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Eleventh Street Arkansas River Bridge

Highway 66 over the Arkansas River, Tulsa

The Eleventh Street Arkansas River Bridge is a concrete arch bridge with eighteen spans. It was constructed in 1916-1917 and carried traffic from Tulsa to the West Tulsa oil fields and refineries. It has a thirty-four foot wide roadbed and is 1,470.6 feet long. The original design included a classical balustrade and Victorian-era lighting. In 1929, the guardrails and lighting fixtures were replaced with decorative elements exhibiting an Art Deco ziggurat motif. Then, to meet the demands of increased traffic, in 1935, the roadbed was widened by decreasing the width of the walkways along the sides of the roadbed from four feet to two feet, a project of the Works Progress Administration. Although vacated when the Interstate highway was constructed, the Eleventh Street Bridge retains its overall, significant design features and remains a prominent landmark on historic Route 66 through Tulsa.