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Arcadia Round Barn

11250 E. Highway 66, Arcadia

Situated immediately beside Route 66, the Arcadia Round Barn continues to be one of the most prominent landmarks for travelers. The small town of Arcadia is located in Oklahoma County which was part of the Unassigned Lands opened for settlement in the Land Run of 1889. William Harrison "Big Bill" Odor constructed the barn in 1898 for his business use in the rural northeastern part of the county. The impressive structure is 43 feet in height and 60 feet in diameter. Odor cut Green burr oak trees growing on his property for timbering, which he soaked in water until soft enough to bend into shape. Then he brought in the flooring, shingles, and siding and the joists, studs, and other dimension lumber, also of oak from his farm. While the barn held hay, grain, and livestock, the quality of its construction and its location soon made it a popular place for dances and other community events as well. Through time, the barn fell into disuse, and by the 1970s, it had deteriorated to the point of near collapse. However, thanks to an extraordinary local volunteer effort, the barn was saved and restored. Today, the Arcadia Historical society owns and maintains the barn. It again serves as a popular community events center and a perfect stop for Route 66 tourists to learn about local history and the Mother Road.