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West Sapulpa Route 66 Roadbed

Junction of Ozark Trail & State Highway 66 .25 miles West of Sahoma Lake Road, Sapulpa vicinity

In 1915, the unpaved road from Sapulpa to Bristow was designated part of the Ozark Trail System. The designation was intended to promote travel and tourism. Then, in 1924, the Creek County commissioners petitioned the State of Oklahoma to pave the road, and the work was completed in 1925. When US 66 was designated in 1926, this 3.3 mile stretch of newly paved roadbed became a part of America's Main Street. But, in 1952, Route 66 was realigned, bypassing this historic stretch of highway and turning it into a corridor for local traffic. Remaining historic features of the roadway include the roadbed, a box drain, a concrete guardrail and retaining wall, and a railroad trestle. Today it serves as a reminder of the past, when a brick-decked bridge represented the acme of construction, when the roadway meandered gracefully through the countryside instead of dominating the landscape, when an eighteen-foot wide roadway amply accommodated two-way traffic, and when the traveling was as much a part of the trip as was the destination.