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Vickery Phillips 66 Station

602 South Elgin, Tulsa

The Vickery Phillips 66 Gasoline Station is a Cottage type service station, the type Phillips 66 Oil Company used in its efforts in the late 1920s and early 1930s to make its stations both attractive and uniform in appearance. While the gas stations followed closely a common style and design, some variation occurred especially with the construction of service bays. This station has two separate buildings, one for the office and one for the service bays. The characteristics of the Cottage Style evident with this building are the central section flanked by large multi-light casement windows, a graceful arch over the entrance constructed of soldier-coursed bricks and a circular insert in the chimney. Although Phillips was not the first oil company to use the cottage design for its stations, it was possibly the most pervasive in its application, and especially so in Oklahoma and this region. The cottage type was used to help the commercial gasoline operation blend into, and be accepted by, residential neighborhoods. It also unmistakably communicated a corporate image and Route 66 provided the perfect place for Phillips to promote their image.