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Bristow Firestone Service Station

321 North Main, Bristow

The Bristow Firestone Service Station is significant for its association with Route 66 and for its Art Deco architectural style. It is an L-shaped, single-story building constructed of randomly patterned bricks of multiple, but predominantly light colors. Although the building is made of brick instead of stucco, which was commonly used in Art Deco designs, the subtle zigzags and the stair-stepping in the window molding and the strong geometric motifs in the strikingly angular fa├žade of the station place it squarely in that style. The pilasters and parapet of uneven height enhance the vertical appearance of what is really a single-story building. This distinctive, modernistic design reverberated all along Route 66. An elaborate station, the building is also large, about eighty-five feet on its east elevation and about seventy feet on the north elevation, with a spacious office, and four service bays. A concrete apron reaches from the front of the store and service bays to the street. The gasoline pump islands have been removed but a steel pole that once displayed a sign for the operation remains on the apron near the street. Although the historic building is no longer a service station, it has been rehabilitated and is now the Bristow Body Shop.