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Riviera Courts-Holiday Motel

1 mile west of Main on US 69A, Miami vicinity

Ideally located west of Miami on a curve in Route 66, less than a mile beyond the Neosho River Bridge, the Riviera Courts offered travelers a convenient place to stop for comfortable lodging. The motor court followed the era of tourist camps and cabins and preceeded the development of the modern motel. Motor courts were similar to cottage courts except that room units were integrated under single rooflines usually as one building. When they were arranged in a U or V, the interior courtyard served as a common space for guests or for children's play areas. The Riviera Courts is a single building with a continuous roof, and the units are arranged in a wide V pattern. Garages separate the units. The office and the manager's residence are located inside the courtyard and are separated with a set of swings for children. Constructed in 1937, the Riviera Courts featured gleaming white exterior walls and a fortress-like appearance that caught the eye of motorists on the Mother Road.