forest S271
Hughes George Hughes, Geo S271
Hughes George R. Hughes, Geo R. S271
Hughes George W. Hughes, Geo W. S271
Hughes Grant S. Hughes, G. S. S186
Hughes Grant S. Hughes, G. S. S271
Hughes James W. Hughes, J. W. S180
Hughes Joseph S180
Hughes Marion S69
Hughes Michael F. Houghes, M. F. S270
Hughes Mrs. Mary S69
Hughes Overton L. Hughes, O. L. S194
Hughes Robert B. Hughes, Robt B. S271
Hughes Samuel F. Hughes, S. F. S271
Hughes Thomas O. S271
Hughes William Hughes, Wm S271
Hughes William D. Hughes, Wm D. S271
Hughes William E. Hughes, Wm E. S194
Hughes William H. Hughes, Wm H. S271
Hughes William M. S180
Hughes Willis G. S271
Hughes Willis Jr. S140
Hugo Henry W. Hugo, H. W. S69
Hulbert C. F. S220
Hulbert Charles H. Hulbert, Chas H. S271
Hull Argalous M. S271
Hull Charley (Charles M.) Hull, Charley S271
Hull Darwin H. Hull, D. H. S140
Hull Elsie E. S271
Hull John W. S271
Hull John W. S69
Hull Micajah L. Hull, M. L. S271
Hull Oscar S140
Hull Winfield S. Hull, W. S. S69
Hulme John S271
Huls Ezekiel S271
Huls James A. S271
Hulse Alfred G. Hulse, Alf G. S271
Hulse Ira S. Hulse, Ira G. S271
Hulse John M. S271
Hulse John W. Hulse, John S220
Hulse Lester D. S271
Hume Charles R. Hume, G. R. S271
Hume John T. S271
Humphrey Avery A. Humphrey, A. A. S69
Humphreys Conway A. Humphrey, C. S188
Humphreys Conway A. Humphreys, Conway S271
Humphreys Joseph H. Humphrey, J. H. S188
Humphreys Joseph H. Humphrey, Jos H. S271
Humphries Edward S271
Humphries Thomas Humphries, Thos S271
Hunlik Anton S271
Hunnicut Newton J. Hammcut, Newton J. S264
Hunsberger John B. S69
Hunsinger John E. Hansinger, J. E. S264
Hunsinger Mathias Hunsinger, M. S271
Hunt Alonzo L. S271
Hunt Arthur F. Hunt, A. F. S271
Hunt Daniel S271
Hunt Edward W. S271
Hunt Francis A. S271
Hunt George Hunt, Geo S69
Hunt George A. Hunt, Geo A. S271
Hunt George G. Hunt, G. G. S140
Hunt Harry S224
Hunt Henry C. S271
Hunt Henry N. Hunt, Harry N. S271
Hunt J. J. S173
Hunt J. W. S173
Hunt Jacob E. S271
Hunt James C. S271
Hunt James D. S271
Hunt James R. S271
Hunt James S. Hunt, J. S. S224
Hunt James S. S14
Hunt James W. Hunt, James S271
Hunt John A. S271
Hunt Marshall Alfred Hunt, M. A. S209
Hunt Moses P. S271
Hunt Mrs. Jessie F. S173
Hunt Robert F. Hunt, R. F. S140
Hunt Robert W. S271
Hunt Samuel J. Hunt, Sam'l J. S271
Hunt W. H. S184
Hunt William T. Hunt, Wm T. S271
Hunter Aldridge T. Hunter, A. T. S209
Hunter Charles E. Hunter, Chas E. S70
Hunter Charles J. Hunter, Chas J. S271
Hunter Cornelius M. Heenter, C. M. S266
Hunter Jerry S271
Hunter John S271
Hunter Lewis S271
Hunter Robert S271
Hunter Samuel Hanter, Sam'l S264
Hunter William E. S271
Hunter William S. Hunter, W. S. S70
Hunter William S. Hunter, W. S. S70
Huntley Dennison T. Huntley, D. F. S271
Huntley Horace M. S271
Huntly Sheridan S. Hentley, Sheridan S. S267
Hurd Nova Zembla Hurd, N. Z. S140
Hurlbert Andrew M. Hurlburt, A. M. S222
Hurlbert Andrew M. S271
Hurley Cornelius S271
Hurley Joseph J. S271
Hurley William G. Hurley, W. G. S140
Hurst Armstead M. Hurst, A. M. S173
Hurst James H. S271
Hurt Harry T. S194
Hurt John S70
Husband David Husband, Daniel S271
Husted John S271
Husted John C. S271
Husted Joseph E. Huted, Joseph E. S272
Huston Abraham H. Huston, A. H. S70
Huston Abraham H. Huston, Abraham S271
Huston Alexander Huston, Alex S271
Huston James H. Hurston, James H. S271
Huston Jefferson D. S271
Huston William R. Huston, Wm R. S271
Hutcherson Thomas L. S271
Hutcheson Andrew J. S272
Hutchings George W. Hutchings, Geo W. S272
Hutchinson Albert S272
Hutchinson Amelia V. Hutchinson, Amelia S272
Hutchinson Henry S272
Hutchinson James Hutchinson, Jas S70
Hutchinson Stephen S. Hutchinson, Stephen W. S272
Hutchison Eli F. Hutchison, E. F. S140
Hutsel John H. S70
Hutsel John Jr. S70
Hutsel Noah G. S70
Huyck Charles M. Huyck, C. M. S224
Hyatt Daniel F. S13
Hyatt Lawrence A. S272
Hybarger James Jr. Hybarger, J. jr. S209
Hybarger James Sr. Hybarger, J. sr. S209
Hyde Arthur S140
Hyde Ella R. S272
Hyde Mrs. Ella R. Hyde, Mrs. E. R. S70
Hysell Warren H. Hysell, W. H. S216
Hysell Warren H. S272
Ianson N. A. S220
Ice John S272
Ice Theodore S272
Ickelbery James S70
Igon Charles M. Igor, Chas M. S272
Ilgner August S272
Imel John E. S272
Imlay David G. S272
Imlay James H. Imlay, H. James S272
Inbody Ephraim Imbody, Ephraim S272
Ingalls Frank C. S272
Ingalls Henry C. S272
Ingle Barnett C. Ingle, B. C. S272
Ingle Edward P. Ingle, Ed P. S209
Ingle Edward P. S272
Ingle George Franklin Ingle, Geo F. S272
Ingle James A. S272
Ingle James M. S272
Ingle Marcus L. S272
Ingles John W. S272
Inglis Frank W. Inglis, Frank S140
Inglish Charley V. S272
Inglish David Y. S272
Inglish James M. S272
Ingraham Fenton L. Ingraham, Fenton S272
Ingraham John W. S272
Ingram Charles C. Ingram, C. C. S70
Ingram James H. S272
Ingram Joseph R. Ingam, Joseph R. S272
Ingram Miss Hattie S70
Ingram W. L. S140
Ingram Wiley S272
Inman H. C. S70
Innis Dr. Robert E. Ennis, Robert E. S13
Innis Dr. Robert E. Innis, Robt E. S272
Ireton Henry S272
Ireton Sam S272
Ireton William Clement Ireten, Wm C. S272
Irion Frank Inor, Frank S272
Irvin Alonzo M. Irvin, Alonza W. S272
Irvin James E. S70
Irvine James J. Irvine, J. J. S140
Irvine Thomas Irvine, Thos S272
Irwin Charles O. S272
Irwin Frank E. Irwin, F. E. S140
Irwin James B. S272
Irwin James C. S195
Irwin John S272
Irwin John S272
Irwin Joseph S272
Irwin William J. Irwin, Wm J. S272
Isaac Peter S272
Isaacks John A. S272
Isaacs Daniel S. S272
Isaacs Raleigh S272
Isaacs Thomas S272
Isaacs William H. Isaacs, Wm H. S272
Isbell Bailey B. Bailey, Isabel B. S228
Isbell John H. Isbell, John S215
Islinger George Islinger, Geo S140
Ismert Peter S140
Itten George F. Itten, Geo F. S141
Ives M. S272
Ives Wilson S141
Jachobs ____ S70
Jack Samuel S216
Jack Samuel J. Jack, Sam'l J. S272
Jack William O. S272
Jackman Anton Jackson, Anton S272
Jackman Sanford J. Jackson, Sanford J. S272
Jackman William H. Jackman, Jackman H. S272
Jackson Adam S272
Jackson Alex R. S70
Jackson Ambrose F. S272
Jackson Andrew E. S272
Jackson Andrew J. S272
Jackson Benjamin Jackson, Benj S272
Jackson Benjamin F. Jackson, B. F. S272
Jackson Berry S272
Jackson Charles W. Jackson, Chas W. S272
Jackson Charles W. Jackson, Chas W. S272
Jackson Daniel R. Jackson, Dan'l R. S272
Jackson Dennis S272
Jackson Dr. Allison H. Jackson, Allison H. S272
Jackson Dr. Allison H. Jackson, Dr. A. H. S180
Jackson F. R. S70
Jackson George Jackson, Geo S173
Jackson George Jackson, Geo S272
Jackson George W. Jackson, Geo W. S272
Jackson Hardy S272
Jackson James P. Jackson, J. P. S209
Jackson James P. Jackson, Jas P. S272
Jackson Jennie S272
Jackson John L. Jackson, J. L. S141
Jackson John M. S272
Jackson Joseph S272
Jackson Josiah A. S272
Jackson Lorenzo L. Jackson, L. L. S272
Jackson Louis B. Jackson, L. B. S70
Jackson Monroe M. S272
Jackson Mrs. Annie S173
Jackson Mrs. Millie S195
Jackson Niton Jackson, Neton S272
Jackson Ruben C. Jackson, Reuben C. S272
Jackson Thomas Jackson, Thos S272
Jackson Thomas S272
Jackson Thomas R. Jackson, Thos R. S272
Jackson Thomas W. S272
Jackson W. H. S173
Jackson W. H. S70
Jackson W. R. S141
Jackson William Jackson, Wm S70
Jackson William A. Jackson, Wm A. S272
Jackson William G. Jackson, Wm G. S272
Jackson Wilson C. S272
Jacob Jacob S272
Jacobs Alonzo L. Jacobs, A. L. S272
Jacobs Brooks Jacobs, Brook S272
Jacobs Edward A. Jacobs, E. A. S70
Jacobs John B. S272
Jacobs John W. Jacobs, J. W. S70
Jacobus Edmond S272
Jacoby Alfred S. "Al" Jacoby, A. S. S70
Jager Theodore S195
Jalonick Isaac Jr. Jalonick, I. jr. S180
James Absolom A. S272
James David P. James, D. P. S141
James Garrison James, G. S224
James George James, Geo S195
JAMES H. J. S218
James James M. James, Jas M. S272
James John S272
James John Jr. S272
James Levi H. S273
James Mary J. S273
James Miss Mattie S141
James Wesley N. S273
James William James, Wm S273
James William Williams, James S327
James William D. James, W. D. S273
James William L. James, Wm L. S273
Jameson Benjamin F. Jameson, Benj F. S273
Jameson James S273
Jamison Allen R. S273
Jamison J. A. S141
Jamison James C. Jamison, J. C. S70
Jamison John A. S273
Jamison Miss Anne S71
Jamison W. A. S141
Janda Joseph S273
Jankus Carl Jankins, Carl S273
Jankus Carl S71
Janner Frank S71
Janney Charles D. Janney, Chas D. S273
Jaquins George L. Jaquins, Geo L. S273
Jarboe Edwin S273
Jarboe William L. Jarboe, Wm L. S273
Jardan Green S273
Jardott Louis J. S273
Jared Eli Jarid, Eli S273
Jarrell Alfred N. S273
Jarrell David C. S273
Jarrett William B. Janett, Wm B. S273
Jasper George A. Jasper, G. A. S71
Jasper James R. Jasper, Jas R. S273
Jasper John M. S273
Jasper John M. S273
Jay Clyde S71
Jay F. M. S71
Jay William T. Jay, Wm T. S273
Jaye John M. Jaye, J. M. S215
Jayne Elmore E. Jayne, E. E. S173
Jaynes Frank S273
Jaynes Luella S71
Jaynes Robert L. Jaynes, Robt L. S71
Jaynes Samuel Jaynes, Sam'l S273
Jaynes Timothy Sayre, Timothy S307
Jaynes William G. Jaynes, Wm G. S273
Jedlicka Albert S141
Jeffers Oscar S273
Jeffery P. C. S71
Jeffrey Deliverance B. Jeffry, Deliverance B. S273
Jeffries David S273
Jeffries Dewwilton S273
Jeffries George W. Jeffries, Geo W. S273
Jeffriess Allie S71
Jeffs Irvin ("Bunky") Jeffs, Irvin S141
Jekel Peter J. S71
Jelinek Emma S273
Jelinek Joseph S273
Jelinek Peter S273
Jemison Miss Mackie S71
Jenings Jackson Jennings, Jackson S273
Jenkens Mrs. Clara S173
Jenkins Benjamin F. Jenkins, Benj F. S273
Jenkins Catharine W. Jinkins, C. W. S273
Jenkins Cicero S273
Jenkins Ezekiel S273
Jenkins George Jenkins, Geo S174
Jenkins George D. B. Jenkins, Geo D. B. S273
Jenkins George W. Jenkins, G. W. S141
Jenkins Howard H. Jenkins, H. H. S220
Jenkins Howard H. S273
Jenkins Samuel Jenkins, Sam'l S141
Jenkins William A. Jenkins, Wm A. S273
Jenkins William L. Jenkins, W. L. S220
Jenkins William R. Jenkins, Wm R. S273
Jenks John W. S273
Jenks Mrs. Mary A. Jenks, Mrs. M. A. S141
Jenks Thomas H. Jenks, Thos H. S273
Jenks William F. Jenks, Wm F. S273
Jenner Jack S71
Jennings Alvin Jennings, A. S174
Jennings Andrew S273
Jennings Augustus Adolph Jennings, Gustave S273
Jennings Charles P. Jennings, Chas P. S273
Jennings J. R. S71
Jennings John S273
Jennings John De La Fletcher Jennings, J. D. F. S273
Jennings Joseph P. Jennings, J. P. S71
Jennings Miss E. J. S71
Jennings Newton W. Jennings, Morton W. S273
Jennings Reuben H. S273
Jennings Robert L. Jennings, Robt L. S273
Jennings William W. Jennings, W. W. S71
Jensen Frank S180
Jensen Thomas Jensen, T. S180
Jensen Thomas Jensin, Thomas S273
Jensen Thomas S13
Jenson John Janson, John S273
Jentry William Jentry, Wm S71
Jergins John H. Jergins, J. H. S141
Jernigan Thomas Langford Jernigan, Thomas L. S273
Jerome Henry S. S273
Jerome James N. S273
Jerome Joseph D. S141
Jester John S273
Jester Miss Effie S71
Jewitt George A. Jewitt, Geo A. S273
Jich Waclan Jech, Waclan S273
Jicha George Jicha, Geo S273
Jillson Frederick E. Jillson, Fred E. S273
Jillson Frederick S. S273
Jimison William E. Jimison, Wm E. S224
Jinkins William L. S273
Jirik Joseph F. Jink, Joseph F. S273
Joh George H. Joh, Geo H. S273
Joh John C. S273
Johanesen Ole S273
Johes John S71
John Charles John, Chas S71
John Clark Clark, John S242
John Elisha V. S273
John Noah W. S273
Johns Isaac S273
Johns James H. S273
Johnson ____ S224
Johnson Albert S273
Johnson Alex C. S273
Johnson Alexander Johnson, Alex S273
Johnson Alexander J. Johnson, Alex J. S273
Johnson Alfred S273
Johnson Allison J. Johnson, A. J. S71
Johnson Amasa C. S273
Johnson Amos T. Johnson, A. T. S71
Johnson Amos T. S273
Johnson Andrew J. Johnson, Andw J. S273
Johnson Belle S71
Johnson Ben S273
Johnson Boon S195
Johnson Burrel Johnson, B. S273
Johnson C. S141
Johnson Casper C. Johnson, C. C. S71
Johnson Charles F. Johnson, C. F. S141
Johnson Charles H. Johnson, Chas H. S195
Johnson Charles O. Johnson, C. O. S71
Johnson Charles R. Johnson, C. R. S141
Johnson Clabourn S273
Johnson Columbus N. S273
Johnson David S141
Johnson David S273
Johnson David S. S273
Johnson E. S71
Johnson Ebenezer A. Johnson, Ebenezer S141
Johnson Ellis E. S273
Johnson Elmer S273
Johnson Erastus V. S273
Johnson Frank S141
Johnson Frank A. S273
Johnson Frank A. S273
Johnson Franklin C. S273
Johnson Frannie M. Johnson, Fannie M. S273
Johnson G. W. S180
Johnson George Johnson, Geo S273
Johnson George Johnson, Geo S273
Johnson George B. Johnson, Geo B. S274
Johnson George D. Johnson, Geo D. S274
Johnson George W. Johnson, G. W. S141
Johnson George W. Johnson, Geo W. S274
Johnson Grant T. S14
Johnson Grant T. S274
Johnson Henry Johnson, Hemp S274
Johnson Henry S71
Johnson Henry S71
Johnson Homer W. Johnson, H. W. S274
Johnson Isaac Ludwig Johnson, Isaac S274
Johnson Isaac N. S274
Johnson Ison S71
Johnson J. S274
Johnson J. B. W. S72
Johnson J. C. S141
Johnson Jacob S274
Johnson James S274
Johnson James B. Johnson, J. B. S195
Johnson James E. Johnson, Jas E. S274
Johnson James H. Johnson, Jas H. S274
Johnson James H. S274
Johnson James M. S141
Johnson James T. W. S274
Johnson James W. S141
Johnson Jasper F. Johnson, J. F. S274
Johnson Jerry S274
Johnson Jesse H. S141
Johnson John S274
Johnson John A. S274
Johnson John B. Johnson, John R. S274
Johnson John C. S274
Johnson John E. S274
Johnson John F. Johnson, John T. S274
Johnson John H. Johnson, John A. S274
Johnson John H. S274
Johnson John H. S274
Johnson John L. S274
Johnson John Oscar Johnson, John O. S274
Johnson John R. Johnson, J. R. S72
Johnson John W. S274
Johnson John W. S274
Johnson Leonard D. S274
Johnson Louis E. Johnson, L. E. S141
Johnson Lucille S72
Johnson Mack S274
Johnson Melinda S274
Johnson Micajah F. S274
Johnson Milton S274
Johnson Misnarn Johnson, Misnern S274
Johnson Mons S274
Johnson Moses P. S274
Johnson O. F. S141
Johnson Oliver S274
Johnson Orin F. Johnson, Oran F. S274
Johnson Orrin Johnson, O. S274
Johnson Osbourn M. Johnson, Osbourne M. S274
Johnson Oscar S141
Johnson Oscar S274
Johnson Oscar W. S195
Johnson Peter S274
Johnson Peter S274
Johnson Rasmus S72
Johnson S. W. S13
Johnson S. W. S72
Johnson Spencer S274
Johnson Thomas J. Johnson, T. J. S209
Johnson Thomas J. Johnson, T. J. S72
Johnson Thomas J. S274
Johnson Thornton S72
Johnson Timothy J. Johnson, T. J. S274
Johnson Uriah S274
Johnson W. D. S72
Johnson Walter M. S274
Johnson William Johnson, Wm S141
Johnson William Johnson, Wm S274
Johnson William Johnston, Wm S195
Johnson William F. Johnson, Wm F. S274
Johnson William G. Jr. Johnson, Wm G. S274
Johnson William H. Johnson, Wm H. S274
Johnson William H. Johnson, Wm H. S274
Johnson William H. Johnson, Wm H. S72
Johnson William M. Johnson, W. M. S184
Johnston Albert E. S274
Johnston Alex S72
Johnston Ben S274
Johnston Charles F. Johnson, Chas F. S273
Johnston Charles M. Johnson, Chas M. S273
Johnston Daniel Boone Johnston, D. B. S195
Johnston Dr. George P. Johnson, Geo P. S274
Johnston Earl C. S141
Johnston Elijah H. Johnston, E. H. S274
Johnston George M. Johnston, Geo M. S274
Johnston J. W. S72
Johnston James K. Johnson, James K. S274
Johnston James W. Johnston, J. W. S141
Johnston John H. S274
Johnston John V. S274
Johnston Michael Johnson, Michael S274
Johnston Mrs. Jennie S141
Johnston Mrs. Sarah E. Johnston, Mrs. S. E. S142
Johnston Robert Johnston, Robt S274
Johnston Robert E. Johnston, Robt E. S274
Johnston Rufus Johnson, Rufus S274
Johnston Thomas Johnson, Thomas S274
Johnston William H. Johnston, W. H. S205
Johnston William H. Johnston, Wm H. S72
Johnston William S. Johnson, Wm S. S274
Jolley Van B. S215
Jondahl Samuel E. Johndahn, S. E. S142
Jones A. B. S142
Jones Albert G. Jones, Al S72
Jones Albert G. S274
Jones Alexander H. Jones, Alex H. S274
Jones Alfred Jones, Alfred S274
Jones Ambrose M. S274
Jones Andrew C. S274
Jones Annie S274
Jones Asa S274
Jones Banner S274
Jones Barbara S274
Jones Benjamin A. Jones, Benj A. S274
Jones Benjamin W. Jones, B. W. S72
Jones Boyd S142
Jones Butler S142
Jones Charles Jones, Chas S274
Jones Charles S142
Jones Charles A. Jones, C. A. S142
Jones Charles Gasham "Gristmill" Jones, C. G. S142
Jones Christopher P. Jones, Chris P. S274
Jones Clayburn S274
Jones Clement L. S274
Jones Commodore P. S274
Jones Daniel W. S274
Jones David W. S274
Jones Dr. J. Wesley Jones, Dr. J. W. S184
Jones E. H. S209
Jones Edgar West Jones, Edgar W. S72
Jones Edward S274
Jones Edward S. S274
Jones Emma A. S274
Jones Ernie V. Jones, Emi V. S274
Jones Eugene B. S274
Jones Even Jones, Ewen S274
Jones Ezekiel D. Jones, E. D. S274
Jones F. P. S215
Jones Feigle S274
Jones Francis S. S274
Jones Frank S274
Jones Frank A. S274
Jones Frank M. S274
Jones Freedom S72
Jones George F. Jones, Geo F. S274
Jones George H. Jones, Geo H. S274
Jones George W. Jones, G. W. S142
Jones George W. Jones, Gen W. S274
Jones Harvey H. S274
Jones Henry C. S275
Jones Henry H. S274
Jones Henry V. Jones, H. V. S72
Jones Henry V. S275
Jones Isaac S. S275
Jones Isabella S275
Jones J. B. S142
Jones J. B. S187
Jones James Jones, Jas S195
Jones James A. S275
Jones James B. S275
Jones James E. Jones, J. E. S142
Jones James E. S275
Jones James S. Janes, James S. S273
Jones James T. S275
Jones Jesse James, Jesse S272
Jones Jesse H. S275
Jones John D. S275
Jones John H. S275
Jones John L. S275
Jones John P. S13
Jones John P. S186
Jones John R. S275
Jones John R. S72
Jones John S. S274
Jones John S. S275
Jones John S. S275
Jones Jonathan S275
Jones Joseph Joseph, Jones S275
Jones Levi B. S275
Jones Lewis J. S275
Jones M. T. S142
Jones M. T. S72
Jones Mat Jones, Nat S275
Jones Matthew G. Jones, Mathew G. S275
Jones May S72
Jones Michael S275
Jones Owen S275
Jones Rev. Lemuel S72
Jones Robert J. S275
Jones Roland V. S275
Jones Samuel M. Jones, Sam'l S186
Jones Samuel Nelson Jones, Sam'l N. S275
Jones Samuel S. Jones, S. S. S195
Jones Samuel T. Jones, Sam'l T. S275
Jones Shelton Jones, S. S72
Jones Shelton L. Jones, Skelton L. S275
Jones Silas A. S275
Jones Stephen S275
Jones Stephen B. S275
Jones Theodore B. Jones, Theo B. S142
Jones Thielden V. S275
Jones Thomas A. Jones, Thomas S275
Jones Thomas J. S275
Jones Thomas S. Jones, Thos S. S72
Jones W. S. S142
Jones Walter J. Jones, W. J. S205
Jones Weldon R. Jones, Welden R. S275
Jones Wesley S275
Jones William Jones, Wm S275
Jones William Jones, Wm S275
Jones William Jones, Wm S72
Jones William A. Jones, Wm A. S275
Jones William Clark Jones, W. C. S72
Jones William H. Jones, Wm H. S275
Jones William H. Jones, Wm H. S275
Jones William M. Jones, Wm M. S275
Jordan Dr. Francis M. Jordan, F. M. S141
Jordan Ephraim C. Jordan, E. C. S275
Jordan John S275
Jordan Jonas Jordan, J. S72
Jordan Mike S275
Jordan Miles J. Jordon, Miles J. S275
Jordan Robert S275
Jordan Thomas H. Jordan, Thos H. S215
Jordan Thomas W. S275
Jordan William Jordan, Wm S275
Jordan William R. Jordan, Wm R. S275
Jordan Willie M. S275
Jorden Absen S275
Jordon James S141
Jordon James S275
Jorgan Peterson S180
Jorgensen Henry Jorgsen, Henry S275
Joscelyn Samuel D. Josalyn, Sam'l D. S275
Joy William Joy, Wm S195
Joyce Ed L. S72
Joyce Frank S142
Joyce Frank S72
Joyce Peter S195
Joyce Peter S221
Joyce Peter S275
Judah Emma J. S275
Judd Elijah T. S275
Judge Martyr C. S275
Judkins George Judkins, Geo S275
Judkins Milton S275
Juhl John S275
Jules Nelson Jutts, Nelson S275
Julian James W. Julean, Jas W. S275
Julien Benjamin F. Julian, B. F. S275
Juniper Van S72
Jury William G. Jury, Wm G. S275
Justice Gilbert H. Justice, G. H. S205
Justice Gilbert H. S275
Justice John D. Justice, D. J. S275
Justice Minerva J. S275
Juvitt Oliver L. S275
Kabler James E. Kabler, J. E. S142
Kabrich John S. Kabrich, J. S. S209
Kadavy Frank S275
Kaderly Henry S275
Kaderly John J. S275
Kafka Frank S275
Kagle W. H. S142
Kahlbaugh John C. S72
Kaiser George K. Kaiser, Geo K. S275
Kalashek Frank S275
Kalkbrenner William Kalkbrenner, Wm S275
Kalklosch Louis J. Kalklosch, L. J. S72
Kane Mariah S275
Kane Matthew John Kane, M. J. S195
Kane Matthew John Kane, M. J. S275
Kane Maurice S73
Kantz Frederick Kantz, Fred'k S275
Kapy Sigmund S73
Karback Jacob S142
Karber Frank M. S73
Karr Elihu A. Karr, E. A. S73
Karr Godfrey S73
Karr John S142
Karr John M. S275
Kasbaum James F. Kasbaum, Jas F. S275
Kaskel J. W. S195
Kasl Albert A. S142
Kasl John S275
Kasl Miss Lottie S142
Kasl Peter S142
Kassl August Hassl, August S265
Kassl John S275
Kaufman Simon O. Kaufmann, Simon O. S275
Kay Marion T. Kay, M. T. S142
Kay William G. Kay, W. G. S142
Kaylor William H. Kaylor, W. M. S73
Kaylor William H. Kaylor, Wm H. S275
Kaysen Christian C. W. Kaysen, Chis S275
Kearns William L. Kearns, W. L. S142
Keating J. S142
Keating Thomas S275
Keck John S275
Keck John C. S275
Keck Lee S275
Keck Lovell H. Rousseau Keck, L. H. R. S275
Keck Melrose S275
Keck Ulysses C. Keck, Ulysses G. S275
Keck William L. Keck, Wm S275
Kedash John S73
Keedy J. L. S73
Keefhaver Alfred M. Keefhauser, A. S275
Keelan Siller S73
Keele Jesse J. Keele, J. J. S142
Keele William P. Keele, Wm P. S276
Keeler Joseph F. S276
Keeler William H. Keeler, Wm H. S276
Keeling Mrs. Rebecca A. Keeling, Mrs. R. A. S209
Keely Jefferson S276
Keenan Lucius S276
Keeney Charles F. Keeney, C. F. S142
Keepers Penwell M. Keepers, P. M. S276
Keesee Mrs. Eliza E. Keesee, Mrs. E. E. S142
Keever William Kavit, Wm S275
Keffer Eli S276
Keislar Thomas K. Keislar, Thomas R. S276
Keister Robert L. Keister, Robt S276
Keith Benjamin F. Keith, B. F. S276
Keith Charles Keith, Chas S276
Keith James W. Keith, J. W. S73
Keith James W. S276
Keith Mary S276
Kelberer Henry Kelberea, Henry S276
Keley Samuel H. Keley, Sam'l H. S276
Kelker David N. Kelker, D. N. S184
Keller Charles E. Keller, Chas S. S276
Keller Charles H. Keller, C. H. S142
Keller Charles H. Keller, Chas H. S276
Keller Cyrus M. Keller, C. M. S220
Keller Dr. George M. Keller, G. M. S142
Keller Edgar J. S142
Keller Edwin N. S276
Keller G. M. S73
Keller Henderson J. S276
Keller Henry S224
Keller Henry F. S276
Keller Jacob K. S276
Keller L. J. S142
Keller Theodore Keller, Theo S276
Keller William H. Keller, W. H. S220
Keller William L. Keller, Wm L. S276
Kelley Daniel S276
Kelley David B. Kelley, D. B. S73
Kelley David N. S276
Kelley Ed P. S73
Kelley George Kelley, Geo S73
Kelley James H. Kelly, J. H. S209
Kelley John S276
Kelley John R. S276
Kelley Miss Edith S73
Kelley Miss Mary S143
Kelley Simon P. S276
Kelley Taylor S73
Kelley Thomas S276
Kelley Thomas S73
Kelley William Kelley, Wm S276
Kelley William D. Kelley, Wm D. S276
Kelley William E. Kelley, Wm E. S276
Kelley William H. Kelley, Wm H. S276
Kelley William O. Kelley, Wm O. S276
Kelley Woodson H. S276
Kellogg William Pitt Kellogg, Wm P. S276
Kells Robert Kells, Robt S276
Kelly Albert Kelley, Albert S276
Kelly Charles S276
Kelly Edward J. Kelly, E. J. S195
Kelly Elizabeth G. S276
Kelly Francis J. S276
Kelly Harvey S174
Kelly Hiram G. S143
Kelly James S276
Kelly John C. S276
Kelly John M. S276
Kelly Joseph M. S276
Kelly Lewis F. Kelley, Lewis F. S276
Kelly Mary S276
Kelly Miss Mary S205
Kelly Robert E. Kelly, R. E. S143
Kelly Thaddeus B. Kelly, T. B. S195
Kelly Thomas Kelley, Thomas S276
Kelly William Kelly, Wm S174
Kelsey James W. S276
Kelsey William B. S276
Kelsey William C. Keisey, Wm C. S276
Kelso Adaline S276
Kelso Erasmus L. Kelso, E. L. S73
Kelso James E. S180
Kelso William T. C. Kelso, W. F. C. S276
Keltner Ida L. Kettner, Ida L. S277
Keltner Ida L. S276
Keltner James W. S276
Keltner Robert O. Kiltne, Robt O. S277
Kelton Thomas W. Kitton, Thomas W. S277
Kemp Alice M. Kemp, Alice S205
Kemp Charles T. Kemp, Chas S184
Kemp George O. Kemp, Geo O. S276
Kemp Grace P. Kemp, Grace S205
Kemp Jacob M. S276
Kemp Lucius Sidney Kemp, L. S. S205
Kemp Mary Frances Kemp, Mary S205
Kemp Miss Daisy S205
Kendall George Kendall, Geo S73
Kendall James Allen Kendall, James A. S276
Kendall Wilkins P. Kendall, W. P. S143
Kendall Wilkins P. Kendall, W. P. S143
Kendall William W. Kendall, Wm W. S276
Kendrick E. J. S73
Kendrick Henry C. S276
Kendrick Jacob B. S276
Kendrick John D. S276
Kendrick Samuel M. Kendrick, Sam'l M. S276
Kendrick Susan E. S276
Kendrick William E. Kendinck, W. E. S276
Kenedy Howard S276
Kennard Francis J. Kennan, Francis J. S276
Kennard George Mortimer Kennard, Geo M. S276
Kennedy Charles E. Kennedy, Chas E. S276
Kennedy David P. S276
Kennedy George W. Kennedy, Geo W. S276
Kennedy James S143
Kennedy James S276
Kennedy James P. S276
Kennedy James T. Kennedy, Jas T. S276
Kennedy John S276
Kennedy John T. S276
Kennedy Luke S276
Kennedy Oscar S276
Kennedy Richard S195
Kennedy Robert S276
Kennedy Samuel P. Kennedy, Sam'l R. S276
Kennedy Sargent S180
Kennedy Silas S276
Kennedy T. R. S195
Kennedy Ulysses G. S276
Kennedy William Kennedy, Wm S276
Kennedy William H. Kennedy, Wm H. S276
Kensley John G. S276
Kent Edwin B. S276
Kenworthy William Kenworthy, Wm S276
Kenyon William H. Kenyon, Wm H. S276
Keown John A. L. S276
Keown John M. S276
Kerbey John M. S276
Kerby Marion S186
Kerckman Bernard H. Bercham, Bernard H. S276
Kerfoot Cornelius D. S180
Kerfoot George Henry Kerfoot, G. H. S196
Kerfoot John Samuel Jr. Kerfoot, J. S. jr S196
Kerfoot John Samuel Sr. Kerfoot, J. S. sr. S196
Kerfoot Marion Monroe S180
Kerfoot Miss Lizzie B. S196
Kerfoot Mrs. Nancy A. Kerfoot, Mrs. N. A. S196
Kern Parran S. Kern, P. S. S276
Kernaghan John A. Kernagham, John A. S276
Kerns Charles W. Kerns, C. W. S73
Kerns Stephen D. S276
Kerwin James J. Kirwin, J. J. S174
Kesler George Kesler, Geo S276
Kesler George W. Kesler, Geo W. S276
Kessenger Willis F. Kessenger, W. S73
Kessler Edward Kessler, Edw S73
Kessler G. W. S73
Kessler James H. S276
Kessler Pius Sylvester Kessler, Pius S. S277
Kessler Winfield Scott Kesler, Winfield S. S277
Kessling James F. Keasling James S275
Kester Rudolph J. Kester, R. J. S196
Ketch Charles S. Ketch, Chas S. S277
Ketcham Alonzo Ketcham, A. S143
Ketcham Charlie B. Ketcham, Chas B. S277
Ketcham Daniel W. Ketcham, D. W. S224
Ketcham William Henry Ketcham, W. H. S143
Ketchum Dr. Levy R. Ketchum, L. R. S73
Keyholt Anna S73
Keys Albert S143
Keys Andrew S143
Keys John A. Keys, J. A. S143
Keys Luther M. Keys, L. M. S143
Keys Luther M. Keys, Luther S277
Keys Miss Lizzie S143
Kezer Daniel J. Kezer, D. J. S143
Kibby Frank D. S174
Kibby Randolph Kibby, R. S174
Kibby Randolph S277
Kiblinger Erasmus Tyree Bonapart. Kiblinger, E. B. S143
Kidd James W. S277
Kidd James William Kidd, Wm S221
Kidd Mathew S196
Kidd Thomas S277
Kidwell Edgar A. S277
Kidwell James L. S277
Kieffer Daniel Keiffer, Dan'l S276
Kiehl Elmer G. S277
KIGG A. R. S218
Kight Edward L. Knight, Edward L. S278
Kile B. F. S73
Kile Marshal Kile, Marshall S277
Killen James A. Killin, James S174
Killinger W. G. S73
Killingsworth Daniel S277
Killoe Miss Bertha S73
Killough John W. S277
Kimball Henry H. S277
Kimball Lon E. Kimball, L. E. S74
Kimball William H. S277
Kimberley Dave S143
Kimberlin Robert K. Kimberlin, Robt K. S277
Kimberly William T. Kimberly, Wm T. S277
Kimble Abner S277
Kimble Scott S277
Kimbro Peter S277
Kimbro Peter S277
Kimerer John Davenport Kimerea, John D. S277
Kimmel Allen W. S277
Kimmey James B. R. Kimmey, James R. R. S277
Kimple Anthony L. S277
Kinard W. M. S74
Kincade Elizabeth Kinkeader, Elizabeth S277
Kincade Robert Kincade, Robt S143
Kincaid Eugene E. S277
Kincely Joseph S74
Kinell Joseph T. Kimel, Joseph T. S277
King Charles W. King, Chas W. S277
King David S277
King Elroy S220
King George S277
King George R. King, Geo R. S143
King Henry P. S277
King J. J. S74
King James A. King, Jas A. S277
King John S277
King John B. S277
King John U. King, U. John S277
King Joseph S196
King Joseph S196
King Joseph S277
King Levi S277
King Lewis S209
King May S277
King Morris S277
King Mrs. Mary A. S143
King Mrs. Nancy W. S74
King Patrick W. King, P.W. S143
King R. W. S74
King Rev. William T. King, Rev. W. T. S74
King Robert S74
King Robert S74
King Simon S196
King Sterling Price King, S. P. S74
King Thomas S74
King Thomas C. S277
King W. F. S209
King Walter S143
King William King, Wm S277
King William S277
King William S277
King William C. King, Wm C. S277
King Zebulon S. S277
Kingham Job B. Kingham, J. P. S143
Kingkade Andrew Kingkade, A. S210
Kingston John Kingston, Jno S143
Kinkead George A. H. Kinkead, G. A. H. S196
Kinkead George A. H. Kinkead, G. A. H. S277
Kinkead Mrs Almira Kinkard, Mrs. A. S74
Kinkead Wallace H. Kinkead, W. H. S74
Kinman Perry Kinnan, Perry S277
Kinnaird Jessie S277
Kinnaman Leonard S. Kinnamon, L. S. S277
Kinnard Joseph W. Kinnard, Jos W. S277
Kinner John S196
Kinner Thomas Kinner, Thos. S277
Kinnett Joseph N. Kimmit, J. N. S277
Kinney Jacob A. S74
Kinnons F. N. S224
Kinsey Daniel Kinsey, Dan'l S143
Kinsey Guy B. Kinsey, G. B. S196
Kintzley William H. Kintzley, W. H. S196
Kinzer James T. Kinzer, James S277
Kipp John Kipp, Jno S224
Kipp John S226
Kipp Mrs. John (Ella M.) Kipp, Miss S224
Kirby Benjamin F. Kirby, Benj F. S277
Kirby Franklin P. S277
Kirby James C. S277
Kirby John S. S277
Kirby Robert P. Kirley, Robt P. S277
Kirby Rosa L. S277
Kirchgassner David Kirchgassner, D. S74
Kirchmier Balthaser Kirchmier, Pathaser S277
Kirchner A. N. S196
Kirk James B. S277
Kirk Mary A. S277
Kirk Sylvester M. S277
Kirkegard Anton Kirkegarde, Anton S277
Kirkland George W. Kirkland, Geo W. S277
Kirkling Thomas B. S277
Kirkman Lewis S277
Kirkpatrick James H. Kirkpatrick, Jas H. S277
Kirkwood George W. Kerwood, Geo W. S276
Kirtley Lewis S277
Kirtley Spencer Kertley, Spencer S276
Kirtley William T. Kertley, Wm T. S276
Kirts John Kerts, John S276
Kirts John S277
Kirwin Francis M. Kerwin, Francis M. S276
Kisner Ashford S277
Kisner Francis A. S277
Kisner Robert R. Kisner, Robt R. S277
Kissick Joseph A. Kissick, Joe A. S277
Kitchell George L. Kitchel, Geo L. S277
Kitchen Charles Kitchen, Chas S74
Kitchen George D. Ketchen, Geo D. S277
Kitchen John H. S74
Kitchin Thomas S277
Kite Benjamin Kite, B. S277
Kite Thomas O. S277
Kittle John H. S277
Kittredge John H. S277
Kittrell Frederick W. Kittrell, F. W. S277
Kivett Charles Kibbett, Chas S277
Kivlehan Daniel Kirlhan, Daniel S174
Kivlehen Daniel Krolenhen, Daniel S278
Kivlehen William Kivelehan, Wm S210
Kivlehen William Kivlehen, Wm S277
Kizer James Kiser, James S277
Kjellberg Svente Alfred Kjellberg, J. A. S277
Kjellberg Svente Alfred Kyellberg, S. A. S278
Kjellberg Theodore Ayelberry, I. S228
Kjellberg Theodore Keelberg, Theo S275
Kjellberg Theodore Kjewberd, Theo S277
Klaffke Flourtina Klaffke, Floartena S277
Klaffke Theodore L. S277
Klapp David D. Klapp, D. D. S143
Klapp Morris O. S277
Klaus A. L. S220
Klein Gottfried S277
Klein Gottlob S277
Klein Gustave S277
Kleiner Rudolph S277
Klingaman Jacob F. Dingaman, Jacob F. S250
Klinglesmith Ambrose S278
Klinglesmith Charles P. Klinglesmith, C. P. S215
Klinglesmith J. S187
Klinglesmith James W. Klinglesmith, J. W. S215
Klinglesmith Lewis P. S278
Klinglesmith Noah M. Klinglesmith, Noah S278
Klingman Calvin R. Dlingman, Calvin R. S250
Klingman Solomon Klingleman, Solomon S277
Klipp Peter H. Christoph Klipp, Peter H. Chustoph S278
Klopffenstein Walter Scott Klopffenstein, Walter S. S278
Knapp George Knapp, Geo S180
Knapp Harry S143
Knapp Harry S143
Knapp James S143
Knapp Lizzie S74
Knapp Lyman S278
Knapp Solon S74
Knasdler W. B. S74
Knaves James Kaaves, James S275
Knecht Paul Knight, Paul S278
Knecht Ralph H. Knight, R. H. S74
Kneeland William H. Knuland, Wm H. S278
Knight Frank D. S278
Knight George W. Knight, Geo W. S278
Knight Homer E. S278
Knight Irvin G. Knight, Irwin G. S278
Knight James S278
Knight John H. S278
Knight Ophelia S74
Knight Reuben C. S278
Knight William W. Knight, Wm W. S278
Knighton James S143
Knipe William A. Knipe, Wm A. S278
Knisley Noe Kneisley, Noe S278
Knoblock Charles Jefferson Knoblock, C. S224
Knowles John A. S278
Knox Allen T. S278
Knox Francis S278
Knox Frank S. S278
Koch Charles Koch, Chas S278
Koehler August S278
Koening Emma S74
Koening Fred S196
Koeper Charles S278
Kohler William Kohler, Wm S278
Kolar Jim S278
Kolar Joseph S278
Kolb Henry Kalb, Henry S275
Kolley Anthony P. Kolley, A. P. S209
Kolley Joseph A. Kolley, J. A. S209
Koogler Albert W. Koogler, A. S143
Kooken David W. S278
Kooken Josiah S278
Kooken Mark F. S278
Koons John H. S278
Koons Samuel Koons, Sam'l S278
Korbel John S278
Kordis Fritz Hordis, Fritz S270
Kosar William Kosar, Wm S278
Kouba John S278
Kouplen Henry S278
Kouts Samuel G. Kouts, Sam'l G. S278
Koutwik Frank S143
Kovak Frank S143
Kowha Joseph S143
Krahl George N. Krahl, Geo M. S278
Kramer Gottlob W. Kromor, Gotlob W. S278
Kramer Miss Nettie S143
Kraning Ferdinand Kraming, Ferd S278
Krapf Ludwig Krapp, Ludwig S278
Kratky Vincenz S278
Kraus F. L. S143
Krause William Krause, Wm S278
Krausnick Moses R. Krausnick, M. R. S74
Krausse Jacob F. S278
Krebs Henry S278
Kreisel John S74
Krekow William G. Krekow, W. G. S196
Krekow William G. Krekow, W. G. S278
Kreps Christian M. Kreps, C. M. S278
Kretzer John S278
Krey Peter W. Krez, Peter W. S278
Krieger John C. S278
Krigbaum James T. Kirgbaum, Jas T. S277
Krippendorf Thomas C. Krippendorf, T. C. S74
Krivanek Anton Krivaulk, Anton S278
Krivonek John Krivaulk, John S278
Krivonek Josefa Krivaulk, Josefa S278
Kriz Franti S278
Krousch Charles Krousch, Chas S74
Krouse Peter S74
Kroutil Frank Kroutie, Frank S278
Krueger Herman S278
Krueger Robert Krueger, Robt S143
Krum William Kram, William S278
Kruse George W. Kruse, Geo W. S278
Kuenkle William Kuenkle, Wm S143
Kugle William H. Hugle, Wm H. S271
Kuhlman David D. Kuhlman, D. D. S144
Kuhlman George H. Kuhlman, Geo S144
Kuhn George L. Kuhn, Geo L. S278
Kuhn Scott C. S278
Kukla Josef Hukla, Josef S271
Kunce James S278
Kunz Augustus Kuntz, Augustus S278
Kurtz George Kurtz, Geo S278
Kusler Henry C. Kusler, H. C. S74
Kusler John S278
Kusler John S74
Kutschart E. R. S144
Kutter Charles W. Kutton, Charles W. S278
Kuykendal James M. Kuykendal, J. M. S74
Kuykendall Humphry P. Kuykendall, H. P. S278
Kuykendall William V. Kuykendall, Wm V. S278
Kyle Eugene S74
Kyle Russell J. Kyle, R. S205
Kyle William S278
La Rue Alphonso La Rue, A. S75
Laborn August L. Laborn, August S278
Laborn Fanny S. S278
Lacey Augustus H. Lacey, A. H. S196
Lacey Augustus H. Lacey, A. H. S278
Lacey Charles E. Lacey, Chas E. S278
Lacey L. H. S186
Lacey Robert S74
Lacey Squire S278
Lacy Margaret E. S278
Lacy Robert Lacy, Robt S184
Ladd Caldwell Ladd, C. S220
Ladd Caldwell S278
Ladd William J. Ladd, Wm J. S278
Lafayette Samuel Lafate, Samuel S278
Lafferty Milton S278
Lafferty Miss Achsah C. Lafferty, Miss A.C. S74
Lafferty Mrs. Nancy Lafferty, Mrs. N. S74
Laffoon Stephen D. S278
Lafon Alexander H. Lafon, Alex H. S278
Laging Henry S278
Laher Adam Tohen, Adam S320
Lahey James P. S278
Laikin Thomas S74
Lain John S278
Lainy George H. Laing, Geo H. S278
Lair Harden L. S278
Lair Leonidus Lair, Leonidas S278
Laird Vallan C. S278
Lake Charles A. Lake, Charles S278
Lake Charles A. S278
Lake John S74
Lake Lucius S278
Lakin Edward T. Lakin, Ed T. S278
Lalicker Elmer Frederick Lalicken, E. F. S278
Lalicker George Monroe Lalicker, Geo M. S278
Lallia Louis S74
Lamar Francis M. Lamar, F. M. S196
Lamar Hiram Laman, H. S75
Lamar Hiram S75
Lamar Hiram S75
Lamar Samuel Ulysses Lamar, Samuel U. S278
Lamar William David Lamar, Wm D. S278
Lamb Alvin B. S278
Lamb Ann S278
Lamb Cornelius S278
Lamb H. F. S144
Lamb Samuel J. Lamb, Sam'l J. S278
Lamb W. S. S144
Lambert Alexander F. Lambert, Alex F. S279
Lambert Henry D. L. Lambert, H. D. S75
Lambert Robert A. S279
Lambert William J. Lambert, Wm J. S279
Lambert William Leander Lambert, Wm L. S279
Lambertson Harlan A. Lambertson, H. A. S279
Lamblin Seges Mount Lamblin, S. M. S75
Lamborn Oliver P. Lamborn, O. P. S144
Lamphear Elon A. Lanphear, Elan A. S279
Lance Salem S279
Land Granville Loud, Granville S282
Land Leonard L. Land, L. L. S144
Landes Daniel E. S279
Landes Doctor F. Landis, Dr. F. S279
Landes Henry F. Landis, Henry F. S279
Landis George W. Landis, Geo N. S279
Landis Jacob S279
Landis Jacob A. S279
Lane Alfred S279
Lane Finley G. S279
Lane George W. Lane, Geo W. S279
Lane Hester A. S279
Lane James W. S279
Lane John W. S279
Lane Mrs. Hattie S180
Lane Nannie J. Lane, Nannie I. S279
Lane Rev. James P. Lane, James P. S279
Lang Albert A. Laney, Albert A. S279
Lang Charles Lang, Chas S279
Lang James S184
Lang Monroe S279
Langan Charles W. S279
Langan James A. Langan, James H. S279
Langdon Charles M. S279
Lange Arthur S279
Lange Charles E. S279
Lange John G. S279
Lange Maria C. S279
Langer Josef Lange, Josef S279
Langfitt John W. S279
Langhoff John C. Langhoff, John S144
Langley George Langley, Geo S279
Langley John A. S279
Langley William T. S279
Langstaff Leonidas S279
Langston L. F. S210
Langston William H. Langston, W. H. S210
Lankford John T. Langford, John T. S279
Lanman George W. Lanman, Geo W. S75
Lanman Hiram M. Lannon, Hiram M. S279
Lanning William D. Lanning, Wm D. S279
Lappin James S279
Larkin John S279
Larkins Robert Larkin, Robt S279
Larmon Richard G. Lannon, Richard G. S279
Larrimer Hugh Hugh, Larrimer S271
Larsh Benjamin F. Larsh, Benj F. S279
Larsh Delbert La Salle Larsh, D. L. S210
Larsh Walter Emmett Larsh, W. E. S144
Larson August S279
Larson August S279
Larson Augusta C. Larson, Augusta S279
Larson Charles F. Larson, Chas F. S279
Larson Christ L. Lawson, Christ L. S279
Larson Frederick W. S279
Larue Jonathan A. La Rue, Jonathan S279
Larwill John H. Larwill, J. H. S75
Laskey Eugene A. S279
Lassiter Ezekious J. Lassiter, Ezekius J. S279
Lassiter William R. Lassiter, Wm R. S279
Last Name First Name Other Name Page
Last Name First Name Other Name (As listed in Smith's) Page
Latham George D. Lathem, Geo D. S279
Latimer Edwin B. S75
Latimer Osborn S. S279
Latimer Wesley B. S279
Latschar Anna S279
Latta Andrea J. Latta, A. J. S279
Latta George Latta, Geo S279
Latta Miss Ada S75
Latta S. F. (Sam) Latta, S. F. S75
Lattin Sylvester D. S279
Lattner Andrew S279
Lattner Joseph E. Lathner, Joseph E. S279
Lattner Paul P. S279
Lauck Ed E. S75
Laughlin Lycurgus S279
Laughton Nelson Laughton, Nelson P. S279
Laux Calvin R. Laux, C. R. S144
Laux Charlie S75
Laux John F. S279
Laux Miss Lillie S75
Laverty Leander S279
Lavi Charles S279
Law Frank S279
Lawhead Dr. Hiram W. Lawhead, Hiram W. S279
Lawhead Hadden G. Lawhead, Haddan S279
Lawhead Joseph H. S279
Lawler George W. Lawler, Geo W. S279
Lawler Miss Bessie S174
Lawler Mrs. Susan S174
Lawless Mrs. Jennie S75
Lawrence Done S75
Lawrence Edward C. Lawrence, Ed C. S279
Lawrence John T. S279
Lawrence Layerwood S279
Lawrence Reuben E. Lawrence, R. E. S75
Lawrence Sarah C. S279
Lawrence Thomas W. Lawrence, Thos W. S279
Lawrence William W. Lawrence, Wm W. S279
Laws Christopher C. Jr. Laws, C. C. S75
Laws Christopher C. Jr. Lows, Christ C. Jr. S282
Laws Elbridge D. Lewis, Eldridge D. S281
Laws Eldridge D. Laws, E. D. S75
Laws Eliza J. Lows, Eliza S282
Laws Lewis H. Laws, Louis H. S279
Laws Lewis H. S13
Laws Lewis H. S75
Laws Lucian B. S279
Laws Mrs. Lizzie (Eliza J.) Laws, Mrs. Lizzie S75
Laws Pearl A. Laws, Pearl S75
Lawson Andrew J. S279
Lawson August W. S279
Lawson Benjamin F. Lawson, B. F. S279
Lawson Charles A. Lawson, Chas A. S279
Lawson Cyrus B. S279
Lawson Henry W. S279
Lawson James E. Lawson, James S279
Lawson James M. S279
Lawson John T. Lawson, John F. S279
Lawson L. R. S75
Lawson Lot E. Lawson, L. E. S75
Lawson Mary M. S279
Lawson Peter S180
Lawson Robert C. S279
Lawton E. D. S75
Lawton Robert Lawton, Robt S180
Lawyer Andrew J. S279
Lawyer J. W. S196
Layle Napoleon B. S279
Layton James S187
Layton William S279
Le Grand Charles M. Le Grand, Chas M. S280
Le Grand James H. S280
Le Grange Miss Minnie S76
Le Grange Mrs. Phoebe S76
Le Paige Emmanuel Le Paige, E. S76
Lea John W. Lea, John S279
Leach Calhoun D. Leach, C. D. S144
Leach DeForrest D. Leach, D. D. S144
Leach H. W. S196
Leach Herbert J. Leach, H. J. S75
Leach Herbert J. Leach, H. J. S75
Leach Joseph Dewitt Leach, Joseph D. S280
Leach Lee S280
Leach Lendol Fuller Leach, L. F. S75
Leach Lendol Fuller Jr. Leach, L. F. jr. S75
Leach Miss Flora E. Leach, Miss Flora S75
Leach William Leach, Wm S196
Leach William A. Leach, W. A. S75
Leach William J. Leach, Wm J. S280
Leafquist Oscar R. Leafquist, O. R. S280
League Edmond R. S280
Leak Marion S280
Leake John S75
Lear Frank S280
Lear James B. S280
Lear Peter C. S280
Learned Daniel B. Learned, David B. S280
Leary Andrew S280
Leary John J. Leary, J. J. S75
Leathem Joseph Lathem, Joseph S279
Leavitt Albert G. S280
LeBriton Henry S196
Lechner Harvey H. Lechmer, H. H. S144
Lechner Harvey H. Lechner, Harvey S280
Leddy John S280
Ledl Anton S280
Ledwitch Thomas Ledwitch, Thos S75
Lee Able S280
Lee Albert B. Lee, Albert N. S280
Lee Alexus L. Lee, Alexis L. S280
Lee Andrew J. Lee, Andw J. S280
Lee Annie S75
Lee Benjamin F. Lee, Benj F. S280
Lee Calvert M. S280
Lee Charles Q. Lee, Chas Q. S280
Lee Clarence S. Lee, C. S. S180
Lee Clarence S. S280
Lee Edward C. S280
Lee Emma S280
Lee Fred B. S280
Lee George A. Lee, Geo H. S280
Lee George E. Lee, Geo E. S280
Lee Harrison Lee, Hanson S280
Lee Harry S76
Lee James Ben S280
Lee John L. S280
Lee John M. S280
Lee Louis Franklin Lee, L. F. S144
Lee Malinda V. Lee, Matilda V. S280
Lee Minerva A. S280
Lee Ming S144
Lee Mrs. A. S196
Lee Oscar G. S145
Lee Otto V. Lee, O. V. S144
Lee Robert E. Lee, R. E. S210
Lee Robert W. S280
Lee Sing S144
Lee Solomon S280
Lee Thomas Patrick Lee, Thomas P. S280
Lee William H. Lee, W. H. S280
Lee William H. Lee, Wm H. S280
Leedom Laura S280
Leedom St. Mark A. Leedom, St. Mark S280
Lefevre Henry S280
Leforce Robert B. Leforce, Robt B. S280
LeFors Rufus Anderson Se Foos, Rufus A. S308
Legendre Edward A. S76
Legg Andrew Jackson Legg, Andrew J. S280
Lehane Tim B. Lehane, T. B. S205
Lehmann Adolph S280
Lehn Joseph P. S280
Lehrman Mary S280
Lehsten August Von Lehsten, August S322
Leible John Leeble, John S280
Leibrandt Julia E. S280
Leicht Ludwig S280
Leidgen John Leidger, John S280
Leidig George B. Leidig, Geo B. S280
Leighter Oscar S280
Leighton Edward N. Leighton, E. N. S280
Leighton Samuel H. Leighton, Sam'l H. S280
Leininger Jacob Lininger, Jacob S281
Leininger William L. Leinieges, Wm L. S280
Leishman John S144
Leisterer Christ S280
Leisterer Fred S280
Leisterer George Leisterer, Geo S280
Leiter Montraville James Leiter, Montraville J. S280
Leka Stephen Lika, Stephen S281
Lemaster Hugh S144
Lemasters Eliam S280
Lemke Wilhelm Lemka, Wilhelm S280
Lemmon Burrel N. S280
Lemmon Millard F. S280
Lenark William H. Lenark, Wm H. S280
Lenhart Ananais Lenhard, Ammos S280
Leniger John J. S280
Lennon John H. S76
Lenox John S. S280
Leonard Abraham Leonard, Abe S76
Leonard Brison Leonard, Brisban S280
Leonard Charles Leonard, C. S144
Leonard Charles D. Leonard, Chas D. S76
Leonard Clinton E. Leonard, C. E. S76
Leonard Finley A. Leonard, F. A. S215
Leonard Finley B. S280
Leonard George F. Leonard, Geo F. S76
Leonard Harrison C. Clevnard, H. S243
Leonard John D. S280
Leonard Miss Hattie A. S76
Leonard Simpson S. S280
Leonard Thomas Leonard, Thos S144
Leonard William M. Leonard, Wm M. S280
Lepper Fred S144
Lesegeld Philip Lesegeld, P. S144
Lesegeld Philip S139
Lesher Thomas H. Lesher, Thos H. S280
Lesimby Stephen S280
Lessly Andrew P. S280
Lessly Paul C. S280
Lester Harvey S224
Lester John T. S280
Lester Moses M. S280
Lester Thomas J. Lester, T. J. S224
Lester William S. Lester, Wm S. S280
Levascy Alexander Lewasy, Alex S280
Level John A. Level , John S280
Level Ruben Level, Reuben S280
Leveque Hubert Levique, Hubert S280
Leverich John Leverick, John S280
Lewallen Eugene S280
Lewellen Edmund Freshaur Lewellen, Edmond F. S280
Lewellen Jesse S280
Lewellin William S. Lewellen, Wm S. S280
Lewis Addison P. Lewis, Adison P. S280
Lewis Andrew S280
Lewis Andrew J. S280
Lewis Charles T. Sims, Chas T. S310
Lewis D. M. S196
Lewis Dewitt C. Lewis, D. C. S144
Lewis Dewitt C. Lewis, Dewitt S280
Lewis Ebenezer S280
Lewis Edward M. S280
Lewis Everett E. S281
Lewis F. V. S184
Lewis Frank S280
Lewis Frank F. S280
Lewis George W. Lewis, Geo W. S280
Lewis Granville S280
Lewis H. S196
Lewis J. V. S76
Lewis J. Vance S76
Lewis Jacob J. Lewis, J. J. S220
Lewis Jacob J. S281
Lewis Jesse C. Lewis, Jessie C. S281
Lewis John S144
Lewis John A. Lewis, J. A. S76
Lewis John B. Lewis, J. B. S144
Lewis Levi L. Lewis, Levi C. S281
Lewis Nora E. S281
Lewis Ole S281
Lewis Peter S281
Lewis Robert T. S281
Lewis Scyrenous F. Lewis, S. F. S281
Lewis Thomas M. Lewis, T. M. S196
Lewis Thomas P. Lewis, T. P. S144
Lewis William Lewis, Wm S187
Lewis William L. Lewis, Wm L. S281
Leyerly William Leyerly, Wm S281
Liddle James A. S281
Liebenheim Bernard S76
Liebenheim Morris Liebenheim, M. S76
Liebscher Joseph Leebscher, Jos S280
Liggett Franklin G. Liggett, F. S224
Light Albert E. S281
Light Daniel S281
Light Dr. George W. Light, Geo W. S281
Light Rev. Oliver Perry Light, Oliver P. S281
Light William R. Light, W. R. S180
Light William R. Light, Wm R. S281
Lightbody William W. Lightbody, Wm W. S281
Lightfoot Harvey M. Lightfoot, H. M. S144
Lightner Nicholas Lightner, N. S144
Lightnor John H. John, H. Lightnor S273
Lighty Henry S76
Likes Moses M. S281
Lile Robert A. Lile, R. A. S196
Lillard Dr. J. M. Lillard, J. M. Dr. S210
Lillard John S281
Lillebridge Hosea R. Lillebridge, H. R. S281
Lilley James J. Lilley, J. J. S76
Lillie Albert F. Lillies, Albert F. S281
Lillie Foress B. Lillie, F. B. S76
Lilly John S. S281
Limbocker Clyde A. Limbocker, C. A. S144
Lincoln Cary T. Lincoln, C. T. S196
Lincoln Perry B. S281
Lindedahl Edward Lindedahl, Edw S281
Lindell John S281
Linden David J. Linden, D. J. S224
Linden John A. Linden, J. A. S224
Linder Charles H. Linder, Chas H. S281
Lindesmith Jason W. S281
Lindley A. S220
Lindley Grace G. Lindley, Grace S220
Lindley Ira Malin Lindley, I. M. S220
Lindley Mrs. Euphemia S220
Lindley William H. Lindley, W. H. S220
Lindsay John C. Lindsey, John C. S281
Lindsay Thomas P. Lindsay, Thos P. S281
Lindsey John S. Lindsey, J. S. S144
Lindsey Levi W. Lindsay, Levi W. S281
Lindsey Lillie S145
Lindsey Thomas J. Lindsey, Thos J. S281
Lindsey W. D. S76
Lindstrom Oliver Oliver, Lindstrom S295
Linduff Jason Powell Linduff, Jason P. S281
Line Robert M. Line, R. M. S145
Line Robert M. S163
Lingenfelter Thomas J. S281
Link Daniel S281
Link Elijah Link, E. S281
Link Samuel W. Link, Sam'l W. S281
Link William H. Link, Wm H. S281
Linn Charles Linn, Chas S76
Linn Henry S77
Linn John F. S13
Linn Mrs. Andaline Linn, Mrs. A. S145
Linneman Anton S281
Linsey John M. Lindsey, J. M. S281
Linthicum Dr. Otho M. Linthicum S281
Linton Joseph S145
Linvill Dr. David G. Linvill, David G. S281
Linville John L. Linwelle, John L. S281
Lipscomb ____ S145
Lipscomb Ephram Lipxicum, E. S77
Lipscomb Mrs. Sarah Lipxicum, Mrs. Sarah S77
Lish David S145
Lisle R. C. S145
Liston Joseph S281
Liston Thomas J. S281
Litteer Munroe C. Litteer, M. C. S281
Litteral Mackcager S281
Little Alonzo C. S281
Little Andrew J. Little, A. J. S77
Little Andrew W. Little, A. W. S77
Little Charles T. Little, Chas T. S281
Little Elmer S281
Little Francis M. S281
Little Isaac H. Little, J. H. S145
Little Iverson M. S281
Little James Soloman Little, James S. S281
Little James W. S281
Little John S281
Little John S77
Little John A. S281
Little John A. S281
Little Josie S77
Little Philip S281
Little Samuel S77
Little W. L. S77
Little William Little, Wm S220
Little William R. Little, W. R. S77
Little William T. Little, Will T. S77
Little Woodward S281
Lively Matilda L. M. Lively, M. L. M. S281
Livergood Stephen S145
Livesay John H. Livesay, J. H. S145
Livingston Eliza S281
Livingston Isaac S281
Livingston William A. Livingston, W. N. S281
Livingston William H. Livingston, Wm H. S281
Lloyd William S281
Lloyd William B. Lloyd, Wm B. S281
Loader George Loader, Geo S281
Lock William H. Lock, Wm H. S281
Lockennour Lewis Lockenhour, Lewis S281
Lockett George D. Lockett, Geo D. S281
Lockhart George Duren Lockhart, Geo D. S281
Lockhart John S77
Lockridge Fred W. S281
Lockwood ____ S184
Lockwood George Lockwood, Geo S281
Lockwood Roland S281
Lodell Joseph S196
Loder Mitten Loder, M. S145
Loewenstein Isaac Lowenstein, Isaac S145
Loftus Edward Loftus, Ed S77
Logan Albert S281
Logan George W. Logan, Geo W. S281
Logan Gilmore H. Logan, G. H. S197
Logan Gilmore H. Logan, Gilman H. S281
Logan John L. S145
Logan Luke H. Logan, Luke A. S281
Logan Stacey N. Logan, Stacey S145
Logan Stacey N. S162
Logan Taylor S145
Logan William M. Logan, W. M. S145
Logsdon D. S197
Logsdon Preston A. S281
Lombard A. C. S77
Londencloss William J. Londoncloss, Wm J. S281
Lones Commodore R. Lones, C. R. S281
Long Edward S145
Long Edward J. Long, E. J. S145
Long Elmer E. S281
Long Francis M. Long, F. M. S281
Long Frank S. S281
Long George W. Long, Geo W. S281
Long George W. Long, Geo W. S281
Long Hugh S281
Long J. E. S220
Long James D. S281
Long James E. S281
Long John Lang, John S279
Long John L. Long, John S281
Long Mary E. S281
Long Ottis S281
Long Richard S281
Long William C. Long, Wm C. S281
Long William C. Long, Wm C. S281
Long Willis Willis, Long S328
Longacre Aaron C. S281
Longfellow Miss Ada S180
Longfellow Miss Mable S180
Longfellow Miss Maud S180
Longfellow Mrs. Christiana A. Longfellow, Mrs. C. A. S180
Longfellow Thomas J. Longfellow, Thomas S281
Longmiller James A. S281
Longwell Elbert S210
Longwith Joseph S282
Lonthan James A. Lonthen, J. A. S282
Lonthan James A. Louthan, J. A. S281
Loomis Wallace E. S282
Lopp Walter R. S282
Lorah Joseph S282
Loranger Charles A. Lorenzer, Chas A. S282
Lord James M. S282
Lorie Henry Laire, Henry S278
Lorie Henry Larie, Henry S75
Losey Marquis D. Losey, M. D. S77
Losiniecki Ignace S180
Lott Preston P. S282
Loucheck Louis Soncheck, Louis S313
Love Bolivar N. Love, Bolivar S282
Love Charles A. Love, Chas A. S282
Love Daniel S282
Love Dr. Frank Seymore Love, Frank S. S282
Love James E. Love, J. E. S145
Love James H. S13
Love James H. S282
Love John E. "Jack" Love John E. S282
Love John E. "Jack" Love, J. E. S145
Love Loveman S282
Love Obadiah T. S282
Lovell Charles S282
Lovell John D. S282
Lovell Rheuben Lovell, Reuben S282
Loveridge Robert B. Loveridge, R. B. S197
Loveridge Robert B. S282
Loving Jesse P. Loving, Jessie P. S282
Lovinggood James S145
Lovingier Leonard S282
Lowder Howard S282
Lowe Eliza A. S282
Lowe Frank S282
Lowe Henry S282
Lowe James W. S282
Lowe John D. S282
Lowe John J. S145
Lowe Luther S282
Lowe Miss Caroline F. Lowe, Miss C. F. S145
Lowe O. T. S77
Lowe Thomas J. Lowe, T. J. S77
Lowe William S282
Lowe William M. Lowe, Wm M. S77
Lower Edward P. Lower, E. P. S186
Lowermore John D. Lowermore, J. D. S210
Lowery James H. S282
Lowery John H. Lowery, J. H. S197
Lowery Samuel P. Lowery, S. P. S197
Lowery Seymore Lowery, Sigmond S282
Lowry Robert A. Lowry, Robt A. S14
Lowry Robert A. Lowry, Robt A. S224
Lowry Robert A. S226
Lowther Dr. Newton Jackson Lowther, Dr. S220
Loy Louisa Lay, Louisa S279
Loy Peter S. Lay, Peter S. S279
Loyd Henry F. S282
Lucas Howard L. S282
Lucas John M. S282
Lucas Mrs. Ella S197
Luce James P. S145
Luce James P. S282
Luce Mary S220
Lucius Warren Lucius, W. S77
Luckinbill Calvin Fuckinbill, Calvin S258
Lucky Martha A. Lucky, Mary A. S282
Ludwig August Ludwick, Anson S282
Ludwig Clara S282
Luginbucht Martha Luginbuche, Martha S282
Lukens Henry J. Linkins, Henry I. S281
Lumley Henry H. S282
Lumpkin Edward L. S282
Lumpkin Millard S282
Lumpkin Miss Cora M. Lumpkins, Miss Cora M. S77
Lumpkin Mrs. Mary M. Lumpkins, Mrs. M. M. S77
Lumpkin Mrs. Mary M. S60
Lumpkin Wilson Lumpkins, W. S77
Lunceford John J. S77
Lund Isaac N. Lund, I. N. S145
Lund Plummer M. Lord, Plummer M. S282
Lunders Gerrett S282
Lunders Servaes J. S282
Lung Lee S77
Lunger Joseph L. Lunger, Joseph S282
Lunnon Joseph M. Lunnan, Joseph M. S282
Lurty Warren Seymour Lurty, Warren S. S13
Luse Daniel J. Luse, D. J. S220
Lusk Edward Lusk, Edw S282
Lusk George Lusk, Geo S145
Lusk James A. S282
Lusk Wiley E. S282
Luster Wiley E. S282
Lute George A. Lute, Geo H. S282
Luthy George F. Luthy, Geo F. S282
Luttrell Thomas J. Lentral, Thomas J. S280
Lyens Bernard S145
Lyeth Henry C. S180
Lykins Isaac L. S282
Lyle Dillard S282
Lyle John L. Lyle, J. L. S145
Lyle John L. Lyle, J. L. S145
Lyle Robert A. S13
Lyle Robert A. S197
Lyman Lawrence B. Lyman, L. B. S77
Lymann Cora S78
Lynch Abner Q. S282
Lynch Andrew S282
Lynch Bernard S282
Lynch Bernard T. S282
Lynch Charles C. Lynch, C. C. S224
Lynch Edward J. S282
Lynch Jefferson D. Lynch, J. D. S282
Lynch John S215
Lynch John S282
Lynch Joseph A. F. S282
Lynch Lycurgus S282
Lynds George H. Lynds, G. H. S78
Lynn John T. S282
Lynn Patrick K. S282
Lyon Elijah O. S282
Lyon Elizabeth S282
Lyon James A. Lyon, Jas A. S282
Lyon James S. Lyon, J. S S78
Lyon Mary E. Elyon, Mary S254
Lyon William P. Lyon, Wm P. S282
Lyons Douglas H. S282
Lyons Michael S282
Lytle William O. Lytle, Wm O. S282
Lyttle Wood S13
Lytton Dale S282
Maas John Moas, John S290
Mabry B. W. S210
Mabury James Maybury, Jas S210
Macauley William R. Macauley, Wm R. S282
Macauley William R. McGanley, W. R. S286
MacCuna James McCuna, James S286
Mace John A. S282
MacGrath James S78
Macin James S78
Mack Adam S282
Mack Allen S282
Mack Charles Mack, Chas S145
Mack Somerset Mack, Summerset S282
Mackdonald Jake MackDonald, Jake S282
Mackey John J. S174
Mackey Wallis S282
MacNamara Mrs. Edna S78
Macy Nick Macy, Mick S282
Madara William B. Madara, W. B. S78
Madden D. B. S145
Maddox George W. Maddox, Geo W. S282
Mades Peter S282
Madison Charles Madison, Chas S282
Madison David T. Madison, D. T. S78
Madison Hank S197
Madison Henry S282
Madley Washington S282
Madole William Madole, Wm S282
Madson Christian S282
Maeder Theodore S78
Maestrick Joseph S145
Maestrick Joseph F. S282
Maestrick Joseph Jr. S146
Magers Lemuel C. Majers, L. C. S282
Magill Caleb S282
Magruder Arthur S145
Mahaffy Alexander Mahaffey, Alexander S283
Mahaffy John Mahaffey, John S283
Mahan Isaiah W. S283
Mahan William A. Mahen, Wm A. S283
Mahard William J. Mahard, Wm J. S283
Maher Daniel S283
Mahon Anthony Mahan, Anthony S283
Mahoney George S. Mahoney, Geo S. S283
Mahoney John S283
Mahoney Patrick S283
Mahorry Sarah Nesbarry, Sarah S293
Maidt Henry M. Maidt, H. N. S146
Main Francis M. S283
Main Lucius W. S283
Main Thomas Main, Thos S283
Maine Charles W. Maine, C. W. S78
Maine Charley (Albert C.) Maine, Charley S78
Maine Miss Lettie B. Maine, Miss Lettie S78
Maine Sylvanus N. Maine, S. N. S78
Maize George W. Maize, Geo W. S283
Major Dr. Clive A. Major, Clive A. S283
Major George F. Major, Geo F. S283
Makemson John A. S78
Maker Albert W. S283
Makwell Wallace S146
Malcolm Willard H. S78
Malernee William E. Malerree, Wm E. S283
Maley Patrick S283
Malin Asa B. Malin, A. B. S78
Mallatt Nancy I. Mallett, Nancy I. S283
Mallatt Nelson B. S283
Mallon John S283
Mallon Joseph Mallon, Jo S. S283
Mallory Henry C. S283
Mallory Herbert L. S283
Malone Edward J. Malan, Ed J. S283
Malone Jacob M. S283
Malone Martin L. Malone, M. L. S283
Malone William H. Malone, Wm H. S283
Maloney Adolphus W. Maloney, A. W. S283
Maloney John S283
Maloney John D. S283
Maloney Miss Nellie S78
Maloy James Maloy, Jas S78
Maltby Josiah Malty, James S283
Manaugh William P. Manaugh, Wm P. S283
Mandell Joseph A. S283
Mandlebaum Julius S283
Maness James J. S283
Maney James William Maney, J. S180
Mangan John S283
Mangan Mrs. Margaret S146
Mangan Robert Mangan, Robt S146
Mangold Charles Mangold, Chas S197
Mangum Robert Young Mangum, R. Y. S210
Mangus William F. Mangus, Wm F. S78
Manire William H. Manire, Wm H. S283
Mann Asa S283
Mann Charles H. S283
Mann Daniel Guard Mann, D. G. S283
Mann J. A. S78
Mann James S283
Mann James C. S146
Mann James F. S283
Mann Justus L. V. S283
Mann Walter S78
Mann William Mann, Wm S78
Manney Nora O. S283
Manning George W. Manning, Geo W. S283
Manning James Manning, Jas S215
Manning James W. S283
Manning Joseph H. S146
Manning William Manning, Wm S78
Mans James S78
Manser Dr. William Henry Mansur, Dr S78
Manser John Jared Anderson Manser, J. J. A. S78
Mansfield Charles Mansfield, Chas S78
Mansfield George S78
Mansfield Henry S283
Mansfield Tillman H. Hansfield, T. H. S264
Mansfield Tillman H. Mansfield, T. H. S283
Manson J. W. S146
Manstooth William T. Manstooth, Wm T. S283
Mansur Richard H. S283
Manwell Nina Manwell, Mina S283
Mapes Joseph P. S283
Mapes Mary J. S283
Maphis Miss Nettie S78
Maple Charles M. Maple, Chas M. S283
Maple David S283
Maple Edwin R. S283
Maple Oliver S283
Maple Weldon S283
Marame John M. S283
Marble Albert D. S146
March David S283
March David S283
March Filbert S283
March John Newton March, J. N. S78
March Napoleon B. March, Napoleon S283
Marck Alvis Marek, Alois S283
Marcus John M. Marcus, John S146
Maring Florent S283
Marion Andrew S283
Marion Dr. Frank E. Marion, F.E. S78
Marion James S224
Marion William S283
Mark Richard Mack, Richd S282
Markes John H. Marks, John H. S283
Markes Mikel Marks, Mikel S283
Markham Anthony D. Markam, Anthony D. S283
Markham James L. Markham, J. L. S78
Markham Mrs. Jas. L. (Nellie) Markham, Mrs. J. L. S79
Markl Joseph S283
Markland Caleb A. Markham, C. A. S79
Markland Caleb A. S13
Markland Jesse S146
Marks Josephine S283
Marks Lester S283
Marks Robert E. Marks, Robt E. S283
Markwell Edward Markwell, Edwd S146
Markwell James A. H. S283
Marlatt Carvil W. Marlatt, Carrie W. S283
Marlatt John J. S283
Marley Anna M. Marley, Annie S79
Marlott Joseph Marlatt, Joseph S283
Marlow Leonard Martin, L. S284
Marmion Luke S283
Marony William W. Marony, Wm W. S283
Marples John S283
Marquart Daniel W. Marquart, D. W. S14
Marquart Daniel W. Marquart, D. W. S210
Marriott Edwin E. S283
Marriott George C. Marriott, Geo C. S283
Marsala Pietro S283
Marsh Cornelius S283
Marsh Spencer S146
Marsh Spencer S283
Marshall Enoch S. S283
Marshall Ernest A. S146
Marshall Frederick Marshall, Fred'k S283
Marshall George A. Marshall, Geo A. S283
Marshall John S283
Marshall John L. Marshall, J. L. S220
Marshall Joseph J. S283
Marshall Lewis C. S283
Marshall Miss Anna S197
Marshall Rhoda S283
Marshall Willis L. Marshall, W. L. S184
Marston Rev. Arthur S174
Martell Timothy S283
Martenson John Martinson, John S284
Martenson Peter S283
Martin Alphonse S284
Martin Charles Martin, Chas S284
Martin Clara S186
Martin Claude S79
Martin Coleman S79
Martin Creed J. Martin, Creea J. S284
Martin Daniel W. Martin, Dan'l W. S284
Martin David A. S284
Martin Floyd S146
Martin George Martin, Geo S284
Martin George Martin, Geo S284
Martin George C. Martin, Geo C. S284
Martin George E. Martin, Geo E. S284
Martin George J. Martin, Geo J. S79
Martin Guy S79
Martin H. H. S79
Martin Henry S284
Martin Henry J. S284
Martin J. P. S146
Martin James S174
Martin James S284
Martin James S284
Martin James B. S284
Martin James B. S284
Martin James P. Martin, Jas P. S284
Martin Jesse D. S284
Martin John S284
Martin John A. Martin, J. A. S284
Martin John A. Martin, John S284
Martin John A. S284
Martin John D. S220
Martin John H. S284
Martin John L. Martin, J. L. S224
Martin John M. Martin, J. M. S284
Martin John M. S13
Martin John M. S146
Martin Joseph E. Martin, J. E. S220
Martin Joseph E. S284
Martin Laura L. S146
Martin Lewis S284
Martin Linwood S284
Martin Luther S284
Martin Marie A. A. S284
Martin Marion S. Marion, S. Martin S283
Martin Mary A. Marteri, Mary A. S283
Martin Perry S284
Martin Richard T. S284
Martin Robert Martin, Rob't S13
Martin Samuel A. Martin, Sam'l A. S284
Martin Samuel B. Martin, Sam'l B. S284
Martin Samuel D. Martin, Sam'l D. S284
Martin Samuel H. Martin, S. H. S284
Martin Thomas Martin, Thos S284
Martin Ulysses G. S79
Martin Venemen F. "Van" S224
Martin W. S. S220
Martin Walker H. S284
Martin William Martin, Wm S284
Martin William A. Martin, Wm A. S284
Martin William J. Martin, Wm J. S284
Martin William M. Martin, Wm M. S284
Martindale Crystal Martindale, Chrystal S284
Martindale Daniel H. Martindale, D. H. S146
Martindale E. H. C. S79
Martinson Carl S284
Marvel Thomas M. Marvil, Thomas M. S284
Marvel William H. Murvel, Wm H. S284
Marvle Peter M. S284
Marx Joseph S284
Marx Lewis Marks, Lewis S283
Maschke Bertha S197
Maschke Bertha S284
Maschke Rinhold S284
Mash Ham S146
Mason Elmer S284
Mason George E. Mason, G. E. S146
Mason George W. Mason, Geo W. S284
Mason James E. S284
Mason Joseph S284
Mason Luther S284
Mason Mack S284
Mason Peter L. S284
Mason William A. Mason, Wm A. S284
Mason William S. Mason, Wm L. S284
Mass John H. Mass, J. H. S210
Massey Asa S284
Massey Cassius "Cash" M. Masey, Cash M. S284
Massey George W. Massey, Geo W. S146
Massey John S79
Massey Thomas S284
Massey William R. Massey, Wm R. S284
Masson Atherton W. Masson, A. W. S284
Masten Hiram A. S284
Master Annie E. S284
Masterman Albert F. Masterman, A. F. S180
Masters Thomas M. Masters, Thos M. S284
Masterson Patrick S284
Mater Frank E. Mater, Frank S79
Mater Lillie May S79
Mater Sanford J. Mater, J. S. S79
Mather Christina J. S284
Mathers Mahlon B. S284
Matherson William A. Matherson, Wm A. S284
Mathews C. D. S197
Mathews Edward J. S284
Mathews George H. Mathews, Geo H. S284
Mathews H. P. S79
Mathews James S284
Mathews John S79
Mathews Richard S284
Mathews Samuel Mathews, Sam'l S284
Mathews Samuel L. Mathews, Sam'l L. S284
Mathews Thomas R. Mathews, Thos R. S284
Mathews W. D. S14
Mathews Washington S284
Mathey Frederick G. Mathey, F. G. S284
Mathias B. H. S146
Mathis Andy J. S284
Mathis Burton S284
Mathsen Miss Nellie A. Mathusen, Nellie A. S79
Mathys F. W. S79
Matt Edward S284
Matt Ida S284
Matthews J. H. S79
Matthews John W. Matthews, J. W. S79
Matthews Samuel S205
Matthews William Matthews, Wm S79
Mattlock William M. Mattlock, Wm M. S284
Mattock Eli S284
Mattock Joshua H. Mattocks, J. H. S284
Mattox William C. Mattox, Wm C. S284
Matzker Julius Mattsker, Julius S284
Mauch Jesse S. Mauck, Jesse S. S284
Mauk B. F. S79
Maul William Maul, Benj S197
Maupin Igal H. S284
Maurice John T. Maurice, John F. S284
Maury Daniel S284
Maury James R. Mowery, James R. S292
Mavis Charles F. Moris, Charles F. S291
Maxey John W. Maxey, J. W. S146
Maxey Odell D. Maxley, Odell D. S284
Maxey Simeon C. S284
Maxfield George P. Maxfield, Geo P. S284
Maxfield John H. S284
Maxville John S197
Maxwell Benton S146
Maxwell Charles E. Maxwell, Chas E. S285
Maxwell Charles L. S285
Maxwell George W. Maxswell, Geo W. S284
Maxwell Henderson E. Maxswell, H. E. S284
Maxwell J. W. S210
Maxwell James Maxswell, James S284
Maxwell James Maxswell, James S285
Maxwell John P. Maxswell, John P. S285
Maxwell Samuel R. Maxwell, Sam'l R. S285
Maxwell William Maxwell, Wm S285
Maxwell William E. Maxwell, Wm E. S285
May Andrew Lewis May, A. L. S79
May George C. May, G. C. S79
May John W. S285
May Joseph L. S285
May Levi S285
May Miss Roxie E. May, Miss R. E. S79
May Mrs. Kate T. May, Mrs. Kate S146
May Richard I. S285
May William C. Moy, Wm E. S291
Mayabb Calvin H. S285
Mayberry Fred D. S285
Mayer Frank X. S285
Mayer Morris Mayer, M. S79
Mayer Xaver S285
Mayes Alexander L. Mayes, Alex L. S285
Mayfield Charles Nathan Mayfield, Chas M. S174
Mayfield Charles Nathan Mayfield, Chas N. S292
Mayfield Daniel V. Mayfield, Dan'l V. S292
Mayfield John T. S285
Mayfield Warren Troutman Mayfield, Warren T. S292
Mayfield Warren Troutman S210
Mayfield William J. Mayfield, Wm J. S285
Mayhew John W. S285
Mayhew William Mayhew, Wm S146
Mayhugh Elmer S79
Maynes Robert S285
Mays George Mays, Geo S285
Maze H. W. S146
McAdam Thomas McAdams, Thomas S285
McAdams James S146
McAdams John A. S146
McAdams R. W. S146
McAfee Mark C. McApee, Mark C. S285
McAllister A. Benton McAlister, A. Benton S285
McAllister George McAlister, Geo S285
McAllister Mrs. M. J. S79
McAlpin Miss Nellie S79
McAlpin William A. McAlpin, W.A. S79
McAlter ____ S187
McAnally Thomas Jefferson McAnally, Thomas J. S285
McAndrew Mrs. Mary S79
McAtee John W. S285
McAuley John J. McAnley, J. J. S285
McAuley John W. McAnley, John W. S285
McAuly Thomas McAuly, Thos S285
McAvoy John C. McAvoy, John S197
McBee Isaac C. McBee, Isaac S285
McBee Pryor A. McBee, Pryor S210
McBee Pryor A. McBee, Pryor S285
McBlackburn Samuel McBlackburn, Sam'l S285
McBride Barton McBride, B. S224
McBride C. H. S146
McBride David S79
McBride Lutetia A. McBride, L. A. S285
McBride Rufus F. McBride, Rufus S285
McBrien Samuel L. S285
McBroom John S285
McCabe Edward P. McCabe, E. P. S79
McCabe Edward P. S13
McCabe Green S285
McCaffree Albert L. McCaffree, Albert S285
McCain Amanda C. S285
McCain John C. S285
McCain Rufus G. S285
McCall Miss Mary S79
McCall Robert M. McCall, Robt M. S285
McCall Thaddeus D. McCall, T. D. S285
McCall William R. McCall, W. R. S79
McCallister James H. McAllister, J. H. S285
McCamey Samuel J. McCamey, Sam'l J. S285
McCammell E. S79
McCammon Francis M. McCannon, F. M. S285
McCammon James L. S285
McCampbell James A. McCampbell, J. A. S197
McCandles Miss Hattie S197
McCandless Eddie C. McCandles, Eddie O. S285
McCandless Elmore McCandles, Elmor S285
McCandless Israel M. McCandless, Israel S285
McCandless John W. McCandless, J. W. S285
McCandless Leander I. McCandless, L. I. S285
McCandless Norman McClandless, Norman S285
McCandless Robert C. McClaudless, Robt S285
McCann Frank L. McCann, Frank S79
McCann Harry S146
McCann J. B. McCan, J. B. S79
McCann Nathan D. McCann, N. D. S146
McCants George W. McCants, Geo W. S285
McCarter William T. McCarter, Wm T. S285
McCarthy John B. S285
McCarthy Peter F. McCarty, Peter F. S285
McCartney James H. McCartney, J. H. S146
McCartney John S13
McCartney William P. W. McCartney, W. P. S285
McCarty J. W. S147
McCarty Joseph McCarty, J. S80
McCarty Pat S216
McCarty Thomas S285
McCarver Gene S147
McCaskey Alfred S80
McCathron Dr. John G. McCathron, John G. S285
McCauley J. B. S80
McCauley Marion W. S285
McCauley Thomas A. McCauley, Thos A. S285
McCaulister R. S146
McCauly John A. McCartey, John A. S285
McCaw David S285
McClain George H. McClain, Geo H. S285
McClain Samuel Clain, Samuel Mc S242
McClain Thomas J. S285
McClane Daniel S285
McClaren William F. McClaren, Wm F. S285
McClaskey John N. McClarkey, John N. S285
McCleary Robert S285
McClellan ____ S80
McClellan James S147
McClellan Richard A. McLennan, Richard A. S287
McClelland George W. McClelland, G. W. S147
McClelland George W. McClelland, Geo W. S147
McClelland J. T. S205
McClelland M. C. S180
McClellen Andrew Lellan, Andrew M. S280
McClellen Andrew McClellen, A. S285
McClintick G. W. McClintock, G. W. S184
McClintick William T. McClintock, Wm T. S285
McCloud Catherine McCloud, Caphernie S285
McCloud J. W. S197
McClung Jesse M. McClung, J. M. S147
McClung John J. S147
McClung William McClung, Wm S197
McClung William E. McClung, W. E. S80
McCluny Charlie S80
McCluny Kyle S80
McClure Benjamin F. McClure, Benj F. S285
McClure G. W. S147
McClure Hugh S285
McClure John N. S285
McClure William McClure, Wm S147
McClure William E. McClure, Wm E. S285
McClure William H. S80
McClure William John McClure, Wm J. S285
McClurg James S285
McCole Silas W. McCale, Silas W. S285
McCollister Jacob S147
McCollum J. A. S174
McCollum Mrs. Mattie M. S174
McComb Fletcher B. McComb, Fletcher S285
McComb William H. McComb, Wm H. S285
McCombs Hiram B. S285
McCombs James S285
McCombs R. W. S80
McConahey Robert K. McConchey, Robt K. S285
McConkey George S. McConkey, Geo S. S285
McConnehey Dr. David McConnehey, David S285
McConnehey Dr. David McConnehey, Dr. D. S205
McConnehey Mollie (Mary S.) McConnehey, Mrs. Mollie S205
McConnel James McConnil, James S285
McConnell James S80
McConnell James M. McConnell, J. M. S197
McConnell John S80
McConnell John William McConnell, Jno W. S285
McConnell Margaret S80
McConnell Margaret S98
McConnell Robert J. McConnell, Robt J. S285
McConnell William G. McConnell, W. G. S197
McConvill John H. S224
McConvill Joseph S80
McConvill Mary S80
McCool John W. McCool, J. W. S14
McCord Albert C. S285
McCord Jerry S285
McCord Oscar S147
McCord Samuel Cord, Samuel S245
McCord William J. McCord, Wm J. S285
McCord William O. McCord, W. O. S205
McCormack Michael S285
McCormick Andrew S80
McCormick Dr. Samuel H. McCormick, S. H. S285
McCormick John S285
McCormick Miss Ollie S174
McCormick Tulliola McCormick, Fulliola S285
McCornack Mrs. Elizabeth J. McCornack, Mrs. E. J. S147
McCoy Flossea S285
McCoy Henry S285
McCoy J. A. S147
McCoy James E. S285
McCoy John D. S285
McCoy John M. McCoy, J. M. S80
McCoy John M. S285
McCoy John W. S285
McCoy Joseph G. S285
McCoy Mamie E. S286
McCoy Thomas McCoy, Thos S286
McCoy W. M. S80
McCoy Wilburn S80
McCoy William L. McCoy, Wm F. S286
McCoy Willis A. S286
McCracken Jesse T. McCracken, Jesse L. S285
McCracken John S80
McCrary Hugh McCrasy, Hugh S286
McCrary John S286
McCray Daniel McCray, Mr. S80
McCray Susan S147
McCue Edward McCue, Ed S286
McCue James H. S286
McCue Thomas S286
McCullough Clark B. S286
McCullough Henry L. S286
McCummings James W. S197
McCune John S286
McCune Silas S286
McCurry J. H. S147
McCurry J. W. S147
McCutchan J. B. S147
McCutcheon John S186
McCutcher G. C. S147
McCutchin William McCutchin, Wm S286
McDade Thomas McDade, Thos S286
McDaniel Allen S286
McDaniel Charles A. McDaniel, Chas A. S286
McDaniel E. S147
McDaniel James Ira McDaniel, James J. S286
McDaniel William F. McDaniel, Wm F. S286
McDaniels Frank S80
McDermid Peter H. McDermid, P. H. S13
McDermid Peter H. S286
McDermid William E. McDermid, W. E. S147
McDermott Bartley Bartley, McDermott S230
McDermott D. S147
McDermott D. P. S205
McDermott Thomas S286
McDevitt James M. McDevitt, Jas M. S80
McDevitt Lee S80
McDevitt William L. Mc Devitt, W.L. S80
McDill Mrs. Lottie S184
McDonald A. S174
McDonald Cyrus S286
McDonald David S286
McDonald James S286
McDonald James W. McDonald, J. W. S147
McDonald John T. McDonald, John J. S286
McDonald M. W. S80
McDonald Michael S286
McDonald Thomas McDonald, Thos S180
McDonald William J. McDonald, Wm J. S286
McDonald William R. McDonald, Wm R. S286
McDonnell Peter S286
McDonough Sterling P. S286
McDougal Frank W. S286
McDowell Americus V. McDowell, A. V. S286
McDowell Charles McDowell, Chas S286
McDowell Charles P. McDowell, Chas P. S286
McDowell Ephraim S286
McDowell James S286
McDowell John M. McDonell, John S286
McDowell John W. S286
McDowell Richard McDonell, Richard S286
McDowell Samuel T. McDowell, Sam'l T. S286
McDowell Thomas W. McDowell, Thos N. S286
McDowell William McDowell, Wm S286
McDuffee John W. S286
McElfresh Benjamin F. McElfresh, Benj F. S286
McElHinney Alexander M. McElHinney. A.. M. S81
McElHinney Miss Lucy A. McElHinney, Miss Lucy S80
McElroy John McLroy, John S287
McElroy Sanford M. S286
McElroy Thomas R. S286
McElroy William McElroy, Wm S286
McElwain Arthur E. S286
McEuin Nancy C. S286
McEuin Robert H. McEwin, Robt H. S286
McEuin William L. McEuin, Wm L. S286
McEwen Emmitt C. McEwen, Emitt C. S286
McEwen William McEwen, Wm S286
McFadin John F. S286
McFadyen John S174
McFadyen Mrs. Sade "Sadie" McFayden, Mrs. Sade S174
McFall John S81
McFarland Clark M. S286
McFarland George B. McFarlan, G. B. S197
McFarland John Henry McFarland, John H. S286
McFarland John W. S286
McFarland Julia A. McFarland, Julia S286
McFarland William McFarland, Wm S286
McFarlin Frank S286
McFayden Sarah McFadyen, Sarah S286
McFeaters Samuel W. McFeaters, Sam'l W. S286
McFolds John S81
McGarvey James S286
McGaughey Charles McGaughey, Chas S147
McGaughy H. C. "Clark" McGaughy, H. C. S81
McGee Charles McGee, Chas S174
McGee James S174
McGee James S286
McGee John O. McGee, J. O. S286
McGee Joseph H. S286
McGee Mrs. Mary E. McGee, Mrs. M. E. S147
McGee Richard S286
McGee S. H. S147
McGee Thomas B. MacGee, T. B. S197
McGee William McGee, Wm S147
McGeeney Michael S286
McGill Albert O. S286
McGill Chester F. McGill, C. F. S210
McGill D. O. S210
McGill Daniel P. S286
McGill Samuel S286
McGillivray Hugh F. S286
McGillivray Maggie E. S286
McGillivray Sarah S286
McGinley C. S210
McGinley Charles S286
McGinley Connell Bernard McGinley, C. B. S210
McGinley Frank J. McGinley, F. J. S210
McGinley John K. S286
McGinley Michael McGinley, M. S210
McGinnis Bettie S286
McGinnis Felix S286
McGinnis Henry C. McGinnis, Henry S286
McGinnis Mrs. Sallie J. S286
McGinnis Reginald A. McGinnis, Reginald S286
McGinnis Samuel H. McGinnis, Sam'l S286
McGinnis William R. McGinnis, Wm R. S286
McGinnis William S. McGinnis, Wm S. S286
McGinty Patrick Jr. McGinty, Pat jr. S286
McGinty Robert D. McGinty, Robt D. S286
McGinty Thomas Rock McGinty, T. R. S286
McGlashan Guy S286
McGlathery Austin McGlathery, Anstin S286
McGlinchey Frank J. McGlinchey, F. J. S147
McGoldrick Patrick J. S286
McGranahan James H. McGranahan, James S147
McGraphey B. F. S148
McGrath Alice S286
McGrath Ellen S286
McGrath Mary D. S286
McGrath Thomas McGrath, Thos S286
McGrath William H. McGrath, Wm H. S286
McGraw Charles McGraw, Chas S286
McGraw Charles W. McGraw, C. W. S224
McGregor George G. McGregor, G. G. S147
McGrew James S286
McGrew William C. McGrew, Wm C. S286
McGuffey Balam McGuffey, Belam S286
McGuffin Louis K. McGuffin, L. K. S81
McGuiness John S147
McGuinn Patrick S197
McGuire George W. McGuire, Geo W. S286
McGuire James D. McGuire, J. D. S210
McGuire William McGuire, Wm S286
McHargue Zachra T. McHargue, Z. T. S147
McHendry Samuel McHendry, Sam'l S287
McHenry Frank D. S286
McHenry James E. McHenry, Jas E. S287
McHenry William H. McHenry, Wm H. S287
McIlvain Dr. James Rawleigh McIlvain, J. R. S147
McIlvain Dr. James Rawleigh McIlvain, J. R. S148
McIntire Gilliam McIntire, Gillam S287
McIntire James W. McIntyre, J. W. S287
McIntire John W. McIntyre, Jno W. S287
McIntosh Alexander F. McIntosh, Alex F. S287
McIntosh Mr. S181
McIntosh William H. McIntosh, W. H. S287
McInturff William Rily "Rily" McInturff, Wm R. S287
McIntyre William H. McIntyre, W. H. S197
McIrin J. C. S148
McIrvin John E. McIrvin, J. E. S148
McJunkin I. B. S81
McKain James H. McKain, James S287
McKay Aaron S287
McKay C. L. S148
McKay D. S. S81
McKay George W. McKay, Geo W. S81
McKay Riley S287
McKean James B. McKean, J. B. S81
McKeand Alexander W. McKeand, A. W. S81
McKeand Mrs. Mary F. McKeand, Mrs. M. F. S81
McKee Charles T. McKee, Chas T. S287
McKee Henry L. S287
McKee James S205
McKee John S148
McKee John A. S287
McKee John E. S287
McKee R. B. S81
McKee Ralph C. S287
McKee William H. McKee, Wm H. S287
McKeegan Ellen S287
McKeegan Miss Maud S197
McKeehan Frank H. McKeehan, F. H. S148
McKeever Aljourn Jr. McKeever, A. S287
McKeever Carson T. McKeever, C. T. S287
McKeever Daniel McKeever, David S287
McKeever Daniel Jr. McKeeney, Danl J. S287
McKeever Jennie S287
McKeever John W. McKeever, J. W. S287
McKeig Alexander McKeig, Alex S287
McKeig John C. S287
McKelvey James S. McKelvey, J. S. S210
McKenna Francis A. S287
McKenna Michael S287
McKenna Richard S287
McKennon F. R. S81
McKennon Isaac A. McKennon, Isaac S287
McKenzie Charles S287
McKenzie Frank S287
McKenzie Josiah S. S287
McKenzie Robert M. McKenzie, Robt M. S287
McKenzie Robert M. McKenzie, Robt M. S81
McKeown John S81
McKeown John H. S81
McKerlie A. S148
McKesson Samuel D. McKesson, S. D. S287
McKeurly John H. McKurly, John H. S287
McKibban C. S81
McKinley Francis R. McKinlay, F. R. S197
McKinley Ira J. S287
McKinley John S287
McKinley Joshua S287
McKinley Mrs. J. F. (Arabella) McKinley, Mrs. J. F. S210
McKinley William W. McKinley, Wm W. S287
McKinney Jerry D. S81
McKinney Joseph S287
McKinney Nancy Rachel McKinney, Nancy R. S287
McKinney Samuel McKinney, Sam'l S287
McKinnis Jackson P. S287
McKinny Collin McKinney, Collin S287
McKinster Ambrose McF. McKinster, A. McF S287
McKinster Samuel T. McKinster, S. F. S287
McKinzie George A. McKinzie, Geo A. S287
McKissick Judson G. Kissick, Nelson G. W. S277
McKissick Judson G. McKissick, J. G. S287
McKissick Robert J. McKissick, R. J. S287
McKittrick Elizabeth S81
McKnight James S287
McKoin Stephen S287
McKoin Stephen S81
McKone Michael McKone, Mike S287
McLain Charles R. McLain, C. R. S210
McLain Charles R. McLain, C. R. S81
McLain John W. S287
McLain Lafayette S287
McLain Norman B. McLain, Norman S220
McLane Charles McLane, Chas S148
McLaren James S287
McLaughlin John S287
McLean Bargellar O. McLean, Brazilloi O. S287
McLean James H. S287
McLean Mrs. Mollie A. McLean, Mrs. M. A. S220
McLean N. A. S220
McLemore Lafayette F. McLemore, L. F. S181
McLeod Kenneth S197
McLimans Robert McLinens, Robt S287
McLoud John W. McLoud, J. W. S197
McLoughlin Edward S287
McMahan Alvin M. McMahon, Alvin W. S287
McMahan Francis E. McMahon, F. E. S287
McMahan Franklin W. McMahon, F. W. S287
McMahan James A. McMahon, James A. S287
McMahan John L. McMahon, John L. S287
McMahan Sylvanus D. S287
McMahan William H. McMahon, Wm A. S287
McMahan William T. S. McMahan, W. T. S. S287
McMahon Edward McMahon, Edw S287
McMahon John McMahan, John S287
McMahon John S197
McMahon Mann T. McMahon, M. T. S287
McMahon Washington F. McMahon, W. F. S287
McMains John H. S287
McMannis Jacob C. McManus, Jacob S287
McMannis John N. McMannis, J. N. S148
McMannis Thomas A. McManus, Thomas A. S287
McMartin Dan F. MacMartin, D. F. S145
McMartin Donald S287
McMaster Albert S148
McMaster Allen S148
McMaster Frank B. McMaster, Frank S148
McMath Silas S287
McMelty Edward S81
McMichael William M. McMichael, Wm S287
McMichael William Taylor McMichael, W. T. S148
McMillan Alexander McMillan, Alex S287
McMillan Duncan A. McMillan, D. A. S148
McMillan Miss C. S148
McMillen Arthur T. McMillen, A. T. S205
McMillen Daniel K. McMillen, Daniel S287
McMillin Joseph Miller, Joseph W. S289
McMullen John F. S287
McMullin William L. McMullen, Wm S287
McMurray William M. McMurray, W. M. S148
McMurry Peter R. S287
McMurtrie Brice H. McMurtrie, Brice S287
McMurtrie James R. S287
McMurtrie William McMurtrie, Wm S287
McMurtry Dr. Milton McMurtey, M. S210
McMurtry Dr. Robert F. McMurtry, Dr. R. F. S188
McMurtry Dr. Robert F. McMurtry, R. F. S14
McMurtry Dr. Robert F. McMurtry, R. F., M.D. S14
McMurtry Dr. Robert F. McMurtry, Robert F. S287
McMurtry Milton McMunn, Milton S287
McNabb Charles A. McNabb, C. A. S148
McNally Cora S287
McNally Henry A. S287
McNally John W. S287
McNally Miss Cora S205
McNally Thomas S287
McNally Thomas D. S287
McNally William H. McNalley, Wm H. S287
McNamara Charles M. McNamara, C. M. S181
McNamara John W. McNamara, J. W. S181
McNary William Henry McNary, W. H. S148
McNaught Jacob C. McNaught, Jas C. S287
McNaught John R. S287
McNeal Joseph W. S63
McNeal Joseph W. S81
McNeal Joseph W. S86
McNeil George H. McNeil, Geo H. S287
McNeil John A. McNiel, John A. S288
McNeil Malcolm McNeil, Malcom S287
McNeil Samuel Allen McNeil, Sam'l A. S288
McNeil Sarah A. S287
McNeill Alfred McNeill, A. S197
McNeill Andrew S288
McNeill Marcy McNeil, Marcy S287
McNeish John S148
McNett Michael D. McNett, M. D. S14
McNett Michael D. McNett, Michael S288
McNinch Wilber E. McNich, Wilber E. S288
McNulty Charles W. McNulty, Chas W. S288
McNulty Edward McNutty, Ed S81
McNulty James M. S288
McNulty Thomas S. McNutty, T.S. S81
McNutt Bertram A. McNutt, B. A. S288
McNutt Hugh E. S288
McNutt Jay C. McNutt, Joy C. S288
McOwen Walter W. S288
McPeak Miles A. McPeak, M. A. S81
McPeek Douglas H. McPeek, Douglas S288
McPeek Dr. James W. McPeck, James W. S288
McPeek George S. McPeck, Geo S. S288
McPeek Susan McPeck, Susan S288
McPherson David L. S288
McPherson Edward E. McPherson, E. E. S181
McPherson H. P. S81
McPherson Richard F. McPherson, R. D. S81
McPherson Thomas S288
McPherson Thomas S81
McPherson William McPherson, Wm S288
McQuade Mrs. Elizabeth S81
McQuaim Hugh F. McGinnis, Hugh F. S286
McQuaim Joseph W. McQuain, Jos W. S288
McQuown Charles W. McQuown, C. W. S148
McRae Alexander McRae, Alex S288
McRay Charles L. McRay, Chas L. S288
McReynolds Andrew W. McReynolds, A. W. S288
McReynolds James E. McReynolds, J. E. S288
McReynolds Otis S288
McSawyer S288
McShea Isadore S288
McVay John F. S288
McVay Matthew A. McVay, M. A. S288
McWethy Albert S81
McWethy Alphonso V. McWethy, A. V. S81
McWethy Perry McWetky, Perry S288
McWethy Prince Albert McWethy, P. A. S81
Meacham Aldah A. Meacham, A. A. S81
Meacham Charles W. Meacham, Chas W. S148
Meacham Dexter S288
Meacham John E. S288
Mead Hattie V. S288
Mead Thomas L. S81
Meade Loring J. S288
Meador Edward B. S288
Meador James P. S288
Meador John E. S288
Meador John W. S288
Meal A. H. S82
Mealer Lenna S82
Mearkle Andrew Curtain Mearkle, A. C. S148
Mears Harrison C. Means, Harrison C. S288
Mears Lewis M. S288
Mears Oliver S288
Measel John S210
Medlock William A. Medlock, Wm A. S288
Meecham L. A. S82
Meegan Edward Meegan, Edwd S181
Meegan James S181
Meek Abram Meeks, Abram S288
Meek David N. S288
Meek Joseph W. Meeks, Joseph W. S288
Meek Marshall M. Meek, Marshall S288
Meek Mrs. Emma Cecilia Meek, Mrs. E. C. S148
Meek Noah N. S288
Meeker Thomas J. Meeker, Thos J. S288
Meeker William H. Meeker, Wm H. S82
Meeks Joseph S288
Meeks Mrs. M. S174
Meeks Rebecca A. S288
Meeks Samuel S. Meek, Sam'l S. S288
Meeks Samuel S. Meeks, S. S. S174
Mehan John S148
Mehan William Mehan, Wm S288
Meigs Charles W. Meigs, C. W. S210
Meigs Eugene P. Meigs, E. P. S210
Meigs George W. Meigs, Geo S211
Meigs Herman A. S288
Meigs Irving J. S288
Meigs Loomis G. S288
Meigs Mrs. Nannie Meigs, Mrs. N. S211
Meigs William L. S288
Meikle John S288
Melay Henry F. Meloy, Henry F. S288
Melendy Henry L. S288
Meler Tomas Marion Meller, Thomas M. S288
Mellon Patrick H. S82
Melone Baker H. Melone, B. H. S82
Melone Baker H. S148
Melone Charles T. Melone, C. T. S82
Melone Drury L. Melone, D. L. S82
Melone Drury L. S149
Melone Mrs. Mary E. S82
Melrose Theodore F. Meluse, Theodore F. S288
Melton Isaac N. S288
Melville Charles E. Melville, Chas E. S288
Mendell David S288
Mendlik Lewis S149
Menes James E. S288
Menten F. S149
Menten Frank S149
Menzes Duncan S82
Menzies Thomas Menzies, Thos S198
Menzies Thomas Jr. Menzies, Thos, jr. S198
Mercer Eddie S82
Mercer James M. Mercer, J. M. S82
Mercer James M. S82
Mercer M. S181
Mercer Mrs. Nancy E. Mercer, Mrs. Nancy S82
Mercer Norman F. Mercer, N. F. S82
Mercer Stephen S. S82
Meredith Isaac J. Merideth, Isaac J. S288
Meredith Mortimer H. Meredith, M. H. S288
Mericle Eliza J. Mericele, Eliza J. S288
Mericle James F. S288
Mericle John B. S288
Merifield Jo. W. Merrifield, J. W. S224
Merifield Jo. W. S225
Merkis Mathias Miskas, Mathia S290
Merkis Mathias S288
Merkis Nicholas Miskas, Nicholas S290
Merkis Nicholas S288
Merkle Constantine S288
Merkle Constantine S288
Merrick George C. Merrick, Geo C. S288
Merrick James J. Merrick, J. J. S82
Merrick Miss Ice O. Merrick, Miss Ice S82
Merrick Richard R. Merrick, Richard S149
Merrill Malan G. Merrill, M. G. S288
Merritt Joseph Jr. S288
Merten William H. Merten, W. H. S82
Merydith Davis A. S288
Merz Peter S288
Merz William S288
Mesamore Jacob H. S288
Mesel Anton Mesel, A. S82
Mesel John S198
Mesel Martin Merth, Martin S288
Messed John S288
Messenger John M. Messenger, Jno M. S288
Messick Clement S288
Messick David S288
Messick Isaac M. S288
Messick Mary S. S288
Metcalf James A. S288
Metcalf Thomas B. Metcalf, Thos B. S288
Meteger Charlie S82
Metz John S82
Metzgar M. S. S224
Metzger Joseph F. Metzger, Joseph S224
Metzger William P. Metzger, Wm P. S288
Metzick John S288
Meyer H. H. S149
Meyer Johan B. S149
Meyer M. S82
Meyer William Mezer, Wm S288
Meyerhoff Henry H. Meyerhoff, Harry S288
Meyers Albert C. Meyers, Albert S149
Meyers Albert C. Meyers, Albert S149
Meyers Benjamin Franklin Meyers, Benj F. S288
Meyers Effie S288
Meyers Frederick S149
Meyers Henry S175
Meyers J. E. S205
Meyers Mrs. S205
Meystrick M. Joseph Meystrick, Joseph M. S288
Michael Isaac S288
Michaels Ratliff S288
Michal Ben S. Michal, B. S. S82
Michal Ben S. S289
Michaud Andrew Michand, Andrew S288
Mick John W. S. S289
Mickey Essie S82
Mickey Robert B. Mickey, Robt B. S289
Middaugh George W. Middaugh, Geo W. S289
Middleton Cyrus Hugh Middleton, Cyrus H. S289
Middleton Peter S289
Midgett James Midyett, James S289
Midkiff Edgar A. S289
Midleton Jesse S289
Miers Fred S. S149
Miles Benjamin L. Mills, Benj L. S289
Miles C. S. S82
Miles Henry L. S289
Miles Horton L. S289
Miles J. A. S82
Miles James C. S289
Miles Jesse S289
Miles John D. S198
Miles John D. S289
Miles John P. S289
Miles Vanzart Miles, Vansant S289
Milholland William H. Milholland, W. H. S82
Milk Charles Milk, Chas S149
Millard Mord F. Millard, Mord S224
Millaway William W. Millaway, Wm W. S289
Miller A. W. S82
Miller Albert H. S289
Miller Alfred S82
Miller Alfred M. Miller, A. M. S82
Miller Ambrose Ambrose, Miller S226h
Miller Andrew J. S289
Miller Arnold S149
Miller Benjamin F. Miller, Benj F. S289
Miller C. R. S220
Miller Calvin L. S289
Miller Cephas S289
Miller Charles Miller, Chas S149
Miller Charles H. Miller, Chas H. S289
Miller Charles L. Miller, Chas L. S289
Miller Charles S. Miller, Chas S. S289
Miller Chester N. Miller, C. N. S289
Miller D. S82
Miller D. H. S82
Miller David C. S289
Miller David E. S289
Miller David W. S289
Miller Dr. D. S. Miller, D. S. S83
Miller Elisha D. Miller, E. D. S289
Miller Erastus A. Miller, Erastus S289
Miller Eugene C. S289
Miller Ewing T. Miller, Ewing P. S289
Miller F. E. S83
Miller F. E. S83
Miller F. O. S149
Miller Frank S149
Miller Frank S83
Miller Freeman E. Miller, F. E. S83
Miller G. H. S149
Miller George Miller, Geo S198
Miller Goodlow S289
Miller Grant S224
Miller Harry W. Miller, Henry W. S289
Miller Henri Miller, Henry S289
Miller Henry S289
Miller Henry S289
Miller Henry B. S289
Miller Henry F. S289
Miller Herbert Carl "Bert" Miller, H. C. S83
Miller Hiram U. Miller, Herman U. S289
Miller Isaac F. S289
Miller Isaac K. Miller, I. K. S211
Miller J. B. S149
Miller J. Frank S83
Miller J. G. S174
Miller J. H. S149
Miller J. P. S149
Miller J. W. S83
Miller Jacob S289
Miller James A. Miller, N. W. S289
Miller James C. Miller, Jas C. S289
Miller James D. S83
Miller James H. Miller, Jas H. S289
Miller James K. S289
Miller James R. S289
Miller John S289
Miller John S289
Miller John C. S289
Miller John H. S289
Miller John M. S289
Miller John P. Miller, J. P. S83
Miller John R. Miller, J. R. S149
Miller John W. Miller, John M. S289
Miller John W. S289
Miller John W. S289
Miller Joseph F. S289
Miller Joseph H. Miller, J. H. S181
Miller Joseph H. S289
Miller Lee S289
Miller M. S. S149
Miller Marion S289
Miller Mary S289
Miller Minian Miller, Minan S289
Miller Miss Florence S83
Miller Miss Ida M. S83
Miller Monroe S83
Miller Moses Miller, Moris S289
Miller Mrs. M. S174
Miller Nathan M. S289
Miller O. D. S83
Miller Osamaquin R. Miller, O. R. S289
Miller Oscar S289
Miller Philip A. S289
Miller R. E. S198
Miller Rachel E. S289
Miller Reuben E. S289
Miller Rev. Willis L. Miller, Rev. W. L. S149
Miller Robert H. Miller, R. H. S198
Miller Ross Honek Miller, Ross H. S289
Miller S. L. S83
Miller Samuel H. Miller, Sam H. S14
Miller Samuel H. Miller, Sam'l H. S289
Miller Sardine Sardine, Miller S307
Miller Simon P. S289
Miller Theodore Miller, Theo S289
Miller Thomas E. Miller, Thos E. S224
Miller Thomas E. S289
Miller Thomas J. Miller, Thos J. S289
Miller Turner J. S289
Miller Uriah K. S289
Miller Willard W. S289
Miller William Miller, Wm S289
Miller William C. Nulle, Wm C. S294
Miller William G. Miller, W. G. S83
Miller William H. Miller, Wm H. S289
Miller William O. Miller, Wm O. S289
Miller William R. Miller, Wm R. S289
Miller William T. Miller, Wm T. S289
Miller William W. Miller, Wm S205
Miller Willis Cox, Willis S185
Millhollon John Milhollon, John S289
Millhollon John D. Milhollan, John D. S289
Millhouse Peter F. Millhouse, T. F. S224
Milligan Arthur S149
Milligan Dade C. S289
Milligan Milton W. Milligan, M. W. S149
Milligan Parker Milligan, P. S224
Milligan Sidney J. Milligan, S. J. S149
Millikan Elon G. Millikan, E. G. S83
Millis Daniel H. Miller, Dan'l H. S289
Millis Frank S289
Mills ____ S149
Mills Benjamin E. Mills, Benj S289
Mills Cammel S. S289
Mills Charles J. Mills, C. J. S83
Mills Christopher C. Mills, C. C. S83
Mills Daniel W. S289
Mills Elcania Mills, E. S289
Mills Ezra L. Mills, L. Ezra S289
Mills George B. Mills, Geo B. S289
Mills George W. Mills, Geo W. S289
Mills Harvey T. Mills, H. T. S211
Mills Isaiah Mills, Isaac S289
Mills Jacob W. Mills, J. W. S198
Mills Jacob W. S14
Mills Jacob W. S289
Mills Jesse S289
Mills Louisa S289
Mills Lyman S289
Mills Marion J. Mills, Marion I. S289
Mills Mrs. S149
Mills Mrs. Jacob W. (Sarah B.) Mills, Mrs. J. W. S198
Mills Thomas Mills, Thos S289
Mills Thomas J. Mills, Thos J. S290
Mills William D. Mills, W. D. S211
Mills William H. Mills, W. H. S290
Milner J. C. S149
Milstead Thomas E. S290
Milton Charles W. S290
Milton Frances Milton, Francis S290
Milton Herbert S198
Milton James S149
Milton James A. S149
Milton Virginius Fairfax Milton, V. F. S290
Miner Byron C. Miner, B. C. S149
Miner Chauncey J. Minor, C. J. S290
Miner Edward A. S290
Miner Jacob S290
Miner William E. Miner, Wm E. S290
Mingos John Wallace Mingos, J. W. S184
Mingos John Wallace Mingos, John W. S290
Minice William Mince, Wm S290
Minick John M. Minnck, John M. S290
Minium John Minum, John S290
Minks James S149
Minnecke John A. Memicke, John A. S288
Minnis Rev. Thomas W. Minnis, Rev. Thos W. S181
Minor Charles E. Minor, C. E. S205
Minor Douglas A. Minor, D. A. S211
Minor William T. Minor, Wm T. S290
Minter Singleton Greenberry Minter, Singleton G. S290
Minton Marion Winton, Marvin S329
Minton William S. Winton, Wm S. S329
Miracle Reson S290
Misch Gustave Misch, Guss S83
Misch Gustave S290
Misener Joseph Mizner, Joseph S290
Miser George T. Meser, Geo T. S288
Miser John H. Miser, John S290
Miser Lee Meser, Lee S288
Misner George Misner, Geo S150
Misterek Joseph A. Wislerek, Joseph A. S329
Mitch John Louis Mitch, John L. S174
Mitchel Robert J. Mitchell, Robt J. S224
Mitchell Abraham J. S290
Mitchell Daniel S. Mitchell, Dan'l S. S290
Mitchell David B. S290
Mitchell David H. S290
Mitchell Edward F. Mitchell, E. F. S181
Mitchell George A. Mitchell, G. A. S149
Mitchell George V. Mitchell, Geo V. S290
Mitchell Greenbery S290
Mitchell Harvey B. Mitchell, H. B. S149
Mitchell I. M. S84
Mitchell J. A. S150
Mitchell J. H. S150
Mitchell James S290
Mitchell James S84
Mitchell James H. S290
Mitchell James M. Mitchell, Jas M. S290
Mitchell James T. Mitchell, J. T. S205
Mitchell Joel S290
Mitchell John A. S290
Mitchell John H. S290
Mitchell John M. S290
Mitchell Johnson E. S290
Mitchell Lewis V. Mitchell, L. V. S84
Mitchell M. S. S84
Mitchell Morton S290
Mitchell Robert A. S290
Mitchell Samuel Mitchell, Sam'l S290
Mitchell Sion F. S290
Mitchell Willard W. Mitchell, W. W. S150
Mitchell William Mitchell, Wm S84
Mitchell William C. Mitchell, Wm C. S290
Mitchell William H. Mitchell, W. H. S84
Mitchener Millard F. Mitcheuer, Millard F. S290
Mitscher Oscar August Mitscher, O. A. S150
Mitschler Joseph Mitschler, Jos S84
Mittasch Frank S290
Mize Abner D. Mize, A. D. S198
Mize James H. S290
Mize Solomon F. S181
Mize Thomas S. Mize, Thos S. S290
Moak John A. Moak, John S290
Moberly John Leslie "Leslie" Moberly, John L. S290
Mobley Peter C. Mabley, Peter O. S282
Mock Jacob A. S290
Mock Thomas S84
Mock William L. Mock, Wm L. S290
Mockabee Granville A. Mocabee, G. A. S290
Mockabee Hamilton E. Mackabee, H. E. S282
Moeller Carl S290
Moery Ernst Moern, Ernst S290
Moffin Green Moplin, Green S291
Mogan John S150
Mohr Frederick Langdon Mohr, F. L. S150
Moler William Moler, Wm S290
Molloy Oscar S150
Molloy Osrow S150
Moloney T. S84
Moloney T. Frank S84
Moman Richard S84
Monagan Mrs. J. S174
Monagan T. S174
Monahan Timothy S290
Money Aurelian E. Money, A. S290
Monger Charles Monger, Chas S150
Mongold Benjamin F. Mongold, B. F. S290
Mongold John S290
Mongold William H. Mongold, W. A. S290
Monin Raleigh S290
Monroe Arthur S290
Monroe Miss Carrie S150
Monroe Noah S290
Monroe William A. Monroe, Wm A. S150
Monsch Christ Monsch, Chris S198
Monter Fredrich Monter, Frederick S290
Montfort William B. Montford, Wm B. S290
Montgomery Alexander Montgomery, Alex S290
Montgomery Cyrus S84
Montgomery David N. S290
Montgomery Hillyard Montgomery, Hellyard S290
Montgomery Hugh S174
Montgomery John M. S290
Montgomery Joseph W. Montgomery, Jos W. S290
Montgomery Robert L. S290
Montgomery Samuel S. Montgomery, S. S. S174
Moody James C. Jas. C. Moody S48
Moody Marion E. S150
Moody Rev. Benjamin Moody, Rev. Benj S198
Moon W. S. S175
Mooney James Mooney, Jas S84
Mooney Joseph S13
Mooney Joseph S290
Moor Andy L. S84
Moor Benjamin S84
Moor Dick S84
Moor Ella S290
Moor Joseph S84
Moore Alfred S211
Moore Alfred S290
Moore Andrew S290
Moore Anna E. S290
Moore Armstead O. Moore, Armstead A. S290
Moore Bell S150
Moore Benjamin C. Moore, Benj C. S290
Moore Benjamin F. Moore, Benj F. S290
Moore Benjamin F. Moore, Benj F. S290
Moore Charles A. Moore, C. A. S84
Moore Charles E. Moore, Chas E. S290
Moore Charles H. Moore, Chas H. S290
Moore D. B. S198
Moore David Moor, David S290
Moore Dr. Francis M. Moore, Dr. F. M. S175
Moore E. S175
Moore Enoch T. S290
Moore Erie W. S290
Moore Frank S184
Moore Frank M. S290
Moore Franklin S84
Moore Hannah S290
Moore Ira S181
Moore Isaac E. S290
Moore Isam S290
Moore J. S290
Moore James E. S290
Moore James M. S290
Moore James O. S290
Moore James P. S290
Moore James R. S290
Moore James S. S290
Moore John S175
Moore John S290
Moore John C. B. S290
Moore John M. S290
Moore John R. S84
Moore John T. S290
Moore John T. R. S290
Moore Marvin D. S290
Moore Mrs. A. G. S150
Moore Ora S84
Moore Reuben D. S291
Moore Richard S84
Moore Robert More, Robt S291
Moore Robert H. Moore, Robt H. S291
Moore Robert L. Moore, Robt J. S291
Moore Samuel D. Moore, Sam'l D. S291
Moore Seth M. S291
Moore Tom S186
Moore William C. Moore, Wm C. S291
Moore William F. Moore, Wm F. S291
Moore William H. Moore, W. H. S291
Moore William J. Moore, Wm J. S291
Moore William P. Moore, W. P. S291
Moorehead John S. Moorehead, S. John S291
Moose Henry H. Moose, H. H. S175
Moose Miss Edith P. S175
Moose Miss Katie S175
Moose Mrs. Kate S175
Moran Nathan P. S291
Moran Thomas S291
Moranville Robert S84
Morawetz August Morawetz, Gust S291
Morawetz William A. Morawetz, Wm A. S291
Morey William S150
Morey William H. Morey, W. H. S184
Morey William P. Morey, Wm P. S150
Morgan Benjamin F. S84
Morgan Caswell S291
Morgan Clement E. S291
Morgan Curmie E. Morgan, C. E. S291
Morgan Dick Thompson Morgan, Dick T. S84
Morgan Edward Morgan, Edw S291
Morgan F. D. S84
Morgan Fred R. S85
Morgan George Morgan, Geo S150
Morgan George Morgan, Geo S291
Morgan George Morgan, Geo S291
Morgan George R. Morgan, Geo R. S291
Morgan George W. Morgan, Geo W. S291
Morgan Gus S291
Morgan James M. Morgan, Jas M. S291
Morgan John A. S291
Morgan Jonathan S291
Morgan Joseph S291
Morgan Lucy C. S291
Morgan Miss Freddie S181
Morgan Mollie S85
Morgan Pulaski F. S291
Morgan S. G. S174
Morgan Samuel D. Morgan, Sam'l D. S291
Morgan Thomas J. Morgan, Thos J. S291
Morgan William C. Morgan, Wm C. S291
Moriarty Patrick J. S186
Morill William Morrill, Wm M. S291
Morin William Morin, Wm S150
Morrill Martin C. Morrill, Martin S291
Morrin James D. Manin, Joseph D. S283
Morris ____ S184
Morris Alexander F. Morriss, Alex F. S291
Morris Charles S291
Morris Charles Samuel Morris, Charles S. S291
Morris Doc S85
Morris Ellis S291
Morris Emmet S150
Morris George K. S291
Morris George S. S291
Morris Henry A. S291
Morris Henry C. Morris, Henroy C. S291
Morris Humphrey M. Morris, H. M. S291
Morris J. S150
Morris James A. Morris, J. A. S198
Morris James W. Morris, J. W. S198
Morris James W. S291
Morris Joe S85
Morris John E. S291
Morris John F. Morris, John T. S291
Morris John F. S291
Morris John L. S291
Morris Lawrence S291
Morris Mack Morris, Mac S85
Morris Mack S291
Morris McDonald T. Morris, M. T. S85
Morris Mollie S85
Morris Shelton S291
Morris Sigel M. Morris, S. M. S291
Morris Thomas Morris, Thos S291
Morris Valentine N. Morris, V. W. S291
Morris Walter S291
Morris William Morris, Wm S181
Morris William Morris, Wm S291
Morris William S291
Morris William D. Morris, Wm D. S291
Morris William F. Morris, Wm F. S291
Morris William H. Morris, Wm H. S291
Morris William J. Morris, Wm J. S291
Morris William L. Morris, Wm L. S291
Morris William M. Morris, Wm H. S291
Morris William M. Morris, Wm M. S291
Morris William O. Morris, Wm O. S291
Morris William W. Morris, W. W. S150
Morrison Arthur Morrison, A. S150
Morrison C. P. S85
Morrison Charles W. Morrison, Chas W. S291
Morrison Chauncy S174
Morrison Frank A. S291
Morrison H. S175
Morrison James E. S291
Morrison John H. S291
Morrison Joseph S291
Morrison Luther S. S291
Morrison M. A. S85
Morrison Mrs. Fannie S174
Morrison Mrs. Katie S85
Morrow Cornelius H. Morrow, C. H. S211
Morrow Luther A. Morron, Luther A. S291
Morrow Milton S291
Morrow Richard C. Morrow, R. C. S85
Morrow William A. Morrow, Wm A. S291
Morse Joseph M. S85
Morse Oscar M. Moore, Oscar M. S290
Morton Alpha S291
Morton E. W. Jr. Morten, E. W. jr. S85
Morton Horace S291
Morton Richard S291
Morton Richard B. Morton, R. B. S291
Morton Winifred L. S291
Mosbarger Charles B. Mosberger, Chas B. S85
Mosbarger Mrs. Mary A. Mosbarger, Mrs. M. A. S85
Mosby Madison Masby, Masby S284
Moseley Franklin P. S291
Moseley Nannie T. S291
Mosely Samuel W. Mosely, Sam'l W. S291
Moser Ethan A. S291
Moser John Mases, John S284
Moses George Moses, Geo S150
Moses Nathan W. S291
Mosey Valentine M. Mosey, Val M. S291
Mosher Bradley Masher, Bradley S284
Mosier Michael S291
Moskedal Andreas C. Moskedal, A. C. S85
Moss Cornelius L. S291
Moss George W. Moss, Geo W. S291
Moss H. S220
Moss Mrs. Jane S85
Moss Reuben J. Moss, Rewbin J. S291
Moss William B. Moss, Wm B. S291
Mosteller Dr. Martin S. Mosteller, Martin S. S291
Mosteller John C. S291
Motsenbocker Jacob D. Motsenbocker, Jacob S291
Motsenbocker John D. S291
Mott Frank E. Mott, Frank W. S292
Mott Henry S198
Mott Ida S292
Mott John D. S292
Mott Mrs. Ida S198
Moulden William R. Moulden, Wm R. S292
Moulder George W. Moulder, Geo W. S292
Moulder J. S292
Moulton James W. S85
Moulton William A. Moulton, Wm A. S292
Mounger William Mounger, Wm S292
Mounkes William Mounks, Wm S292
Mount Charles V. Mount, C. V. S85
Mount Charles V. Mount, Chas V. S292
Mount W. S. Monnt, W. S. S198
Mountford J. Scott S292
Mountine Patrick Montine, Patrick S290
Mounts Albert Monuts, Albert S290
Mower Jacob W. Mower, J. W. S150
Mowlin Benjamin W. Nolin, Benj W. S294
Mowry Dudley Mowery, Dudley S292
Moxley Minor S292
Moyer Jacob S. S292
Mudd John S292
Mudersbach Edmund S292
Mudersbach Frank S292
Mudgett George Mudyett, Geo S292
Mueller G. D. S220
Muir Harvey M. S292
Muir Joseph H. Muir, J. H. S220
Muir Joseph H. S292
Muir Mrs. Ruth A. Muir, Mrs. R. A. S221
Muldrow Butler Muldron, B. S292
Muldrow Clinton D. Muldron, C. D. S292
Mulhall Patrick S292
Mulhall Zachariah P. "Zack" Mulhall, Zack S205
Mulhall Zachariah P. "Zack" Mulhall, Zack S292
Mulholland William J. Mulholland, W. T. S292
Mullen Edward Mullen, Edwd S150
Mullen Enos Mullen, E. S198
Mullen H. H. S150
Mullen J. S198
Mullendore Noah N. S292
Mullendore Seymore S292
Mulleneix John N. Mulleneix, John M. S292
Mullenix Jesse W. S292
Mullennix George W. Mulleneix, Geo S292
Muller Ira S85
Mulligan Agnes S292
Mulligan James W. Mulligan, Jas W. S292
Mullins David L. Mullin, David L. S292
Mullins John R. S292
Mullins Susan J. S292
Mullligan Agnes S292
Mulrain M. M. S85
Mulvey Owen V. Mulvey, Owen S292
Mummey William Mummey, Wm S292
Mumphy Dellie S85
Mundell Cyrus A. S292
Mundell James O. S292
Mundell John S292
Mundell Samuel A. Mundell, Sam'l A. S292
Mundy George E. Mundy, Geo E. S85
Mundy Hedrick S. Mundy, H. S. S85
Mundy Herbert C. Mundy, H. C. S85
Mundy Lincoln E. Mundy, L. E. S85
Munger Dr. George Daniel Munger, G. D. S150
Munger H. C. S150
Munger Mrs. G. D. (Eunice M.) Munger, E. M. S150
Mungor E. E. S175
Munn Edward T. Munn, Edw T. S292
Munroe Major W. A. S150
Munroe W. A. S150
Muns Lemuel J. Muns, L. J. S292
Munsell John C. S292
Muransky John S150
Murdock James A. Murdock, Jas A. S150
Murlin Daniel E. S292
Murlin Joseph Murlin, Joe S85
Murlin Minnie Murlen, Minnie S292
Murphy Bartholomew Murphy, B. S292
Murphy Benjamin E. Murphy, Benj E. S292
Murphy Daniel L. Murphy, Daniel S292
Murphy Daniel W. S224
Murphy Dr. James Buchanan Murphy, Dr. J. B. S224
Murphy George Murphy, Geo S187
Murphy George Murphy, Geo S292
Murphy George Murphy, Geo S292
Murphy George Murphy, Geo S292
Murphy George W. Murphy, Geo W. S224
Murphy J. A. S85
Murphy James C. S292
Murphy James C. S292
Murphy James Day Murphy, Jas D. S292
Murphy James E. Murphey, Jas E. S292
Murphy James H. S292
Murphy John E. S292
Murphy Mary A. S292
Murphy Michael D. S292
Murphy Michael H. S85
Murphy Milton L. Murphy, Milton S. S292
Murphy Miss F. H. S85
Murphy Mrs. Jas. B. (Anna K.) Murphy, Mrs. A. K. S224
Murphy Robert Murphy, Robt S151
Murphy Robert A. Murphy, Robt A. S292
Murphy Samuel Murphy, Sam'l S151
Murphy Thomas J. Murphy, Thos J. S292
Murphy Thomas J. S292
Murphy William Murphy, Wm S292
Murphy William Murphy, Wm S292
Murphy William B. Murphy Wm B. S292
Murray Abraham G. S292
Murray Daniel P. Murray, D. P. S151
Murray F. L. S85
Murray F. W. S85
Murray Horatio N. Murray, H. N. S292
Murray J. P. S86
Murray James D. S292
Murray John J. S85
Murray Joseph E. Murray, J. E. S85
Murray Rev. Abraham G. Murray, Rev. A. G. S151
Murray Roger J. Murray, Rogers J. S292
Murray William Murray, Wm S211
Murray William Murray, Wm S86
Murry Daniel T. Murry, Dan'l T. S292
Musgrave Josiah F. Musgrove, Joseph F. S292
Musgrove Jacob R. S292
Musgrove Levi S. Musgrove, L. S. S292
Musgrove William Musgrove, Wm S292
Musick David H. S292
Mussey James W. Mussay, Jesse W. S292
Muxlow Lorin Deviott Muxlow, Lorine D. S86
Muxlow Walter Edward Muxlow, Edward S86
Muxlow William Lincoln Muxlow, Wm S86
Muzzy Amos B. S292
Muzzy John S. S292
Muzzy Miss Sarah A. S14
Muzzy Sarah A. S292
Muzzy William J. Muzzy, Wm J. S292
Myer Fred S86
Myer John S188
Myer Robert W. Myer, R. W. S86
Myers ____ S151
Myers Abraham F. S292
Myers Annie S86
Myers Charles F. Myers, C. F. S151
Myers David L. S292
Myers Emma J. S292
Myers Francis M. Myers, F. M. S86
Myers Fred S86
Myers Fred S86
Myers George Myers, Geo S86
Myers George H. Myers, Geo H. S292
Myers George H. Myers, Geo H. S86
Myers George M. Myers, Geo M. S292
Myers Henry S292
Myers Henry M. S292
Myers J. R. S86
Myers John E. Myres, John E. S293
Myers John M. Myers, J. M. S198
Myers John M. S292
Myers John W. S151
Myers Joseph A. S292
Myers L. E. S211
Myers Lewis S224
Myers Lewis K. S292
Myers Louis D. Myers, Lewis D. S292
Myers M. S224
Myers Miss Effie S205
Myers Miss Luna S86
Myers Mollie S292
Myers Moses W. S292
Myers Newton J. S292
Myers Norman A. Meyer, Norman A. S288
Myers Ottie P. S292
Myers Peter S292
Myers Rev. Simon Peter Myers, Rev. S. P. S224
Myers Rev. Simon Peter S225
Myers Samuel T. Myers, Sam'l T. S292
Myers U. S. S86
Myers Washington L. S293
Myers Wesley S224
Myers William H. Myers, Wm H. S293
Myers William R. Myers, W. R. S86
Myers Wolford D. Myers, W.D. S293
Myier August Myser, August S293
Mynes Mary M. Moynes, May M. S292
Myton Thomas W. Myton, T. W. S224
Myton Thomas W. S222
Nafus Charles H. Nafus, Chas H. S293
Naill J. C. S198
Naill James M. S293
Naill John C. S293
Nakvinda Frank Nakvicad, Frank S293
Nance Robert B. Nana, Robt B. S293
Nance T. R. S151
Nankin Albert F. S151
Nanson Charles C. Nanson, C. C. S151
Nanson J. L. S151
Nanson James M. Nanson, J. M. S151
Napp D. P. S86
Narron John F. Marrow, John F. S283
Narron Melville U. Melville, Marion W. S288
Narron William C. Naroon, Wm C. S293
Nash James S293
Nash John S293
Nash William H. Wash, Wm H. S324
Nasmith Rev. Jared Spaulding Nasmith, Rev. J.. S. S86
Nasmith Rev. Jared Spaulding S36
Nasmith Rev. Jared Spaulding S88
Nass Bent B. S293
Nathan Joseph S151
Nation John J. Nation, John Z. S293
Nation Thomas C. S293
Naumann Robert Nanman, Robt S293
Nave Alexander G. Nave, Alex G. S293
Nave Delmont Neve, Delmont S293
Nay John W. S293
Naylor Andrew C. S293
Neal Ambrose C. Neal, Ambrose S293
Neal Andrew S293
Neal George M. Neal, G. M. S293
Neal Henry S151
Neal James S151
Neal James C. S293
Neal James W. S151
Neal M. S151
Neal Monroe S293
Neal R. E. S151
Neal Rufus D. S293
Nealis Saunders M. S293
Needham Jasper N. S293
Neel Dow D. S293
Neeley Richard Meley, Richard S288
Neer John D. S293
Neff Benjamin F. Neff, B. F. S293
Neff James A. S293
Neher Ananias S293
Neher John H. S293
Neher Josiah C. S293
Neidig William Neidig, Wm S293
Neighbors L. B. S175
Neil Charles Neil, Chas S293
Neill Alexander T. Neill, A. T. S86
Neilson John M. S86
Neilson William Neilson, Wm S86
Neivar George W. Neiven, Geo W. S293
Nelson Andrew S86
Nelson Ben S293
Nelson Daniel W. S293
Nelson Deloss S293
Nelson Edward C. Nelson, Edwd C. S293
Nelson Fred A. S293
Nelson George Nelson, Geo S293
Nelson Harvey W. S293
Nelson Isaac W. S293
Nelson James F. Nelson, J. F. S86
Nelson John James Nelson, John J. S293
Nelson Joseph R. S293
Nelson Lewis P. S293
Nelson Miss Hattie S151
Nelson Rhoda C. Nelson, R. O. S293
Nelson Robert L. Nelson, Robt L. S293
Nelson Russel L. S293
Nelson William W. Nelson, Wm W. S293
Nenkam Richard S293
Nesbit Archibald S293
Nesbitt Hugh J. Nesbit, Hugh J. S293
Nesbitt John A. S293
Nesbitt William B. Nesbitt, Wm B. S293
Nespar Frank Nesper, Frank S293
Nespar John Nesper, John S293
Nessling George Nessling, Geo S293
Nestrojil Frank S293
Netter Newman S86
Nevels Mrs. Hannah S86
Neville John A. S293
Nevills William J. Neville, Wm J. S293
Nevitt Thomas J. Nevitt, T. J. S181
Newall Walter S181
Newberry Absalom Newbery, Absolom S293
Newby John A. J. S293
Newby Willard J. S293
Newcomb Albert S293
Newcomb C. W. S86
Newcomb Hoyt A. S293
Newcomb William H. Hewcomb, Wm H. S267
Newcomer Frank S. Newcomer, Sam'l S. S293
Newell Albert F. Newall, A. F. S181
Newell Edward Nawall, Ed S181
Newell Frederick Nawall, Fred S181
Newell Joseph S181
Newell Mrs. Mary A. Nawall, Mrs. Mary S181
Newell Robert H. Newell, Robt H. S293
Newell T. R. S151
Newell Thomas J. Newell, T. J. S151
Newey George Newey, Geo S293
Newhouse J. Q. S86
Newkirk Benjamin F. Newkirk, Benj F. S293
Newkirk Samuel E. Newkirk, S. E. S293
Newlan George Newlan, Geo S211
Newlan Periza S86
Newlan Tony S211
Newland John Newland, Jno S211
Newland Miss A. S151
Newlin Fred S151
Newlin John Newlin, Jno S211
Newlin Leonadas Newlin, L. S293
Newlin Woodford D. S293
Newlon Hiram B. S293
Newlon Miss Daisy A. Newlon, Miss Daisy S86
Newlon William M. Newlon, W. M. S86
Newman ____ S151
Newman Adolph S151
Newman Albertis B. S293
Newman Alney G. S293
Newman Andrew J. S293
Newman George Newman, Geo S293
Newman George L. Newman, Geo L. S293
Newman J. S151
Newman James H. S293
Newman James R. Newman, Jas R. S293
Newman Janie M. Newman, Janie N. S293
Newman John S293
Newman Richard J. Newman, R. J. S221
Newmaster Chris S86
Newson Fillman Newson, Tillman S293
Newton Charles S293
Newton Charles L. Newton, C. L. S151
Newton Charles M. S293
Newton Cora S87
Newton George W. S293
Newton John S293
Newton John W. S293
Newton Lovina S293
Nice Andrew J. S293
Niceley John W. Niceley, J. W. S151
Nicewarner Charles Nicewarner, Chas S211
Nicholas William Nicholas, Wm S293
Nicholls James A. Nichols, J. A. S294
Nicholls William R. Nichols, Wm R. S294
Nichols Chester R. Nichols, C. R. S87
Nichols Chester R. S293
Nichols D. E. S198
Nichols E. S87
Nichols Edward Nichols, Ed S87
Nichols Edward A. Nichols, Edwd S205
Nichols George W. Nichols, G. W. S221
Nichols Henry S293
Nichols James S87
Nichols John S294
Nichols John P. S294
Nichols John S. S294
Nichols Joseph S87
Nichols M. J. S87
Nichols Mrs. A. M. S221
Nichols Otho T. Nichols, Otho S87
Nichols Ozias Denton Nichols, Ozias D. S294
Nichols Thomas G. Nichol, Thomas G. S293
Nichols W. R. S87
Nichols William P. Nichols, Wm P. S294
Nichols Willis H. S294
Nicholson Arthur L. Nicholson, A. L. S221
Nicholson Henry C. Nicholson, H. C. S87
Nicholson James E. S294
Nicholson John W. S294
Nicholson Joseph S. Nicholson, J. S. S221
Nicholson Mrs. T. J. S151
Nicholson W. J. S221
Nick George Nick, Geo S294
Nickel Francis M. S294
Nickelson Dortha S294
Nickerson Mrs. Mollie B. Nickerson, Mrs. M. B. S151
Nickols Mary F. Nichols, Mary F. S294
Nida John Robert Nida, John R. S294
Nielson Peter S294
Nightingale William Nightengale, Wm S294
Niles Hodaiah H. Niles, N. H. S151
Nilson Andrew B. S294
Nimocks Albert H. Nimocks, A. H. S151
Nine L. Walter S294
Nipp Aug S211
Nisbett Robert J. Nesbitt, Robt J. S293
Nisbett Robert J. Nesbitt, Robt J. S293
Niswonger Nicholas I. Niswonger, N. I. S151
Nitzel James S. S294
Nix Alice S294
Nix Evett Dumas Nix, E. Dumas S87
Nix John T. S294
Nix Manning L. Nix, M. L. S151
Nixon Benjamin F. Nixon, Ben S205
Nixon Benjamin F. Nixon, Ben F. S294
Nixon Henry S294
Noah Elmer S294
Noah John S294
Noble Edward S151
Noble Edward C. Noble, Edw C. S294
Noble George Noble, Geo S294
Nobles Harmon D. Mobles, Harmon D. S290
Noblet George R. Nablet, Geo R. S293
Noel Lawrence H. Noel, L. H. S198
Noel Samuel P. Noel, Sam'l P. S294
Noffsinger William W. Noffsinger, W.W. S198
Nolan Fannie S87
Nolan Frank S294
Nolan James S211
Nolan John S87
Nolan John J. Nolan, John S211
Nolan Taney J. Nolan, T. J. S211
Nolan Thomas M. Nolan, Thos M. S294
Noland Howard F. (JS Tucker) Tucker, James S. S321
Noland William F. (JS Tucker) Tucker, James S. S321
Noland William W. Noland, Wm W. S294
Noland William W. Nowland, Wm W. S294
Noles B. S87
Noll Frank Hale, Frank S263
Noonan Dennis Noonan, D. S151
Noonan William Noonan, Wm S294
Norcom Fred H. Forcum, Fred H. S256
Norcom Henderson S. S294
Nordyke Alonzo F. Nordyke, A. F. S294
Norman James D. S294
Norman John W. S294
Norman Robert O. Norman, R. O. S151
Norman W. F. S151
Norman William P. Norman, W. P. S211
Normon Lewis Norman, Lewis S294
Nornan William Norman, William S294
Norris Allen S294
Norris Charles H. Norris, Chas H. S294
Norris Goldsmith Gilbert Morris, G. G. S291
Norris John I. S294
Norris Jones M. Norris, Jones N. S294
Norris Mrs. Amanda M. Norris, Mrs. A. N. S152
Norris William H. Morris, Wm H. S291
Norris William H. Norris, W. H. S294
Norris William H. Norris, Wm H. S294
Norstrom Gust Norstram, Gust S294
North Albert E. North, A. E. S87
North Charles W. S294
North Lyman Hoyt North, L. H. S152
Northcott Benjamin F. Jr. Northcott, B. F. jr. S294
Northcott Lonnie G. Northcott, Lannie G. S294
Northcott Maggie L. S294
Northington Dennis S294
Northington Harriet S294
Northrop Alice S. S294
Northrop Hannah Northoop, Hannah S294
Northrop Joseph M. Northrop, J. M. S294
Northrop Melissa E. S294
Northrup Harry C. Northoop, Harry C. S294
Northup Dr. John A. Northup, J. A. S199
Norton Charles S87
Norton Frederick A. S294
Norton Henry S294
Norton Ira E. S294
Norton John R. S294
Norton R. B. S87
Norton Rollin S294
Norvell Frank S87
Norvell Robert A. S294
Norwood James H. S294
Nothdurft Fredrich Nothdurft, Fred'k S294
Novack Joseph Nooack, Joseph S294
Novotmy Philip S152
Novy John S294
Nowlin David B. S294
Noyes Allen M. S294
Nuckels John J. Nickels, John J. S294
Nuckolls Joseph D. Nuckalls, Jos D. S294
Nugen Robert Nugen, Robt S294
Nugent Edward H. Nugent, E. U. S294
Nugent James L. S294
Nugent John S294
Nugent William D. Nugent, Wm D. S294
Nulf H. L. S87
Nulf T. M. S87
Null Henry S87
Null William F. Null, W. F. S87
Nullick Charles A. Nulick, Chas A. S294
NUNES P. K. S218
Nunnelee Sam H. Nunley, _____ S152
Nuss Thomas W. S294
Nutt William Nutt, Wm S181
Nutt William S294
Nutter James L. Nutter, J. L. S87
Nutter Miss Rosa A. Nutter, Miss Rosa S87
Nutter Newman D. Nutter, N. D. S87
Nutter Peter W. Nutter, T. W. S87
Nutzig Edward Mutzig, Edwd S292
Nyce John W. S294
Nye Claud V. S294
Nye John C. S13
Nye John C. S294
Nye Oscar H. S294
Nyman Charles S294
Nyman P. M. S87
O'Brian John S87
O'Brien James S294
O'Brien John M. S152
O'Brien Maurice S294
O'Brien Maurice R. S294
O'Brien Michael S294
O'Brien Michael A. Osborn, Michael A. S295
O'Brien Michael F. S294
O'Brien Michael J. S199
O'Brien Patrick H. S294
O'Brien Perry S294
O'Brien William A. O'Brien, Wm A. S87
O'Brien William S. O'Brien, W. S. S88
O'Brien William S. O'Brien, Wm S. S294
O'Bryant James Bryant, James O. S237
O'Bryant Plesant Bryant, Plesant O. S237
O'Callaghan Pat S199
O'Conner Isaac S294
O'Conner John P. S294
O'Connor Andrew S294
O'Connor Harold S294
O'Connor James S186
O'Connor John S295
O'Donnell Patrick S152
O'Donough Patrick S295
O'Flaherty Michael J. S199
O'Hallahan James O. S88
O'Hara C. D. S88
O'Hara C. W. S88
O'Hara Robert S295
O'Hara William O'Hara, Wm S295
O'Hara Willie J. O'Hara, Nellie I. S295
O'Hara Willie J. S295
O'Hare Peter Peter, O'Hare S298
O'Hern Pat S295
O'Keefe James S88
O'Kelley Nelson S295
O'Leary Daniel S199
O'Malley Patrick Maley, Patrick S283
O'Neil Francis Carl O'Neil, Frank C. S88
O'Neil James T. S295
O'Neil Patrick S88
O'Neill John S295
O'Rourke J. S153
O'Rourke Maurice S295
O'Shea John S295
O'Shea Paddy S88
O'Shea Thomas Oshea, Thos S295
O'Sullivan Cornelius S295
Oakford W. D. S87
Oakley Martin S152
Oaks Merrel S294
Oberholzer Ewin J. Oberholzer, E. J. S87
Oberke Fredolin S294
Oberly Tilly S87
Obermann Charles Obermann, Chas S294
Odell Alpheus G. Odell, A. G. S295
Odell Daniel J. S295
Odell Mrs. Hattie S199
Odell William B. Odell, Wm B. S295
Odell William B. Jr. Odell, Wm B. jr. S295
Oden Peter S295
Oden Peter G. S295
Oden William H. Oden, Wm H. S295
Odonall William H. Odonall, Wm H. S295
Odonall William H. O'Donell, Wm H. S295
Odor Mrs. Maria S211
Offhausen Adolph C. Offhausen, A. C. S88
Officer Clarence E. Officer, C. E. S295
Offield John William Offield, John W. S295
Ogden Charles E. Ogden, Chas E. S295
Ogden Frank S152
Ogden Henry C. S295
Ogden John T. S295
Ogden Quincy B. S295
Ogdon Francis M. Ogden, Frances M. S295
Ogilbee Samuel A. Ogilbee, Sam'l A. S295
Ogle Benjamin F. Ogle, Benj F. S295
Ogle David P. S295
Ogle Elisha B. Ogli, Elisha B. S295
Ogle George Ogle, Geo S295
Ogle John M. S295
Ogle Mary S295
Ogle Robert M. Ogle, Robt M. S295
Oldeges Herman S295
Oldham Jack S295
Oldham Jesse S295
Oldham John W. S295
Oldham Junius Oldham, J. S88
Oldham Miss Annie S88
Oldham Richard F. S88
Oldham William L. Oldham, Wm L. S295
Olds Clarence S295
Olds Fernando G. S295
Olds Harvey C. Olds, M. C. S88
Olds Leroy Oldo, Leroy S295
Olds Walter J. Olds, W. J. S88
Olin Daniel W. Olin, D. W. S152
Olinger Mary I. S295
Olive John S295
Olive John L. S295
Oliver Elias W. Oliver, E. W. S152
Oliver John H. S295
Oliver Josephine S295
Oliver Marcus D. S295
Oliver Miss Cora S152
Oliver Peter Flynn Oliver, P. T. S295
Oliver Peter Flynn Oliver, Peter F. S13
Oliver Wallace S211
Oller Erick Oller, Errick S295
Olney Thomas T. S295
Olney Willard D. Olney, Wm D. S295
Olsmith Frank S88
Olson George S295
Olson Lars Henry S295
Olson Nelson Olson, N. S88
Olson Olaf Olson, Olof S295
Olson Swain H. Olson, Swaim H. S295
Oltmanns Frederick Oltsmanns, Fred S295
Oltmanns John H. S295
Omery Warren Omey, Warren S295
Omey George H. Omey, Geo H. S295
Omey George H. Ormez, G. H. S295
Omey Thomas Omey, Thos S295
Omey Zion Omly, Zion S295
Oney Elmer S295
Oney Richard S295
Ong Charles Ong, Chas S205
Onstott John H. S88
Oppy H. B. William Oppy, H. B. Wm S152
Orane Joe L. S152
Orcutt Charles H. Orcutt, Chas H. S152
Orcutt William M. Orcutt, W. M. S295
Orglcenan Julius S152
Orme Lloyd A. S295
Orme Oscar S211
Orme William R. Orme, Wm R. S295
Ornbach Morris S153
Orne Edward S153
Orner Frank C. Orner, Frank S295
Orner William H. Orner, Wm H. S295
Orput George D. Orput, Geo D. S88
Orr Charles B. Orr, Chas B. S295
Orr James W. S295
Orr John T. S295
Ortner Elizabeth Ortner, Elizabeth O. S295
Orton Albert C. Orton, A. C. S88
Orton Belvert S88
Osborn Albert A. S295
Osborn David J. S295
Osborn Ezra F. S295
Osborn Francis P. Osborn, Francis S295
Osborn James A. S295
Osborn Martin S295
Osborne Charles J. Orsborne, Chas J. S295
Osborne Charles P. Osborne, Chas P. S295
Osborne Joseph S295
Osborne Lewis S205
Osborne Perry S295
Osborne Randolph J. Osborne, R. J. S88
Osburn Joseph B. Osborn, Joseph B. S295
Osenbaugh Aaron D. S295
Osmond Edward S88
Osmondson Edward S88
Osterman John S295
Ostling Ellen C. S295
Ostrom Aaron C. S295
Oswalt Marion F. S295
Otey John W. S295
Ott Albert S199
Ott Felix G. S14
Ott Felix G. S295
Ott George W. Ott, Geo W. S295
Outcelt George A. S89
Overacker Lorenzo Dow Overacker, Lorenzo D. S295
Overbay C. Walter Overbay, Walter S89
Overbay Charles F. Overbey, Chas F. S296
Overbay Frank S88
Overbay Harry Austin Overbay, Harry S88
Overbay John A. Overbay, J. A. S89
Overbay John W. Overbay, J. W. S89
Overholser James N. S296
Overholt Albert S296
Overholt Harvey E. Overholt, Harbey E. S296
Overholt Samuel S296
Overley Thomas B. S296
Overman Andrew M. S296
Overstreet Dr. Joseph Addison Overstreet, J. A. S199
Overstreet James S296
Overstreet John F. S296
Overstreet Robert F. Overstreet, R. F. S296
Overstreet Robert L. Overstreet, R. L. S153
Overstreet S. L. S89
Overstreet Washington C. Overstreet, W. C. S296
Overstreet William C. Overstreet, Wm C. S296
Overstreet Winfield S. Overstreet, W. S. S296
Overton Alexander Overton, Alex S296
Overton Anthony S296
Overton Silas R. Overton, S. R. S187
Overton Silas R. S296
Overton W. B. S175
Owen Henry A. Onen, Henry A. S295
Owen J. D. E. S224
Owen James McKee Owen, J. M. S153
Owen Jesse D. S296
Owen Miss Alice E. S175
Owen W. C. S175
Owen William G. Owen, Wm G. S296
Owens Annie S296
Owens Benjamin Walton Owens, B. Walton S296
Owens Charles W. Owen, Chas W. S296
Owens Edward S296
Owens Henry S296
Owens J. M. S89
Owens J. W. S89
Owens Jack S296
Owens Jacob S89
Owens James S296
Owens Jerry Owens, Henry S296
Owens Jerry S296
Owens Lydia S296
Owens Salem B. Owens, S. B. S211
Owens Thomas S296
Owens Thomas C. Owens, Thos C. S296
Owens William Owens, Wm S181
Owsley Leroy S296
Owsley William A. Ousley, Wm A. S295
Oyster Charles S296
Oyster Riley S296
Oziah Minott Weldon Oziah, Winot W. S296
Ozment John V. Ogment, John V. S295
Ozmun John W. Ozman, John W. S296
Pack Charles H. Pack, Chas H. S296
Pack Ira S296
Pack J. S153
Pack Samuel D. Pack, S. S187
Pack Samuel D. Pack, Sam'l D. S296
Packer William D. Packer, W. D. S89
Padden Henrietta S296
Paddleford Solon M. S296
Padfield Henry H. Padfield, Henry S205
Padgham Richard Jr. Podgham, Richard S299
Page Adison L. Page, A. L. S199
Page Daniel P. S296
Page Daniel Sr. S296
Page Dyonisius O. S296
Page Frank M. S296
Page George Page, Geo S89
Page Henry S296
Page J. A. S89
Page John S296
Page Lester S296
Page Scott S296
Page T. J. S153
Page Walter S296
Page William H. Page, Wm H. S296
Page William W. Page, Wm W. S296
Pain George S. Pain, Geo S. S296
Paine Adolphus Vienna Paine, Adolphus S296
Paine Clarence A. Paine, C. A. S296
Paine Edwin C. S296
Paine Pink Paine, P. S205
Paine Vieder B. Paine, V. B. S89
Painter Andrew J. S296
Painter Homer S89
Painter Jeain S89
Painter John S221
Painter John S. S296
Painter Martin C. Pointer, M. C. S299
Painter Martin C. S296
Painter William L. Painter, W. L. S205
Painter William Wayne Painter, W. W. S89
Palicek John Polesek, John S300
Pallady Loyal A. S296
Palmar James P. S296
Palmer Albert S296
Palmer Annie S89
Palmer C. D. S212
Palmer Charles W. Palmer, Chas W. S296
Palmer Ed S296
Palmer Erwin Palmer, Ironi S296
Palmer Frederick N. Palmer, Frederick W. S296
Palmer Harry M. Palmer, H. M. S89
Palmer J. Edward Palmer, J. E. S199
Palmer James S221
Palmer John H. S296
Palmer Jonathan F. Palmer, J. L. S296
Palmer Miss Millie S175
Palmer Monte S153
Palmer Thomas Palmer, Thos S296
Palmer Thomas R. Palmer, T. R. S89
Palmer W. E. S89
Papin Henry S296
Pappe Richard S199
Pappe Richard S296
Paradis Joseph Richard Paradis, J. R. S199
Parcell Henry T. S296
Parcell Nancy E. Purcell, Nancy E. S301
Pardue George Pardue, Geo S296
Pardue Harriet W. Pardue, Harriett W. S296
Pardue John M. S296
Pardue Julia B. S296
Pardue Robert S89
Pardue Robert A. Pardeel, Robt A. S296
Pardun Alfred M. Pardun, A. M. S181
Pardun William W. Pardun, W. W. S181
Pardun William W. Pardun, Wm W. S296
Pardy Frank T. S296
Paris George Paris, Geo S89
Paris John W. Paris, John M. S297
Parish B. E. S153
Parish Charles S. Parish, Chas S. S13
Parist Millie Parish, Millie S297
Parist Nellie Parish, Nellie S296
Park J. H. S89
Park Warren S296
Parker A. S89
Parker Aaron K. S296
Parker C. E. S153
Parker Caleb H. Parker, C. H. S216
Parker Charles Parker, Chas. S153
Parker Charles C. Parker, C. C. S89
Parker Charles H. Parker, Chas H. S296
Parker Claude W. S296
Parker Colonel S296
Parker Columbus F. Parker, C. F. S89
Parker Eli S. Parker, E. S. S187
Parker Eli S. S296
Parker Franklin L. S296
Parker George M. Parker, G. M. S153
Parker George W. Parker, Geo W. S296
Parker George W. S296
Parker Henry S153
Parker J. W. S89
Parker James S296
Parker James S296
Parker James S89
Parker James R. Baker, James R. S229
Parker John S216
Parker Joseph R. S296
Parker Mannie B. S296
Parker Mounterville Parker, Mount S90
Parker Mounterville S296
Parker Mrs. Milton E. (Mamie) Parker, Mrs. M. E. S199
Parker R. S90
Parker Rev. Joseph Homer Parker, J. H. S13
Parker Rev. Joseph Homer Parker, Rev. Joseph H. S199
Parker Rev. Joseph Homer S191
Parker Robert Parker, Robt S175
Parker Sanford H. Parker, Sanford S296
Parker Sarah J. S296
Parker Walter B. S296
Parker William Parker, Wm S90
Parker William S296
Parker William J. Parker, Wm J. S296
Parkes Edward H. Parkes, Edw H. S153
Parks Ezra W. S296
Parks Peyton A. S296
Parks Samuel Parks, S. S184
Parks Terrill Parks, Terris S297
Parks William C. Parks, Wm C. S297
Parks William M. Parks, Wm M. S297
Parks William T. Parks, Wm T. S297
Parman R. C. S153
Parman William J. Parman, Wm J. S297
Parmlee Charles Parmlee, Chas S297
Parmlee John J. Parmalee, John J. S297
Parmley Lewis F. S297
Parnell William T. Parnell, Wm T. S297
Parr Jacob S297
Parr Marion O. S297
Parr Riley S297
Parr Samuel F. Parr, Sam'l F. S297
Parr William M. Parr, Wm M. S297
Parrish Charles S. Parrish, C. S. S216
Parrish Charles S. S297
Parrish Isaac T. S297
Parrish Miss Anna S90
Parrish Thomas Parrish, Thos S90
Parson J. N. S90
Parsons Brice H. S297
Parsons Charles Parson, Chas S297
Parsons George H. Parsons, Geo H. S90
Parsons J. N. S90
Parsons John O. S297
Parsons John W. S297
Parsons Seth T. S297
Parsons William J. Parsons, W. J. S153
Parsons William R. Parson, Wm R. S297
Partenheimer Jacob Partinhimer, Jacob S297
Partridge William A. Partridge, Wm S297
Pasturefield George Pasturefield, Geo S153
Patchin William H. Patchin, Wm H. S297
Patee Edwin W. S297
Patocka Joe Jr. S297
Patocka Joseph S297
Patrick George W. Patrick, Geo W. S297
Patrick Henry F. S297
Patrick Josiah S. S297
Patrick Thomas J. Patrick, Thos J. S297
Patrick Uriah B. S297
Patrick Uriah Parker Patrick, Uriah S297
Patten Edward S90
Patten Luther L. Patten, L. L. S90
Patten Thomas M. Patton, Thomas M. S297
Patterson Columbus Warren Patterson, Columbus W. S297
Patterson Edward E. Patterson, Edw E. S297
Patterson Francis W. S297
Patterson Frank S297
Patterson James A. S297
Patterson James M. S181
Patterson John S212
Patterson John S297
Patterson John A. Patterson, J. A. S187
Patterson John A. S297
Patterson John L. S297
Patterson Joseph S296
Patterson Joseph S297
Patterson Luther Benton Patterson, Luther B. S297
Patterson Mrs. Susan E. Patterson, Mrs. S. E. S90
Patterson Robert M. Patterson, R. M. S90
Patterson Sanford Patterson, S. S297
Patterson Tilman W. Patterson, T. W. S297
Patterson William A. Paterson, Wm A. S297
Patterson William S. Patterson, Wm A. S297
Patterson Worley S. S297
Patterson Y. S153
Patton David S297
Patton Dr. Robert Patton, Robt S90
Patton Edmond S90
Patton Edward T. Patton, E. T. S90
Patton James W. S297
Patton Jesse M. Patton, John M. S297
Patton John S212
Patton John T. S90
Patton Miss Ida S90
Patton Mrs. S. R. S90
Patton William E. Patton, Wm E. S297
Patty Clarence A. S297
Paugh Peter Pough, Peter S300
Paul Abraham S297
Paul Mrs. May Paul, Miss May S90
Paulding William Paulding, Wm S153
Paulk James K. Paulk, J. K. S175
Paull Charles E. Paull, Chas E. S297
Paull James S297
Paull John F. S297
Paull John W. S297
Paull William J. Paull, Wm J. S297
Paulson Ole S90
Paulus Daniel S297
Pauly Adam W. S297
Pauly Charles E. Pauly, Chas E. S297
Pawley Thomas J. Pawley, Thos J. S297
Paxton George W. Paxton, Geo W. S297
Paxton George W. Paxton, Geo W. S90
Paxton John A. S297
Payne Alexander Payne, Alex S297
Payne Charles A. Payne, C. A. S90
Payne Charles A. Payne, Chas A. S297
Payne David S297
Payne Doc S297
Payne Dodge S. Pogue, Dodge S. S299
Payne Fred D. S297
Payne Hattie S90
Payne Henry Payne, Llenery S297
Payne J. W. S91
Payne Jesse H. S297
Payne Joshua W. Payne, J. W. S91
Payne Philip S297
Payne Ransom S297
Payne Ransom S91
Payne Victor S199
Payne William H. Payne, Wm H. S297
Payton Logan S297
Pazowreck Frank J. S297
Peabody Sheffield W. S297
Peach Samuel M. Peach, Sam'l M. S297
Peachee Ira D. S297
Peachee Squire B. S297
Peachee William H. Peachee, Wm H. S297
Peak Ervin C. S297
Pealer George W. Pealer, Geo W. S297
Pealer George W. Peeler, Geo W. S298
Pearce Endora A. Pearce, E. A. S297
Pearce George T. Pearce, Geo F. S297
Pearson James M. Pearson, Jas M. S297
Pearson James O. Pearson, Jas O. S297
Pearson John A. S297
Pearson Moses S297
Pearson William Francis Pearson, Wm S297
Peavler Mrs. Fannie (Frances Thorpe McCoy) Peavler, Mrs. F. S212
Pebley Effie S297
Pebley Robert G. Pebley, Robt G. S298
Pechar Ferd S153
Peck Clayton S298
Peck Dr. Frank Steven Peck, Dr. F. S. S175
Peck Egbert M. Peck, E. M. S298
Peck George A. Peck, Geo A. S298
Peck George C. Peck, Geo C. S199
Peck Henry S298
Peck McCullough S91
Peck Miss Libbie S175
Peck Thomas J. Peck, Thos J. S298
Peck W. H. S212
Pecka Joseph S298
Peckham Abel J. Packham, Alf J. S296
Peckham Frank J. S298
Pedigo George W. Pedigo, G. W. S199
Pedrick Shadrack Pednick, Shadrack S298
Peebles W. S91
Peel Davis W. Peel, D. W. S91
Peel E. H. S91
Peele Miss Claudie S91
Peery Daniel William Peery, Dan'l W. S298
Peery George F. Peery, Geo F. S298
Peery John T. S298
Peery Miles T. Peerg, Miles T. S298
Peery William T. Peery, Wm T. S298
Peffer Michael G. S298
Pegram James A. S298
Peiffer Mrs. Maria L. Peiffer, Maria S298
Peisen Bartholomew Peisen, Bart S298
Pekrue Heinrich S298
Pelphrey Francis S298
Pelphrey Samuel Pelphoey, Sam'l S298
Peltier J. B. Samuel "Samuel" Peltier, Sam'l S298
Peltier J. B. Samuel "Samuel" Peltier, Samuel S199
Pelton Edward W. Belden, E. W. S183
Pelton James S184
Pelton James Baldwin Pelton, J. B. S184
Peltzer Herman Pettzer, Herman S298
Pember Perry S298
Pemberton Daniel H. Pemberton, D. H. S298
Pemberton Green T. S298
Pemberton Joshua R. S298
Pence Edwin J. S298
Pence G. M. S221
Pence George L. Peuce, Geo L. S298
Pence George M. Pence, Geo M. S298
Pence George W. Pence, G. W. S153
Pence John R. S298
Pence Joseph S. S298
Pence Thomas W. Pence, T. W. S153
Pendleton Howard S298
Pendleton Wilcher Lewis Pendleton, W. L. S153
Penfield Dr. William H. Penfield, W. H. S205
Penfield Elbert E. S205
Penfield William H. Jr. Penfield, W. H. jr. S205
Penfound Mrs. Harriett S91
Penick J. C. S175
Penisten Isaac S298
Peniston Columbus S. Pemston, C. S. S298
Peniston John G. Pemston, John G. S298
Peniston Wayne W. Pemston, Wayne W. S298
Penketh Louis S91
Penland Alfred M. S298
Penland Andrew G. Penland, A. G. S91
Penna Louis S298
Penna Louis S91
Pennant Henry S298
Penner Anna S298
Penner Isaac S298
Pennington Andrew J. Pennigton, Andrew J. S298
Pennington Arthur W. Pennington, A. H. S298
Pennington Isaac Pennington S221
Pennington James S298
Pennington Thomas E. S298
Pennington William Pennington, Wm S298
Pennock Edward Arlin Pennock, E. A. S298
Pennock Joseph S153
Penny John S298
Pennycook Henry C. S298
Penry Charles W. Penry, Chas W. S298
Penry Elizabeth S298
Penry John E. S298
Pentecost Andrew F. Pentecost, A. F. S91
Pentecost Frank Edward Pentecost, F. E. S153
Pentecost Frank Edward Pentecost, F. E. S91
Pentecost Harry W. Pentecost, H. W. S91
Pentecost James Albert Pentecost, J. A. S91
Pentecost James L. Pentecost, J. L. S91
Pentecost Joel E. S91
Pentecost Joseph Pentecost, Joe S91
Pentecost Miss Lethe E. Pentecost, Miss L. A. S91
Peoples Daniel S298
Peoples David A. Peoples, D. A. S91
Peoples Miss Eva E. S91
Pepper Daniel D. S298
Pepper Edmond H. S298
Pepper Henry S298
Pepper James H. S298
Percell Henry Percival, Henry S298
Percival Fred E. S298
Percival Henry S298
Percival Mary P. S298
Perkins Benjamin F. Perkins, B. F. S91
Perkins Charles S187
Perkins Hal M. Perkins, H. M. S91
Perkins Henderson S153
Perkins Jacob W. Perkins, J. W. S91
Perkins Jesse S298
Perkins Louis S92
Perkins Mrs. B. F. (Carrie M.) Perkins, Mrs. B. F. S91
Perkins Mrs. Jennie E. Perkins, J. E. Mrs. S215
Perkins Perfus S215
Perkins S. D. S199
Perkins Samuel D. Perkins, S. D. S153
Perkins William Perkins, Wm S298
Perkins William D. Perkins, Wm D. S298
Perkins William S. Perkins, Wm S. S298
Permanser Louisa Pernionser, Louisa S298
Pernier Nancy S298
Perrin Nathan L. S298
Perry Adam S298
Perry Edson W. S298
Perry Frank M. Perry, Frank S298
Perry George W. Perry, Geo W. S224
PERRY H. H. S218
Perry James W. S298
Perry John S. S298
Perry Lemuel A. S298
Perry Silas S298
Perry Walter C. S298
Perssons Nils S298
Peshek Michael S298
Peter Milburn S298
Peter Silas B. Peters, Silas B. S298
Peterick Frank Petereck, Frank R. S298
Peterman Hampton S92
Peterman Joseph S92
Peters Adolph S298
Peters Anderson S298
Peters C. H. S154
Peters Clay S298
Peters Frank S298
Peters J. W. S92
Peters Milburn Peters, Melborn S14
Peters Miss Nellie M. S154
Peters Silas S. S298
Peters William E. Peters, Wm E. S298
Peters William H. Peters, Wm H. S298
Peterson Charles Peterson, Chas S154
Peterson Charles H. Peterson, Chas H. S298
Peterson Edward W. Peterson, E. W. S92
Peterson Johnie E. Peterson, Johnnie E. S298
Peterson Lewis M. Pe erson, Lewis M. S298
Peterson Magnus S298
Peterson Niel C. Peterson, Will C. S298
Peterson Ole S298
Peterson Peter A. S298
Peterson Samie R. Peterson, Sammie R. S298
Peterson Samuel C. Peterson, Sam'l C. S298
Petite Albert M. Petite, A. M. S14
Petite Albert M. S13
Petite Albert M. S298
Petrel James Petrel, Jas S92
Pettee William J. Pettee, W. J. S154
Pettee William J. Pettee, Wm J. S298
Pettey Ossian E. S298
Petties Jerry S298
Pettigo George W. Pettigo, G. W. S199
Petty Henry S. S298
Petty John H. S299
Petty Margaret J. S299
Petty William A. Petty, Wm A. S299
Petty William H. Petty, Wm H. S299
Pettyjohn Augustus Petty, John S154
Pettyjohn Augustus Petty, John A. S154
Pettyjohn Augustus S119
Pettyjohn Ely S299
Pewthers John W. Pewthus, John S299
Peyton Dr. Charles A. Peyton, Dr. C. A. S154
Pfaff John S175
Pfeiffer Christ Pfeifer, Christ S299
PFeiffer Frederick Feifer, Frederick S255
Pfeiffer Solomon S299
Pfitzenmaier Barney Pfitzemmaier, Barney S299
Pfitzenmaier John S299
Pfrimmer Jesse Theodore Pfrimmer, Jesse T. S299
Phelan Maurice Lelan, Maurice P. S280
Phelps Asa S299
Phelps Cinda W. Phelps, Oneda W. S299
Phelps Dr. John Hurlburt Phelps, J. H. S92
Phelps Esau M. S299
Phelps Isom S299
Phelps John T. S299
Phelps W. E. S92
Phelps William T. Phelps, Wm T. S299
Phenis Isaac H. Phems, Isaac H. S299
Phenis William R. Phinis, Wm R. S299
Philibert Adolphus Philibut, Adolphus S299
Phillipps Alvin Phillips, Alvin C. S299
Phillips ____ S225
Phillips Alga B. S212
Phillips Andrew J. S299
Phillips Austin M. S299
Phillips Braxton P. Phillips, B. E. P. S299
Phillips Cyrus S299
Phillips Daniel M. Phillips, D. M. S154
Phillips Dudley B. S299
Phillips Edward D. Edward, D. Phillips S253
Phillips Ira N. Phillips, I. N. S154
Phillips Ira N. S299
Phillips Isaac Phillips, I. S92
Phillips James Edwin Phillips, J. Edwin S299
Phillips James P. S299
Phillips James W. S299
Phillips Jesse S299
Phillips John E. S299
Phillips John H. S299
Phillips John P. S299
Phillips John T. Phillips, J. T. S154
Phillips Levi S299
Phillips P. B. S154
Phillips Thomas Phillips, Thos S299
Phillips Winfield S. S299
Phipps Mack C. Phipps, Mac C. S299
Phipps W. C. S199
Phister Frank R. Phister, F. R. S92
PIATT A. C. S218
Piburn J. H. S92
Piburn James M. Piburn, J. M. S199
Picard Alfred S299
Picard Francis E. S299
Pickard Joseph L. S299
Pickard Warren J. S299
Pickard Willard A. S299
Pickard Winford M. Pickard, W. D. M. S299
Pickel William D. Pickle, Wm M. S299
Pickens Allen S. S299
Pickett Barton W. Pickett, B. W. S154
Pickett George L. Pickett, G. L. S92
Pickett George W. Pickett, Geo W. S299
Pickland Jay E. Pickard, Jay E. S299
Pidcock John C. S299
Pierc Dr. Clint W. Pierce, Dr. C. W. S225
Pierce Delos C. Jr. S299
Pierce Flavis J. Pierce, F. J. S225
Pierce George Pierce, Geo S299
Pierce George F. Pierce, Geo F. S299
Pierce George W. F. Pierce, Geo W. F. S299
Pierce Gilbert P. S299
Pierce Henry T. Pierce, Henry F. S299
Pierce Isaiah J. S299
Pierce James B. Pierce, James S225
Pierce John C. Purce, John C. S301
Pierce John R. Pearce, John R. S297
Pierce John R. S299
Pierce Rufus M. S299
Pierce Tilmon C. S299
Pierce William Pierce, Wm S299
Pierce William Pierce, Wm S299
Pierce William E. Pierce, Wm E. S299
Piersall William H. Piersall, Wm S299
Pierson John C. Pearson, John C. S297
Pigler Jacob W. S. S299
Pigler William H. Pigler, Wm H. S299
Pikley G. H. S92
Piles George Piles, Geo S299
Pilkanton Sydney Pilkinton, S. S299
Pilkinton C. W. S212
Pilz John S299
Pimm William C. Pimm, W. C. S154
Pinckley David S. S299
Pinder Robert Pindar, Robt S299
Pinegar Marion H. Pinegar, M. H. S225
Pingrey Mrs. May A. Pingrey, Mrs. M. A. S92
Pinix Henry M. S299
Pinkerton J. S92
Pinkston William D. Pinkston, Wm S154
Pinney Edward J. Penney, Edw J. S298
Pinnick Alonzo W. S299
Pinquard Dr. Joseph Pinquard, Joseph S92
Piper Willis W. S299
Pippin Joseph S299
Pisker Adolphus S205
Pitcock William J. Pitcock, Wm J. S299
Pitman Leander G. Pitman, L. G. S154
Pitman Leander G. S299
Pitt Millard F. S299
Pittman William H. H. S299
Pitts Louis Elmer Pitts, Louis E. S299
Pitzer Charles E. S299
Pitzer James E. Titzer, James E. S320
Pitzer Lyman H. S299
Pixley George H. Pixley, Geo H. S299
Pixley Robert E. Pixley, R. E. S299
Plag Frank J. S299
Plag Peter S299
Plag William C. Plag, Wm C. S92
Plater Alfred S299
Platt Joseph P. S299
Platt Meredith H. S299
Ploeger Albert S299
Plotner Charles A. Plotner, Chas A. S299
Pluhme Charles Pluhme, Chas S154
Plum John B. S299
Plummer John S92
Plummer John C. S299
Plummer John F. S299
Plummer Thomas Plummer, Thos S92
Poarch Charles E. Poarch, Chas E. S299
Poarch Charles T. Poarch, Chas T. S299
Poarch James E. Poarch, Jas E. S299
Poarch William D. Poarch, Wm D. S299
Poe Abram F. S299
Poer William G. Poer, Wm G. S299
Poff James W. R. Poff, J. W. S205
Pogue Jefferson Pogne, Jefferson S299
Pogue Jefferson S154
Pogue John W. Payne, John W. S297
Poindexter James L. S299
Poindexter Lucinda C. S299
Poindexter W. E. S154
Points William J. Points, Wm J. S92
Poland Jesse Greene Poland, Jesse G. S92
Poland Napoleon Poland, N. S92
Poland Thomas M. S299
Polite Richard H. S300
Polk Nancy S300
Polk William Isaac Polk, Wm I. S300
Polley Sherman A. Polley, S. A. S300
Pollock David Pollock, D. S212
Pollock Thomas J. S300
Pollock W. S92
Pollock William T. Pollock, Wm T. S300
Ponting Henry S300
Pool Ezra Pool, E. S184
Pool Robert L. S300
Pool Samuel M. Pool, S. M. S184
Pool William Pool, Wm S300
Pooler John S300
Poor Peter S300
Poore Henry T. S300
Pope Edward A. Pope, Edwd H. S300
Pope Thomas G. S300
Poplin Richard Poplin, R. S154
Popp George M. Popp, Geo M. S225
Popp George S. Popp, Geo S. S225
Poppins Johnson S. S300
Popplewell Gilina W. Popplewell, G. W. S92
Popplewell Gilmore W. Papplewell, Gilmore W. S296
Porenpile William S300
Porizek Frank S300
Porter A. L. S92
Porter Andrew Porter, And S300
Porter Daniel S300
Porter Depurdia L. S300
Porter E. A. S92
Porter G. W. S92
Porter George R. Porter, Geo R. S300
Porter James S300
Porter John H. S300
Porter John M. S154
Porter Lewis S300
Porter Miss Winnie S92
Porter Perry H. S300
Posey Edwin H. S300
Posey James H. S300
Post Joseph C. Post, J. C. S199
Post Simon P. S300
Post Wesley S. S300
Postlethwaite Benjamin D. Postlethwaite, B. D. S300
Postlethwaite Samuel T. Postlethwaite, Sam'l T. S300
Poston James B. S300
Poteet Charles T. Pateet, Chas T. S297
Poteet George Poteet, Geo S300
Poteet John William Poteet, John W. S300
Poteet Thomas S300
Potter A. C. S92
Potter James S300
Potter Jasper H. S300
Potter Jefferson D. Potter, Jeff D. S300
Potter John S300
Potter Marion F. Potter, Marion S300
Potter Martin G. Potter, M. G. S199
Potter Robert B. Potter, Robt B. S300
Potter Susannah C. S300
Potter Theophilus Potter, Theo S300
Potts Albert S300
Potts Andrew J. S300
Potts Andrew J. S300
Potts Carey W. S300
Potts Jefferson W. S300
Potts John C. S300
Potts Miss Mollie S154
Potts Moses M. Potts, M. M. S154
Potts Moses M. S300
Potts Richard Banks Potts, R. B. S175
Potts Richard Banks Potts, Richard B. S300
Potts Thomas Potts, Thos S154
Potts Z. P. S92
Poulter Thomas B. Poulter, Thos B. S300
Pound Benjamin D. Pound, Benj D. S300
Pound Hiram E. S300
Pound John H. S300
Powell Abner S300
Powell Calvin B. S300
Powell Eliza S300
Powell Hattie B. S300
Powell James L. Powell, J. L. S300
Powell Jason A. Powell, J. A. S175
Powell Jason A. S300
Powell John C. S300
Powell Joseph E. Powell, Jos E. S300
Powell Lee S300
Powell Mrs. B. A. S175
Powell Oren A. S300
Power William H. Power, Wm H. S300
Powers David S300
Powers Fletcher S300
Powers Gleason F. S300
Powers William J. Powers, J. Wm S300
Pownell Frederick C. Parnell, F. C. S297
Pownell Frederick C. Pownell, F. C. S300
Poynter James T. S300
Poynton John F. S300
Poynton William H. Poynton, Wm H. S300
Prather John T. S300
Prather Samuel E. Prather, Sam'l E. S300
Prather Wilson Brather, Wilson S235
Pratt Frank W. Pratt, F. W. S92
Pratt George B. Pratt, Geo B. S300
Pratt Harry S92
Pratt John J. S300
Pratt Ray S92
Pratt Robert S300
Pratt Wilson S. S300
Preble Clark A. Preble, Clark H. S300
Preece James S181
Preger George C. F. Preger, Geo C. F. S199
Preger George C. F. Preger, Geo C. F. S300
Prescott Ivy Prescott, Iroy S300
Presler John H. Presler, John S199
Pressgrove Benjamin F. Presgrove, Benj S300
Pressgrove Winfield S. Pressgrove, Winfield S300
Preston Amor E. S300
Preston Daniel S300
Preston Eben S300
Preston Henry S300
Preston Jesse S300
Preston John S300
Preston Joseph W. Preston, J. W. S199
Preston Levic H. S300
Preston Mary Preston, M. S221
Preuss Peter S300
Prewett Clery H. Prewitt, Elery H. S300
Price Abraham C. S300
Price C. W. S155
Price Charles L. Price, Chas L. S300
Price David J. Price, David I. S300
Price Edward Ryel Price, Edwd R. S301
Price Frank R. S181
Price Harles A. Price, H. A. S301
Price Henry S92
Price J. V. S93
Price James B. S301
Price John W. S301
Price Luther S301
Price Munroe S155
Price Nelson S301
Price R. W. S199
Price S. H. S93
Price S. H. S93
Price W. L. S155
Price William C. Price, W. C. S155
Price William J. Price, Wm J. S301
Price Zachariah Price, Zach S301
Prichard J. T. S155
Prichard Miss May S155
Prichard Robert J. Prichard, Robt J. S93
Prichard V. H. S155
Prickett Permetus R. Prickett, P. R. S175
Pridemore John L. S301
Priess Walter Joseph Priess, Walter J. S301
Priest Frank V. S301
Priest Louis Priest, Lou S93
Primm Granville S301
Prince Granville Rosencrantz Prince, G. R. S301
Prince Mrs. Mollie E. Prince, Mrs. M. E. S155
Prince William Tecumseh Prince, Wm S301
Prine Meritt B. Pride, Merett B. S301
Pring John S155
Pringle Harry S93
Pringle Oliver M. Pringle, O. M. S301
Pritchard John S93
Pritchett Daniel S. Prichett, D. S. S155
Pritchett John P. S301
Pritts Rudolph H. Pritts, R. H. S301
Proctor John L. Proctor, J. L. S155
Prohart Louis S301
Propeck George Propeck, Geo S301
Propst David J. S301
Protsman William H. Protsman, Wm H. S301
Prouty Frank G. S93
Provo Charles P. Prow, Chas P. S301
Provolt Zachary S301
Pruett Henry Pruitt, Henry S301
Pruett Matilda Pruitt, Matilda S301
Pruitt Eliza J. Pruit, Eliza J. S301
Pruitt Mrs. E. J. S155
Pruitt R. A. S93
Pruitt Thomas J. Pruitt, Thos J. S301
Pruyne James F. Pruyne, James S199
Pryel John Pryll, John S301
Pryel John S155
Pryor Walter B. Pryer, W. B. S199
Puckett Alva D. S301
Puckett Braxton Bragg Puckett, B. B. S301
Puckett William H. Prickett, Wm H. S301
Puckette George W. Puckette, Geo W. S301
Pugh Edward B. S155
Pugh Francis B. S301
Pugh J. W. S93
Pugh Maurice S301
Pugsby Anna A. Pugsley, Anna A. S301
Pulin William Pulin, Wm S301
Pullen William S301
Pullen William A. Pullen, Wm A. S301
Pulliam Fielden S. Pulliam, Feelden S. S301
Pulliam Harrison Dial Pulliam, H. D. S301
Pulliam James W. Pulliam, Wm W. S301
Pulliam Mary A. S301
Pullman Mrs. A. B. S212
Pulse George W. Pulse, G. W. S93
Pulse Milton S93
Pulvermaker Henry J. Pulvermaker, H. J. S301
Pulvermaker Mary A. Pulvermaker, Mary S301
Purcell Leslie I. S93
Purcell Maggie I. S301
Purdin James L. S301
Purdin John Purdin, John S301
Purdin Maggie E. S301
Purdin Thomas R. Pardin, Thos R. S296
Purdin William L. Purdin, Wm L. S301
Purdom Frank P. Purdom, Frank S93
Purdy Ermina J. S301
Purdy John W. S301
Purdy Myron S. Purdy, M. S. S199
Purdy Orloff L. S301
Purscell William J. Purscell, Wm J. S301
Purse Bertha S93
Purse William W. Purse, W. W. S93
Purse William W. Jr. Purse, W. W. jr. S93
Purvis E. A. S93
Purvis George W. Purvis, G. W. S93
Purvis Owen S93
Puthuff John H. S301
Putman Henry C. S301
Putman Oscar B. S301
Pybas Jordan C. S301
Pyeatt John T. S301
Pyle Jethro N. Pyle, J. N. S301
Pyles William M. Pyles, W. M. S155
Queenan John Jerome Queenan, J. J. S155
Queenan Patrick S155
Queenan Thomas P. Queenan, T. P. S155
Quein Joseph E. Quein, J. C. S175
Querry William Querry, Wm S301
Query John A. S301
Quick Miss May S93
Quick Mrs. Marion S93
Quier Daniel S301
Quigley E. J. S93
Quigley James H. Quigley, Jas H. S93
Quigley John E. Quigby, John E. S301
Quillin Omer T. Quiller, O. T. S301
Quimby Almarine Quinby, Almarine S301
Quimby Brazill S301
Quimby George W. Quimby, Geo W. S301
Quinby Dr. Fred Quinly, Fred S301
Quinby J. W. S155
Quinn James S93
Quinn James R. S14
Quinn John M. S301
Quinn William E. Quinn, Wm E. S301
Quintan David M. Quintam, David M. S301
Quisenberry Thomas C. Quisenberry, T. C. S301
Quisenberry Winifred E. Quisenberry, W. E. S301
Quong Som Chong "Sam" Quong, Sam S155
Raber John A. Raber, John S. S301
Rabern James S. Rabem, James S. S301
Rackerby James A. Rackerby, J. A. S93
Racy James T. S301
Radcliff George Radcliff, Geo S301
Radcliff George W. Radcliffe, Geo W. S301
Radcliff James W. Radcliff, John W. S301
Radcliffe Oliver P. Radcliff, Oliver P. S301
Radebaugh Angus J. Radebaugh, A. J. S155
Rader Henry C. S301
Rader John W. Rader, J. W. S93
Radford Henry Radford, Hy S301
Radford Martha S301
Raff Norman C. S93
Ragan William S. Ragan, Wm L. S301
Ragelien John Ragelien, Jno S155
Ragland Randall Rugland, Randall S306
Ragland Randall S301
Ragland W. M. S93
Ragland William S93
Ragon Jacob W. Ragon, J. W. S155
Ragon Richard B. Ragon, R. B. S155
Ragsdale James Montgomery Ragsdale, J. M. S212
Ragsdale James Montgomery Ragsdale, J. M. S93
Ragsdale T. V. S93
Ragsdale W. A. S93
Rahder Fred W. S155
Rahl Noah B. Ruhl, Noah B. S306
Raider Raymond S93
Raines Peter R. S301
Rainey George S301
Rainey William T. S301
Rains Joseph W. Himes, Jos W. S268
Rains Mrs. Martha Rains, Mrs. S155
Rainwater Aaron J. Rainwater, A. J. S212
Raisch Charles W. S301
Rakeman Henry S301
Rakon Albert H. S301
Raleigh Bernadine A. Raleigh, Mrs. B. A. S94
Ralston James T. Ralston, J. T. S94
Rambo J. H. S94
Ramer Albert S155
Ramey Benjamin F. S225
Ramey Louis A. Ramey, Lewis S205
Ramey Scott C. Ramey, S. C. S94
Ramey Scott C. S301
Ramey William S. Ramey, Wm S. S94
Rams John B. S301
Ramsay James A. Ramsey, James A. S302
Ramsay William J. S301
Ramsdell Lyman E. S302
Ramsden Samuel Ramsden, Sam'l S302
Ramsey Dock S302
Ramsey James Kamsey, James S275
Ramsey James S302
Ramsey James W. S302
Ramsey Jesse D. S302
Ramsey Russell S302
Ramsey William A. Ramsey, Wm A. S302
Ramsey William S. Ramsey, Wm S. S302
Ramseyer Andrew J. S302
Ramseyer Philip S. Ramseyer, P. S. S302
Ramy Benjamin F. Ramy, Benj F. S302
Rancier George H. Rancier, Geo H. S302
Rand Dr. Warren H. Rand, W. H. S199
Rand Dr. Warren H. Rand, W. H. S302
Randall Charles A. Randall, Chas A. S302
Randall Hiram S302
Randall Hugh F. S302
Randall I. W. S94
Randall Ichabod S302
Randall Orange C. R. Randall, O. C. R. S94
Randall Thomas S302
Randle Charles W. Randle, Chas W. S302
Randle George Randall, Geo S302
Randol S. L. S94
Randolph Clarence M. S302
Randolph Daniel Randolph, Dan'l S302
Randolph Dillard P. Randolph, D. P. S302
Randolph Dr. C. H. S94
Randolph George M. Randolph, Geo M. S302
Randolph Jefferson D. Randolph, J. D. S155
Randolph Mary A. S302
Raney James M. S302
Raney James P. S302
Raney Lewis S302
Rank Peter A. S302
Rankin Minerva A. S302
Rankin Thompson S302
Rankin William Rankin, Wm S221
Rannabarger Lee M. Rannaburger, Lee M. S302
Rannells Frank S94
Ransbarger Samuel H. Ransbarger, S. H. S302
Ransdell Robert Ransdell, Robt S302
Ransom Charles W. Ransom, C. W. S94
Ransom George W. Ransom, Geo W. S302
Ransom Miss Leotie S94
Ransom Mrs. Rebecca S94
Ransom William H. Ranson, W. H. S181
Ransom William H. Rauson, William S302
Rarey Sarah S302
Rarick Charles S302
Rasbach Chauncey D. S155
Rash John S. S302
Rasmussen Jens S302
Rasmussen Robert Rasmussen, Robt S302
Rasure Edwin Rasure, Edw S199
Rasure Francis M. S302
Ratcliff John R. S302
Ratcliffe Frank M. S94
Rathbone George Rathbone, Geo S302
Rathbone Herbert W. S302
Rathbun Edward F. Rathbun, E. F. S94
Rathburn S. A. S199
Ratliff James Rotliff, James S306
Ratliff Robert S302
Raub Franklin S302
Rausey Miss Mary S94
Raush John Roush, John S306
Ravenstein William Ravenstain, W. S302
Rawlings Allen Rawlins, Allen S302
Rawlings John F. Rawling, John F. S302
Rawlings Willard H. Rawlings, Milland H. S302
Rawlins Sarah S155
Rawson Benjamin F. Rawson, Benj F. S302
Rawson David S302
Rawson Jonas R. S302
Rawson Samuel Rawson, Sam'l S302
Ray George Madison Ray, Geo M. S94
Ray John C. S302
Ray John W. Ray, J. W. S94
Ray Robert Ray, Robt S302
Ray Robert J. Ray, R. J. S155
Ray Teague S94
Ray Thomas H. S302
Ray William S302
Raybourn Nathaniel S155
Rayburn John C. S302
Rayburn Joseph M. Rayburn, Jos M. S302
Rayman Katie S155
Raymond Arthur J. S302
Raymond Thomas J. S302
Raynor James W. S302
Raypholtz Harrison S302
Razey Rufus J. Rozey, Rufus J. S306
Rea Frank S302
Rea James S93
Read Eli S14
Read Eli S302
Read Eli S95
Read Miss Sue S225
Read William T. Read, Wm T. S302
Readenour George W. Readenour, Geo W. S302
Reader James P. Reader, James P. S302
Reagen Oscar S156
Ream Miss Edith L. S212
Reams William D. Reams, Wm D. S302
Reaser David S302
Reath Bertha Roath, Bertha S304
Reaves H. H. S94
Reaves Richard S. Reaves, R. S. S94
Reavis Logan Reavis, L. S95
Reavis Mrs. Ann E. Reaves, Mrs. A. E. S94
Reber Alfred S302
Rechie Jennie S95
Rector Dr. Newton Rector, N. S187
Rector Frank S14
Redder William Redder, W. S221
Reddick William M. Reddick, Wm M. S302
Redding George B. Redding, Geo B. S302
Reder Loren C. Reder, Laren C. S302
Reder Samuel R. Reder, Sam'l R. S302
Reder T. B. S95
Redington George L. Redington, Geo L. S302
Redman Belzares Belgores, Redman S231
Redman Cantley S. Redmon, Cantley S. S302
Redmond George Redmond, Geo S302
Redmond John S302
Redmond Joseph Redmon, Joseph S302
Redmond Thomas P. S302
Reece Cyrus O. S302
Reece Louis B. Reece, L. B. S95
Reed ____ S156
Reed Abram D. S302
Reed Alex S302
Reed Alexander Reed, Alex S156
Reed Elmer S302
Reed Fred Reed, F. S212
Reed Gabriel H. S302
Reed George Reed, Geo S95
Reed George W. Reed, Geo W. S302
Reed George W. Reed, Geo W. S95
Reed Harvey S302
Reed James S302
Reed John Read, John S302
Reed John S302
Reed John S302
Reed John A. S302
Reed John H. S175
Reed John J. Reed, J. J. S95
Reed John J. S302
Reed Mrs. Angelina Reed, Mrs. A. S156
Reed Oliver P. Reed, O. P. S156
Reed Robert L. Reed, R. L. S156
Reed Susan E. S302
Reed Thomas J. Reed, Thos J. S302
Reed Wiley J. S302
Reed William Reed, Wm S302
Reed William K. Reed, W. K. S95
Reed Willis A. S303
Reeder C. L. S95
Reeder William J. Reeder, Wm J. S303
Reeds Armstead Madison Reeds, Olmstead S303
Reedy James N. Reading, J. N. S155
Rees William Rees, Wm S95
Reese Charles J. Reese, Chas J. S303
Reese Joseph S303
Reese Peter S303
Reese R. E. S95
Reese Rheugene Reese, Rhengene S303
Reeves Frank S303
Reeves George Reeves, Geo S95
Reeves George S303
Reeves James S303
Reeves Madison H. S303
Reeves Squire S303
Reeves William A. Reeves, Wm A. S303
Regan Alice T. O. S303
Rehse George Rehse, Geo S95
Reichert Karl S303
Reid Francis M. S303
Reid William Reid, Wm. S303
Reid William J. Reid, J. W. S215
Reiser James W. S303
Remer John S303
Remington Thomas Remington, Thos S303
Remmert Ferdinand Remmert, F. S212
Remsimer John H. S303
Renfro Charles R. Renfro, C. R. S95
Renfro Isaac C. S303
Renfro Isaac H. S303
Renfro Samuel H. Renfro, Sam'l H. S303
Renfro William T. Renfro, Wm F. S303
Renner William J. Reemer, Wm J. S303
Rennick James N. S303
Rennie Albert S14
Rennie Albert S215
Rennie Albert S303
Renshaw Achilles William Renshaw, Achilles W. S303
Renshaw Benjamin Joseph Renshaw, B. J. S303
Renshaw Charles Lewis Renshaw, Chas S303
Renshaw Charles Toothacher Renshaw, Chas T. S303
Renshaw Edwin Armstead Renshaw, Edwin A. S303
Renshaw Gov. Lucius Kirkwood Renshaw, Gov L. K. S303
Renshaw John Jesse "Jack" Renshaw, John S303
Renter Carl S303
Rentfrow James S303
Renyhan James S156
Renyhan Mrs. Hattie S156
Replogle Joseph W. Replogle, Joseph S303
Replogle William A. Replogle, Wm A. S303
Retherford Jesse S303
Reupert Emanuel Reupert, E. S225
Reupert Emanuel Rupert, Emanuel S306
Reutzel John S156
Reves Helen S95
Rex Franklin T. S303
Rey Albert S156
Reyes F. J. S95
Reynold ____ S156
Reynolds Alice S95
Reynolds Ambrose D. S303
Reynolds Charles R. Reynolds, Chas R. S303
Reynolds Daniel Reynolds, D. S212
Reynolds Edwina S175
Reynolds Edwina S303
Reynolds F. R. S156
Reynolds Francis M. Reynolds, F. M. S156
Reynolds Frederick W. Reynolds, Fred W. S303
Reynolds George T. Reynolds, Geo T. S156
Reynolds Harvey C. S303
Reynolds Holden A. S303
Reynolds James M. S303
Reynolds John M. Reynolds, J. N. S156
Reynolds John W. S303
Reynolds Joseph A. Reynolds, Joseph H. S303
Reynolds Mary S303
Reynolds Mathew Reynolds, Matthew S303
Reynolds Milton William "Kicking Bird" Reynolds, M. W. S175
Reynolds Milton William "Kicking Bird" Reynolds, Milton W. S303
Reynolds Norman H. S303
Reynolds Orie S303
Reynolds Philip Reynolds, Phillip S303
Reynolds Reuben S303
Reynolds Robert Rynolds, Robt S306
Reynolds Sardis S303
Reynolds Thomas S303
Reynolds Thomas S303
Reynolds Thomas S303
Reynolds Thomas B. Reynolds, T. B. S181
Rezzer James S. Rezzner, James S. S303
Rezzer Mary M. S303
Rheudy John W. Rheudy, J. W. S156
Rhines William C. Rhines, Wm C. S303
Rhoades Abraham Rhoades, Abram S303
Rhoades Abraham L. Rhoades, A. L. S181
Rhoades James J. S303
Rhoads A. C. S95
Rhodes Franklin S. Rhodes, F. S. S156
Rhodes Harvey W. Rhodes, Harvey S188
Rhodes Harvey W. S303
Rhodes Henry T. S303
Rhodes Silas W. S303
Rhodes Ulysses A. Rhodes, U. A. S303
Rhodes William L. Rhodes, W. L. S95
Rhule Florence S200
Rhymes Preston A. Rhymes, P. A. S212
Rice George S303
Rice James J. S303
Rice Joel M. S303
Rice Lewis C. S303
Rice Mary S303
Rice Miles W. S303
Rice Minnie M. Rice, Minnie S303
Rice Nat L. Rice, R. L. S156
Rice Robert P. Rice, Robt P. S303
Rice Sylvan T. S14
Rice Sylvan T. S303
Rice Theodoric Bland Rice, T. B. S303
Rice Wallace Eugene Rice, Wallace E. S303
Rice Wells S. Rice, W. S. S14
Rice William E. Rice, Wm E. S303
Rich Charles P. Rich, C. P. S95
Rich Harry E. Rich, H. E. S95
Richards David Richard, David S303
Richards John D. S156
Richards John D. S303
Richards Orva J. Richards, O. L. S221
Richards Otis H. S303
Richards Richard L. Richards, R. L. S303
Richardson August S303
Richardson Aurelius Richardson, Arelius S303
Richardson C. L. S156
Richardson Charles A. Richardson, C. A. S156
Richardson David Claud Richardson, D. C. S156
Richardson Ernest E. S303
Richardson Frank S303
Richardson George A. Richardson, Geo A. S303
Richardson James C. S303
Richardson James M. Richardson, J. M. S156
Richardson John S303
Richardson Joseph S. Richardson, Jos S. S303
Richardson Kendrick Richardson, K. S156
Richardson Luseta F. Richardson, Luseta S303
Richardson Mrs. Thomas J. (Clara S.) S116
Richardson Orin Claud Richardson, Claud S156
Richardson Silas W. Richardson, S. W. S221
Richardson Thomas J. Richardson, T. J. S95
Richardson Thomas Meriwether Richardson, T. M. S156
Richardson Thomas Meriwether Richardson, T. M. S156
Richardson Thomas Meriwether Richardson, T. M. S95
Richardson W. C. S95
Richardson William Jackson Richardson, Wm J. S303
Richardson William R. Richardson, Wm R. S303
Richart Henry S303
Richert Jacob H. S303
Richmon John S304
Richmond Frank S304
Richmond George Richmond, Geo S95
Richmond Jesse A. S304
Richmond Lewis S304
Richmond Wesley A. Richmond, W. A. S95
Rickabaugh William M. Rickabaugh, Wm S184
Ricker Henry K. Ricker, H. K. S181
Rickett Richard S304
Ricketts A. J. S175
Ricketts Charles Francis Ricketts, Chas F. S304
Ricketts J. S176
Ricketts John W. S304
Ricks Abraham S304
Ricks Jesse B. S304
Ricks Obery "Obe" Ricks, Obe S156
Riddle David W. Reddle, David W. S302
Riddle Ruth E. S176
Riddle William Riddle, Wm S176
Riddle William F. Riddle, Wm F. S304
Riddle William R. Riddle, Wm R. S304
Rider Charles Rider, Chas S304
Rider Nehemiah P. S304
Ridge Isaac M. S304
Ridgeway Isaac N. S304
Ridgeway Joshua S. S304
Ridley Jackson S304
Riede John E. S304
Riedlinger Joseph Riedluiger, Joseph S304
Rieffer George A. Rieffer, Geo A. S304
Rieffer John S304
Rieger Alois Rieger, Alvis S304
Riehl Jacob Riehe, Jacob S156
Rigdon Dan R. S304
Rigdon Willis M. Rigdon, W. M. S304
Riggs Gloster A. Riggs, J. A. S200
Riggs John A. S304
Riggs John W. S304
Rigsby William H. Rigsby, Wm H. S304
Riha James S304
Riley Cornelius S304
Riley G. W. S182
Riley George W. Riley, Geo W. S182
Riley Ida A. S304
Riley Isaac N. S304
Riley Jacob H. S304
Riley Jacob H. S95
Riley Josiah J. Riley, J. J. S156
Riley Lawrence D. S304
Riley William Hill Riley, Wm H. S304
Riling John A. Riling, J. A. S95
Riman Ernest A. S304
Rinas Theodor Renas, Theo S303
Rinbolt David S304
Rinehart Ace S. Rineheart, Ace S. S304
Rinehart Edgar Milton Rineheart, Edgar M. S304
Rinehart Francis M. Rinehart, F. M. S95
Rinehart Francis M. Rinehart, F. M. S95
Rinehart Henry F. S304
Rinehart James H. Rinehart, J. H. S95
Rinehart James H. S304
Rinehart William J. Rinehart, Wm J. S304
Riner William H. Riner, Wm S95
Ring John A. S304
Ringler James S. S304
Ringwold Jacob F. Ringwald, Jacob F. S304
Rinker George L. Rinker, Geo L. S225
Rinker George L. S222
Rinker John W. S304
Ripple William H. Ripple, Wm H. S304
Rirdon John R. Rirdon, John S. S304
Risch William Risch, Wm S304
Rising Robert A. Resing, Robert A. S303
Risley John G. S304
Risley Theodore G. Risley, T. G. S13
Ritchey Sanford L. S221
Ritchey Thomas J. S221
Ritchie Henry C. Ritchie, H. C. S182
Ritchie Ward D. S304
Ritner Joseph S304
Rittenhouse Linden Elwood Rittenhouse, L. E. S182
Ritter A. A. S95
Ritter Elmer G. S304
Ritter William M. Ritter, Wm M. S304
Ritz Rudolf R. Retz, Rudolph R. S303
Rivers Harry S95
Rives B. Frank Rives, Frank S304
Rix Obery also: Ricks, Obe S156
Rixie ____ S156
Rixse Charley S304
Rixse Ed C. Rixsey, E. C. S156
Rixse Edward Rixse, Edwd S304
Rixse John S304
Rizley Wilson S304
Roach Miss Bertha S156
Roane James H. Roane, Jas H. S304
Roane James H. Jr. Roane, Jas H. S304
Roark James Roark, Jas S200
Roark James B. Roark, J. B. S200
Roark Saul Roark, Sam'l S304
Robacker Morris W. Robacker, M. W. S95
Robb Charles S. S304
Robb George W. Robb, Geo W. S187
Robb James C. Rabb, James C. S301
Robb James C. Robb, J. C. S200
Robb Miss Almira C. Robb, Miss A. C. S156
Robberts Charles Robberts, Chas S200
Robberts Jacob C. Robberts, J. C. S200
Robberts Jacob C. Roberts, J. C. S13
Robbins Albert W. S304
Robbins C. H. S96
Robbins Daniel K. S304
Robbins Edward E. Robbins, E. E. S304
Robbins Jeremiah S156
Robbins John S304
Robbins Jule S96
Robbins Lee S96
Robbins Maud S96
Robbs John Rubbs, John S306
Robbs Joseph S304
Robbs Moses S304
Roberson Frederick Roberson, Fred'k S304
Roberson James M. S304
Roberson Newton S. S304
Roberson Thomas A. Robertson, Thos A. S305
Roberson Thomas I. S304
Robert Albert S157
Roberts Alexander Roberts, Alex S304
Roberts Amanda E. S304
Roberts Berry H. S304
Roberts Cora S304
Roberts David S304
Roberts Edward B. Roberts, Edwd S304
Roberts Edwin W. S304
Roberts Elias J. S304
Roberts Elijah S304
Roberts George K. Roberts, Geo K. S304
Roberts Isaac S304
Roberts J. A. S212
Roberts James S182
Roberts James E. Roberts, J. E. S216
Roberts James E. S304
Roberts James M. S304
Roberts John S304
Roberts John H. S304
Roberts Joseph S157
Roberts Joseph S304
Roberts Louis E. Roberts, L. E. S96
Roberts Miss Cora S96
Roberts Miss Cora S96
Roberts Miss Grace S200
Roberts Mrs. Amanda E. Roberts, Mrs. A. S200
Roberts Oscar P. S304
Roberts Perry N. S304
Roberts R. R. S96
Roberts Rev. James E. Roberts, Rev. S184
Roberts Richmond W. Roberts, Richmond M. S304
Roberts Samuel J. Roberts, Sam'l B. S304
Roberts Thomas S96
Roberts Walter C. Roberts, W. C. S96
Roberts William B. Roberts, Wm B. S304
Robertson Allen S304
Robertson Dr. William A. Robertson, W. A. S157
Robertson Francis M. S304
Robertson George R. Robertson, G. R. S304
Robertson Hardin E. Robertson, Harlin S304
Robertson Ira S304
Robertson J. S96
Robertson James L. S157
Robertson James M. S304
Robertson Jesse S304
Robertson John S304
Robertson John C. Robertson, J. C. S96
Robertson John Lindsey Robertson, John L. S304
Robertson John W. S305
Robertson Lee J. Robertson, Lee S157
Robertson Leslie J. S305
Robertson Marcus L. S305
Robertson Miss C. I. S96
Robertson Miss Cora F. S96
Robertson N. E. S96
Robertson O. E. S96
Robertson Peter H. S305
Robertson Theodore Robertson, Theo S305
Robertson William Robertson, Wm S305
Robertson William S. Robertson, W. S. S96
Robertson William S. S13
Robey William H. Robey, Wm H. S305
Robinson Albert S. S305
Robinson C. T. S157
Robinson C. T. S157
Robinson Charles A. S305
Robinson E. S96
Robinson Elby R. S305
Robinson Eli S305
Robinson Frank S305
Robinson Frank J. Robenson, Frank J. S304
Robinson Grant B. S305
Robinson James S305
Robinson James H. S305
Robinson James W. S305
Robinson John S305
Robinson John S96
Robinson John S96
Robinson John L. S305
Robinson John P. S305
Robinson John W. Robinson, J. W. S212
Robinson John W. S305
Robinson Marth S157
Robinson Mrs. N. E. S200
Robinson Nathan S305
Robinson Nathaniel S305
Robinson Necia S305
Robinson Robert S305
Robinson S. S212
Robinson Thomas Robinson, Thos S157
Robinson Thomas K. Robinson, Thos K. S305
Robinson Willet L. S305
Robinson William J. Robinson, Wm J. S305
Robinson William L. Robinson, Wm L. S305
Robinson William R. Robinson, Wm R. S305
Robison James W. Robinson, Jas W. S305
Robison James W. Robinson, Jas W. S305
Robison Richard Rafison, Richard S301
Robison William Robison, Wm S305
Robison William H. Robison, Wm H. S305
Robison William S. Robison, Wm I. S305
Roby William H. Roby, Wm H. S305
Roche Francis J. Roche, F. J. S305
Rochelle James S. Rochelle, Jas S. S305
Rock James L. Rock, J. L. S96
Rock Richard S157
Rockenbach Charles A. Rockenbach, Chas A. S305
Rockwell Clifton C. S305
Rockwell Ephraim S305
Rockwell Mrs. Maggie L. Rockwell, Mrs. M. L. S157
Rockwood Lewis S305
Rockwood Lewis A. S305
Rodaem William D. Rodaem, Wm D. S305
Rodenberg Guss Rodenberg, Gass S305
Roder Joseph S305
Rodger John S96
Rodgers George W. Rodgers, Geo W. S305
Rodgers John S305
Rodgers Michael Rodgers, Mike S305
Rodgers Sterling M. S305
Rodgers Thomas S305
Rodkey Perry S157
Rodman Alice E. S305
Rodman William Rodman, Wm S305
Roe Dr. Morris P. Roe, M. P. S96
Roe James W. Roe, J. W. S200
Roe Richard S182
Roe Richard S305
Roe William L. Roe, Wm L. S305
Rogers Addie S200
Rogers Alexander Rogers, Alex S305
Rogers Benjamin C. Rogers, Benj C. S305
Rogers Charles C. Rogers, Chas C. S305
Rogers Charles E. Rogers, Chas E. S305
Rogers Charles F. Rogers, Chas F. S305
Rogers Charles H. Rogers, Chas H. S305
Rogers Elnora S305
Rogers Emma E. Rogers, E.E. S200
Rogers Frank M. S305
Rogers Fred S. S200
Rogers James L. S305
Rogers John S200
Rogers John S305
Rogers John S305
Rogers John S305
Rogers John P. S200
Rogers John W. S305
Rogers Lewis S157
Rogers Louis S157
Rogers Louisa J. Rodgers, Louisa J. S305
Rogers Madison S305
Rogers Phil S96
Rogers Posey J. Rogers, P. J. S215
Rogers Robert W. Rogers, Robt W. S305
Rogers Samuel B. ("Bud") Rogers, Sam'l B. S305
Rogers Sarah E. S305
Rogers Timothy S. S305
Rogers William Rogers, Wm S305
Rogers William E. Rogers, Wm E. S305
Rogers William R. Rogers, W. R. S221
Rogers William R. Rogers, Wm R. S305
Roggers N. A. S187
Rohlinger P. J. S157
Rohr Mathias Lohr, Mathias S281
Rohrer William W. Rohrer, W. W. S96
Rolater Dr. Joseph "Joe" Brown Rolater, J. B. S157
Roles Letcher G. Rales, L. G. S301
Roley Thomas A. S305
Rolf Bradford Ralf, Bradford S301
Rolfe Henry W. S305
Rolfe Ira D. Rolfe, I. D. S96
Roll William I. Roll, Wm I. S305
Roller John S157
Rollins Pleasant A. S305
Rollins Thurman J. Rollins, T. J. S212
Rolph George W. Rolph, Geo W. S305
Romick John C. Romick, J. C. S157
Romine Theodore F. Romine, T. F. S96
Ronsich Edward W. Ronsich, Edw W. S305
Roof Christopher G. S305
Rooney Owen S305
Rooney Peter S200
Roosa George L. Roosa, G. L. S157
Rosalia Sister S96
Rose Bennett R. Rose, B. R. S157
Rose C. L. S176
Rose Chester S305
Rose Edward B. S305
Rose Edward J. S305
Rose Enoch S305
Rose George P. Rose, Geo P. S305
Rose John L. S305
Rose Mrs. Mary E. S96
Rose R. S157
Rose Sheridan G. Rose, S. G. S305
Rose William H. Rose, W. H. S305
Roseboom Elmer E. S305
Rosecrans Charles P. Rosencrans, Chas P. S305
Rosecrants Edward C. Rosecrantes, Edwd C. S305
Rosenberg Rudolph S305
Rosenberger J. H. S157
Ross Andrew T. Ross, A. T. S212
Ross David S157
Ross David A. S305
Ross Frank B. Ross, F. B. S212
Ross Frank P. Ross, F. P. S157
Ross George Ross, Geo S157
Ross George W. Ross, Geo W. S225
Ross H. A. S221
Ross J. W. S157
Ross J. W. S221
Ross Jacob R. S305
Ross Jacob S. Ross, J. S. S96
Ross John S200
Ross John S305
Ross Joseph G. S305
Ross Joseph S. Jr. Ross, J. S. jr S200
Ross Leslie B. Ross, L. P. S157
Ross Lida S305
Ross Lyman C. S305
Ross Miss Ida S176
Ross Mrs. Elizabeth C. Ross, Mrs. E. C. S96
Ross Mrs. Jacob S. (Anna A.) Ross, Mrs. J. S. S96
Ross Mrs. R. J. S212
Ross R. A. S96
Ross R. L. S212
Ross Shirley Ross, Sherley S96
Ross T. B. S96
Ross Vinton Rose, Vinton S305
Ross William Rose, Wm S305
Ross William Ross, Wm S306
Ross William E. Ross, Wm E. S306
Ross Woodson Woodson, Ross S330
Rossander Oloff Rossander, Orloff S306
Rote Huebert Huebert, Rate S271
Roth Henry Roth, H. S97
Roth Jacob Rath, Jacob S302
Roth Jacob Ruth, Jacob S306
Roth John C. S306
Roth Lewis A. S306
Rothhammer Eugene Alexander Rathhammer, Eugene S302
Rothhammer Sigmund Maria Rothhammer, Sig M. S306
Rouch N. S212
Rounsavell Austin A. Rounsavell, A. A. S97
Rounsavell Harlan G. Rounsavell, H. G. S97
Rounsavell Joseph L. Rounsavell, J. L. S97
Rourke Hugh S306
Rouse Colonel S97
Rouse George N. Rouse, Geo N. S306
Rouse Lee D. Rouse, Lee S97
Rouse Norah S. Rouse, N. S. S157
Roush John S306
Routh Charles W. Routh, C. W. S157
Row William E. Row, Wm E. S306
Rowden George M. Rowden, Geo M. S306
Rowden William M. Rowden, Wm M. S306
Rowe Ambrose M. S306
Rowe David J. S306
Rowe George B. Rowe, Geo B. S306
Rowe Levi C. Rowe, Louis C. S306
Rowe Susanna S306
Rowe Weldon P. Rowe, Weldow P. S306
Rowell Carlton Jones Rowell, Carlton J. S306
Rowen George H. Brown, Geo H. S236
Rowen John W. Rowen, Jno W. S97
Rowen John W. S136
Rowers John Bowers, John S234
Rowland Havard Kane Rowland, H. K. S306
Rowland James E. S306
Rowland Jeremiah S306
Rowland John S306
Rowland Joseph B. Rowland, J. B. S200
Rowland Powhattan H. Rowland, Powhattan S306
Rowland William Rowland, Wm S306
Rowley Abram S97
Rowley Charles S306
Rowley Henry Rowley, H. S157
Rowley Hiel S306
Rowley S. J. S97
Rowley Samuel R. Rowley, Sam'l R. S97
Rowsell Thomas S97
Roy Benjamin F. Roy, Benjamin S306
Roy Columbus Franklin Roy, Columbus F. S306
Roy George M. Roy, Geo M. S306
Roy W. P. S187
Royce M. T. S212
Royer Elmer S306
Rozell Jonathan Rosell, Jonathan S305
Roztocil John S306
Rubeck Mickel Rubeck, Mickle S306
Ruble Daniel B. Ruble, Dan'l B. S306
Ruby Miss Lydia L. S158
Ruck Fred S306
Rucker Peter S306
Ruckman Joseph W. Buckman, Joseph W. S237
Rudd Gertie S. S306
Rudd William C. Rudd, Wm C. S306
Rudolph F. M. S97
Ruffner Harry S97
Ruhl Amos W. S306
Ruhl Artie L. S306
Ruhl Dr. Joseph E. Ruhl, Joseph E. S306
Ruhl Ellsworth F. S306
Ruhl Ermin G. Ruhl, Emmen G. S306
Ruhl Oscar O. S306
Rule George Rule, Geo S306
Rumsey Dr. Gerard K. Rumsey, G. K. S200
Rundquist Charles Ranaquist, Charles S302
Runels Henry S306
Runge William Runge, Wm S158
Runge William Runge, Wm S182
Runnells Alvin Reinells, Alvin S303
Runnells Joel K. S306
Runnick James M. Rennick, James N. S303
Runyan Aaron Marcus Crado Runyan, Marcus C. S306
Runyan W. C. S158
Rupe George M. Rupe, Geo M. S306
Rupe Joseph B. S306
Rush David S306
Rush John F. S306
Rush Lee S306
Rush Mrs. Amy C. S97
Rush Noah W. S306
Russell Adam S306
Russell Caleb Russell, Colet S306
Russell Charles C. Russell, C. C. S184
Russell James E. S306
Russell James F. Russell, Jas S306
Russell John D. S306
Russell John H. S97
Russell Peter L. Russell, P. L. S97
Russell Rev. E. T. S182
Russell Thomas H. Russell, Thos H. S306
Russell Volney E. H. S306
Rust Alexander Rust, Alex S306
Rust William D. S13
Rutherford James O. S306
Rutherford James T. Rutherford, Jas T. S306
Rutherford Perry S97
Rutherford William R. Rutherford, W. R. S306
Ruthven Miss Ellen S97
Rutledge E. A. S158
Rutledge Joseph F. Ruthledge, Joseph F. S306
Rutledge Mrs. Sarah S158
Rutter Andrew J. S306
Rutter Edmond M. S306
Ryan Daniel Ryan, D. S200
Ryan Daniel S306
Ryan Dora S306
Ryan Dr. James A. Ryan, Dr. J. A. S157
Ryan Henry Ryan, H. S200
Ryan James S200
Ryan Joel S306
Ryan Jonathan J. Ryan, J. J. S306
Ryan M. K. S97
Ryan T. W. S97
Ryan William J. Ryan, W. J. S97
Ryder Maurice S158
Rye Edgar S306
Ryland Benjamin Franklin Ryland, Benj F. S306
Sabine George F. B. Sabine, G. T. B. S97
Sackett Jasper N. S306
Sacks John Sachs, John S306
Sade Franklin Pierce Sade, F. B. S306
Sadler Warren C. S306
Saffron Edward H. Suffron, Edward H. S316
Sagent Charles Sagent, Chas S97
Sain Joseph W. S306
Sain William A. Sain, Wm L. S306
Sale Samuel M. S306
Sales Philip S306
Salisbury Albert S. S306
Salisbury William M. Salisbury, Wm M. S97
Salla A. O. S97
Salla Albert S97
Salla America S97
Salmon J. F. S62
Salmon William M. Salmon, W. M. S97
Salyards Clarence A. Salyards, C. A. S213
Sam Wah S97
Sammers John J. Sommers, J. H. S313
Sampey Neason H. Sampey, N. H. S158
Sampey Neason H. Sampey, N. H. S158
Sample Moses D. S306
Samples Albert S306
Samples Benjamin F. Samples, Benj F. S306
Samples Elijah L. Sampler, Lige S188
Samples Elijah L. Samples, Elijah S306
Samples Gregory F. Samples, Gregory T. S306
Samples Mollie S306
Sampley Peter W. S306
Sampsel John P. Sampsel, J. P. S97
Sampson John J. S306
Sams John H. S306
Samuel David A. Samuel, D. A. S97
Samuels Isaac S306
Samuels James R. S306
Sanders Benjamin F. Sanders, Benj F. S307
Sanders Caleb Saunders, Caleb S307
Sanders Elizabeth A. S307
Sanders Emerson S307
Sanders Fred L. S307
Sanders Henry S307
Sanders J. T. S215
Sanders James Sanders, Jas S307
Sanders Joshua R. Sanders, Josiah R. S307
Sanders Mark L. S307
Sanders Marvin E. S307
Sanders Nevin M. Sanders, Neoni M. S307
Sanders Raymond S307
Sanderson Alexander Sanderson, Alex S307
Sanderson Benjamin Franklin Sanderson, Benj F. S307
Sandford Arthur Seaford, Arthur S308
Sandford Charles H. Sandford, Chas H. S200
Sandford Charles Vann "Vann" Sanford, Chas V. S307
Sandford David W. Sandford, D. W. S184
Sandford Harriett P. S307
Sandford Mrs. Harriett P. Sanford, Mrs. H. P. S158
Sandford William W. Sandford, W. W. S158
Sandidge John S. S307
Sandifer George Sandifer, Geo S307
Sandner Peter S307
Sandusky Thomas S307
Sanford Allie S97
Sanford Chas V. S307
Sanford Don H. Sanford, D. H. S158
Sanganet Felix Sanganat, Felix S307
Sanger Herman F. S307
Sanner George W. Sanner, Geo W. S307
Sansbury Frederick D. Sansbury, F. D. S307
Sansbury Richard M. S307
Sarber Frank S97
Sartain George Thomas Sartain, Geo T. S98
Sater John E. Sater, J. E. S14
Sater John E. Sater, J. E. S225
Sater John E. Sater, J. E. S98
Satterlee Duella C. Satterlee, D. C. S98
Satterlee Frank D. Satterlee, F. D. S98
Satterlee John S307
Satterlee Leonard S307
Sauls William D. Sauls, Wm D. S307
Saunders George Saunders, Geo S98
Saunders George W. Saunders, Geo W. S307
Saunders Henry Sanders, Henry S307
Saunders J. F. S98
Saunders Mrs. S. J. S158
Saunders William D. Saunders, W. D. S98
Saunders William L. Saunders, Wm L. S307
Sauner John S158
Savage William E. Savage, W. E. S200
Sawin Silas W. S307
Sawyer Elvira J. Sawyer, E. J. S182
Sawyer Hamlin Whitmore Sawyer, H. W. S158
Sawyer Hamlin Whitmore S152
Sawyer Moses W. Sawyer, M. W. S98
Sawyer Samuel W. Sawyer, S. W. S182
Sawyers Samuel F. Sawyers, Sam'l F. S307
Sawyers Thomas A. S307
Saxon James W. Saxon, J. W. S215
Saxton Chesteen S307
Sayer Henry C. S307
Sayer Miss Fannie S213
Sayles Ambrose Sayles, Mr. S200
Sayles Hiram A. S158
Sayre Volney E. Sayer, Volney E. S200
Scaggs Mary S98
Scalapino Angelo S307
Scales Albert S98
Scales Granville S307
Scales James P. Scales, J. P. S182
Scales James P. S307
Scallan Rev. Fr. Nicholas Francis Scallan, Rev. Father N.F. S158
Scallan Rev. Fr. Nicholas Francis S176
Scallorn Edward Scallon, Edward S307
Scarborough John H. Scarboraugh, J. H. S307
Schaaf Charles Schaaf, Chas S307
Schaar John L. S307
Schaefer Frederick S307
Schaefer Louis S307
Schaeffer Adam J. S307
Schaeffer Harry S158
Schafer H. A. S158
Schafer Mat S98
Schafer Nicholas Schafer, Nicolas S307
Schafer Peter S307
Scharbrough Harvey Scarbough, Harvey S307
Scharbrough Lovanna Scharborough, Loranna S307
Schardt George M. Schardt, Geo M. S307
Schee Charles E. Schee, C. E. S182
Scheef Charles Scheef, Chas S200
Scheenen Andrew Sheenan, Andrew S309
Scheffel Anton Schiffel, Anton S307
Scheider Louis Scheider, L. S158
Schein George Schein, Geo S307
Schemerhorn Mrs. M. E. S98
Schermerhorn Francis D. Schermerhorn, F. D. S182
Schetrompf Calvin Schelrompf, Calvin S307
Schetrompf John Schelbrompf, John S307
Schetrompf John S307
Scheurich Martin Schenrich, Martin S307
Schick W. H. S200
Schilde Fred E. S307
Schill John F. S158
Schilling H. G. S98
Schilling Henry C. Schilling, H. C. S98
Schindler Joseph S158
Schlegel George W. Schlegel, G. W. S98
Schlegel Glorious W. S307
Schlosser Charles Schlosser, Chas S307
Schlosser Jacob S307
Schmahl Julius S307
Schmallback Henry S307
Schmidt John S158
Schmidt William Schmidt, Wm S307
Schneider Henry J. Schneider, H. J. S307
Schneider John S307
Schneiderwind James S307
Schnell Andrew C. Schnell, Andrew S98
Schnell H. E. S98
Schnell Joseph S98
Schnell Miss Alice C. Schnell, Miss Alice S98
Schnell R. S. S200
Schnons H. S201
Schof Joseph S307
Scholpp Gottlieb Schalpp, Gottlieb S307
Schoolcraft Georgiana S. Schooleropt, Georgia S307
Schooley Oswald S221
Schoonover Ella S307
Schopflin John Schofflin, John S307
Schowalter August H. Schowalter, A. H. S200
Schrameck Frank A. Schramek, Frank A. S307
Schreffler Monroe S307
Schroeder Anton Schroder, Ruton S307
Schroeder Charles W. Schroeder, Chas W. S307
Schubert Guida E. S307
Schubnell John S307
Schuehle William Schluehle, Wm S98
Schulke August S307
Schultz Ferd S158
Schultz John H. Schultz, J. H. S158
Schultz John H. S307
Schulze Frank S98
Schumacher Sarah Schumacher, Sarah S307
Schumaker Charles Schumaker, Chas S307
Schumaker Charles S307
Schutt Frank G. Jr. Shutt, Frank G. Jr. S310
Schutt John H. S307
Schwab Jacob S307
Schwab John Schwab, Johey S307
Schwab William H. Schwab, Wm H. S307
Schwab William M. Schwab, Wm M. S307
Schwartz Henry John Schwartz, Henry J. S307
Schwartz John H. S307
Schwartz William L. Schwartz, Wm L. S307
Schwarz Christian Schwartz, Chrislein S307
Schweinle William M. Schweinle, W. M. S158
Schweizer Jacob S182
Schwoerke Charles F. W. Schwoerke, C. F. W. S307
Scobee James W. Scober, James W. S307
Scofield Howard Schofield, Howard S307
Scofield Irvin Scofield, Irwin S307
Scofield Orren S. Scofield, O. S. S98
Scofield Orren S. S307
Sconce Alvy Sconce, Alvig S307
Sconce James M. S307
Scothorn John W. S98
Scott Alvah S308
Scott Amos Scott, Amos B. S307
Scott Angelo Cyrus Scott, A. C. S158
Scott C. S158
Scott Cellestan S98
Scott Charles Scott, Chas S308
Scott Charles Scott, Chas S308
Scott D. W. S182
Scott David W. Scott, D. W. S158
Scott Edward Scott, Edw S158
Scott Ewing S308
Scott Frank S158
Scott Frank S308
Scott Fred B. S308
Scott Frederick J. Scott, Fred'k J. S308
Scott George W. Scott, Geo S308
Scott Harrison S98
Scott J. S98
Scott James W. Jr. S308
Scott John S308
Scott John B. S308
Scott John D. S308
Scott Joseph E. S308
Scott Joseph L. S308
Scott Joseph P. Scott, J. P. S201
Scott Kenneth S308
Scott Lewis S308
Scott Miss M. D. S158
Scott Mountford J. Mountford, J. Scott S292
Scott Mrs. Alice S158
Scott Peter P. S308
Scott Robert Wallace Scott, Robt W. S308
Scott S. H. S159
Scott Samuel S201
Scott Samuel S308
Scott Thomas C. Scott, Thos C. S308
Scott W. A. S159
Scott W. Spratt Scott, U. Spratt S308
Scott William A. Scott, Wm A. S308
Scott William B. Scott, Wm B. S308
Scott William E. Scott, W. E. S201
Scott William G. Scott, W. G. S159
Scott William Lloyd Scott, Wm L. S308
Scovill O. F. S159
Scrivner Levi S308
Scroggins John C. Scroggins, John G. S308
Scroggs Joseph G. S308
Scroggs William E. Scroggs, Wm E. S308
Scruggs Clement C. S308
Scrutchfield Charles Harvey Scrutchfield, C. H. S98
Scrutchfield Charles Harvey Scrutchfield, Chas H. S308
Scrutchfield John Franklin Scrutchfield, Frank S98
Seacat Fountain Seacat, F. S225
Seaholm Andrew S308
Seal Joseph D. S308
Seale Samantha J. Seale, Samantha S308
Seals John W. S308
Seals Russell S159
Seaman Albert R. Seaman, A. R. S99
Seaman Alonzo Thomas Abraham Seaman, Alonzo F. A. S308
Seaman Charles E. Seaman, Charley E. S308
Seaman William C. Seaman, Wm C. S308
Sears Cornelius F. S308
Sears G. A. S98
Sears George M. Sears, Geo M. S308
Sears J. M. S98
Sears Lee S308
Sears Miss Helen S98
Sears Theodore Crosby Sears, T. C. S99
Sears Thomas M. S308
Sears William W. Sears, W. W. S159
Seaton F. M. S99
Seaton Jefferson T. Seaton, J. T. S159
Seatton Miss Cora S159
Seawell Mrs. Mary B. S159
Seawell Thomas B. Seawell, T. B. S159
Seawell William H. Seawell, W. H. S213
Seay Abraham Jefferson Seay, Abraham J. S13
Sebastian George M. Sebastian, Geo M. S308
Sebring William E. Sebring, W. E. S308
Sechrest John A. Sechrest, John S308
Seddins Milton M. Seddins, M. M. S308
Sedore Abe L. S308
See Bluford A. S308
See Frank S159
Seebolt Hubert L. Stubolt, H. L. S316
Seebolt Orien L. Subolt, O. L. S316
Seeds George M. Seeds, G. M. S99
Seeds Shuble York Seeds, S. Y. S99
Seeds Shuble York Seeds, Shuble Y. S308
Seeger Henry W. Seeger, H. W. S159
Seeley John S308
Seeley Maggie Suley, Maggie S316
Seely Albert S308
Seely Charles S308
Seely Helen S308
Seely Oliver C. Seeley, C. Seeley S308
Seely Silas E. Seeley, S. E. S99
Seely Silas E. S308
Seely Thomas Seeley, Thomas S13
Seely Thomas Seely, Thos S99
Seep John B. S308
Seery Edward S159
Sees Denton S308
Seger John H. S308
Seggleke Louis Skeggleke, Louis S311
Sego Jesse B. S308
Seibert David H. Seibert, David S99
Seifut George Seifert, George S308
Seiler Lyman B. S308
Seiler William H. Seiler, Wm H. S308</