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Miami Downtown Historic District

Roughly bounded by 100 block of North Main, and the zero blocks of South Main, Central Avenue, & Southeast "A" Street, Miami

The Miami Downtown Historic District is the community's historic commercial core. It consists primarily of the buildings along Main Street, the alignment of Route 66, with a few located on side streets. Most of the buildings in the district were constructed between 1902 and 1958 and were designed in the Commercial style of architecture with a few examples of Art Deco and other styles. In the mid-1960s, an urban renewal project resulted in the demolition of numerous buildings along "A" Streets East and West to provide parking lots. Also at that time, the original configuration of Main Street was altered to allow diagonal parking and a serpentine traffic flow pattern; it was anticipated that the new design would encourage consumers to continue making downtown Miami their shopping destination. However, these changes did not have the desired effect, and the traditional pattern of Main Street was recently restored. Twenty-nine buildings, including the magnificent Coleman Theater, contribute to the character of the district.