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Sinclair Service Station

3501 East Eleventh, Tulsa

The Sinclair Service Station, built in 1929, is an excellent example of the house with service bay station type, and it consists of an office, covered pump station, and a double service bay. The station possesses design characteristics of the Spanish Eclectic style, including a stucco exterior, a triangular parapet, and a clay-tile visor roof. Massive stucco columns support the porte-cochere. The upper corners of each of the three openings into the pump area have decorative, stucco detailing. The open pump station retains the original pressed-tin ceiling. Popular in the Southwest United States, the Spanish Eclectic station was comparable to the other domestic forms including the Tudor Revival cottage-type. These stations were eye-catching to the traveling public, who identified particular architectural designs with specific brands, like the Spanish Eclectic style with Sinclair.