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Ed Galloway's Totem Pole Park

State Highway 28A, 3.5 miles East of Highway 66, Foyil vicinity

Ed Galloway's Totem Pole Park is located on Oklahoma State Highway 28A, at a point 3.5 miles east of U.S. 66. This folk art environment was one of the most popular side trips for tourists driving the historic highway. The 1.4-acre historic district contains a residential area, a totem park area, and a picnic and museum area. Ed Galloway was one of Oklahoma's premier folk artists. His art objects are made of stone or concrete, reinforced with steel rebar and wood. They are incised and carved in bas-relief. Painted, decorative elements of the creations include representational and figurative images of birds and Native Americans of the Northwest Coast, Alaska, and Plains cultures. Significant objects include the 1937-1948 ninety-foot main Totem Pole, which is heavily incised and carved in bas-relief with numerous projections. Other totems include a pre-1955 Arrowhead Totem, a Birdbath Totem dating from about 1955, and a tree Totem dating circa 1955-1961.