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Volunteer in the Research Center

There are numerous opportunities available in the Research Center. Volunteers and interns may work with the public or behind the scenes with the collections. If you are interested in volunteering, complete our volunteer profile.

Manuscripts Department

Scanning Letters and Files
Topics: Missionary work with the Choctaw Nation, county history, and the Civil War.

Sorting and Date Ordering Letters and Files
Topics: Judicial officers, Cow Punchers Association, Murray Agricultural College, Greer County, Coal County, Langston University, and railroads. 

All projects in the manuscripts department require data entry on a computer as well as the time commitment to complete the project assigned in a timely manner.

Library Assistants

  • Cleaning the microfilm reader/printers
  • Dusting the microfilm reader tables
  • Stocking all the printers and copiers with paper
  • Shelf-reading in the library (making sure the books are in the right order)
  • Straightening bookshelves (edging the books)
  • Stocking scrap paper
  • Dusting library shelves and lamps
  • Work in the holdings for book sale

Indexing Projects

Research Center volunteers can help index various records in the collection, making it easier for patrons to find genealogical and historical records. These indexes will be placed online; many of the indexes and databases you see on the OHS website were created with the help of volunteers.

Basic computer/typing skills and experience with MS Excel required.

Technical Services

Stack Maintenance

  • Shelve books and other library materials according to the filing rules for the Library of Congress Classification System.
  • Perform shelf reading, re-set loose bookends, straighten books, and keep shelves looking tidy.
  • Assist in inventory projects.
  • Shift library book collections when necessary.
  • Work on the assembly of shelving units if needed.
  • Retrieve materials from shelves.


  • Verify bibliographic information.
  • Check databases and shelves for holdings.
  • Retrieve materials from shelves.


  • Check-in serials.
  • Prepare serials for shelving/binding.
  • Update OPAC (online library system) holdings.
  • Sort and update shelf list cards.

Authority Work

  • Maintain authority files.
  • Ensure consistency on subject headings and personal/corporate entries according to authority files.


  • Ability to use computer terminals.
  • Accurate typing.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Ability to lift and carry library materials up to 30 lbs; push and pull book carts; and frequent stooping and reaching.
  • Visual discrimination and ability to read spine labels.

Knowledge and proficiency in the use of Library of Congress Classification System and other library filling systems

Current Internship Openings

The digitization department currently has multiple openings for interns. Find out more.

Other Opportunities

Additional student internships and service learning programs are also available. For more information contact:

Laura Martin
Research Division Deputy Director
(405) 522-5221

Carol Jasak
Registrar/Volunteer Coordinator
(405) 522-5225