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Sapulpa Downtown Historic District

Roughly bounded by Hobson Avenue, Elm, Lee Avenue, & Main, Sapulpa

The Sapulpa Downtown Historic District is this Route 66 town's commercial core. It encompasses roughly a nine block area in the original town-site. Over ninety percent of the buildings were constructed between 1904 and 1952. Sapulpa began as an important railroad town with a roundhouse, a dispatcher's office, a Harvey House restaurant, and repair shops and yards for the Frisco Railway. At its peak in the 1920s, the Frisco employed over 700 men in the community and was its major economic force until 1927 when the company moved its division operations to Tulsa. Following the opening of the famous Glenn Pool Oil field in 1905, construction of substantial brick commercial buildings rapidly increased. The majority were designed in the Commercial Style with Classical Revival and Tudor Revival styles also represented. Prominent non-commercial buildings in the district include the Creek County Courthouse, the historic Public Library, and the U. S. Post Office. Sapulpa's economy greatly benefited from the 1926 designation of U. S. Highway 66 which ran through the heart of the downtown commercial district.