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Archeological Surveys

ARSR # Title Date
5 Archeological Investigations at Proposed Clayton Reservoir 1976 1977
7 Archeological Resources of Black Mesa State Park - Cimarron County, Oklahoma 1978
8 An Archeological Survey of the Fourche Maline Valley South of Red Oak, Oklahoma 1979
9 A Cultural Resource Survey of the Salt Creek Valley - Osage County, Oklahoma 1979
11 A Survey of the Prehistoric and Historic Sites in the Honey Springs Area - McIntosh and Muskogee Counties, Oklahoma 1981
14 Kaw Lake Shoreline Archeology 1979 1982
16 Oklahoma Archeology: A 1981 Perspective 1983
19 An Archeological Survey Along the Red River: The Kemp Bottoms Area - Bryan County, Oklahoma 1984
20 Archaeology of the Mixed Grass Prairie Phase I: Quartermaster Creek 1984
21 Archeological Resources in the Bird Creek Basin - Rogers, Tulsa, and Osage Counties, Oklahoma 1985
22 Preliminary Testing and Evaluation of the Grobin Davis Archeological Site, 34Mc253 - McCurtain County, Oklahoma 1985
23 Prehistoric Farmers of the Washita River Valley: Settlement and Subsistence Patters During the Plains Village Period 1985
25 An Archeological Reconnaissance of the Upper Little River Basin in Cleveland County, Oklahoma, 1984 1986
27 Prehistoric Rock Art of the Cross Timbers Management Unit, East Central Oklahoma: An Introductory Study 1986
28 An Archeological Survey in the James Fork Watershed - LeFlore County, Oklahoma 1987
31 Archeological Investigations Within the Central Little River Drainage Basin - Cleveland and Pottawatomie Counties, Oklahoma 1988
32 Archeological Survey of Clearcut Areas Along Little River - McCurtain and Pushmataha Counties, Oklahoma 1988
33 Archeology of the Mixed Grass Prairie, Phase II and III: Hay and Cyclone Creeks Surveys and Predictive Modeling in the Quartermaster Watershed 1988
34 Community Assistance Program - Annual Report of Activities 1989
35 An Archeological Reconnaissance of the Wolf Creek Drainage Basin - Ellis COunty, Oklahoma 1989
36 A Survey of Archeological Resources and an Evaluation of Buried Site Potential in Northwestern Oklahoma County, Oklahoma 1989
37 An Archeological Survey of the Spiro Vicinity - LeFlore County, Oklahoma 1993
38 A Cultural Resource Assessment of Promontories in Western Oklahoma 1993
39 Pedestrian Survey of Playa Lake Environments in Beaver and Texas Counties, Oklahoma - Project 40-97-12040.021 1998
40 Paleoindian Bison Hunting Along the Beaver River - Harper County, Oklahoma 1999
41 Archaeological Survey of Late Archaic Bison Kill Sites in Beckham County, Oklahoma 2000
43 Streams in No Man's Land: A Cultural Resource Survey in Beaver and Texas Counties, Oklahoma 2001
44 An Archeological Survey of the Dirty Creek Basin - Muskogee and McIntosh Counties, Oklahoma 2001
45 Pedestrian Survey of Canyons in the Cimarron River Drainage - Harper County, Oklahoma 2002
46 An Archeological and Historical Study of the Canadian River Valley in Central Oklahoma 2002