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Arcadia Route 66 Roadbed

Extends South/Southeast from Junction of State Highway 66 & Hiwassee Road, Arcadia vicinity

This section of Route 66 roadbed is significant as the only unaltered surviving specimen of the concrete/asphalt "Modified Bates Type" roadway built to the State Highway Commission's standards at the time U.S. 66 was constructed through Oklahoma. The stretch of original roadbed lies along a wooded hillside approximately one mile east of Arcadia and approximately one-half mile north of the Deep Fork of the Canadian River. Blackjack oak, burr oak, cottonwood, cedar, chinaberry, and other indigenous trees as well as an abundance of wildflowers line the roadway. The area is a habitat for coyotes, rabbits, bobcats, raccoon, squirrel and other animals. The roadbed and the natural environment provide a glimpse of what Route 66 travelers experienced decades ago.