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Lake Overholser Bridge

.5 mile West of North Council Road on North Overholser Drive, Oklahoma City

Located on the west side of Oklahoma County where Route 66 leaves the greater Oklahoma City metropolitan area heading west, the Lake Overholser Bridge is a mixed truss bridge of impressive design and proportions. The bridge carries traffic over the North Canadian River as it empties into the Oklahoma City municipal reservoir, Lake Overholser. Constructed in 1924 and 1925, this bridge represents a significant engineering accomplishment that served Route 66 travelers for three decades and continues to serve the motoring public today. A defining feature of the bridge is that it is constructed of two different types of steel trusses. Each end of the bridge has a camelback Warren Pony Truss and between those lower, open, trusses on the ends, four Parker Through Trusses rise overhead and add mass and height to the structure. Today the bridge carries only local traffic. A modern divided highway and an alternate bridge now pass immediately to the north. When safety concerns about the historic bridge arose, City of Oklahoma City officials and local civic leaders decided that this Route 66 icon should be rehabilitated rather than demolished, and the Lake Overholser Bridge reopened to vehicular traffic in the fall of 2011.