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Seaba's Filling Station

8 miles west of Chandler on Route 66, Chandler vicinity

Built in 1921, Seaba's Filling Station is located on a curve of Route 66 eight miles west of Chandler and near the Warwick community. The typical early filling station/repair garage was a neighborhood business, and Seaba's provided automotive services for this part of rural Lincoln County. By the late 1920s, John Seaba, the original owner, had expanded from a gasoline station into a hybrid of filling station and repair garage to service the ever-increasing number of Route 66 travelers. He also began to purchase Model T Fords and to assemble them in the rear workshop. In the 1930s, he acquired more equipment to repair automobiles and expanded his number of employees to eighteen. As late as 1985, the shop retained the original equipment. The original service bay is five-sided and covered with polychrome brick. The workshop, located to the rear of the service station is constructed of a lower grade red brick. The roof has a crenelated parapet, capped with white brick. During the 1940s, two small concrete block additions were added to the north and south sides of the building and other alterations have occurred through time.