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Hotel Lincoln

323 Main, Stroud

The Hotel Lincoln was Stroud's primary hostelry for travelers from the designation of U. S. 66 in 1926 until the end of World War II. While tourist courts and motels quickly appeared along the new federal highway, the Hotel Lincoln was one of the few hotels serving Route 66 travelers in Oklahoma. Located on a prominent corner, it is a two-story, brick commercial style building with a canted entrance. The building originally consisted of one story, like the other buildings on the block, and housed a drug store. Then, in 1924 the second story was added to accommodate the hotel function. Steel pilasters define the canted entry door of single glass and aluminum side lights. Above the entry is a wooden transom divided into three individual window panes. On either side of the entry are brick pilasters. Although the hotel has been modified through time, it continues to convey its association with the early decades of travel on Route 66 and the economic benefits the traffic brought to Stroud.