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National Register of Historic Places

The National Register is a catalogue of the buildings, sites, structures, districts, and objects significant in our past, and the register is in the foundation for all of the SHPO's programs. Listing in the National Register provides recognition, limited protection and, in some cases, financial incentives for these important properties. The SHPO identifies, evaluates, and nominates properties for this special designation. For detailed information, contact Lynda Schwan Ozan at 405/522-4478 or email lozan@okhistory.org.

***National Register of Historic Places Nomination Grant Application***

National Register of Historic Places Fact Sheet (in PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions About the National Register of Historic Places (in PDF)

***NEW*** Interactive NRHP Map (Unrestricted Locations)

Oklahoma Properties Listed in the National Register
(Oklahoma's National Register Handbook)

National Register Nomination Forms and Interactive Map
(in cooperation with Oklahoma State University, Department of Geography)

National Register Criteria for Evaluation

Information for Owners

Request Preliminary Opinion on Eligibility

Survey Forms

Oklahoma National Register Nomination and Request for Formal Determination of Eligibility Manual (in PDF)

National Register of Historic Places Nomination and Submittal Requirements (June 2014)

NPS Photo Policy (May 2013)

Mapping Coordinates Update (February 2012)

SHPO National Register Goal