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Ozark Trail Section of Route 66

Junction of County Road #E0890 & the St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad Tracks, Stroud vicinity

By 1915, Lincoln County lacked what could technically be considered a system of roads. That year, the Ozark Trail Association petitioned the county commissioners to establish a county road system and to designate "…this roadbed segment as part of the Frisco-Ozark Trail system." Construction for this section of road occurred between 1915 and 1917 and became part of the Ozark Trail network connecting small towns throughout the county. The historic features at this location include the eighteen feet wide, improved dirt with gravel roadbed; the Ozark Trail marker; several stone box drains; and the Dosie Creek Bridge, a Pratt Pony Truss structure. When U. S. 66 was designated in 1926, this road became part of the alignment. Then, in 1930, it was bypassed when a section of new paved road was constructed to the north.