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Bristow Motor Company Building

500 North Main, Bristow

The Bristow Motor Company Building was constructed in 1923 and was the location of Creek County's first automotive dealership. This sales and service center catered to the growing number of local customers in the mid-1920s and to the numerous Route 66 travelers. Representative of automotive dealership building designs across the country; it is a one-story, red brick and limestone Commercial style building on the corner of North Main and West 10th in downtown Bristow. The building is divided horizontally by a stringcourse of limestone, which separates the storefronts from the upper brick wall. The two facades which face Main and West 10th Avenue are almost identical and combine brick, glass and decorative limestone in a typical 1920s commercial design. Although the original storefronts and display windows have been replaced with glass and aluminum, the Bristow Motor Company Building continues to maintain its architectural integrity. Typical of such businesses, the large storefront windows made it easy for passers-by, whether walking or driving down the street, to see the dealer's new cars.