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Crane Motor Company Building

722 Manvel Avenue, Chandler

The Crane Motor Company Building on Manvel Avenue, Chandler's Main Street and Route 66 alignment is significant for its role in the community's commercial development. Clyde Crane and L. P. Anderson were the first businessmen in Lincoln County to sell and service Fords. Although many automobile service facilities of the early Twentieth century were converted blacksmith shops, livery stables and carriage and bicycle stores, the Crane Motor Company Building was constructed specifically to assemble, sell, and repair automobiles. As was typical of dealership design of the time, the front of the first floor showcased cars through large plate glass windows, and the rear served as a storage and repair area. Employees assembled the incoming cars on the second floor. The two-story, brick commercial style building has a sandstone veneer on the north elevation and a simple cornice. The original doors and windows have been replaced with many openings in-filled completely, and an awning obscures the clerestory windows.