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Bridge No. 18 at Rock Creek

Junction State Highway 66 and Rock Creek, Sapulpa vicinity

The Rock Creek Bridge, constructed in 1924, is located just southwest of Sapulpa and is an excellent example of a Parker Through Truss bridge. Built as part of the Ozark Trail, it became an official Route 66 bridge in 1926. At one-hundred and twenty feet long and eighteen feet wide, the Rock Creek Bridge is characterized by a steel truss with a polygonal top cord and a compound truss to achieve the long span needed at the crossing. Members of the truss are built-up in lattice sections. One unusual feature of this bridge is its brick deck. Route 66 was realigned in 1952, and the Rock Creek Bridge and its roadbed segment were bypassed. The concrete bridge constructed on the new alignment exemplified the latest technology in bridge construction. The Bridge #18 at Rock Creek remains an impressive example of the many steel truss bridges that were once found along the length of the historic highway.