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Bristow Tire Shop

115 West 4th, Bristow

The Bristow Tire Shop is a one story, brick building situated on the corner of Fourth Street and Main Street on the edge of downtown Bristow, a perfect location to accommodate travelers on Route 66, the most used east-west transcontinental highway. The building's architecture reflects elements of the Italian Renaissance Revival style, popular through the mid-1920s, including the hipped tin roof clad in simulated clay tiles and the arched windows. The building consists of a small, square, brick office and a two-pump station both incorporated under the hipped roof. The most prominent feature of the shop is the original service bay, which extends from the front of the office. Massive brick columns support the porte cochere. The design qualities reflect the trend of the times for city improvement commissions to pressure business owners to construct structurally sound and attractive buildings.