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Rock Cafe

114 West Main, Stroud

Stroud's Rock Cafe is one of the best-known places to eat on Historic Route 66. Built by Roy Rives, it opened for business on August 4, 1939, and was an instant success serving beer, soft drinks and meals to the traveling public. During World War II, the cafe became a Greyhound Bus stop, adding to its economic importance to the community and providing a way-station for home-sick servicemen. After the war, the cafe operated 24 hours-a-day. It became a very popular stop for vacationing families, truckers, and high school students. The Rock Cafe is a single-story building constructed of coursed, rubble sandstone with un-tooled mortar joints. It has parapet walls, a flat roof, and a wide over-hanging eave that shields the sandstone wall. A large stone chimney is a prominent feature of the front facade. Over time, the interior was modified, and a patio was added to the west side of the building. Then, in 2008, a tragic fire almost destroyed the cafe. However, the owner was determined to save the landmark and reopened it in 2010 for the loyal, local customers and all of the visitors from around the world who drive the Mother Road anticipating burgers and fries at the Rock Cafe.