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Whittier Square Historic District

Roughly between Lewis Avenue, Zunis Avenue, East First, & Interstate 244, Tulsa

The Whittier Square Historic District is a seven-block area that lies east of downtown Tulsa. It is significant as Tulsa's first suburban shopping center, and the district's primary period of growth and development was from 1914 to 1965. A 1939 Oklahoma Academy of Science research publication identified Whittier Square as a significant retailing center, and at the time as a home for more than 100 businesses providing a wide range of goods and services. Tulsa's population jumped from 1,390 in 1900 to over 72,000 in 1930 and Tulsa was proclaiming itself "The Oil Capitol of the World." The city's demand for housing and commerce increased dramatically during the city's oil boom days of the nineteen-teens and twenties. This economic boom contributed greatly to the development of Whittier Square, and the district also benefited from the Route 66 traffic that passed through it. The Phillips 66 Station at is an example of this commercial activity.