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Little Cabin Creek Bridge, Carries US 60/69 over Little Cabin Creek

One and one-half miles southeast of Vinita and approximately one mile southeast of Interstate 44 [Will Rogers Turnpike]

Constructed in 1934-35, the Little Cabin Creek Bridge carried US Highway 66 over Little Cabin Creek until 1970. A bucolic rural landscape of a wooded stream valley, green pasture, cultivated fields, and a pecan grove comprise the bridge's setting. It is 388 feet in length and combines a 95-foot Parker Pony Truss with eight steel stringer I-beam approach spans, each 36 feet long. The bridge's driving surface width (between the curbs) is 24 feet, and the total width inclusive of curbs and guardrail is 25 feet. The steel stringer approach spans have a concrete post-and-beam guardrail, while the guardrail on the truss is a pair of I-shaped beams. The bridge has had no alterations other than minor repair work.