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Blue Dome Historic District

Roughly between South Kenosha Avenue & South Detroit Avenue, Frisco Railroad Tracks & East 8th, Tulsa

Historic Route 66 passes through the Blue Dome Historic District, a seventeen-block area that lies just east of Tulsa's central business district. The Historic District gets its name from the eclectic Blue Dome Building at the southwest corner of East 2nd Street and South Elgin Avenue. A concrete dome tops the distinctive circular buff-brick structure. Small round-arch lanterns rise out of each roof elevation. A ribbed domed cupola on spindles tops the domed roof. Small-scale commercial buildings and large warehouses and industrial facilities, the first constructed in 1906, are found in the district. It also includes four residential properties, two single-family dwellings and two apartment buildings. In addition to its association with Route 66, the District has historical ties to the arrival of the Midland Valley and Santa Fe Railroads in 1903 and 1905. The strategic location of the Blue Dome Historic District to the railroads was critical to Tulsa's economic growth from 1903 until 1965 when the Santa Fe Railroad removed its track and the Midland Valley line was sold.